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codebreaker 7-26-2012 14:43

The Mentalist Season 5-7 General Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

[align=center][b]Season 5 Premieres September 30, 2012[/b][/align]


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bala 10-1-2012 07:48

The Crimson Ticket

Well i had feeling she would escape but Jane should of known better.

What a stupid cop stealing the lottery ticket he was bound to get caught. :)

bala 10-8-2012 08:43

Devil's Cherry

Well that was one hell of an hullication but his daughter asking him to stop was amusing and ending with taking that drug tea so he could see her again was sad. :(

bala 10-15-2012 09:32

Not One Red Cent

Well i figured out it was female who was married to victim but it would more amusing Jane was in the bank :lol

codebreaker 10-16-2012 13:05

5x01 The Crimson Ticket

The CBI team being forced to partner up with the FBI after the fight at the crime scene was bizarre and it was a good job Lorelei was in someone else's custody when she escaped but the cop helping himself to the lotto ticket was crazy

codebreaker 10-16-2012 13:48

5x02 Devil's Cherry

Jane's hallucination about meeting the girl who claims to be his late daughter, Charlotte was interesting and you cant blame Jane for trying to bring her back

codebreaker 10-16-2012 14:35

5x03 Not One Red Cent

The way Jane identified which safety deposit box the gun was in was impressive

bala 10-22-2012 11:07

Blood Feud

Well having Rigby father involved was interesting twist but glad he got cleared :)

bala 10-29-2012 09:38

Red Dawn

Well this was how Jane joined the team which was good :)

codebreaker 11-26-2012 11:51

5x04 Blood Feud

You can understand why they suspected foul play considering Rigsby killed his father killer but being able to legally do it would was interesting

codebreaker 11-26-2012 12:27

5x05 Red Dawn

I'm surprised they let Jane tag alone to the crime scene but getting under the cops skin so he would lash out in the hope to get them more involved in the Red John case was interesting

codebreaker 11-26-2012 13:05

5x06 Cherry Picked

I first thought Isaac was in on the kidnapping but Sloan's plan was impressive

codebreaker 11-26-2012 13:37

5x07 If It Bleeds, It Leads

What a tragedy that Cassie survived the crash only to be killed afterwards but Jane getting his face slapped was amusing but Jane tricking Ed on camera was impressive but Teresa talking to Volker may have got Amanda killed

codebreaker 11-26-2012 14:09

5x08 Red Sails in the Sunset

Jane's elaborate plan to break Lorelei out of prison was impressive considering they think she abducted him but why she didn't leave him when she had the chance was bizarre and the car accident was a great way to make it believable

codebreaker 11-26-2012 14:48

5x09 Black Cherry

The suspect running passed the victims car was convenient and Jane finding the missing cuff-link was great but how many turned up at the crime scene was amusing

codebreaker 12-13-2012 05:08

5x10 Panama Red

Summer turning up pregnant was interesting considering Cho’s was working with the rapid response team and looks like the death of a young botanist was pointless as the seeds he took had already been swapped

codebreaker 1-7-2013 16:29

5x11 Days of Wine & Roses

Using the perfume of the dead girl to try and find out who she was seen in the therapy group was interesting with some amusing results especially when Jane identified two possible suspects but the fact the girl died over a necklace was sad and was a interesting end with Lisbon needing help

bala 1-14-2013 10:17

Little Red Corvette

She finally got him but good see that those killer actually had a heart by not killing the little boy.:)

codebreaker 1-14-2013 13:34

5x12 Little Red Corvette

The missing boy still being alive two months later was a pleasant surprise and Volker clearing out his office did look like he was running scared but Clyde walking in front of the bus was a shock, Volker going after the kid himself turned out to be a great result

codebreaker 1-28-2013 13:44

5x13 The Red Barn

The guys throwing Lisbon a surprise 10th anniversary party was amusing and the case involving both Red John and the Visualize was interesting as Jane is making the list of people he shook hands with shorter and shorter

codebreaker 2-19-2013 09:42

5x14 Red in Tooth and Claw

The cashier didn't think when he lied about being robbed as Patrick proved in know time and who would of thought he murdered her over a mouth but what Patrick did to help with the gambling was great as Grace got her funding

codebreaker 3-5-2013 12:42

5x15 Red Lacquer Nail Polish

Jane pushing the girl in the water and smoking out the boat was amusing

bala 3-6-2013 00:44

Reply 22#22 codebreaker's post

She really wasn't a nice elderly women we were meant to believe :)

codebreaker 3-11-2013 09:00

5x16 There Will Be Blood

Lorelei showing the gun in public was careless but her being put off by the kids playing was a surprise and Lorelei being Red John latest victim was an even bigger surprise

bala 3-11-2013 09:47

Reply 24#24 codebreaker's post

Well what did you expect she was after him he had no use for her anymore so it figures she would end up dead but jane missing opportunity to find red john identity because he want Lorelei to tell him  was sad :(

codebreaker 3-25-2013 10:44

5x17 Red, White And Blue

Interesting way to take control of the case when the body of a female army medic but being killed by the doctor because what she found out was sad as he was selling drugs to pay for his life style

bala 3-25-2013 12:39

Behind the Red Curtain

Well if that is red John who kill him in the hospital it certainly will be a surprise ?.

I am not sure but he could be working for red john but i have feeling he's red john because he already knows Jane ?

kellemanske 3-26-2013 23:22

Reply 27#27 bala's post

Naa, I think he's just another helper, I think the CBI boss is Red John.. They were talking in an earlier episode..

spratt89 3-27-2013 12:19

Renewed For A 6th Season

codebreaker 4-7-2013 05:33

5x18 Behind the Red Curtain

Patrick running and leaving Wayne to deal with fighting dancers was amusing and tragic that the victim was in the wrong place at the wrong time

codebreaker 4-18-2013 01:02

5x19 Red Letter Day

Kirkland trying to find out how much Jane knows about Red John did look suspicious especially after they disturbed the match he left in the door and Jane putting the gold nugget in the kids pocket was amusing but walking away during the bar fight was predictable

kellemanske 4-18-2013 09:04

Reply 31#31 codebreaker's post

I'm convinced he's not Red John, I still believe he's just the right hand man, but they sure want to make it look like it's him.

bala 4-22-2013 08:42

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Well it did look like radio killed her but when it was revealed it was his wife was amusing :lol . Who would thought it help Rigby and van pel with their relationship.

codebreaker 4-23-2013 02:28

5x20 Red Velvet Cupcakes

How ironic that Rigsby and Van Pelt would go undercover as a couple with relationship problems but glad it helped them with their own problems and the radio love doctor's wife being the killer was a great twist

bala 4-29-2013 09:29

Red and Itchy

Well finding out what was in that container was disturbing :funk:

codebreaker 4-29-2013 11:48

5x21 Red and Itchy

Putting the cat in the safe was a risky move considering it was only a hunch the wife was the safe cracker and Brenda having the plastic box was a surprise because I didn't trust Kirkland would broke into Jane's evidence room

bala 4-29-2013 12:02

Reply 36#36 codebreaker's post

Yes that was crazy hunch but one of these days Jane make wrong prediction and it will have a consequence. i am more impressed the cat didn't freak out when the safe was open and pouch of them:o

codebreaker 5-6-2013 12:25

5x22 Red John's Rules

Jane tricking her to allow him to use her phone so he could track the last number she rang was clever and dipping it into the fish tank to stop her from ringing the number was quick thinking and only seven individuals that could be Red John should make next season interesting

codebreaker 7-26-2013 03:37

The Mentalist Season 6 General Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

[align=center][b]Season 6 Premieres September 29, 2013[/b][/align]


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bala 9-30-2013 11:20

The Desert Rose

Nice returning episode and what a way to solve the first case within 10 minutes leaving rest of the episode solve another murder but of all people to kill him it was Dinner people was a surprised. I really hope Lisborne survives :o
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