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masalaman 4-13-2020 08:13

JW Player issue

All latest TV episodes with JW player starts with the play button that turns red and boom in few seconds goes to the end..&nbsp;<div><br></div><div>Not able to watch anything from yesterday.</div><div><br></div><div>Kindly fix the issue.</div><div><br></div><div><br></div>

Noverman 4-13-2020 08:50

JW Player not working

I have the same issue with&nbsp;JW Player play button red and jumps to end in less then a sec when you click play and then stops.<br>

Milks26 4-13-2020 09:09

I apologize for the inconvenience. I sent an email to Admin - lbjedward so hopefully we will have an answer and or solution to the problem

lolotte 4-13-2020 10:08

Reply 3#3 Milks26's post

Same problem here. Thanks Milks26! :)

masalaman 4-13-2020 10:57

thank you Milks26

Sblaize 4-13-2020 16:17

Hi, same issue here. No updates yet?!

Breadstix 4-13-2020 19:03

Experiencing the same issue! Please fix! Thanks!

shinny 4-13-2020 19:28

Hi all, we got a reply back from LBJedward and he’s advised the issue is fixed now. I just tested a few shows and they are working fine. If you’re still experiencing issues clear your cookies/browser and try again.

lolotte 4-14-2020 03:54

Reply 8#8 shinny's post

Thank you! It all seems fine my side as well now (series + movies)

shinny 4-14-2020 08:56

Reply 9#9 lolotte's post

Thanks Lolotte's for letting me know :)

Crixan 5-7-2021 00:23

keep reloading

I still have issues when I watch, it´s  stopping to load every other second....
I´ve cleared the cookies and all that, the issue remains.
I´m on a laptop, win 10 on chrome browser<div><br></div><div>It´s not that it aint buffering, that is not the issue, it buffers fine, but the "effect" looks the same as if it doesn´t...I tried the VPN trick someone here mentioned, that didn´t do jack, I´ve trippled checked that everything is up to date, which it is.</div><div>I´ve also tried several different shows, still the same...</div><div>Anyone else have any issues? any tips?</div>

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