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NCIS Season 8-13 General Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

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14x07 Home of the Brave

Tony DiNozzo Sr. hoping to subletting Tony's apartment was amusing as the others were all interested in it but Torres giving the keys to Tim after his name was first drawn was nice and trust Jethro to interrupt Quinn and her sexy dream about him



14x08 Enemy Combatant

Bishop's brothers pestering her co-workers to find out who she is dating was amusing and what a tragedy Amir Hassan spent 11 years at Gitmo as an innocent man



14x09 Pay to Play

What a shame congresswoman Flemming didn't take the death threats seriously until her aid turned up dead but turning out to be an accidental death after being hit was different



14x10 The Tie That Binds

The dead Navy captain having Ducky's home address when his mother was alive in his pocket was surprising as he didn't know him and Ducky's flash backs was amusing but Gibbs spending Christmas with Fornell after getting termites was priceless



14x11 Willoughby

Bishop and Qasim finding a break in the case together was great but what a shame he paid with his life


So this site is pretty dead, but I thought I'd write about my surprise in last nights episode of NCIS (s16e13)!

First of I have to say that a lot has changed in NCIS in recent years, a lot of long term characters have left the series and have been replaced by others.
Some are more successful then others as always, here is my view on them

*spoiler1 in white*
First of we have Ziva ofcourse who was (supposedly) killed, who was replaced by Eleanor (Ellie) Bishop.
I personally thing this replacement turned out great. I love Ellie and her quirkiness, though I miss Ziva still.

Then ofcourse we have Tony who moved to France with his and Ziva's daughter. He was replaced by Nick Torres.
I'm still on the fence about Nick. I don't think he is very likeable, though he has grown on me a bit cause of his closeness to Ellie.
However Tony had much more dept and brought more to the show. I miss him terribly and how with tonights plottwist they both come back on later in the season/series or at least get a happy ending.

A new addition, partially as replacement for Ducky I'm sure, is Jacqueline (Jack) Sloane who takes over the profiling angle from Ducky
Again, I like her but I'm not sure I love her and what she brings, Ducky was much more fun!
Luckily he regularly returns for guest appearances.

Last we have Abby who left the show after the death of one of the inbetween replacements, Agent Clayton Reeves.
She was replaced by Kasey, a one of a kind scientist in a very different way than Abby, but one of the success replacements in my opinion.
Though I loved Abby, I find Kasey brings the same type of energy as Abby did and I just love her. Though I miss the Abby-Gibbs moments.
*End spoiler1*

Then as to what happened in this episode. For die hard fans maybe not the biggest surprise, but still quite unexpected for the rest of us as I thought they would just leave it where they left it...

*Spoiler2 in white*
Ziva seems to be alive! and the messages looks a bit like Ziva and possibly Tony and their daughter might make an appearance in this season of NCIS!
Though I truly hope they rejoin the cast, I doubt it but an episode with all of them starring as guests in which they get a happy ending would be great!
I quite think it might make a good series ending, but then again I would miss my NCIS nights too much.
Fingers crossed though that it will be done!
*End spoiler2*


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I lost interest after they killed off Ziva and i stop watching , personally i prefer NCIS: LA since it's more action fun and banter reminds me of old NCIS.

Not sure if you watch LA ?

With amount shows there are producing monthly it has now become impossible to watch everything which why i don't comment anymore on here i am spend all free time trying watch my weekly shows.


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yeah, I watch them all
I love LA as well, but got kind of fed up with the investigation against Hetty, her disappearing, then the Mosley thing. Do love the banter and the main characters though. They should just bring back Hetty and keep the team as is or do something major to change it up (like a nice ending for Kensi & Deeks and replacing them with other people that fit as well, though I love Kensi & Deeks and would miss them). Definitely keep Sam & G cause they make the show

NO has a very different feel to it, but love the banter there too (between Chris & FBI girl whose name escapes me right now and with City mouse before, with Pete and Sebastian). Overall I don't like it as much as the other two though I can't really say what it is that bothers me. I think Pride needs to be back in charge though, this 3 job thing is stupid and unrealistic.

I'll probably watch them all until they end, just not necessarily on the day they air anymore.


ugh, I was already a bit wishy-washy about the cliffhanger with Ziva, but I just hate how they handled it. It doesn't feel like it contributed anything to the legend that is Ziva and left a whole lot unexplored (which they probable will leave lying there)...
I would have preferred it if those 2 episodes had never aired


So the ziva arc just ended and at least its now a decent ending. still felt a bit unnecessary but not as bad as I originally imagined