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About COVERT AFFAIRS & Episode Guides

About COVERT AFFAIRS & Episode Guides

Single woman. Double life.

Covert Affairs is a drama series that premiered in July 2010.

About Covert Affairs:
New jobs are tough—especially when your new employer is the CIA. Annie Walker (Piper Perabo) is fluent in six languages, has traveled the world and is besting her fellow CIA trainees in every test. But that doesn’t explain why she’s suddenly summoned by CIA headquarters to report for active duty as a field operative one month before her training is over. She doesn’t know there may be something—or someone—from her past that her CIA bosses are really after.

Real NameCharacter Name
Piper PeraboAnnie Walker
Christopher GorhamAuggie Anderson
Kari MatchettJoan Campbell
Peter GallagherArthur Campbell
Anne DudekDanielle Brooks
Sendhil RamamurthyJai Wilcox (Season 1-3)
Hill HarperCalder Michaels (Season 4-)

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Covert Affairs Season 1 Guide

Episode 1: Pilot (Jul/13/2010)
The CIA removes Annie from her training when they need her language skills for an assignment. When the job goes south, Annie realizes that there's something wrong and she seeks the help of her blind colleague to find out the truth.

Episode 2: Walter's Walk (Jul/20/2010)
New CIA agent Annie Walker is still forced to work on low-key cases until she is tipped off that a IRA cell operates in America.

Episode 3: South Bound Suarez (Jul/27/2010)
Annie targets a college student to get information about a corrupt government official in Venezuela, but the murder of another agent who was involved in the investigation complicates her task.

Episode 4: No Quarter (Aug/03/2010)
Annie needs Auggie's help to return from Zurich where she is stranded with an untrustworthy Mossad agent. At the agency, Joan and Arthur suspect Auggie to be the CIA's leak.

Episode 5: In the Light (Aug/10/2010)
In order to stop a weapons shipment, Annie asks a former operative for help and attracts Henry Wilcox's and her former lover Ben Mercer's attention.

Episode 6: Houses of the Holy
When the national security is threatened, Annie tries to find the leak in the Senate Intelligence Committee. Meanwhile, Auggie starts working as his old unit's handler.

Episode 7: Communication Breakdown (Aug/24/2010)
Auggie is assigned to track a hacker responsible for shutting down communication systems throughout the city who also happens to be his ex-girlfriend.

Episode 8: What Is and What Should Never Be (Aug/31/2010)
Annie faces Ben again while she investigates a suspicious art-auction purchase.

Episode 9: Fool in the Rain (Sep/07/2010)
An Iranian trade delegate who escaped his handlers approaches the CIA to cut a deal. In exchange for entry to the United States, he is willing to hand over stolen intelligence.

Episode 10: I Can't Quit You, Baby (Sep/14/2010)
A new assignment Annie has to convince smugglers to hire her. Meanwhile, Henry Wilcox is invited back by Arthur and Joan.

Episode 11: When the Levee Breaks (Sep/14/2010)
Ben Mercer walks into the CIA Headquarters and confronts Annie with her past.



Covert Affairs Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Begin the Begin (Jun/07/2011)
When Annie and Ben go back to Washington, DC, Ben goes missing. Annie is assigned to keep a professional tennis player from Estonia safe.

Episode 2: Good Advices (Jun/14/2011)
Annie meets Mossad agent Eyal Lavin again when they both try to turn a secretary working at the Syrian embassy in Paris into an asset.

Episode 3: Bang and Blame (Jun/21/2011)
The leak of a CIA Trainee's name brings Annie back to The Farm with the sensitive task to find the culprit without being exposed herself which would end her own CIA career.

Episode 4: All the Right Friends (Jun/28/2011)
Annie runs into a set up when she tries to exchange a spy named Carlo Reni in Argentina. They escape the assassin and go on the run, trying to find the one responsible before the assassin can finish the job.

Episode 5: Around the Sun (Jul/05/2011)
When Auggie moves to a new position, Annie has to get used to working with his replacement while she looks into a threat to the U.U.'s spy satellites.

Episode 6: The Outsiders (Jul/12/2011)
A mission to install security cameras in Belarus goes wrong and Annie and Reva are captured by the Belarusian police. The two try to find a way out, while Joan sends Jai to help.  

Episode 7: Half a World Away (Jul/19/2011)
When Auggie identifies the man responsible for the injury that blinded him at the Istanbul Jazz Festival, he decides to track him down.

Episode 8: Welcome to the Occupation (Jul/26/2011)
When a CIA operative gets caught in a hostage crisis in Mexico, Joan and Annie use a cover as a news team to extract the operative.

Episode 9: Sad Professor (Aug/02/2011)
Annie learns that her college professor Mark Ramsay was secretly working for the CIA when he was killed tracking a Pakistani spy ring. The CIA asks Annie to find the missing intel using her connection to Ramsay's widow Safia.

Episode 10: World Leader Pretend (Aug/09/2011)
While Annie is running the extraction of a Chinese scientist named Shen Yue who is willing to defect, she runs into complications and is forced to make a difficult choice.

Episode 11: The Wake Up Bomb (Nov/01/2011)
After a failed mission in Venice, Annie's next assignment involves the politics of Basque nationalism.

Episode 12: Uberlin (Nov/08/2011)
When Annie attempts to turn a money launderer's wife into a CIA asset, the woman turns the tables by demanding to meet with Arthur. It seems she dated Arthur back when Arthur was stationed in Berlin and she was a Stasi agent, but she mysteriously vanished from his life.

Episode 13: A Girl Like You (Nov/15/2011)
Annie is sent to find Mossad agent Eyal Lavin after it's discovered he' s in Washington D.C. posing as a CIA operative.

Episode 14: Horse to Water (Nov/22/2011)
A former CIA analyst imprisoned for selling secrets is suspected as the source responsible for the death of a CIA asset in Russia.

Episode 15: What's the Frequency Kenneth? (Nov/29/2011)
When the CIA discover that MI6 are spying in their country, they send Annie to be recruited.

Episode 16: Letter Never Sent (Dec/06/2011)
While vacationing in Stockholm with Annie, Danielle is mistaken for a spy.



Covert Affairs Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Hang On To Yourself (Jul/10/2012)
After a death at the CIA, the agents are shaken and in unfamiliar territory.

Episode 2: Sound & Vision (Jul/17/2012)
Annie and Auggie are brought together for a DPD assignment, sending them to Spain to acquire a computer virus that China also wants to obtain.

Episode 3: The Last Thing You Should Do (Jul/24/2012)
Annie, Joan and Lena need to find a way to work together to get Auggie back safely from Africa where he's been visiting Parker.

Episode 4: Speed Of Life (Jul/31/2012)
The CIA and FBI both look into the break-in at a high-tech company. In an attempt to discover what was stolen and if it relates to her current assignment, Annie seeks out FBI Agent Rossabi's help. But everything quickly becomes complicated when Simon shows up in D.C.

Episode 5: This Is Not America (Aug/14/2012)
Annie heads to Israel when American technology is found in an Iranian missile. She teams up with Eyal Lavin to discover who leaked the technology.

Episode 6: Hello Stranger (Aug/21/2012)
Annie tries to turn the chief of staff for the prime minister of Yemen into a CIA asset despite warnings from the State Department.

Episode 7: Loving The Alien (Aug/28/2012)
Simon takes Annie with him on a trip to Cuba and she doesn't have the CIA backing her up.

Episode 8: Glass Spider (Sep/04/2012)
When Arthur makes bringing in Simon a top priority, Annie asks to be assigned the task.

Episode 9: Suffragette City (Sep/11/2012)
The CIA team sets out to learn the truth.

Episode 10: Let's Dance (Sep/18/2012)
The CIA looks to find verification that an enemy has taken cover in Russia.

Episode 11: Rock 'N' Roll Suicide (Oct/16/2012)
The team works together to bring Annie home from a Russian prison.

Episode 12: Wishful Beginnings (Oct/23/2012)
Eyal asks for the CIA's assistance in tracking a Mossad asset.

Episode 13: Man In The Middle (Oct/30/2012)
Annie's got a 12-hour window to turn an asset and find suspected terrorists.

Episode 14: Scary Monsters (Nov/06/2012)
Annie and Eyal track down an important asset who has vanished from protective custody.

Episode 15: Quicksand (Nov/13/2012)
With Auggie in Iraq and Joan out of the office, Annie turns to Eyal to help her track down Khalid Ansari.

Episode 16: Lady Stardust (Nov/20/2012)
When a fellow spy is taken hostage, Annie travels to Amsterdam to eliminate Khalid once and for all.



Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Vamos (Jul/16/2013)
Annie must determine how to balance two new relationships in her life – a burgeoning romance with Auggie and a professional partnership with Henry Wilcox – while also searching within Colombia for a new person of interest: the Puma

Episode 2: Dig For Fire (Jul/23/2013)
After a bombshell revelation rocks the CIA, Annie and Auggie combine forces with Arthur in an attempt to bring Henry’s hidden agenda to light. Joan finds a personal moment to confide in Annie.

Episode 3: Into The White (Jul/30/2013)
Annie returns to Colombia and must determine Teo Braga’s true allegiances in order to thwart a potential act of terrorism. Joan begins a round of interviews that could significantly alter her career trajectory within the CIA.

Episode 4: Rock A My Soul (Aug/06/2013)
As Annie and Auggie’s romance heats up, both begin to notice how it strains their working relationship within the CIA. Arthur and Henry almost come to blows.

Episode 5: Here Comes Your Man (Aug/13/2013)
With a new glamorous NOC in place, Annie is sent on an undercover op to Vienna, forcing her to cut off all communication with Auggie. Joan and Arthur determine that now is the time to bring in reinforcements.

Episode 6: Space (I Believe In) (Aug/20/2013)
Annie gets involved in an FBI investigation in order to cover her tracks. Elsewhere, Henry presents Annie with a major opportunity.

Episode 7: Crackity Jones (Aug/27/2013)
Annie finds she has met her match when she has to work to halt the illegal sale of deadly weapons and is teamed up with a seasoned operative; circumstances force Auggie to deal with past demons' Calder's suspiciouns of Annie Walker grow.

Episode 8: I've Been Waiting For You (Sep/03/2013)
Annie asks Teo to betray one of his own in order to neutralize Henry; Calder's true colors emerge after Joan makes a shocking choice; and Auggie gets into trouble.

Episode 9: Hang Wire (Sep/10/2013)
A stunning revelation catapults Annie to Copenhagen where she must stop Teo from committing a terrible act. Auggie discovers where Calder’s allegiances lie. Arthur enlists Bianca Manning, DC’s top defense lawyer, to help save the Campbell name.

Episode 10: Levitate Me (Sep/17/2013)
Annei faces off against Calder after trying to take down Henry.

Episode 11: Dead (Oct/17/2013)
Annie begins her first deep cover operation completely on her own. Meanwhile, Auggie, Joan, Arthur and the rest of the CIA manage the fallout from Annie’s “death” at Calder’s hands.

Episode 12: Something Against You (Oct/24/2013)
Despite his misgivings, Auggie decides to work with Calder on an alternate method to destroy Henry. Joan confronts Auggie about this alliance.

Episode 13: No. 13 Baby (Oct/31/2013)
Henry reaches out to his only ally within Langley – Calder. Joan reveals something during her deposition that puts a wedge between herself and Arthur. An old flame reveals she still holds a torch for Auggie.

Episode 14: River Euphrates (Nov/07/2013)
Annie travels to New York after receiving new intelligence. Elsewhere, Arthur's court date looms nearer, and Joan finds a solid lead.

Episode 15: There Goes My Gun (Nov/14/2013)
Annie, Auggie and Calder go on an unauthorized mission to Hong Kong in the hope of apprehending Henry's courier. Meanwhile, Joan and Arthur reveal a traitor who's been hiding in plain sight.

Episode 16: Trompe le Monde (Nov/21/2013)
In the season finale of Covert Affairs, Calder wonders if Joan is the only person he can trust when he returns to the United States with good news. Elsewhere, Annie and Auggie continue their work to bring Henry to justice.

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Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Shady Lane (Jun/24/2014)
Annie and Auggie start looking forward to their future, but a familiar face from the past re-emerges. Annie soon finds herself in a race against time to stop a terrorist attack. The tension mounts between Calder and Joan, as both are expecting to have the promotion in the bag. Arthur wonders if he could move into the private sector.

Episode 2: False Skorpion (Jul/01/2014)
Annie thinks about working with Ryan McQuaid in an effort to catch a terrorist in Venezuela. Auggie is questioned by the NCTC.

Episode 3: Unseen Power of the Picket Fence (Jul/08/2014)
In order to get out of Venezuela, McQuaid and Annie realize they have to work together. Joan, Arthur and Caitlyn to take out the rest of the operatives. Calder's affair continues, in a new direction.

Episode 4: Silence Kit (Jul/15/2014)
Annie is involved in a stakeout. The CIA find out that a member of the intelligence community could have leaked intel.

Episode 5: Elevate Me Later (Jul/22/2014)
Auggie's past with a potential asset causes some complications. Joan attempts to play matchmaker for Calder.

Episode 6: Embassy Row (Jul/29/2014)
Annie visits the Russian Embasy whilst undercover in Paris. Auggie juggles her relationships whilst Joan finds out the details of Arthur's latest business trip.

Episode 7: Brink of the Clouds (Aug/05/2014)
Annie and McQuaid look for a off-grid ex-CIA agent in Azerbaijan. Auggie learns something upsetting about an old friend. Calder confronts Joan.

Episode 8: Grounded (Aug/12/2014)
Annie and Auggie work on a conspiracy theory about the attack that was carried out against the CIA. Joan and Calder have to make a tough decision.

Episode 9: Spit on a Stranger (Aug/19/2014)
Annie takes part in an undercover mission without CIA assistance. Calder quizzes Auggie about a breach of protocol.

Episode 10: Sensitive Euro Man (Aug/26/2014)
Against Auggie's wishes, Annie assists McQuaid with a difficult mission. Hayley is determined to discover the truth before disaster strikes American soil.

Episode 11: Trigger Cut (Nov/06/2014)
As McQuaid’s health hangs in the balance, Annie heads on a reconnaissance mission in Istanbul. Meanwhile, Arthur takes the reigns at McQuaid Security and Calder recruits a surprising new asset.

Episode 12: Starlings of the Slipstream (Nov/13/2014)
Annie heads to Germany in search of a rogue chemist after Auggie uncovers a startling link between the recent attacks on American soil. Suspicious questions about Joan’s time in the Balkans rise to the surface during an unplanned polygraph.

Episode 13: She Believes (Nov/20/2014)
Reinvigorated by a shocking revelation, Annie works with a new ally to bring Belenko’s misdeeds to light. McQuaid and Joan head into the field while Calder enlists Sydney to make a dangerous gamble

Episode 14: Transport is Arranged (Dec/04/2014)
Annie and McQuaid sneak into Russian Territory in pursuit of Belenko.

Episode 15: Frontwards (Dec/11/2014)
Annie and McQuaid's relationship deepens as they track down Belenko's next target in Buenos Aires. Joan determines that it's in the CIA's best interest to keep Belenko alive.

Episode 16: Gold Soundz (Dec/18/2014)
With Russian Vega Force assassins hot on their trail, Annie and McQuaid work together to escape Argentina. Belenko's final plan is put into action.

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