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bala 3-3-2015 04:48

CSI Cyber Season 1 General Discussion Thread (Spoilers)


[align=center][color=Red]Premires 4th March 2015[/color][/align]

The FBI's team of cyber crime investigators, headed by Special Agent Avery Ryan (Patricia Arquette),[6] works to solve cases involving the darknet and deep web. Avery, an esteemed Ph.D. cyber-psychologist, is in charge of the Cyber Crime Division at Quantico, Virginia.[7] The team she leads, which also includes Senior Special Agent Elijah Mundo, is tasked with solving Internet-related murders, cyber-theft, hacking, sex offenses and blackmail.

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bala 3-3-2015 04:50

CSI Cyber Trailer CBS

[align=center]<iframe width="640" height="360" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/2cajNE82BDw?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>[/align]

bala 3-3-2015 10:28

1x01 Kidnaping 2.0

I wasn't impressed with the first episode however as CSI fan it was ok episode but there were so many stupid thing happens in this episode to make it unrealistic show to make it believable and to start the first episode with an international baby kidnapping ring was ambitious but follow through was bad.  

First problem with this series is wrong casting, I just can't accept James Van beek as an action hero what he does in first episode was ridclous to actually make it believable the way he entered the boat factory was laughable than rescue in the water with baby was way over the top.

Second problem it didn't really keep my interest there are better computer show out there

I just don't get why they did try change CSI:NY into this show it would been a better transition in my opinion.

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kellemanske 3-3-2015 14:06

Reply 3#3 bala's post

I agree it was an ok episod[font=Helvetica, Arial, lucida grande, tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif][color=#141823]e[/color][/font] but nothing special. I'll try a few more episodes but might not finish the season if it doesn't improve

codebreaker 3-9-2015 13:49

[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kaU7PN_9BLM][color=Red]CSI Cyber 1x02 Preview[/color][/url]

bala 3-12-2015 10:18

1x02 CMND:\Crash

This was a much better episode and storyline about roller-coaster crash this actually felt like a CSI episode :)

kellemanske 3-13-2015 01:52

Reply 6#6 bala's post

I liked it as well. But pff, this series is bad for your feeling of safety in general...

bala 3-13-2015 02:19

Reply 7#7 kellemanske's post

it's scary to think how simple these things can be done :o

codebreaker 3-19-2015 00:40

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kellemanske 3-19-2015 09:27

The new episode

lol we don't have anything like that taxi app yet, but how they tracked down nr 1 was great.
Finding out who was responsible and why was sad.

bala 3-19-2015 09:33

Reply 10#10 kellemanske's post

in America it's call uber

Over here we don't but future of minicab

kellemanske 3-19-2015 12:42

Reply 11#11 bala's post

yes, I know Uber, there has been a lot of protests against it in Belgium but it might come in the future, didn't know it was the same system.

bala 3-19-2015 13:06

Reply 12#12 kellemanske's post

This show is nothing like CSI it really scary stuff they show us :funk:

With normal CSI we know it unlikly we will get murdered but this version 'it could happend to you ' is a bit too close to comfort :(

kellemanske 3-20-2015 00:59

Reply 13#13 bala's post

Yes but like with CSI, it shows you what can happen.
If you go to New York and you want to get to know the city, you won't walk around alone at night in a darker part of the city cause you know it isn't safe.
Maybe this show can get people to think about the stuff they put on social media and the risks involved with everything you put out there.

bala 3-26-2015 08:41

1x04 Fire Code

This was interesting way to start fires but if she didn't leave the printer at night the fire wouldn't of started:(

kellemanske 3-27-2015 02:01

Reply 15#15 bala's post

I was happy with the extra background in the new guy :)

bala 3-27-2015 02:10

Reply 16#16 kellemanske's post

we will learn more as series progress but i have feeling this will be the least successful CSI :lol

kellemanske 3-28-2015 23:18

Reply 17#17 bala's post

Maybe but at least they are trying something new :)

bala 4-9-2015 07:57

1x05 Crowd Sourced

This continues to most amusing CSI series and the guy running with the bomb was stupid but it counting up before reaching 200 to explode was interesting type of bomb. I never seen a bomb that get triggers with it connect 200 smart phones for it to explode but i suppose that next generation of bomb .

bala 4-16-2015 07:50

1x06 The Evil Twin

Another amusing CSI episode the idea that hotel system could be hacked is one thing but to keep hotel room to look like someone is still in the room while she dead is ridclous since obvious when computer order room service and maid service for 3 days after the person dead i can't believe none of staff noticed the dead body ?.

kellemanske 4-20-2015 09:19

Reply 20#20 bala's post

The maid and room service were ordered by the computer, but basically just added to the bill, not executed. So I understand nobody from staff noticing her.
The only thing I don't get is how it didn't start smelling...

bala 4-20-2015 09:47

Reply 21#21 kellemanske's post

Ok i would assumed there would be human compartment to the maid service since there would need some sort  of signature to prove maid has cleaned the room for the bill. You can't charge someone without some sort evidence to prove it has been done?. I think you meant that computer system did authorising for this part as well which is surprising .

I assumed the hotel system air-conditioned the room to stop the smell :)

bala 4-22-2015 11:06

1x07 URL, Interrupted

This was actually first episode i liked but the humour is still there if you know where to look but girl accidental shoot herself when car boot latch jammed was either bad luck or an unfortunate accident.can't decide which :o

bala 4-24-2015 12:32

1x08 Selfie 2.0

Wow 2 CSI: Cyber episode in one week not sure if this is a good sign or bad ?

This another good episode look like they finally found good storyline for this series. I really like serial kidnapper branding the girl in ranking system based on their compliance :o

bala 4-30-2015 07:44

1x09 L0m1S

This was another scary episode about using usb charger at an airport but the fact that L0m1S was a teenager was amusing but they were lucky but the fact he broke cyber law to catch her almost cost the case and i was thinking he was going to get fired but he didn't. :(

bala 5-12-2015 11:40

1x10 Click Your Poison

Trying to find internet pharmacy who been giving patients wrong medication was intresting case and for once it was reasonable case for the unit.

bala 5-12-2015 11:43

1x11 Ghost In The Machine

Wow using teenage gamers to deliver guns to people was interesting gag as he hacked those gamers account stole the armour from other players traded them for favour was one hell of way gain trust:o

bala 5-14-2015 11:35

1x12 Bit By Bit

Stealing bitcoins looked complicated but the fact they have bitcoin bounty hunters was amusing :lol

bala 5-14-2015 11:36

1x13 Family Secrets

We got to find out who hacked Avery and trying to face him solo was risky :(
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