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About NCIS: LOS ANGELES & Episode Guides

About NCIS: LOS ANGELES & Episode Guides

East Coast to West Coast

NCIS Los Angeles Premiered On September 22, 2009 On CBS

The Office of Special Projects (OSP) is a clandestine division of NCIS and is located in Los Angeles, California. They go deep undercover to capture criminals that are threatening national security. The team includes G Callen, the chameleon, Sam Hanna, Callen's partner and a surveillance expert; Kensi Blye, the adrenalin junkie and Nate Getz, the Psychologist to help the team with the mission and their own mental health. Also assisting the team is Dominic Vail, a new member that needs to learn how to put his knowledge to use and Henrietta "Hetty" Lange, the manager of the technical equipment. They have access to the latest technological developments and they do whatever is necessary to get the job done

Real NameCharacter Name
Chris O'DonnellG. Callen
LL Cool JSam Hanna
Linda HuntHenrietta 'Hetty' Lange
Peter CamborNate Getz
Daniela RuahKensi Blye
Barrett FoaEric Beal
Eric Christian OlsenMarty Deeks
Renee Felice SmithNell Jones
Rocky CarrollLeon Vance
Adam Jamal CraigDominic Vaile (Dead)

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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Identity (Sep/22/2009)
Callen returns back to the NCIS Office of Special Projects to solve a kidnapping case.

Episode 2: The Only Easy Day (Sep/29/2009)
As the team is working the murder of a drug dealer, the case ends up being personal for one of the team members.

Episode 3: Predator (Oct/06/2009)
During a Marine Corps training exercise a predator with hellfire missiles is hijacked, resulting in the death a Marine. The team must locate this UAV before it can be used against America.

Episode 4: Search and Destroy (Oct/13/2009)
The team is assigned to find a former Marine, Walton Flynn after an Iraqi businessman is murdered. Flynn was assigned by a private firm to protect this man and it is reported that he killed the man.

Episode 5: Killshot (Oct/20/2009)
When a man is found dead, the team is assigned to find if anyone else has the classified information he was working on. They discover that a well-known assassin, who has a history with Director Vance, murdered him.

Episode 6: Keepin' it Real (Nov/03/2009)
When a Marine falls from a rooftop club, the NCIS team is called in to investigate his death. They discover that he has been living a double life and they look for a motive to his murder.

Episode 7: Pushback (Nov/10/2009)
Callen finds out why he was targeted over six months ago, while investigating the death of a young Russian woman.

Episode 8: Ambush (Nov/17/2009)
The team investigates the murder of a Marine, while Hetty is away at Senate hearings. This investigation leads them to a militia group and stolen missiles.

Episode 9: Random on Purpose (Nov/24/2009)
When a serial killer strikes in Los Angeles, it grabs the attention of Abby Scuito. She travels from Washington DC to give the team a hand, since she has been following this killer for some time.

Episode 10: Brimstone (Dec/15/2009)
The team must put their holiday decorations on hold to investigate a Marine's death by his cell phone blowing up. They begin to realize that they need to locate his former unit to protect them from further explosions.

Episode 11: Breach (Jan/05/2010)
When a Petty Officer in the linguistic unit in murdered at a strip club, the team is assigned to find out f this is a coincidence or a breach. The investigation finds a connection to Sam and his past. Hetty takes a closer look at the team and how they are handling the pressures of the job.

Episode 12: Past Lives (Jan/12/2010)
Callen wants to take on a mission by himself when a parolee he put in jail is murdered. The team tries to keep track of him from a distance, as he resurrects one of his old aliases.

Episode 13: Missing (Jan/26/2010)
As a scheduled staff training session is interrupted by an "Agent needs assistance" page, the team begins assessing the situation and looking for their missing agent.

Episode 14: LD50 (Feb/02/2010)
When a group of men are killed, wearing Marine uniforms, in a laboratory, the team is assigned to investigate to determine what they were making and how they got the uniforms.

Episode 15: The Bank Job (Feb/09/2010)
Agent Kensi Blye is shot at a local bank and the shooters are now holding the rest as hostages.

Episode 16: Chinatown (Mar/02/2010)
When a lieutenant commander's death appears to be a suicide, the team is ordered to investigate to determine if the top-secret project he was working on has been compromised. Nate is assigned to partner with Kensi during this operation.

Episode 17: Full Throttle (Mar/09/2010)
The team investigates the death of a sailor involved in illegal street racing. The situation becomes more concerning when they realize that he had classified Navy equipment with him.

Episode 18: Blood Brothers (Mar/16/2010)
The team investigates the death of a Marine for a possible link between the military and the local gangs.

Episode 19: Hand-to-Hand (Apr/06/2010)
Sam is assigned to go undercover as a fighter in a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) gym while the team is investigating the murder of a Marine.

Episode 20: Fame (Apr/27/2010)
The team investigates the murder of a Navy officer in conjunction with the LAPD per Hetty’s request. The investigation leads them into the world of Hollywood’s elite.

Episode 21: Found (May/04/2010)
The team finally gets a lead in the ongoing investigation of Dom's kidnapping through a video link.

Episode 22: Hunted (May/11/2010)
During an Army transfer of prisoner, the terrorist escapes and NCIS is requested to assist in the search for the missing man.

Episode 23: Burned (May/18/2010)
A security breach results in Callen's cover being blown, forcing him to cut all ties with NCIS.

Episode 24: Callen, G (May/25/2010)
A woman with knowledge of a long forgotten Middle Eastern fortune marked for war could hold the key to Callen's past.



NCIS: Los Angeles Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Human Traffic (Sep/21/2010)
When Deeks goes missing on his LAPD undercover operation, the NCIS team begins their search to find one of their own. LAPD wants NCIS to stay out of its case when a LAPD Detective is killed.

Episode 2: Black Widow (Sep/21/2010)
The death of an NCIS agent is assigned to the team and they soon discover the assassination is the work of a hit squad.

Episode 3: Borderline (Sep/28/2010)
Kensi and Deeks head to the desert to search for some missing Marines whose humvee was ambushed. Nate is back from a secret assignment.

Episode 4: Special Delivery (Oct/05/2010)
A Marine with a top-level security clearance is found dead and missing a hand in Beverly Hills. His death appears to be connected to a recent tour in Iraq.

Episode 5: Little Angels (Oct/12/2010)
The NCIS team must race against the clock to save a Naval Commander's daughter who's been buried alive. The case is linked to a man already in prison for three similar murders.

Episode 6: Standoff (Oct/19/2010)
Callen's ex-partner, Tracy Keller, holds a Navy Recruitment Center hostage. Callen mediates with her to learn more about a hijacked shipment of missiles.

Episode 7: Anonymous (Oct/26/2010)
A group of terrorists with surgically altered faces have the NCIS team scrambling to find the only witness left who can identify them.

Episode 8: Bounty (Nov/09/2010)
Wanted terrorists and top secret information are all involved in NCIS's investigation into the kidnapping and murder of a retired Army Sergeant.

Episode 9: Absolution (Nov/16/2010)
When a murdered antiques dealer's book of top-secret information goes missing, Hetty sends the NCIS team on a mission to find it.

Episode 10: Deliverance (Nov/23/2010)
Now in a race with other foreign agencies, Hetty and the team continue their search for the antiques dealer's missing book containing worldwide secrets.

Episode 11: Disorder (Dec/14/2010)
The sole survivor of a deadly shootout is a former Navy Intelligence officer who is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. As the team investigates, Kensi is able to connect on a personal level with the survivor which may help solve the case.

Episode 12: Overwatch (Jan/11/2011)
The NCIS team is called to investigate by the LA coroner when a body tied to a Navy tracking system experiment goes missing from the morgue. Hetty and Callen engage in some competition on the rock wall.  

Episode 13: Archangel (Jan/18/2011)
When a blog site obtains classified documents, the NCIS team must find the person behind the theft before they break the decryption code.

Episode 14: Lockup (Feb/01/2011)
Sam goes undercover as a prisoner to track down a terrorist group responsible for several bombings around the world.

Episode 15: Tin Soldiers (Feb/08/2011)
Callen discovers a counterfeit computer chips operation in the course of nabbing an intruder breaking into his house. An ex-KGB operative helps the team find the operation's latest shipment.

Episode 16: Empty Quiver (Feb/15/2011)
Callen and Sam go undercover as CHP officers in order to expose an illegal military hardware operation involving the cops and military personnel.

Episode 17: Personal (Feb/22/2011)
After Deeks is shot during a visit to a convenience store, the NCIS team investigates whether robbery was the real motive or if someone was aiming to harm Deeks.

Episode 18: Harm's Way (Mar/01/2011)
When the team is assigned to rescue the son of a Prince and capturing the leader of a terrorist group, Nate rejoins his team in Yemen to give them a hand.

Episode 19: Enemy Within (Mar/22/2011)
NCIS must determine if a Venezuelan politician is in imminent danger of being assassinated. It all hinges on a Navy Intelligence Commander who has gone missing.

Episode 20: The Job (Mar/29/2011)
When a Marine base's secure facility is breached, the team must determine what it was that was targeted for theft. In order to accomplish their mission, Kensi must go undercover.

Episode 21: Rocket Man (Apr/12/2011)
Eric's going undercover for the first time to make sure that classified technology remains secure after a rocket engine expert ends up dead in a test chamber.

Episode 22: Plan B (May/03/2011)
When Deeks' best friend and major informant needs protection from death threats, Deeks must go undercover as one of his old aliases.

Episode 23: Imposters (May/10/2011)
New information comes to light about a stolen radiation therapy canister when a person pretending to be a Navy SEAL is set on fire. The missing Brachytherapy canister contains radioactive seeds that can be used to make bombs.

Episode 24: Familia (May/17/2011)
Callen and the rest of the NCIS team refuse to accept Hetty's sudden resignation without an explanation. They start their own investigation to find out why she's disappeared, hoping they can track her down.



NCIS Los Angeles Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Lange, H. (Sep/20/2011)
As the team continues their search for Hetty in Romania, Callen finds answers to the secrets of his past.

Episode 2: Cyber Threat (Sep/27/2011)
After a cyber attack on the DOD, NCIS and the NSA team up to locate the person responsible. Callen continues to look for information regarding his past.

Episode 3: Backstopped (Oct/04/2011)
A car explosion sends the team on a mission throughout the city to find the other stolen explosives before they can be detonated. Amidst great protest, Hunter rearranges the team partnerships.

Episode 4: Deadline (Oct/11/2011)
The NCIS team becomes involved in the Libyan conflict when a news reporter is murdered. Callen learns something about his past from Hetty and it could affect their relationship.

Episode 5: Sacrifice (Oct/18/2011)
A joint operation between NCIS and LAPD is necessary when a known terrorist is linked to a local drug cartel. Sam is distracted when an important item comes up missing.

Episode 6: Lone Wolf (Oct/25/2011)
After a former Navy intelligence officer is murdered, Hetty contacts a former coworker when the NCIS team uncovers a threat to national security.

Episode 7: Honor (Nov/01/2011)
When a Marine that was dishonorably discharged is accused of murder and claims he was framed, it is up to NCIS to figure out the truth.

Episode 8: Greed (Nov/08/2011)
A smuggling case takes the NCIS team to Mexico to investigate and find missing hazardous materials.

Episode 9: Betrayal (Nov/15/2011)
A joint CIA-NCIS operation gone wrong leaves an undercover Sam missing in Sudan, forcing Callen and the rest of the team to look for him before all is lost.

Episode 10: The Debt (Nov/22/2011)
Kensi faces her feelings when Deeks is fired from NCIS and sent back to the LAPD.

Episode 11: Higher Power (Dec/13/2011)
The holidays lead to distractions for the team as Sam tries to get the perfect gift for his daughter and Eric is all set to meet Nell's parents. Only the team is assigned to find a stolen device that could cause destruction throughout the city.

Episode 12: The Watchers (Jan/03/2012)
To help the team find a murderer, Nell puts her smarts to work when she goes undercover to replace a murdered DOD researcher. The new NCIS Assistant Director questions Hetty's leadership abilities.

Episode 13: Exit Strategy (Jan/10/2012)
NCIS needs to find who's responsible for ambushing the vehicle transporting Jada Khaled so their case can be salvaged. This means Sam will have to face up to Jada for the first time since bringing her back from Sudan.

Episode 14: Partners (Feb/07/2012)
With national security threatened, the team must determine what went missing when a diplomatic service van was hijacked. After five years as partners, Callen and Sam are about to confront their biggest challenge.

Episode 15: Crimeleon (Feb/14/2012)
An international killer who can take on the façade of any personality he needs has been able to evade law enforcement across the world, even including Callen. With Assistant Director Granger breathing down their necks, the NCSI team must track this killer down.

Episode 16: Blye, K Part 1 (Feb/21/2012)
The arrest of Kensi for the murder of her father's former associate leaves the NCIS team astounded and scrambling to prove her innocence.

Episode 17: Blye, K Part 2 (Feb/28/2012)
The team runs into problems while attempting to clear Kensi Blye from charges of murder after she has a deadly confrontation with CIA agents.

Episode 18: The Dragon and the Fairy (Mar/20/2012)
An international conference at the Vietnamese Consulate could be threatened when a shooting takes place nearby. The team is assigned to assess whether or not the shooting is a terrorist attack before the Secretary of Navy arrives.

Episode 19: Vengeance (Mar/27/2012)
Before a group of Navy SEALs can embark on a hostage rescue mission, Sam Hanna is forced to interrogate the group to determine who killed a Navy intelligence officer.

Episode 20: Patriot Acts (Apr/10/2012)
Nate Getz asks the NCIS team for help when the FBI looks at an ex-Marine alleged to have made a chemical bomb.

Episode 21: Touch of Death (May/01/2012)
The joint NCIS: Los Angeles and Hawaii Five-0 task force head back to the mainland as they follow the suspect who's threatening to release a deadly virus.

Episode 22: Neighborhood Watch (May/08/2012)
NCIS believes they have found a Russian sleeper cell in the middle of the suburbs, so they get Kensi and Deeks to go undercover as a married couple.

Episode 23: Sans Voir Part 1 (May/15/2012)
Callen and the NCIS: LA team confront their vengeful adversary, the Chameleon, when an undercover case ignites a deadly mind game orchestrated by the criminal mastermind.

Episode 24: Sans Voir Part 2 (May/15/2012)
Callen and the NCIS: LA team confront their vengeful adversary, the Chameleon, when an undercover case ignites a deadly mind game orchestrated by the criminal mastermind.



NCIS Los Angeles Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Endgame (Sep/25/2012)
Callen has been placed on suspension and with Hetty's retirement, the team is having difficulty adjusting to their new roles.

Episode 2: Recruit (Oct/02/2012)
A drone strike on a bomb-making compound in Afghanistan reveals the body of a recently retired Marine, leaving the NCIS: LA team to investigate why the Marine returned to Afghanistan and whether or not he betrayed the country he fought for.

Episode 3: The Fifth Man (Oct/09/2012)
When four people are killed in an explosion at a diner, NCIS is brought into to investigate as they were linked to a classified project. Kensi finds herself sympathizing with a teenager that is related to the investigation.

Episode 4: Dead Body Politic (Oct/23/2012)
t's an issue of national security as the NCIS team investigates whether the death of a U.S. senatorial candidate's staffer was an accident or a murder.

Episode 5: Out Of The Past Part 1 (Oct/30/2012)
When a CIA agent who worked with Sam Hanna over eight years ago seeks his help and is soon found dead of an apparent suicide, Hanna and Callen suspect foul play and a bigger conspiracy. Meanwhile, Deeks finds his inner "dog whisperer" with Kensi as the two go undercover and enter a dog show with a prized poodle.

Episode 6: Rude Awakenings, Part 2 (Nov/13/2012)
The NCIS: LA team continues their investigation behind the death of a CIA agent that leads to a dangerous ring of Russian super agents. In a race against time, Hanna risks having a secret exposed.

Episode 7: Skin Deep (Nov/20/2012)
The NCIS: LA team heads to the beach to question the possible link between a surfer, an Internet video and a dead Naval tech scientist. Meanwhile, as Callen and Hanna investigate the victim's intelligence connections, Deeks and Kensi go undercover to catch their suspects and some waves.

Episode 8: Collateral (Nov/27/2012)
The NCIS: LA team questions the motive behind the murder of a retired CIA agent turned millionaire and in the process also questions what Hetty knows about the case.

Episode 9: The Gold Standard (Dec/11/2012)
The NCIS: Los Angeles team investigates the strange and brazen heist executed by gunmen in costumes that could directly impact the U.S. economy. Meanwhile, as Deeks testifies on a case, Granger insists on partnering up with a very reluctant Kensi.

Episode 10: Free Ride (Dec/18/2012)
Callen, Sam, Kensi and Deeks spend Christmas aboard an aircraft carrier investigating the death of a fellow NCIS special agent. Meanwhile, Nell and Eric make the most of the holidays back at headquarters and Hetty takes a trip.

Episode 11: Drive (Jan/08/2013)
A former defendant of Deeks is targeted for discovering information that could dismantle a lucrative car shipping operation with links to a global terrorist ring. Meanwhile, the NCIS: LA team tackles the large-scale stolen car operation from the inside when Kensi goes undercover in an auto body shop.

Episode 12: Paper Soldiers (Jan/15/2013)
A distraught widow is suspicious of the circumstances surrounding her Marine husband's last battle and Sam and Callen help to determine if there has been a cover-up. Meanwhile, Hetty summons Operational Psychologist Nate Getz to be her "pawn" and the rest of the NCIS: LA sense another evaluation on the horizon.

Episode 13: The Chosen One (Jan/29/2013)
Callen goes undercover to infiltrate a network of Chechen terrorists who are recruiting foreign fighters to join their cause and planning their next attack in the U.S.

Episode 14: Kill House (Feb/05/2013)
Callen, Sam, Kensi and Deeks go undercover as an elite tactical force in order to investigate an ambush tied to a cartel kingpin with terrorist connections.

Episode 15: History (Feb/19/2013)
The team investigates the only survivor of a former terrorist group. Kensi and Deeks follow a trail that leads them to the woods.

Episode 16: Lokhay (Feb/26/2013)
Callen is concerned that Sam might be too invested after he takes on a missing persons case for an Afghani elder who helped him years ago when he was wounded on a mission.

Episode 17: Wanted (Mar/05/2013)
Sam fears for his family’s safety when his wife is called to resume a former CIA cover after a case suggests ties to the infamous Sidorov and his stolen nuke.

Episode 18: Red (1) (Mar/19/2013)
When a murder weapon in Idaho matches the one used in a national security case in L.A., Callen and Sam fly to the crime scene to join NCIS: Red, a mobile team of agents who live and work together as they solve crimes in various locations

Episode 19: Red (2) (Mar/26/2013)
While the LA team chases leads digitally and locally, the NCIS: Red team travels in their mobile trucks, nicknamed "Laverne and Shirley," in a race to track down a cunning terrorist before he disappears.

Episode 20: Purity (Apr/09/2013)
When cyanide in a communal water jug lethally poisons a lieutenant and leaves a Navy pilot in serious condition, the NCIS: LA team investigates whether this is an isolated incident or an early test for large-scale water contamination.

Episode 21: Resurrection (Apr/23/2013)
The missing body of a cartel boss sends Kensi and Deeks to Mexico while the rest of the NCIS team looks for a potential leak within the DEA's special task force.

Episode 22: Raven & the Swans (Apr/30/2013)
Callen questions Hetty’s motivations when a bizarre case involving a mysterious woman is revealed to be an undercover agent from her past.

Episode 23: Parley (May/07/2013)
Deeks goes undercover to obtain information about an infamous arms dealer looking to get back in the business, but the woman he befriends leads the operation in a dangerous direction. Meanwhile, Kensi confronts new emotions as she runs surveillance on Deeks and his female source.

Episode 24: Descent (May/14/2013)
An explosion in the desert rekindles the search for stolen nuclear weapons and prompts Hetty to shuffle the NCIS: LA partnerships, sending Callen and Kensi overseas and Sam and Deeks teamed up stateside.

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NCIS Los Angeles: Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Ascension (Sep/24/2013)
Stolen nukes are loose and the team is tasked to find them. Meanwhile Sam and Deeks try and deal with the traumatic torture they endured.

Episode 2: Impact (Oct/01/2013)
In an effort to help Sam and Deeks return to work, Hetty calls upon Operational Psychologist Nate Getz to help them cope with their traumatic experience. Meanwhile, the rest of the NCIS: LA team investigates the murder of a former Navy Admiral and a controversial journalist aboard a private jet.

Episode 3: Omni (Oct/08/2013)
LA team must find who compromised a classified vaccine project from a bio tech company. Meanwhile, Deeks struggles with his emotions upon returning to the field.

Episode 4: Reznikov, N (Oct/15/2013)
The NCIS: LA team finds themselves in danger while investigating a kidnapping case of a man claiming to be Callen's father.

Episode 5: Unwritten Rule (Oct/22/2013)
Analyst Nell Jones joins the NCIS: LA team in the field when a former Navy officer's girlfriend is kidnapped in exchange for Navy intelligence. Meanwhile, Deeks unknowingly breaks one of Hetty's rules.

Episode 6: Big Brother (Oct/29/2013)
Callen goes undercover at a prestigious high school after a 15-year-old hacker compromises terrorist missions.

Episode 7: The Livelong Day (Nov/05/2013)
The NCIS: LA team must notify Homeland Security when a murder investigation exposes a larger threat to a Los Angeles-based train.

Episode 8: Fallout (Nov/12/2013)
When an antiterrorism device is stolen, the team must quickly find the suspect and the device before an attack is made against Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Hetty realizes the case is bringing her back to someone from her past.

Episode 9: Recovery (Nov/19/2013)
Kensi goes undercover as a nutritionist and Deeks poses as a new patient at a rehab center to investigate the death of a Navy officer.

Episode 10: The Frozen Lake (Nov/26/2013)
Callen and Sam enlist the help of a Gurkha, an elite Nepali soldier specializing in knife fighting, to retrieve a missing thumb drive. Meanwhile, Kensi and Deeks struggle to find a balance in their partnership.

Episode 11: Iron Curtain Rising (Dec/10/2013)
When a former Romanian Communist leader and suspected war criminal is discovered to be living in Los Angeles under a false identity, the NCIS: LA team must locate him before he disappears again.

Episode 12: Merry Evasion (Dec/17/2013)
The NCIS: Los Angeles team searches for a motive when a senator's daughter is attacked. Meanwhile, Deeks and Nell partner up to help Sam and Callen bring the daughter to safety and Kensi receives the perfect holiday gift from one of her co-workers.

Episode 13: Allegiance (Jan/14/2014)
While in Afghanistan, Kensi and Granger join the team on a joint case when a federal agent in Los Angeles tied to Hawala, an ancient system of money transfer, is murdered.

Episode 14: War Cries (Feb/04/2014)
When two private military contractors are murdered, the teams' investigation leads to a suspect who puts one of their own in serious danger. Meanwhile, Sam sets up Callen on a blind date.

Episode 15: Tuhon (Feb/25/2014)
Callen and Sam search for a murder suspect -- a retired assassin they encountered on their first case together.

Episode 16: Fish Out of Water (Mar/04/2014)
Following an explosion at a fish market, the NCIS: LA team partners with an undercover DEA agent to determine if the incident is an act of terrorism or a botched drug smuggling deal. Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, Granger and Kensi investigate a helicopter crash that could be tied to their ongoing search for the infamous white ghost.

Episode 17: Between the Lines (Mar/18/2014)
When an undercover agent is identified and executed by a local gang, the NCIS: Los Angeles team must locate the mole before other agents' lives are put in danger. Meanwhile, Granger begins to worry when Kensi disappears in Afghanistan.

Episode 18: Zero Days (Mar/25/2014)
The NCIS: LA team is called in to determine if the computer system that controls Russian missiles is at risk after Eric overhears his friend, a computer systems expert, being attacked during online game play. Meanwhile, Kensi is shocked when a familiar face from her past shows up in Afghanistan.

Episode 19: Spoils of War (Apr/01/2014)
After learning that Special Agent Kensi Blye disappeared and the Taliban may be he holding her captive, Hetty sends the NCIS: LA team to Afghanistan on a rescue mission.

Episode 20: Windfall (Apr/08/2014)
When the NCIS: Los Angeles team investigates a case involving a former marine who is being tracked down by members of al Qaeda for embezzling money from Iraq, Hetty assigns Nell to join Deeks in the field. Meanwhile, Eric is given a new partner in Ops.

Episode 21: Three Hearts (Apr/15/2014)
The team takes into custody an undercover agent, who is suspected of working for the smuggler he is supposed to be investigating; Kensi and Deeks discuss their relationship.

Episode 22: One More Chance (Apr/29/2014)
Sam is convinced that the theft of software for a new unmanned aerial vehicle is connected with the disappearance of the lead engineer's 10-year-old daughter, a girl Sam once provided protection detail for in Saudi Arabia.

Episode 23: Exposure (May/06/2014)
When a news reporter announces the group responsible for the deadly explosion at a military-sponsored charity event, the team must investigate her claims and search for the attacker.

Episode 24: Deep Trouble (May/13/2014)
When the NCIS: Los Angeles team and DEA uncover the cartel's plans to slyly transport billions of dollars’ worth of cocaine from Colombia to the U.S. using a submarine, Callen and Sam must quickly locate the missing vessel. Meanwhile, Hetty is called to Washington in the aftermath of the controversial mission in Afghanistan.

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NCIS Los Angeles: Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Deep Trouble, Part II (Sep/29/2014)
Callen and Sam find themselves trapped inside an armed submarine that terrorists are intending to use to hit an aircraft carrier in San Diego. Hetty goes against orders and forgoes her trip to Washington, as the team attempt to locate and save Callen and Sam and stop the terrorist attack.

Episode 2: Inelegant Heart (Oct/06/2014)
The NCIS: LA team find out that one of their own has been compromised as they investigate the murder of a Navy contractor involved in illegal transactions of confidential data.

Episode 3: Praesidium (Oct/13/2014)
The Department of Justice target a member of the team. Leon delivers unsettling news to Hetty.

Episode 4: The 3rd Choir (Oct/20/2014)
The team learns that someone from their past is targeting one of their own. Nate Getz attempts to help Nell get through a traumatic experience.

Episode 5: Black Budget (Oct/27/2014)
Callen and Sam make their way to Mexico to locate the only employee who escaped a professional hit at the Department of Defense. Back in America, the rest of the team work to discover the motive behind the shooting.

Episode 6: SEAL Hunter (Nov/03/2014)
Sam is arrested accused of murdering a woman and Callen and Granger attempt to clear his name.

Episode 7: Leipei (Nov/10/2014)
A man is murdered by a small drone, so the team suspect a terrorist group is responsible. Nell attempts avoiding disaster at Long Beach.

Episode 8: The Grey Man (Nov/17/2014)
After Deeks and Kensi work under cover to investigate the murder of a homeless man they discover a connection to a Mexican cartel.

Episode 9: Traitor (Nov/24/2014)
Eric is one of seven suspects after Granger is poisoned by the mole.

Episode 10: Reign Fall (Dec/08/2014)
The team become involved in an investigation into the murders of Marines whose sons are at military academics.

Episode 11: Humbug (Dec/15/2014)
The team take a look at a burglary at a cyber-security company, and Callen has to steer clear after Hetty reveals that his girlfriend, Joelle, is one of the main witnesses.

Episode 12: Spiral (Jan/05/2015)
The team investigate an arms dealer but are interrupted as the suspect's building is overrun by terrorists.

Episode 13: In the Line of Duty (Jan/19/2015)
Sam and Callen need to get their hands on some key evidence after a U.S. Ambassador survives a terrorist attack.

Episode 14: Black Wind (Feb/02/2015)
Looking for the person responsible for an anthrax poisoning, Sam and Callen work under cover as food truck owners.

Episode 15: Forest For The Trees (Feb/09/2015)
Callen and Sam end up being abducted during the follow up of an anonymous tip about a missing NSA agent.

Episode 16: Expiration Date (Feb/23/2015)
After Sam is shot by a spy contracted by the CIA the team need the help of a Nepali soldier.

Episode 17: Savoir Faire (Mar/09/2015)
Members of the team take a look into the death of an Afghanistan soldier training in America.

Episode 18: Fighting Shadows (Mar/23/2015)
Following a successful sting, an explosion causes three FBI agents to be killed.

Episode 19: Blaze of Glory (Mar/30/2015)
When a missile test is hijacked and sent off course, the team searches for the hacking group responsible for the attack with the help of a young computer specialist Hetty brings in to assist the team. Also, Nell sees the bond between the tech guru and Eric and she becomes jealous.

Episode 20: Rage (Apr/13/2015)
Callen and Sam resume their undercover identities as a prisoner and guard to infiltrate a white supremacist group believed to be in possession of stolen nuclear material, while Kensi transforms herself into a tattooed biker to play the part of Callen’s girlfriend. Also, Callen’s first meeting with Hetty is revealed.

Episode 21: Beacon (Apr/21/2015)
Callen and Sam are shocked when an old acquaintance, who they thought was the recent victim of a murder, appears and asks for their help. As the team investigates, they uncover a possible breach of America's economic sanctions against Russia.

Episode 22: Field of Fire (Apr/27/2015)
The team attempt to find an expert sniper after they learn about his connection to an extremist group.

Episode 23: Kolcheck, A. (May/11/2015)
Some presumed dead crew members show up from the missing tanker that was involved involved in Arkady's deal with Russia.

Episode 24: Chernoff, K. (May/18/2015)
Some of the team have to assume undercover identities in Moscow so that they can locate their suspects.

Source: TVRage

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