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codebreaker 7-26-2013 03:36

Criminal Minds Season 9-11 General Discussion Thread (Spoilers)


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codebreaker 9-25-2013 22:26

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bala 9-26-2013 07:37

The Inspiration

I love the ending to this episode that was such a great twist i think none of us saw coming :o . That guy was creepy but the fact that he got away with it was disturbing but i can't wait for second part they really should aired both parts as season opener. It's great because i been getting slightly bored with this series so i am glad they still have some fresh ideas.

codebreaker 9-28-2013 13:24

9x01 The Inspiration

I cant believe the boyfriend allowed his girlfriend to go upstairs to the noisy neighbour but she was lucky to walk away the second time and that was a close call with the truck but twins was a nice twist

codebreaker 10-2-2013 22:27

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bala 10-3-2013 06:37

The Inspired

Well i should of known they would make twin into murder team :(

codebreaker 10-5-2013 01:06

9x02 The Inspired

How ironic that Jesse's lawyers threatening lawsuits allowed him to get Wallace and kill again but threatening the lawyer was great

bala 10-10-2013 09:19

Final Shot

Well that was one hell of a mindset the sniper had fantasy imagination and even had the audience fooled.

codebreaker 10-11-2013 14:21

9x03 Final Shot

Eric smiling before he died after being hit by the bus was creepy and Maya thinking Colin was their to save her not kill her was an interesting twist

waterlilybarb 10-11-2013 15:48

Reply 9#9 codebreaker's post

[b][color=Green]Was it just me, or did it seem like there was something about this case that hit a little too close to home for JJ?  She had some odd looks on her face, and her demeanor was different.  

Jim, as far as I can tell, Maya wasn't even aware of Colin.  He imagined their entire relationship and interactions with her using integration fantasy.  It was quite a fascinating twist, as I have never heard of something like that being SO detailed.  Eric smiling while dying WAS creepy, but I've known men like that.  He felt like he won, and that even though he was dying, his wife would be dead.  It's sickening that there are people like that.  They are even creepier in person.[/b]

codebreaker 10-16-2013 22:15

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codebreaker 10-16-2013 22:16

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bala 10-17-2013 11:55

To Bear Witness

Well this was disturbing case putting camera in victim eye was evil but finding out they were members of his family put this to whole another level.:o

codebreaker 10-18-2013 01:14

9x04 To Bear Witness

Putting the camera in their eyes without damaging them was incredible

codebreaker 10-23-2013 21:42

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bala 10-24-2013 02:53

Route 66

This was a very nice episode it certainly a nice change from the typical episodes because the man was normal he just wanted to spend time with his daughter. :) . I wish they would do more of these type of episodes because some episodes are just too dark . :(

codebreaker 10-25-2013 12:04

9x05 Route 66

Hotch's hallucinations while he was fighting for his life due to complications from his stabbing was interesting and Sam being kidnapped by her killer father was bizarre but her saving his life was nice

bala 10-25-2013 12:15

Reply 17#17 codebreaker's post

She wasn't really kidnapped she wanted to leave :)

codebreaker 10-25-2013 12:20

Reply 18#18 bala's post

She may have wanted to leave but he was only using her as a bargaining chip if and when they were caught

bala 10-25-2013 12:34

Reply 19#19 codebreaker's post

Which was a shame :(

codebreaker 10-30-2013 23:36

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codebreaker 11-1-2013 10:08

9x06 In The Blood

Considering the remote location of the victim the police were lucky to find the body and the fact she was also covered with stones made it more surprising, that was one delusional UnSub

bala 11-2-2013 08:31

Reply 22#22 codebreaker's post

Yes he was but it was good one because we saw what he saw which made us understand the reason he was doing what he's doing.

codebreaker 11-6-2013 20:02

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bala 11-7-2013 08:44


Well that guy was crazy but very sad thinking that he gets a second chance being a father because of what he did :(

codebreaker 11-7-2013 16:50

9x07 Gatekeeper

What a bizarre way he thought by killing those people he could prove to his ex he could protect her child but Spencer delivering the baby was impressive

codebreaker 11-14-2013 00:15

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bala 11-14-2013 10:31

The Return

What a vendetta against against one cop and brainwashing all those kid to take out cops were sad :(

codebreaker 11-18-2013 03:33

9x08 The Return

Daniel being brain washed like the others was sad but what a stroke of luck he responded to his mother news bulletin and shooting Stephanie while holding the trigger was risky, finding Cameron in the boot was a surprise

codebreaker 11-20-2013 21:51

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codebreaker 11-30-2013 12:43

9x09 Strange Fruit

Lyle running did make himself look guilty but that would of been to convenient and loosing his temper in front of Hotch wasn't helping his case but finding out what happened to Charles 35 years ago because of a lie was tragic

codebreaker 11-30-2013 13:36

9x10 The Caller

The young boy goes missing was sad but how tragic he was killed before his parents knew he was missing and using the child's voice on the phone was creepy

codebreaker 12-3-2013 09:25

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bala 12-12-2013 10:09


Well starting the episode closing a case was new but having to helping one your family members with serial killer was nice way to introduce her family :) .

codebreaker 12-21-2013 12:30

9x11 Bully

Other than explaining how Alex got shot and why closing the kidnapping case was a waste of time, Alex's brother resenting her interference was understandable considering how dysfunctional they were but he was lucky to only suffer concussion

codebreaker 1-11-2014 17:26

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bala 1-16-2014 07:30

The Black Queen

Well we finally get Gracia back story and how she joined CBU :)

codebreaker 1-18-2014 00:47

9x12 The Black Queen

Garcia being offered a job working for the BAU instead of doing some jail time was a surprise

codebreaker 1-24-2014 21:26

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codebreaker 1-25-2014 10:48

9x13 The Road Home

The BAU investigating the vigilante killer was interesting as it looked like most of the victims deserved to die but the wife saying she hopes he gets away with it was understandable after seeing her neck and a surprising cliffhanger
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