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About JOEY & Episode Guides

About JOEY & Episode Guides

New Town, Same Joey

Joey Aired From September 09, 2004 - March 07, 2006 On NBC

About Joey:
After his friends all go their separate ways, Joey Tribianni leaves New York for Hollywood to pursue his acting career full time. His slutty sister Gina buys him a nice apartment, and he finds a new roommate in his 20-year old nephew Michael (Gina had him when she was 16), who is literally a rocket scientist. Michael's book smarts and Joey's people smarts allow them to help each other out whenever they can, and make them nice companions.

Real NameCharacter Name
Matt LeBlancJoey Tribbiani
Andrea AndersAlex Garrett
Paulo CostanzoMichael Tribbiani
Drea De MatteoGina Tribbiani
Jennifer CoolidgeBobbie Morganstern

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Season 1 Episode Guide

1. Pilot
Joey moves to L.A. (by way of Dallas) to pursue his acting career. He's been offerred two parts: The starring role in a new cable cop show, "Blue Wall," and a male nurse in "Nurses." His choice is "Blue Wall." He settles into his new California life with the help of his sister Gina and her 20 year old son, Michael. Michael lives with his mom but wants to move in with Joey, which upsets Gina. Joey's show is dropped. His agent (Bobbie) gets him an audition to host an entertainment news show, but blows it when he can't look into the right camera. Joey meets his pretty neighbor, Alex, and doesn't realize at first that she's married.

2. Joey and the Student
Gina can't let go of Michael and tries to hang out with him all the time. He and Joey plan a night out without her so Joey can teach Michael about women; Gina foils their plans. Joey keeps getting critical notes from the building supervisor about his belongs and behavior. This bothers him, especially when he finds out that the super is his neighbor, Alex.

3. Joey and the Party
Joey is feeling lonely, so he throws a party to get to know his neighbors, especially Jake. Jake and Gina take an interest in each other, but Jake's only looking for a one-night stand, so Joey decides he doesn't want to be friends after all. Michael gets Alex to be his fake date for the party, to compete with his friend, Seth, who's bringing his new girlfriend.

4. Joey and the Book Club
Joey is having a hard time meeting women, so he joins Michael's book club; Michael is upset when the girl he likes wants to date Joey. Gina wants some famous hair clients, so she gets Joey to take her portfolio to Bobbie (his agent). She isn't going to help, but really likes the hair model (Michael). Gina does Alex's famous friend's hair before a big premier, but the woman changes it before hitting the red carpet.

5. Joey and the Perfect Storm
Joey auditions for a Shakespeare play and gets selected to be the understudy. At first he's disappointed but Michael helps him realize it's a great opportunity. He realizes he's taken things too far when he understudies for three different shows, and all three need him to perform on the same night. Bobbie helps Joey come up with a plan to pull it off. An apartment in Joey's complex becomes available; Michael and Joey are worried Gina will want to move in, so they try to keep her from finding out.

6. Joey and the Nemesis
Michael is sick and Gina is thrilled, since it gives her an excuse to take care of him. Since Gina is staying at Joey's, he stays at her place and finds out about Gina's secret boyfriend, Roger. Roger turns out to be a loser.

7. Joey and the Husband
Joey realizes he never returned his rental car after buying a car of his own; he continues forgetting. Gina's frustration with her boss and Michael's persistence convince Joey to offer her money to start her own salon. She realizes a salon of her own isn't really what she wants. Alex's husband (Eric) returns to town; in the past he's felt threatened by Joey's friendship with her, but once he meets Joey, he's no longer worried. It turns out he thinks Joey's too goofy for Alex to be seriously interested.

8. Joey and the Dream Girl, part 1
Michael discovers that as a kid he was good at baseball, but his mom made him stop because she was afraid he'd get hurt. He tries unsuccessfully to pick it back up. Gina's high-school friend, Donna, comes to town; she's going through a divorce. Joey used to have a huge crush on her; he starts up a romance, against Gina's wishes.

9. Joey and the Dream Girl, part 2
Joey has a week to prove to Donna that she should be with him instead of her potentially-ex-husband, Ron. Ron shows up from New York to take Donna home, so Joey tries to keep Donna from knowing he's in town by taking her away for the weekend.

10. Joey and the Big Audition
Joey, frustrated by his dwindling career, takes advantage of the situation when a movie producer mistakes him as a fellow Northwestern University Alumnus. He gets an audition in a hot new show ("Deep Powder"); things get complicated when his attraction to the woman playing his daughter makes it hard to stay in character.

11. Joey and the Road Trip
Joey gets recruited to be a celebrity judge at a beauty pageant in Las Vegas, so he, Gina, Michael, and Alex take a road trip. Alex is psyched about seeing Celene Deon.

12. Joey and the Plot Twist
The warm weather interferes with the getting into the holiday spirit. Joey meets the executive producer of Deep Powder, Lauren Beck, who is very obsessive-compulsive. At a press junket, he accidentally lets slip an upcoming plot twist involving the death of another character; in response, the script gets re-written.

13. Joey and the Taste Test
Gina teaches Alex to make lasagna; Alex's claim that she improved the recipe leads to a lasagna-baking contest. Joey's on-set romand with Katie causes emotional tension; Lauren puts an end to it.

14. Joey and the Premier
Joey's show - Deep Powder - has it's premier party. Gina, Michael, and Alex all want to go, but he's only allowed one guest. He offers up Gina and Alex as dates for other attendees and takes Michael as his own guest. He upsets Lauren by setting up Gina with Lauren's ex-boyfriend; he purposefully sets Alex up with a lesbian without telling her that it's a date.

15. Joey and the Assistant
Joey's busy career leads Bobbie to suggest he get a personal assistant. He hires Glen, who seems perfect until a romance between him and Gina complicates things. Michael's "friend" Seth tries to take sole credit for a scientific breakthrough they made together.

16.  Joey and The Tonight Show
Due to someone else's cancellation, Joey gets a spot on the Tonight Show. On the way there, Gina and Joey pressure Michael to give the finger to someone who cut them off. He does; then, in a traffic jam, they get stuck next to the same vehicle, which just happens to belong to "Judoman".

17. Joey and the Valentine's Date
Joey is being featured in an article for People magazine. While trying to charm the interviewer (Judy), he asks her out to dinner, not realizing he's making a Valentine's Day date.

18. Joey and The Wrong Name
Joey is nominated for a Daytime Soap Award for his previous work on Days of our Lives. He is also presenting an award, and is so nervous about pronouncing a difficult name that he repeats it, making everyone think he was announcing the winner.

19. Joey and the Fancy Sister
Joey's sister, Mary Teresa, who thinks she's much classier than the rest of her family, comes to visit. She constantly flaunts her engagement ring until she finds out her "diamond" is fake.

20. Joey and the Neighbor
Joey meets - and begins dating - his new neighbor (Sara), a beautiful and very forward photographer. He tries to impress her with pick-up lines and celebrity status but finds that just being honest works better.

21. Joey and the Spying
Alex's husband, Eric, moves out -- to the other side of the apartment complex. The separation is harder for Alex than she expects, so she spies on him from Joey's bedroom window.

22. Joey and The Temptation
Joey demands that Eric tell Alex about the kiss; then Joey accidentally tells her himself. News of an upcoming love scene with Carmen Electra makes Joey worry that he'll not be able to maintain his exclusive relationship with Sara. Joey struggles but stays strong. Alex confronts Eric and they decide their marriage isn't working.

23. Joey and The Break-Up
Michael's new romantic relationship turns out to be more than Gina expected when she meets his 45-year-old girlfriend (Lorraine). Joey and Sara have their one month anniversay.

24.  Joey and The Moving In
Joey, not really ready to live with Sara, struggles to hide his feelings. While shopping for new stuff for their new life together, they both freak out. Michael gets tickets to the new Star Wars movie from Bobbie, but gets more than he bargained for.


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Season 2 Episode Guide

1. Joey and The Big Break, part 1
Alex feels cheap for sleeping with Joey, so they agree Joey will woo her to that point, after the fact. Making it meaningful is harder than expected. Gina begins her new job as Bobbie's assistant. Joey discovers he's the viewers' favorite character on Deep Powder, so he asks for a big raise... and his character gets killed off. In his last episode, he makes a new friend (Zach), an extra playing a severed head. Joey gets an audition for a Kevin Smith movie, but the insecure voices in his head blow it for him. A new tenant mistakes Michael for Joey; Michael takes advantage of the situation. Joey plays along.

2. Joey and The Big Break, part 2
Gina is given the task of delivering all of Bobbie's bad news - most of which seems to come to Joey. He asks Zach to get him a meeting with Kevin Smith to audition; Zach steals Kevin's dog so Joey can return it. Joey blows it. Gina helps restore his confidence, so he goes back to the studio and auditions again - but for the wrong movie. He gets the lead. Joey continues his half-hearted attempts to woo Alex. Finally, he does such a good job that she's really ready to sleep with him again, at which point he considers his work done. Alex is left shocked and confused.

3. Joey and The Spanking
Joey gets his first pay check for his big new movie, and goes a little crazy blowing his money. Alex tries to deal with her feelings for Joey, so Gina tries to find a guy for her. She arranges a fake movie audition to find the right guy. Joey's new child co-star is an arrogant jerk who needs some discipline, and his adult co-star isn't much better.

4. Joey and the Stunt Man
Joey has a tough time with his script supervisor, because he can't remember his lines. Things get worse when she starts dating Michael. Joey's stunt man hangs out with him to learn his mannerisms. When Joey gets him injured, he secretly stands in for his own stuntman.

5. Joey and the House
Bobby has to take anger management sessions after assaulting Phil Colins. This leads Alex to realize she has anger problems of her own, because Joey thinks of her as only a buddy. Joey pursues buying a house; Gina thinks he's spending too much and interferes.

6. Joey and the ESL
Joey follows a beautiful woman into an English as a Second Language class and tries to impress her with his skills. It works beautifully until he becomes obsessed with being the best in the class. Gina loses one of Bobbi's clients and has to find a new one. Joey helps her sign Benjamin Lockwood, even though Lockwood and Joey don't get along.

7. Joey and the Poker
A jealous Alex tricks Joey into spending time with her by making up rules at Texas Hold 'Em (poker) that let him win. Soon he goes on a celebrity poker match and makes a fool of himself. Michael gets swept up in Abby's environmentalism; Joey believes Michael's activism will fade once Michael and Abby sleep together.

8. Joey and the S Tape
A woman from Joey's past threatens to release a  tape which shows joey as a liar who will say anything to get a girl into bed. She makes him use his guest appearance on "Ellen" to apologize. Gina finds out Bobbi's 40th birthday is coming up, and tries to help her celebrate it.

9 Joey and the Musical
Alex writes a letter to Joey without sending it, to help her resolve her feelings. Joey ends up reading it. To get in the good graces of his girlfriend and her grandmother, Joey agrees to direct a retirement home play.

10. Joey and the Bachelor Thanksgiving  
Gina is planning a family Thanksgiving. Joey and Zach discover some ancient Native American artifacts on Joey's property and mistakenly give them away.

11. Joey and the High School Friend
Joey's best friend from high school is visiting. Gina has a big surprise for Michael.

12. Joey and the Tijuana Trip
After Michael and Abby break up, Joey takes him to Tijuana to help him get over it. Alex and Gina want to have some fun and go to a night club.

13. Joey and the Christmas Party
Joey is having a holiday party at his old apartment. Bobbie is there with her boyfriend.

14. Joey and the Snowball Fight
Joey is starting to act weird around Alex, because she is still going out with Dean. His action figure also arrives, it has a few flaws though. Gina thinks that she's pregnant.

15. Joey and the Dad
Joe's dad comes to town for Joey's movie premiere. His sly remarks of disrespect for Joey's line of work are lost on his son. At least until Alex points them out to him. Elsewhere Joey runs into Carmen Electra while admiring his movies billboard. The two hit it off, until Joey finds out that the billboard for her new perfume (right next to his) is getting a lot more attention than his own.

16. Joey and the Party for Alex
Joey's feelings for Alex are driving him crazy. Dean throws Alex a birthday party and is going to propose to her. Gina and Jimmy are getting tattoos to show their love for each other.

17. Joey and the Big Move
While Joey is moving out to his new house, he finds out that his house is on fire and the whole house burns out. Meanwhile Jimmy finally learns that Michael is his son and he tries to start a relationship with him, father to son.

18. Joey and the Beard
Bobbie sets up a date for Joey with Edie, a famous actress. What he doesn't know in the beginning is that she only needs him as a "beard".

19. Joey and the Critic
Joey discovers a critic on the internet and goes to visit her, only to discover that it is an 11-year-old. Meanwhile, he starts his own company, and hires Jimmy, though things get out of hand.

20. Joey and the Actor's Studio
Joey wants to go out with Alex but she's not sure if she wants to go out with him.

21. Joey and the Holding Hands
Joey wants to take his relationship with Alex to the next level, but Alex only wants sex. Gina finds out that Jimmy is married to a woman that is in prison, and Michael meets a man on internet and Michael thinks that he is a woman.

22. Joey and the Wedding
Jimmy and Gina get married.


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