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About LIFE IS WILD & Episode Guide

About LIFE IS WILD & Episode Guide

Life is Wild Aired From October 07, 2007 - February 03, 2008 On CW

About the Show:
A New York veterinarian moves his family, which consists of his children and his second wife's children, to South Africa where his father-in-law manages a game reserve.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Andrew St. JohnJesse
Calvin GoldspinkOliver
D. W. MoffettDanny Clarke
Jeremy SheffieldColin
K’Sun RayChase
Mary Matilyn MouserMia
Rutger HauerArt
Leah PipesKatie
Stephanie NiznikJo Clarke


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Season 1

Episode 1: Pilot
Katie Clarke finds it hard to forgive her father when he decides to uproot their New York City family and relocate to a wildlife reserve in South Africa. Things are made worse when the family stays at the Blue Antelope Lodge, which was the childhood home of Katie's deceased mother. But things soon begin to look up when Katie and Jesse meet Oliver, Tumelo and Emily, three locals. While Jo has trouble adjusting, Danny dives into work, helping sick and injured animals on the reserve.

Episode 2: Ubuntu
It's the first day of school at Peacanwood International School. Katie's thrilled when the popular girls offer to help her write a poem for a project. Lauren invites Katie to a concert, but gives her the wrong address. Jesse opts to not follow the school's rules and stops at the Ant Hill with Oliver. Meanwhile, during Danny's first day on the job, he looks into the mysterious illnesses of several animals.

Episode 3: Open for Business
It's opening day for The Blue Antelope and the family eagerly awaits their first guests. Katie shows off her singing abilities for the Spring Sing Fling auditions. Jesse takes a job at Ant's Hill, but his plan backfires when Mbali confronts him about his age. Meanwhile, Danny investigates the illnesses of zebras and wildebeests, while Jo and Art learn the realities of running a lodge.

Episode 4: Heritage Day
Katie agrees to go with Tumelo to the town's annual Heritage Day even though she'd rather be at a party with Oliver and Emily. Meanwhile, Jesse's shaving kit is stolen by a monkey.

Episode 5: Bad to the Bone
Katie and Jesse, both disgusted about having to do chores over the weekend, end up rebelling and making bad decisions. Jesse heads out with Oliver, and the two have a scary encounter wtih a cheetah; and later, Katie, thinking Oliver is into 'bad girls', meets him at a bar and both wind up in jail.

Episode 6: Games People Play
Excited that the boys and girls compete in a charity soccer game, Katie gears up to play, especially when she learns that the boys have no doubt that the girls will lose. However, her skill creates tension between her and Oliver, which causes her to lessen her game in order to ease the tensions. Jesse makes friends with James, a guest, but James' wild streak results in Jesse getting seriously injured.

Episode 7: The Heart Wants What It Wants
The Blue Antelope has the opportunity to throw its first wedding and Katie helps Jo will all of the preparation and arrangements. Later, while hanging out with Oliver, Katie learns a secret about his father, Colin. Danny goes to Tumelo for help with a sick elephant, but they soon find that the elephant may have a crush on the giraffe.

Episode 8: Animal House
Jo and Danny attend a conference and leave Jesse and Katie in charge of the Blue Antelope. An unexpected party erupts when Jesse invites Emily and her friends over, but the party gets crashed by a lioness.

Episode 9: The Code
Katie, Oliver, Emily and Tumelo form their own study group to prepare for their midterms; and Jesse comes to Katie for help in a class that he's failing. Meanwhile, guests at the Blue Antelope are disappointed to learn there's no guided wildlife hunt, so they decide to go the Mara Lodge instead; and Danny and Art take steps to protect white lions from hunters.

Episode 10: Rescue Me
Katie, Jesse, Oliver, Emily and Tumelo head into the bush with their classmates. Jesse refuses to participate in the activities, but the others decides to hike the trail. However, after a series of unfortunate incidents, including a lost map and broken radio, sparks tension within the group and lands Tumelo and Katie lost.

Episode 11: Love Life
Katie has second thoughts about breaking up with Oliver, but decides to volunteer with loveLife, an HIV-positive teen support group. Jesse is confronted by Emily when he begins to spend too much time with Mbali. Also, the Blue Antelope is declared non-eco friendly when checked out by an inspector.

Episode 12: P.O.C.
Katie and Tumelo both break up with their respective significant others, but find it uncomfortable to be around each other now that they are both single. Jesse helps Mbali end her engagement, but is shocked to learn that her future may include leaving South Africa. Meanwhile, Jo and Art swap duties to see whose duties are the most difficult.

Episode 13: Home
In hopes of increasing the lion population, Art and Danny decide to transport a fertile male and introduce it to the Blue Antelope’s lion pride. However, the two find themselves in grave danger when things don’t go quite as expected. Meanwhile, Jesse is frustrated with life in Africa and is contemplating returning to New York.