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bala 1-28-2008 07:22

Criminal Minds Season 3-5 General Discussion Thread (Spoilers)


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bala 1-28-2008 10:43

Episodes 2-5

it look like the team can survive without Gideon which is interesting but obviously someone has to replace him and i know who it is i can't wait to see when he pops up tomorrow.

i'm a little too tired to discuss all these episode but if anyone wants discuss it go ahead. Last episode i saw child kidnapped in shopping mall, one before that home invasion,one before that psychiatrist who may be using his patients' worst fears to murder them. father using a child kidnap women.

kwargalla 1-28-2008 18:04

bala - just wait until you get to episode 8!!!

bala 1-28-2008 23:52

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i will be on that episode by lunch :)

bala 1-29-2008 02:47

Reply 3#3 kwargalla's post

i'm just watched it and i thought it was ok episode i didn't find it disturbing because he was mentally insane but your right that unique serial killer :o . the ending was very disturbing.

bala 1-29-2008 04:35

Episode 10

Best episode of the season, i really felt bad for guy great acting by Frankie Muniz (Jonny McHale). He was normal unsub that doesn't deserve it.

kwargalla 1-29-2008 05:56

Episode 10 was amazing and very dark!!  the reason i said wait for episode 8 was soling for the ending and the relationships between the agents.

bala 1-29-2008 06:02

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i figured that out end of the episode:)

bala 4-10-2008 08:23


What did people think of this episode?

gabsimom 4-10-2008 08:36

the one on VIP is the wrong episode:Q

bala 4-10-2008 08:42

Reply 10#10 gabsimom's post

what do you mean it's wrong episode-i havn't seen it before?

redsoxpatriot30 4-10-2008 09:07

Episode 3x15

Great episode! At the beginning, I was practically putting my hands over my eyes as I thought she would be a victim. I also thought this would be a real crazy serial killer (he was still very crazy, but for a different reason)... When we saw the victim with the baby and the light was getting darker, I knew what had happened...the baby looked very confused and nervous :( . Also, targeting the anonymous groups was a very cruel thing to do...they're already suffering and are trying to get better again and then this other guy comes in and says "You can escape this life." Just get away, you creepy person! Overall, great episode. I'm sure I'll remember more thoughts I had during the episode once other people have posted their opinions.

gabsimom 4-10-2008 09:11

Maybe it is just me. Ahh that was an odd glitch, The season 2 episode kept coming up with Gideon, Now it is working fine:lol

bala 4-10-2008 09:13

Reply 12#12 redsoxpatriot30's post

Well your right that boy was real topper i mean he didn't cry for almost 6-8 hours after the event i really felt bad for that baby as to the guy yes he was messed up. did you see how busy he was on schedule he had in closet, i couldn't believe. this show really get gritty part of serial killer but did anyone notice after last week episode they seem to form team dynamic as result of solving rossie case and it actually felt like a new team:)

bala 4-10-2008 09:14

[quote]Originally posted by [i]gabsimom[/i] at 4-10-2008 17:11  [url=http://www.friendvista.com/forum/redirect.php?goto=findpost&pid=63270&ptid=4478][img]http://www.friendvista.com/forum/images/common/back.gif[/img][/url]
Maybe it is just me. Ahh that was an odd glitch, The season 2 episode kept coming up with Gideon, Now it is working fine:lol [/quote]

Are you sure you click on the right episode ;P

bala 4-21-2008 06:33

Criminal Minds 3x16

Wow what an episode Reed really put himself on the line with that suspect but did anyone notice it was tthe same actor that played psyco kid on desperate housewives in season 2-odd teenager-he's a great actor and he proved one hell efficient killer he just had no problem stabbing that old man even if he didn't want to he did it to protect her i can respect that.You kind felt bad for girl not knowing who to believe and bomb at start was brillant you just couldn't believe if that shock of house getting blown off wasn't enough you had shooting of the officers within few minutes after wow this is going to fantastic episode and i hope members really thought this episode was worth the wait.:)

jiena 4-21-2008 08:13

oh it sure was worth the wait...my mind is still reeling after all that

bala 4-21-2008 08:15

Reply 17#17 jiena's post

Sometime it better to wait :)

kwargalla 4-24-2008 14:16

[color=DarkSlateBlue]This episode was brilliant in the way that it practically revolved around Reid.  It's been a while since he was the main focus.  i loved how they showed him connecting more and more with the TROUBLED boy almost to the point where you could see he [u]might[/u] have been pushed to that point at one time.  i loved that he felt like it was his turn to save someone this time cause he is used for his brain over bron.  
i find "school" shooting plot lines very sad because the are no longer fiction and are happening everywhere now - makes me cry.   [/color]

bala 4-25-2008 07:25

Reply 19#19 kwargalla's post

But he took the risk of getting fired-if he pull stunt like that he could be off the team :o , i love how they make him more interesting character by having him have drug problem.

kwargalla 5-1-2008 05:45

episode 17

OK so lately they've been making the physco killers to nice.  In the way that we are left feeling bad for them, enough is enough i'm ready for a killer that is evil and i don't care how they were raised!  
the personal side of this episode was great.  i loved seeing the new orleans cop again (didn't see enough of him in this season of dirt) and it was interesting to hear alittle about JJ's life outside the BAU cause she never seems to be anywhere else than there.  loved the ending cause she thought she was hiding the relationship so well and the rest of the team had known about it for the last year.  very funny.;P    i'm glad she got over what ever was holding her back and that she went for it at the end.

bala 5-1-2008 06:00

Reply 21#21 kwargalla's post

Well i think they portray enough bad character last 2 season want put a good face-being gay is difficult situation any person whether male/female and i can understand why he killed gay people but i feel bad for him being because he felt embrassed and wanted pursue  . :)

kwargalla 5-8-2008 05:47

episode 18

I liked this episode and thought the case that Hotchner & Rossi were investigating was very well done!!  
and the news that JJ let us know at the end of the episode (~grin~), hopefully that means a certain southern gentleman will be showing up more often.

bala 5-8-2008 06:14

Reply 23#23 kwargalla's post

it was good episode but noting write about :(

redsoxpatriot30 5-8-2008 12:05

The Crossing

Good episode...I love reading about trying to get away from the bad guy...homicides are fun to solve, but just trying to escape gets adrenaline pumping...reminds me of a Lois Duncan book... Anyways, JJ was right to take the case...if someone is being threatened, then action should be taken...the rule about not taking a case until somebody gets hurt is ridiculous! JJ's little cliffhanger was interesting and this may explain why she didn't want to expose the team to someone already previously mentioned 2 posts back... bala, I don't know how you can't find something to say about this episode...

bala 5-8-2008 12:09

Reply 25#25 redsoxpatriot30's post

simple,  we knew they would catch stalker and other case battered women syndrome-what can i say about it?

redsoxpatriot30 5-8-2008 13:01

Reply #26 bala's post

I guess...but we know they catch the killers on just about every crime show...we know they solve any problem on just about any show...

bala 5-8-2008 21:59

Reply 27#27 redsoxpatriot30's post

not always few times they have got away with it :)

bala 5-15-2008 04:15

Criminal Minds 3x19

Good episode i liked this episode shows history of characters from what they were like to what they are now, i am glad reed stop the father shooting the guy i feel bad for the guy-at least he confessed.

bala 5-17-2008 04:28

Season finale

[url=http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=fAqhlOuI_TM]30 second promo[/url]

bala 5-22-2008 02:51

Criminal Minds 3x20

[b][color=DarkRed]I knew they would end the episode with a clif-hanger so which one of team do you think is dead?, i thought good episode i can't wait for the next season i like the fact this time they dealing with a group of terrorist instead just 1 person, i think this makes the episode more interesting and i can't wait to see how they resolve it since no-way be able everyone on that team.  [/color][/b]

kwargalla 5-22-2008 05:47

Reply 31#31 bala's post

OMG - it better not be JJ w. Baby on board. :o  i have a really bad suspicion that it's Morgan :'(
Great ending but a bit slow episode.  the video / sound was out of sink for 1/2 so that also subtracted from the build up.

bala 5-22-2008 06:04

Reply 32#32 kwargalla's post

Well it's a great clif-hanger :)

redsoxpatriot30 8-28-2008 19:32

The cliff-hanger was great, but either we're going to be extremely sad next season...[i]or[/i] it will have been targeted at another random citizen. A little odd that all of them would be driving an SUV...possibly supplied by the FBI. Only a month to go...I really loved season 3...

Micallefs 9-10-2008 09:56

My god :( I hope it's not Reid cause he's the best nerd ever, I doubt they'll kill Emily and Rossi's characters since they're new, Hotch is the their boss so seeing him go would be somewhat stupid, JJ's pregneant, and seriously now, who can replace Penelope xP so that leaves Morgan but we saw him in the promo ;_;

spratt89 9-25-2008 00:48

Criminal Minds Season 4-5 General Discussion Thread (Spoilers)


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spratt89 9-25-2008 02:42

Just started watching it

spratt89 9-25-2008 03:08

Fantastic Episode

spratt89 9-25-2008 06:38

The end was full of action, kept you on the edge of your seats the whole time

bala 9-25-2008 06:49

it was good episode but very predictable :(
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