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spratt89 9-17-2010 15:40

Criminal Minds Season 6-8 General Discussion Thread (Spoilers)


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arksongbird80 9-22-2010 13:22

New season. New bad guys.  Super excited!!

I find it interested they are cutting both of the Female charaters.  Either out of the show or reducing their episodes.  What about the men??  hmmm  Financial reasons I'm sure...

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arksongbird80 9-22-2010 17:32

Season Premier

Watching Criminal Minds. Just saw a scene where the perp drives away with child. The child went to many neighbors homes knocking on doors to warn them.  The neighbors know he's killed MANY people. Everyones on alert. Does NO ONE in california own a gun!! In SC we would have shot the hell out of the car tires....just saying... :)

That was a terrible season opening. I am a bit fan, but this just seemed like a continuation of the previous episode which was the season finale.  I hope they do better...

Morgan yelled at penelope.  WOW!!  That's terrible.

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bala 9-23-2010 06:54

Reply 3#3 arksongbird80's post

I have to disagree first of all that girl was smart letting one of the boys go to alert the neighbours was very smart move. As for you points about guns i think there didn't risk girl safety what happen if they accidental shot the girl or what if they had blow off the tyres and car flipped over crushing the girl?. Would any of them have guts to shoot him when a little girl as a hostage?.

The neighbours did the best they can to but there should block the the road.

JJ did a fantastic speech about mothers and Morgan had end it i suppose we knew he wanted Morgan to shoot him i kind of wish he didn't. :(

codebreaker 9-26-2010 11:32

Reply 4#4 bala's post

That was clever getting the other child to alert the neighbours and in return the neighbours were great in coming  together to help. JJ was great and I'm glad that Derek apologised to Garcia

bala 9-30-2010 02:51


Well this was sad episode but those two boys were really twisted and also great lasting 60 hours and beating the polygraph was good but that girl surviving 3 days at sea was incredible :)   

ps: I think most people know actress was forced out her job and i am glad writer told that aspect in story-line :)

arksongbird80 9-30-2010 09:21

Reply 6#6 bala's post

This was a sad episode.  The boys were very good.  Both of them played on Joan of Arcadia and that was a nice treat to see them together again. Sort of.

It was good that JJ was absolutely forced out.  It give the actress and the character a chance to come back back without too much trouble.  I enjoyed her speach at the end.  Well done.

Penelope had the best outfit!!  LOVED the colors.

codebreaker 10-6-2010 03:31

Reply 6#6 bala's post

That was a great but sad way for JJ to leave and those boys beating the polygraph was impressive but only because they were asked the wrong questions

bala 10-7-2010 06:51

Criminal Minds 6x03

Well a sad episode a father trying remember he's a serial killer and the son trying prove he's as good as his father-he really should of killed his father. :)

codebreaker 10-13-2010 00:53

Reply 9#9 bala's post

It's a shame the son didn't remember that his dad killed his mother and killed him instead of kidnapping his neighbour that he liked

bala 10-13-2010 09:06

Reply 10#10 codebreaker's post

he was young it must slip his mind when your young it easy mis-remember things but thank to BAU he remembered.

bala 10-14-2010 08:04

Criminal Minds 6x04

Gracia trying to do AJ job didn't go to plan but i felt bad for the guy because he knew the baby wasn't his :(

arksongbird80 10-14-2010 12:46

Reply 12#12 bala's post

I'm confused.  Why do you feel bad for a guy that's a control freak who has another man sleep with his wife and then is "surprised" the baby isn't his??  WOW!!  that guy sucked.

Seeing Garcia toned down was weird.  I was glad when she flexed her creativity muscles and actually got things done.  

I Heart Penelope

bala 10-14-2010 23:31

Reply 13#13 arksongbird80's post

can you imagine find out women you love is having another man baby-i know he shouldn't done what he did but i feel bad for him :)

bala 10-21-2010 03:07

Safe Haven

Well that kid was scary but it scary to think his mother dump him at safe heaven-most parent would actually committed him to mental hospital for observation but simple dump it safe heaven seem a bit cruel. i understand she had her daughter to think about but she try her best get her son the help he deserved.

codebreaker 10-22-2010 06:50

Reply 12#12 bala's post

Gracia trying to do AJ job started off so well but went down hill fast and that was quick thinking by Emily to shot him

bala 10-22-2010 06:53

Reply 16#16 codebreaker's post

Well she had to he was a dangerous man she couldn't take the risk :)

codebreaker 10-27-2010 22:50

Reply 15#15 bala's post

Jeremy was a scary kid and how sad for Ellie but Gracia finding Ellie's Mom was great and showed she cared with her diary

bala 10-28-2010 02:54

Devil's Night

i felt bad for the guy but finding out he's father stop him :)

arksongbird80 10-28-2010 14:39

Reply 19#19 bala's post

That guy was in some serious need of counseling.

bala 10-29-2010 03:26

Reply 20#20 arksongbird80's post

Yes but you can understand his bitterness but at least he was still human :)

codebreaker 11-2-2010 22:43

Reply 19#19 bala's post

The way Kaman murdered his victims was horrific and it would of been terrible if he had to be shot in front of his child

codebreaker 11-8-2010 12:28

6x07 Middle Man

The Sheriff using his son Chris as a punching bag was terrible and Chris should of killed Michael instead but the Sheriff stopping his son from committing suicide was impressive

bala 11-11-2010 04:46

Reflection of Desire

Well this was another disturbing cases of mentally mess up guy but nice work Gracia planning the trap at conference.

arksongbird80 11-11-2010 06:54

Reply 24#24 bala's post

I really liked that He brought his mom out at the end.  WASN"T expecting that....  :lol

Garcia did such a good job in this episode.:)

codebreaker 11-16-2010 04:04

Reply 24#24 bala's post

Garcia did do a great job but all this just to be famous was disturbing

bala 11-16-2010 06:06

Reply 26#26 codebreaker's post

Some people will do anything to be famous :(

bala 11-18-2010 08:42

Into the Woods

The guy got away :Q

codebreaker 11-23-2010 12:32

Reply 28#28 bala's post

It's a shame Ana and Robert got took when her brother did everything possible to keep her safe but helping her escape was brilliant

bala 12-9-2010 02:58

What Happens At Home

Great episode what interesting character they chose to help with the investigation but has she ruin her chances with the FBI. She a great actress and i would love for her to join the cast but it does look unlikely.

arksongbird80 12-9-2010 08:37

Reply 30#30 bala's post

I thought she brought alot of insite.  Convienent she ended up in the killers home.  I hope we see her again. Maybe in the spin off.  She brings different perspective that's for sure.  Besides her and Reid would be cute together.

bala 12-9-2010 08:40

Reply 31#31 arksongbird80's post

Yeah i really like her and she great actress certain a good replacement for CJ.

codebreaker 12-12-2010 11:09

Reply 30#30 bala's post

Ashley is in the credits for the next two episodes, she did have a unique insight for this case but taking the laptop back was a rookie mistake

bala 12-12-2010 11:11

Reply 33#33 codebreaker's post

Thanks i didn't know that :)

codebreaker 12-12-2010 11:17

Reply 34#34 bala's post

Sometimes i like to check when someone new comes along that i recognise, to see were from

bala 12-12-2010 11:18

Reply 35#35 codebreaker's post

Yeah she did look familiar :o

codebreaker 12-12-2010 11:24

Reply 36#36 bala's post

I was surprised that she's in films more than TV shows considering i don't watch many films but i did see P2

bala 12-16-2010 04:06

25 to Life

Well this was a Morgan episode glad he wasn't wrong about the guy. :)

codebreaker 12-17-2010 02:52

Reply 38#38 bala's post

How tragic having to serve 25 years before he could prove his innocence

bala 12-17-2010 03:08

Reply 39#39 codebreaker's post

Well these thing happens :(
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