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About LAW & ORDER SVU & Episode Guides

About LAW & ORDER SVU & Episode Guides

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit premiered on NBC on September 20, 1999

About the Show:
This hard-hitting and emotional series from NBC's "Law & Order" brand chronicles the life and crimes of the Special Victims Unit of the New York Police Department, the elite squad of detectives who investigate sexually based crimes. Created by Emmy Award-winning producer Dick Wolf, "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" is now entering its eleventh season. The program has received numerous citations from community-based organizations for the social issues it tackles, and the cast members are frequently recognized for the work they do off-screen to promote personal health and safety and other volunteer efforts and initiatives.

The drama follows Detective Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni), a seasoned veteran of the unit who has seen it all, and his partner, Detective Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay), whose difficult past -- a product of rape -- is the reason she joined the unit. Meloni is recognized as one of the most versatile actors today, taking on challenging and diverse roles in both television and film. He is well known for his portrayal of the duplicitous inmate Chris Keller on HBO's critically praised series "Oz." He moved to the right side of the law, however, on "Law & Order: SVU" where he was nominated for his first Emmy Award in 2006 as Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.

In 2009, Hargitay (Detective Benson) garnered her sixth Emmy nomination for Lead Actress in a Drama Series, and won the 2006 Emmy for that category. In 2006, she received her third SAG nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series for her portrayal of Detective Benson. In 2005, Hargitay earned her first Golden Globe Award for Lead Actress in a Drama Series for the role and her second Emmy nomination; and in 2004, both an Emmy and a SAG nomination in the same category.

Captain Donald Cragen, (Dann Florek, reprising the role he played on the first three seasons of "Law & Order" 1990-1993), oversees the unit with his tough but supportive approach to the team's complex cases, guiding the squad through the challenges they face every day. Detective John Munch, (Richard Belzer, "Homicide: Life on the Street"), a transfer from Baltimore's homicide unit, brings his acerbic wit, conspiracy theories and street-honed investigative skills to the team. And his partner, Detective Odafin "Fin" Tutuola (Ice-T), adds his unique sense of humor and investigative experience, making him a formidable match for Munch.

Forensic psychiatrist, George Huang (B.D. Wong), whose insight into the minds of the accused often provides significant clues that lead to the resolution of a case, and Medical Examiner Melinda Warner (Tamara Tunie) lend their skills to uncover forensic evidence. Also joining the team, the new assistant district attorney Kim Grayleck (Michaela McManus).

In 2009, Ellen Burstyn, Brenda Blethyn, and Carol Burnett were all nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series In 2008, Cynthia Nixon won an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series, and Robin Williams earned a nomination for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series for their guest roles on "SVU". Leslie Caron was also awarded an Emmy at the 2007 Creative Arts Emmys for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series, "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit." In 2007, the 19th Annual GLAAD Media Awards nominated 'SVU's' "Sin" for an Outstanding Individual Episode. In addition, Richard Belzer was nominated for a 2007 People's Choice Award for Favorite Scene Stealing Star, and "Law & Order: SVU" was nominated for Best Drama.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" is a Wolf Films production in association with Universal Media Studios. Wolf, is creator and executive producer, Neal Baer (NBC's "ER," "China Beach"), Ted Kotcheff ("Fun with Dick and Jane," "Weekend at Bernie's") and Peter Jankowski are executive producers


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Mariska HargitayDetective Olivia Benson
Christopher MeloniDetective Elliot Stabler
Richard BelzerDetective John Munch
Dann FlorekCaptain Donald Cragen
Ice-TDetective Odafin 'Fin' Tutuola
B.D. WongDr. George Huang
Tamara TunieDr. Melinda Warner
Elizabeth MitchellJune Frye
Jeremy IronsDr. Captain Jackson


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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Payback (Sep/20/1999)
Benson and Stabler investigate the stabbing and castration of a cab driver, only to learn that the victim had purchased a phony hack license from an inmate at Rikers Island. Further investigation reveals that the dead man was a Serbian soldier named Stefan Tanzic, who had been indicted on charges of ethnic cleansing. Herself a child of rape, Benson has trouble separating herself from the case after realizing that the victim was a rapist. Stabler tries to keep her from crossing the line in her attempts to protect suspects she feels were justified in their actions.

Episode 2: A Single Life (Sep/27/1999)
When the body of Gretchen Quinn is found wearing only a red slip after having been defenestrated from her apartment window, Benson and Stabler soon find out that "Gretchen Quinn" was just an alias. While trying to piece together her life, the detectives are led to the victim's psychiatrist and a well-known television newscaster, both of whom were sleeping with her. It soon comes to light she was a young woman who changed her name and identity after graduating high school, to get away from her sexually abusive father.

Episode 3: Or Just Look Like One (Oct/04/1999)
After teen model Jazmin Burgess is beaten, raped, and dumped in front of Roosevelt Hospital, Benson and Stabler investigate to find out why a 16-year-old girl was out alone after midnight. High levels of drugs in Jazmin's system lead them to take a look at not only the modelling agency with which Jazmin was signed, but also the photographer who was supervising her last shoot (and had booted her out because she was "too heavy"). Stabler's disgust with the whole issue is aggravated by his concern that their daughter Maureen, who has been refusing to eat, may be anorexic.

Episode 4: Hysteria (Oct/11/1999)
When a young woman is found dead, she is initially believed to be a prostitute and the latest victim of a serial killer. When looking into her home life, Benson and Stabler realize that she does not fit the pattern, and may not be connected to the other deaths after all. However, the other deaths have a connection no one anticipated.

Episode 5: Wanderlust (Oct/18/1999)
After a travel writer is found nude, strangled, and beaten to death with lingerie stuffed down his throat and duct tape over his mouth, Benson and Stabler initially suspect his landlady's boyfriend, a convicted child molester. But suspicion soon turns to the landlady and her daughter, who seem far too interested in what their tenant was doing with his time. After learning the daughter had a sexual relationship with the tenant, things take an even stranger turn.

Episode 6: Sophomore Jinx (Oct/25/1999)
After a female student is found raped and murdered at a local college, Benson and Stabler turn their attention to two star players on the school's basketball team. However, the college, unwilling to risk the negative publicity that the investigation could bring to the school and the upcoming championship, blocks their investigation at every turn.

Episode 7: Uncivilized (Nov/15/1999)
When a young boy is found murdered, suspicion leads Benson and Stabler to a recently paroled child molester, who soon becomes a test case for a new and broader application of civil commitment. Although they both hate what the man has done in the past, it is soon obvious to the detectives that the teenagers who initially steered them in the man's direction are hiding secrets of their own.

Episode 8: Stalked (Nov/22/1999)
When the body of an assistant district attorney is found raped and beaten in Central Park, Benson lets her emotions get the best of her as she takes it upon herself to bring the suspected rapist, a local realtor, to justice. Stabler tries to get the man's business partner to help in the investigation, but Benson may be the one who ends up needing help.

Episode 9: Stocks & Bondage (Nov/29/1999)
When a financial analyst and devotee of BDSM is found strangled to death in a leather harness in her bedroom, Benson and Stabler at first suspect either suicide or accidental death from auto erotic asphyxiation. However, the discovery of a large quantity of hidden diamonds leads the detectives into a shadowy world of money laundering and securities fraud.

Episode 10: Closure (Jan/07/2000)
Benson does her best to help a rape victim, who is able to describe her attack (but not the attacker) in perfect detail, cope. When the detectives revisit the case a few months later, they find the woman even less willing to talk about what happened, as she claims she has moved on. Things turn uncomfortable within the squad when Benson and Cassidy spend the night together, because Benson just wanted one night, but Cassidy is left wanting more.

Episode 11: Bad Blood (Jan/14/2000)
The death of a young gay man initially leads Benson and Stabler to investigate his father, but once they start looking into the young man's living arrangements, they realize the person they're looking for may be closer than they think. Munch tries to help Benson find the man who raped her mother and could be her father.

Episode 12: Russian Love Poem (Jan/21/2000)
When Andrew Harlin, a bisexual multi-millionaire, is found murdered in his home, Benson and Stabler turn their suspicion to Harlin's long list of lovers. Evidence at the crime scene leads detectives to a pair of Russian escorts, but before they can get the truth from them, one turns up dead, and the boyfriend of the other confesses to murder.

Episode 13: Disrobed (Feb/04/2000)
After a judge is found murdered in his car, the detectives begin looking into his background and learn that he often delivered special verdicts for women in return for sexual favours. The team soon turns their eye to a battered wife with a secret. Cassidy transfers to Narcotics.

Episode 14: Limitations (Feb/11/2000)
At the request of a victim, the police commissioner comes to Cragen with a special request: close the case of the man who raped three women nearly five years ago before the statute of limitations expires. The detectives finally get a lead when they realize one of the victims knows the rapist, but she's not willing to talk.

Episode 15: Entitled (Feb/18/2000)
After a salesman is murdered, the detectives turn their attention to Stephanie Mulroney, the youngest daughter of a well-known family with some deep connections. But as they join forces with the officers from the 27th Precinct, they realize that their case is connected with a long-unsolved case that Briscoe once handled years ago with his former partner.

Episode 16: The Third Guy (Feb/25/2000)
An elderly woman is found tied up and sexually assaulted in her apartment, and suspicion is initially on the young men that had broken into her home and robbed her. Once the detectives catch the young men, they learn that there was someone else in the apartment, and it looks like the boys were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Episode 17: Misleader (Mar/31/2000)
After the pregnant daughter-in-law of a prominent Christian right leader is found murdered in her hotel room, the detectives investigate a rash of hotel burglaries, only to discover that her adultery -- and the probable father of her child -- was probably what lead to her death.

Episode 18: Chat Room (Apr/14/2000)
When a teenage girl comes into the squad room to tell the detectives that she was raped by a man she met on the Internet, the detectives set up a special sting operation. They end up stepping on some highly-placed toes as Munch plays the kid to net the big fish.

Episode 19: Contact (Apr/28/2000)
After seven young women in a six-month time span are raped by a flash and dash assailant on the city subways, the brass calls in a psychiatrist to help the team get into the head of the perp. When he is caught, all seven victims identify him in a police line-up, but the IDs are suppressed. However, the detectives find that he possesses the driver's license of a new victim who could put him away.

Episode 20: Remorse (May/05/2000)
Television reporter Sarah Logan refuses to let her recent rape get her down, and talks about her experiences on the air, leading to the arrest of a young man that the team feels is responsible.

Episode 21: Nocturne (May/12/2000)
After a pharmacy turns over some disturbing photos of a young boy, Benson and Stabler arrest a piano teacher for child molestation. After the boy claims to have seen other pictures of young boys at the teacher's house, the detectives get a warrant and discover a series of videos that document the life of a young boy named Evan. Believing he can make or break their case, the team searches for him, only to realize that his testimony may not help at all because Evan is scarred far more deeply than they realized.

Episode 22: Slaves (May/19/2000)
After a shopkeeper brings a note for help to the squad, the detectives begin trying to locate a young Romanian woman named Ilena, who hasn't been seen in months. The squad eventually find her working as a nanny at the home of the Morrows, a successful yuppie couple who harbour a terrible secret. A forensic psychologist analyses the team, and presents disturbing findings to Cragen, suggesting that one of the detectives be removed from the team.

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Wrong Is Right (Oct/20/2000)
Stabler's daughter, Maureen, bears witness to a horrific crime scene: the murder of a man who was set on fire. The internal investigation into the psyches of the SVU detectives yields interesting results. Monique Jeffries is removed from active duty and placed on desk duty, and is replaced by Fin Tutuola. Cabot joins the SVU squad.

Episode 2: Honor (Oct/27/2000)
The vicious assault of an Afghan diplomat's daughter uncovers clues that may suggest Taliban traditions justify "honor killings" when the child defies the wishes of their parents or their culture.

Episode 3: Closure Part 2 (Nov/03/2000)
Stabler and Benson investigate a sexual assault very similar to one they worked six months ago whose victim follows her alleged attacker and reports his activities to the police.

Episode 4: Legacy (Nov/10/2000)
An abused 7-year-old girl lays comatose as the detectives investigate members of her dysfunctional family to determine the source of the abuse, in a case that hits close to home for Munch.

Episode 5: Baby Killer (Nov/17/2000)
The tragic shooting death of a young girl leads investigators to a little boy, and they soon realise that the gun used has been used in another crime scene.

Episode 6: Noncompliance (Nov/24/2000)
The question of patients' rights surfaces when a schizophrenic man refusing to take his medication is a suspect in the stabbing death of psychiatric doctoral student.

Episode 7: Asunder (Dec/01/2000)
The truth behind the alleged rape of a woman by her police officer husband comes to light when a history of domestic abuse is uncovered. Monique Jeffries leaves the squad and files a discrimination suit against the NYPD.

Episode 8: Taken (Dec/15/2000)
The case of a seventeen-year-old rape victim during the opening festivities of a luxury hotel takes a strange turn when her immediate family tries to keep the scandal quiet by preparing a lawsuit. Detectives soon realise that the girl isn't the innocent she pretends to be. Benson struggles to deal with her mother's death.

Episode 9: Pixies (Jan/12/2001)
The investigation of a gymnast's murder involves her strict trainer, a wealthy benefactor and a competitor.

Episode 10: Consent (Jan/19/2001)
A college girl is raped during a frat party, but can't remember anything that happened. The detectives find that she had a date rape drug in her system, leaving the detectives with many suspects and accomplices.

Episode 11: Abuse (Jan/26/2001)
Stabler and Benson suspect parental neglect may have led to the tragic death of the son of two famous singers, leading them to fear for their little girl. When Benson develops a strong attachment to the girl, her parents' reaction puts her job in jeopardy.

Episode 12: Secrets (Feb/02/2001)
A case involving the rape and murder of a teacher hits a snag after the woman's illicit sexual history is exposed by one of her students.

Episode 13: Victims (Feb/09/2001)
A former police officer, now a community activist, is a suspect in the murders of known sex offenders, all of whom share a certain characteristic that scars their victims for life.

Episode 14: Paranoia (Feb/16/2001)
The rape of a veteran police officer, who trained Benson, is first linked to her ex-husband's gambling debts, and then to her fellow officers.

Episode 15: Countdown (Feb/23/2001)
The detectives work around the clock to find an abducted girl when clues point to a serial killer who kills his victims after three days, and follows a very specific pattern: during the three days the man has a Party Day, a Picture Day, and finally a Special Day on which the victims are raped and murdered. The investigation is assisted by the killer's last victim, who escaped.

Episode 16: Runaway (Mar/02/2001)
The search for a police officer's runaway daughter, which leads the detectives through an underground rave culture that caters to wayward teens, is seen through the eyes of the squad room personnel and their interviews with the Internal Affairs division. Monique Jeffries returns in her final appearance to help her former colleagues find the missing girl.

Episode 17: Folly (Mar/23/2001)
The beating of a young man uncovers a dangerous male escort service where the boss may have reasons for sending her staff on potentially deadly dates.

Episode 18: Manhunt (Apr/20/2001)
The details of a kidnapping are similar to a series of rapes and murders that may link the crime to a serial killer.

Episode 19: Parasites (Apr/27/2001)
When the remains of a young woman are found buried in an apartment courtyard with a collar and leash, Detectives Benson and Stabler determine that the dead woman is Ava Parulis, a Romanian immigrant who was brought to the United States for an arranged marriage. They discover from Ava's estranged twin, Irina, that the dead woman had left her abusive husband, and made a habit of taking advantage of wealthy suitors.

Episode 20: Pique (May/04/2001)
Observed by a FBI psychiatrist, George Huang, the detectives uncover a horrifying motive for the slaying of a software company employee by a fired colleague when they learn of the suspects true relationship with his overbearing mother.

Episode 21: Scourge (May/11/2001)
The team searches for a serial killer who justifies his crimes with paranoid religious motivation set on by a rapidly deteriorating medical condition.

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Repression (Sep/28/2001)
After therapy uncovers repressed memories of abuse and fearing her seven-year-old sister is currently being molested, an eighteen-year-old girl brings charges of rape against her father who winds up murdered when those charges are dismissed.

Episode 2: Wrath (Oct/05/2001)
The detectives investigate three murders that seemingly have with no connection to each other, but each one has ties to Benson's previous cases and the detectives worry that Benson is the intended target.

Episode 3: Stolen (Oct/12/2001)
The kidnapping of an infant at a grocery store leads to a scheme of snatching and selling babies for adoption which brings back a case from twelve years ago that involved Captain Cragen and his partner, the late Max Greevey.

Episode 4: Rooftop (Oct/19/2001)
When an HIV-positive male with a record of assaulting underage girls is discovered in a sexual clincher with a young woman on a rooftop, the detectives are determined to put him back inside. After a series of rapes and murders that cannot be traced to him, though, they begin to wonder if they've been looking the wrong way.

Episode 5: Tangled (Oct/26/2001)
When arriving party guests find a prominent doctor murdered and his wife raped, the investigation starts with his estranged son and a former patient, then moves to his mistress and her neighbour and the realization that the wife was the intended victim.

Episode 6: Redemption (Nov/02/2001)
Detective Stabler is paired with John "Hawk" Hawkins, a rough opinionated cop, who damages both his job and his personal life. They try to catch a serial rapist and murderer. Their suspect is a recently released prisoner, who was put in jail years ago due to Hawk. Alas, they come to deduct that not only is the predator someone else, but that the former prisoner is innocent of his past crimes too, which means Hawk was responsible for putting an innocent man behind bars.

Episode 7: Sacrifice (Nov/09/2001)
A shooting outside of a gay bar leads the detectives to the victim's family, which includes a bitter feud with his parents, and his wife's involvement in pornographic movies.

Episode 8:  Inheritance (Nov/16/2001)
A young Asian woman is severely beaten and raped at a burglary site. Benson and Stabler initially suspect rival Asian gang members, who are in dispute over the victim's loyalty. The theory is disproved when another Asian victim is found, which leads to a serial rapist whose father may have committed similar crimes in his own past. The trial focuses on the impact of genetic predisposition versus environmental upbringing on the nature of violence.

Episode 9: Care (Nov/23/2001)
The beaten body of a five year-old girl in foster care is found. Detectives Benson and Stabler investigate her complicated family ties. They learn the girl's birth mother always tried to get back her daughter from the foster mother and grandmother, who was responsible for the girl before she died. They then investigate her foster brother. Captain Cragen manages to reach him with the help of a video game.

Episode 10: Ridicule (Dec/14/2001)
What appears as an accidental death leads to a case involving a male stripper who claims that the deceased was one of three women who raped him at a bachelorette party.

Episode 11: Monogamy (Jan/04/2002)
A pregnant woman is attacked and has her fetus ripped from her womb. Detectives Benson and Stabler quickly look for the baby hoping he's still alive. The woman's husband seems shocked, but it is soon learned she may have had an affair with a construction worker. Thus both men become suspects.

Episode 12: Protection (Jan/11/2002)
A troubled six year-old kid is shot and then abandoned by his angry mother in an emergency room. Detectives Benson and Stabler look for his missing family members in order to find his shooter. But when he is attacked again, another reason is added for finding his mother: To warn her she might be the next victim.

Episode 13: Prodigy (Jan/18/2002)
A man and a woman are stabbed during a supposedly romantic park encounter. The woman's head as well as her hands are missing, which makes it difficult for detectives Benson and Stabler to identify the victims. They soon learn the crime scene was staged and that the woman was an officer of the Manhattan Federation for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. This leads them to various people from her organization, as well as its opposes.

Episode 14: Counterfeit (Jan/25/2002)
A woman is found raped and killed by her car. Benson and Tutuola try to figure out why there were drugs in the victim's trunk but then find that a similar rape was committed. This victim says that a police officer raped her after pulling her over for a supposed driving violation. The D.A. now has to zero in on the corrupt cop.

Episode 15: Execution (Feb/01/2002)
As an inmate gets closer and closer to his death penalty sentence, Stabler struggles to find out whether that man was the perpetrator of a different crime with an unidentified murderer. Dr. Huang assists Stabler but the investigation goes haywire to mixed results.

Episode 16: Popular (Mar/01/2002)
Stabler's wife tells him that her friend (a nurse) treated a young girl for rape by a teacher. Despite being advised not to find out further details, Stabler, with help from Benson, crack open the case to disturbing details. The girl had been part of a club in which sexual favors were given for drugs in a group of teenagers.

Episode 17: Surveillance (Mar/08/2002)
A young cellist, Cassie Germaine is attacked in her apartment. Detectives Benson and Stabler investigate her orchestra conductor, Robert Prescott. They learn he was involved with amateur erotic filmmaking, and that her apartment is surrounded with hidden cameras installed by an obsessed stalker.

Episode 18: Guilt (Mar/29/2002)
ADA Cabot faces a reluctant witness in a case of child molestation. She goes far beyond the line of duty to find evidence against the serial abuser. She even sends detectives Benson and Stabler to illegally search the boy's home and almost ruins the case and all of their careers.

Episode 19: Justice (Apr/05/2002)
The stepdaughter of a judge is raped and killed. The judge is known for throwing hard sentences on sex offenders. However, his stepdaughter also had a troubled past that involved relationships both with her father's court's sex offenders and within her own family.

Episode 20: Greed (Apr/26/2002)
The wife of a business man is found raped and bludgeoned on their kitchen floor. Detectives Benson and Stabler suspect it was a serial rapist. When another attack takes place, they re-focus their attention on both sets of grieving husbands and their recovering wives.

Episode 21: Denial (May/03/2002)
A drug addict is sexually attacked. In her purse, detectives Benson and Stabler find a decomposing baby's finger. When looking for both her attacker and the baby, they suspect she might be withholding information to protect her mother or grandmother. The former narcotics detective Tutuola tries to help by getting her clean.

Episode 22: Competence (May/10/2002)
The investigation into the rape and impregnation of a young girl with Down Syndrome uncovers a serial rapist who preys on handicapped young girls under the guise of being their benefactor.

Episode 23: Silence (May/17/2002)
A murder takes place in a church. Detectives Benson and Stabler learn that the murderer had been paid off by the church to stop him from reporting how he was sexually abused by a priest as a child. He blames the church for taking away his innocence and accuses a priest from his youth, Father Michael of child molestation.

Source: Wikipedia


Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Chameleon (Sep/27/2002)
The detectives go on the trail of a recently paroled rapist responsible for the murder of a prostitute during a raid at a men's club and are called to the scene where he was shot in self defense by his own gun. However, the murder weapon was also used in another crime while he was still in prison, leading the detectives to investigate the victim through a trail of previously unsolved cases, a spending spree and another victim.

Episode 2: Deception (Oct/04/2002)
A family portrait painted by a kindergartner leads the detectives to investigate her mother for child sexual abuse of her teenage stepson. When the boy's father is found murdered, the focus of the investigation shifts to the boy - and his stepmother goes to great lengths to protect him and prevent the detectives from learning the truth. The stepmother is played by actress Sherilyn Fenn.

Episode 3:  Vulnerable (Oct/11/2002)
When an elderly woman breaks into an apartment, the detectives discover she had been mistreated but have to investigate with no credible information from the victim because of Alzheimer's disease. They discover that she had been released from a nursing home to the custody of her financially scheming son who becomes the prime suspect. However, they go back to the nursing home to find a pair of suspects, including the director who details the dangers faced by both patients and staff with her own heroics precariously standing out.

Episode 4: Lust (Oct/18/2002)
The wife of a retired attorney, a public-health doctor, is found murdered and raped in Central Park. Her work involved contacting sexual partners of HIV patients which gives the detectives a long list of suspects. The discovery of a second body in Central Park with the same signature shifts the focus to a serial killer; however, the trail leads to a man who has no knowledge of the crimes but has a distant connection to the doctor and her husband.

Episode 5: Disappearing Acts (Oct/25/2002)
The detectives respond to a brutal rape only to have the victim taken into custody by federal agents on racketeering charges. The investigation leads them to a father-son duo who are in the federal witness protection program and an agent who appears bound and determined to protect them, regardless of consequence, so they can testify against the Russian mob.

Episode 6: Angels (Nov/01/2002)
The body of a battered young boy found in a luggage compartment of an airport shuttle bus sends the detectives to his guardian who was discovered to be a paedophile only to find his corpse in bed with his genitals removed. The subsequent investigation leads them to a travel agency specializing in exotic trips for sexual predators.

Episode 7: Dolls (Nov/08/2002)
When the decomposing body of sexually molested five-year-old girl is discovered, Detectives Benson and Stabler's investigation leads them to the painful reality that they are searching for a serial paedophile as they race to save the life of his latest victim. As the mother of the missing girl frantically awaits news of her daughter's whereabouts, she must reconcile the fact that her own recent bout with addiction may have played a part in her daughter's fate.

Episode 8: Waste (Nov/15/2002)
The investigation into the rape of a comatose woman leads to a doctor whose stem cell research is funded by a billionaire with Parkinson's disease who is desperate for a cure.

Episode 9: Juvenile (Nov/22/2002)
Two kids blame each other for the death and rape of a marijuana-growing drug dealer.

Episode 10: Resilience (Dec/06/2002)
When a fifteen year old girl is saved from jumping in front of a train, SVU is called in to help her. She falsely accuses an ex-boyfriend of raping her, but when the search turns to her dysfunctional family, surprise discoveries are made. From an overly helpful father, mysterious children, an over affectionate little girl, a bracelet, and finally sperm from two men who never raped, SVU discovers that the family is even worse off than they thought.

Episode 11: Damaged (Jan/10/2003)
When a six-year-old girl who was critically injured in an apparent robbery gone bad later dies and tests positive for a sexually transmitted disease, detectives investigate the family, the store clerk, and the son of a prominent attorney who had appeared to foil the crime. After evidence turns up that the little girl's older sister was dating the alleged sexual predator, ADA Cabot attempts to eradicate the deal that had been made with the older sister for her testimony.

Episode 12: Risk (Jan/17/2003)
Cocaine being smuggled in baby formulas leads detectives to a good cop gone bad. When they start to get closer to the truth they have to put Detective Elliot Stabler undercover.When things get really heated it ends up putting Stabler's life in danger and he ends up having to make a choice to either kill or be killed.

Episode 13: Rotten (Jan/24/2003)
In their investigation of a prisoner's death, Benson and Tutuola learn that he was assaulted before being incarcerated.

Episode 14: Mercy (Jan/31/2003)
When the body of a baby girl is found inside a cooler, the detectives need to investigate just who she is, and how she got there. They soon learn that the little girl had a genetic disorder known as Tay-Sachs disease, and that her name is Sarah Brown, and she is the only daughter of Andrea and Daniel Brown. When Andrea admits to having killed her daughter, Alex has to put aside her own feelings of sympathy to prosecute Andrea Brown for the murder of her daughter.

Episode 15: Pandora (Feb/07/2003)
The brutal rape, and subsequent death, of a female motorist turns out to be an informant for the FBI acting as a cyber vigilante for catching on-line paedophiles to capture the predators. Stabler, along with the homicide detective who found the victim's husband murdered, follow the trail of evidence for the latest victim she had been tracking, leading them to the US Attorney's Office and a trip to Prague for Stabler to assist the Czech authorities when they find the girl who was tricked into going there.

Episode 16: Tortured (Feb/14/2003)
A Tibetan woman who was tortured in her home country is found murdered, with her foot missing, and after an exhaustive search of potential suspects, the killer is a victim of torture himself.

Episode 17: Privilege (Feb/21/2003)
Detectives Benson and Stabler are called to a crime scene – a young woman dressed in a maid's uniform has apparently committed suicide. But there's lots of sexual related bruising so they question whether she was pushed and if she was raped.

Episode 18: Desperate (Mar/14/2003)
After a young boy witnesses the brutal sexual assault and murder of his stepmother, his father blocks the efforts of the detectives to question him.

Episode 19: Appearances (Mar/28/2003)
The body of an eight year old beauty pageant contestant is found on a bus, leading the detectives to a paroled sex offender convicted in Florida who played out the crime on a virtual-pornography website, which results in Cabot putting the owner of the web hosting company on trial for facilitation of murder.

Episode 20: Dominance (Apr/04/2003)
A quadruple homicide with sexual overtones is just the start of an intense rampage of killings that brings a homicide detective into the mix. As the entire squad races against time to prevent further victims, the evidence leads Tutuola to a building superintendent, his two sons and a cross to bear.

Episode 21: Fallacy (Apr/18/2003)
Benson and Stabler try to prove self-defence when a rape victim kills her attacker. Events take an unusual turn when they find out that the victim is a pre-operative transvestite.

Episode 22: Futility (Apr/25/2003)
After arresting a man accused of raping several neighbourhood women, Detectives Benson and Stabler attempt to obtain an indictment for their suspect with the help of a key eyewitness - his last victim. However, the suspects decision to handle his own defence casts some doubt over the trial's outcome as he proves to be a formidable opponent for A.D.A. Cabot.

Episode 23: Grief (May/02/2003)
A dead girl is found outside a bar. The death, however, is ruled a suicide (because the victim's boyfriend continually raped her), but the victim's father snaps on the side and vows revenge against his daughter's rapist.

Episode 24: Perfect (May/09/2003)
A murdered 14-year-old girl leads the detectives to a prominent physician who specialises in reproductive therapy.

Episode 25: Soulless (May/16/2003)
After a rape victim is abducted from the hospital and later found murdered, the detectives discover that one of the multiple suspects is a sociopath with a juvenile conviction for rape, torture and murder.

Source: Wikipedia


Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Tragedy (Sep/23/2003)
In a race against time to find a woman with a high-risk pregnancy who's kidnapped as approaches her delivery date, Benson and Stabler are faced with more than one suspect willing to take the fall for the crime.

Episode 2: Manic (Sep/30/2003)
When a student is accused of shooting and killing two of his classmates, his lawyer defends that he was forced to take depression medication in order to attend school. The trail of evidence eventually leads to an illegal marketing scheme by a major pharmaceutical company.

Episode 3: Mother (Oct/07/2003)
Although they are hampered by doctor-patient confidentiality as they investigate the near-fatal beating of a psychiatrist who may have been attacked by one of her patients, Benson and Stabler are able to link the assault to child abuse and a unsolved homicide.

Episode 4: Loss (Oct/14/2003)
investigating the brutal rape and murder of an undercover federal agent and forced to use discretion in order to protect the identities of those agents in the field, the detectives arrest a suspect highly connected with a Colombian drug cartel. As the case proceeds towards trial, Cabot is faced with death threats on herself and her family along with pressure to yield the case to federal authorities.

Episode 5: Serendipity (Oct/21/2003)
A dead baby is found in a gutter, sending the detectives on a hunt for its mother. She too turns up dead, and the clues point to a dermatologist whose DNA happens to match the evidence in a cold case of child molestation. Casey Novak, the ADA newly assigned to prosecute SVU cases, butts heads with Benson and Stabler over their handling of these murders. Though she has the blessing of DA Arthur Branch, she is still unsure of whether or not she is the right person to take Cabot's place.

Episode 6: Coerced (Oct/28/2003)
In resolving the kidnapping case of a little boy by a schizophrenic, Stabler uncovers further crimes at an adult group home with Huang's help.

Episode 7: Choice (Nov/04/2003)
A man is arrested for attacking his pregnant wife in protest of her drinking during pregnancy. Detective Benson finds out it is not the first time she has overindulged in alcohol during pregnancy. The wife is taken to family court by her husband, who accuses her of endangering the fetus by putting it at risk of developing fatal alcohol syndrome.

Episode 8: Abomination (Nov/11/2003)
A minister (clearly based on Fred Phelps), who used to harass a sexual re-education group's homosexual poster-boy, is suspected for his murder. However, his alibi checks out. It is revealed the victim had a thesis about the failure of sexual re-education groups, which drew the attention of an opposing professor.

Episode 9: Control (Nov/18/2003)
Detectives Benson and Stabler investigate a man's mutilation in a subway station. The victim soon becomes a suspect when they learn he used to abduct women, make them his "brides," and force them to live in his dungeon. However, a woman manages to kill him before he is arrested. She claims she took the law into her own hands because when she reported the man's crimes to Detective Benson four years earlier, she didn't believe her. Based on the crimes of John Jamelske.

Episode 10: Shaken (Nov/25/2003)
The discovery of a beaten infant leads Stabler and Cragen on a search for the attacker who may be a paedophile. When the medical evidence shows that the injuries were a result of shaken baby syndrome, Stabler shifts the focus of the investigation to those closest to the child: her mother, the nannies and a boyfriend of the mother.

Episode 11: Escape (Dec/02/2003)
When a convicted paedophile, desperate to prove his innocence before his terminally ill mother dies, escapes from prison and kidnaps his accuser to force him to recant his story, Benson finds herself in the middle of a hostage situation beginning to believe his story. After he is disarmed, Benson reviews his case to try to uncover the truth.

Episode 12: Brotherhood (Jan/06/2004)
A local fraternity pledge master is sodomized and murdered. The detectives link it to a pornographic website that features college girls at a local bar. The investigation later re-focuses on ceremonies held for prospective pledges in the fraternity, even though the members won't talk.

Episode 13: Hate (Jan/13/2004)
After a man accused of the murders of three Arabs claims that he was genetically and biologically predisposed to hatred and violence, Benson and Stabler dispel the fallacy of his defence when they uncover the real impetus to the slayings.

Episode 14: Ritual (Feb/03/2004)
The investigation into the death of a young boy who appears to be the victim of a ritualistic killing leads to the discovery that he was one of many children smuggled from Nigeria to be sold into slavery

Episode 15: Families (Feb/10/2004)
The investigation into the death of a pregnant teenager exposes a long-held family secret which precipitates another violent death and the destruction of two families.

Episode 16: Home (Feb/17/2004)
A bystander is killed in a robbery, which triggers his mentally ill home-schooling wife towards child abuse, abandonment and death.

Episode 17: Mean (Feb/24/2004)
The conviction of a group of sociopathic high school bullies who turned one of their own from a victimiser into a torture murder victim escalates the systematic peer abuse at their exclusive private school, leading to further tragedy.

Episode 18: Careless (Mar/02/2004)
The investigation into the death of a foster child, who passed out at a midnight exorcism, leads to charges of neglect and murder for the foster parents and the social worker.

Episode 19: Sick (Mar/30/2004)
The prosecution of a suspected paedophile is impeded by parents who refuse to produce their molested child for questioning to avoid losing the millions they were paid through a non-disclosure agreement, and by the discovery that a second molestation accusation was falsified in an attempt to extort a settlement similar to that received by the first victim.

Episode 20: Lowdown (Apr/06/2004)
When the death of a prosecutor is staged using information gleaned from a co-worker's case-load, Novak endangers her career to obtain a confession.

Episode 21: Criminal (Apr/20/2004)
When it becomes obvious that a forensics expert raped and murdered a student, the investigation focuses on a criminology professor Cragen arrested decades earlier for similar crimes, and it's up to Cragen and his team to discover if the professor is the perpetrator or the victim of a bitter rival, a disappearing alibi witness, a corrupt businessman, and ultimately, Cragen's rush to judgement.

Episode 22: Painless (Apr/27/2004)
A defence lawyer challenges the assisted-suicide law in a case involving a hearing-impaired embryologist, whose website encouraged a woman to kill herself by putting a bag over her head and handcuffing herself to her bed, but failed after being found by two maids. The woman claims she was raped, and later commits suicide by medicine. Munch reveals that his father committed suicide after Munch insulted him.

Episode 23: Bound (May/04/2004)
An elderly woman's strangulation leads to a case involving mass murders in a home-nursing company owned by a brother and nursed by his sister. It turns out the sister tried to frame her brother to get back at him and their mother.

Episode 24: Poison (May/11/2004)
A child passes out and is hospitalized after having a huge amount of detergent in her stomach. Her sister reveals their mother forced the child to drink it, but a judge disqualifies the sister's testimony. Novak and Clark have the judge fired due to his prior two child abuse cases: In the first one, his ruling ended up with a mother killing her child by suffocation. In the second, he falsely jailed a woman.

Episode 25: Head (May/18/2004)
A man is investigated for hiding a video camera in a public restroom for sexual pleasure. To escape trial, he reveals an incriminating clip. In the clip a middle school female principal commits statutory rape with her teenage male student in said public restroom. When the incident is exposed, her ashamed student son attacks her raped student at their school as revenge. It is then learned the principal did it due to her brain tumour, which can be cured by surgery. However, it is known to be able to grow back. Therefore, she agrees to register herself as a sex offender as part of a plea bargain. But after learning she got pregnant by her student, she breaks the bargain to contact him.

Source: Wikipedia


Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Birthright (Sep/21/2004)
The investigation into the attempted kidnapping of a six-year-old girl uncovers a fertility doctor's scheme to steal embryos, and prompts a custody battle between the child's biological and birth mothers.

Episode 2: Debt (Sep/28/2004)
As Benson and Stabler investigate the disappearance of a mother and her teen-aged daughter, they uncover a conspiracy between a corrupt immigration attorney and gangsters running a prostitution ring that is staffed by women they have smuggled into the country and imprisoned as sex slaves.

Episode 3: Obscene (Oct/12/2004)
One teenager is raped and another is imprisoned when they are thrown together by the manipulative adults in their lives whose sole motivations are celebrity and publicity for their own self-serving interests.

Episode 4: Scavenger (Oct/19/2004)
The entire squad races against the clock to solve the puzzles and uncover the clues scattered throughout the city by a serial killer who is taunting them to find him and the next victims on his list.

Episode 5: Outcry (Oct/26/2004)
A missing teenager found beaten and tied up in a college dormitory under construction claims that she was raped by three students, but as the investigation proceeds and information obtained by the police and the press causes her story to unravel quickly, the girl recants. Since Benson remains convinced that a rape did occur, the focus of the investigation shifts to the girl's overly-protective stepfather who has resisted the investigation from its onset. When the girl finally tells the truth about the attack, it becomes apparent that her lies were calculated to protect her innocent stepfather from physical and financial ruin, because the girl says her father's boss raped her. After the girl says who attacked her a previous victim comes forward and says that she had the same attacker.

Episode 6: Conscience (Nov/09/2004)
The detectives and the district attorney get played first by the teenage murderer of a young boy, and then by the victim's father, who uses his professional expertise to escape punishment for avenging his son's death.

Episode 7: Charisma (Nov/16/2004)
The investigation of an impregnated 12-year-old girl leads to a religious cult led by a con-artist who massacres the children raised within the "church," and an attempt to embezzle a fortune from the girls parents, one of which they suspect he murdered. Foiling his plot proves to be difficult, when his largely female followers refuse to cooperate with the police.

Episode 8: Doubt (Nov/23/2004)
After a woman claims to have been sexually assaulted by her college professor, the accused academician agrees to help Detectives Benson and Stabler by volunteering to submit a DNA sample for testing. But the case turns into a classic "he said, she said" stand-off when the professor claims the alleged victim showed up at his apartment seeking more then professional advice.

Episode 9: Weak (Nov/30/2004)
After arguing with Stabler about their personal lives, Benson enlists the help of a former cop turned psychiatrist in apprehending a serial rapist and murderer who attacks disabled women.

Episode 10: Haunted (Dec/07/2004)
Tutuola is reunited with his son as he risks his life to save two small children, one caught in the middle of a bodega robbery and the other from the junkie who set the child's mother up for murder and then stole him to use as a front in her scheme to boost materials for her meth lab.

Episode 11: Contagious (Jan/11/2005)
A medical exam after a car accident reveals a fourth-grader's sexual assault. The perpetrator is obvious -- but not as obvious as everyone thinks.

Episode 12: Identity (Jan/18/2005)
When a murdered gang member is linked to a sexual assault, Benson and Stabler find neither the alleged victim nor the alleged killer to be who they think.

Episode 13: Quarry (Jan/25/2005)
When the body of a seven-year-old child is found, the squad again begins to investigate convicted serial killer Lucas Biggs, believing that he molested and murdered the boy. While Biggs can detail every child he ever molested, he swears that he has no memory of this one. Further investigations show that there is another suspect, but before he can be picked up, someone picks him off.

Episode 14: Game (Feb/08/2005)
The squad is at a loss on what to do with a violent homicide when Stabler's son points out that the event is straight out of a video game. Interviewing the game's creators leads them to a former employee, who then leads them (with a few other steps along the way) to a teenage couple who claim to be unable to distinguish fantasy from reality.

Episode 15: Hooked (Feb/15/2005)
When the body of a teenager is found with her older cousin's I.D., Benson and Stabler investigate only to learn that that the teen had been part of a group who had 'hooked up' online. As their investigation intensified, they realised that the victim was the object of an older man's obsession, but before they can arrest him he also turns up dead.

Episode 16: Ghost (Feb/22/2005)
A series of drug-related hits leads the detectives back to the same man who tried to kill Alexandra Cabot, who returns from Witness Protection to assist with the case.

Episode 17: Rage (Mar/01/2005)
Fourteen years ago, Stabler had a chance to nail Gordon Rickett for the abduction, rape and murder of Dana MacNamara, but Rickett managed to get off. With the recent discovery of the body of Kerry Lynn Palmer, Stabler has another chance at cracking the case. They can only hold Rickett for twenty-four hours, but are able to glean enough information during that time period to at least have a place to start. Cragen and Benson both worry that Stabler will let his hatred for the suspected child molester interfere with his ability to do his job.

Episode 18: Pure (Mar/08/2005)
After an 18-year-old girl is kidnapped, psychic Sebastian Ballentine (played by Martin Short) comes forward claiming to have information on the killings. Stabler refuses to believe that Ballentine is a real psychic, and is convinced that the hints he is dropping about the case indicate he is somehow involved.

Episode 19: Intoxicated (Mar/29/2005)
When Denise Eldridge finds her fifteen-year-old daughter Carrie in bed with twenty-one-year-old Justin, she immediately calls police to have Justin charged with statutory rape. Benson intercedes on behalf of Carrie, calling a children's rights lawyer to assist her, but when Denise turns up dead, Carrie and Justin both end up on the suspect list. Benson tries to get some help from Simone Bryce, but Bryce is obligated to protect her client.

Episode 20: Night (May/03/2005)
Stabler and Benson investigate the case of a woman found raped and murdered, with a wad of money stuffed in her mouth, outside a nightclub and trace the money to a lawyer handling the finances of a wealthy family, the Duvalls. The detectives determine that Gabriel Duvall is the rapist and killer, but lack the evidence they need to put Duvall away until another woman, a Bosnian immigrant, comes forward and accuses Duvall of rape. Novak takes on the two cases when she is brutally assaulted in her office by the other victim's brother, an Islamic fundamentalist.

Episode 21: Blood (May/10/2005)
After a young woman's baby is tossed out of a car, Benson and Stabler investigate to find out what happened, and after learning the young woman is addicted to prescription pain killers, their investigation leads them to an elderly woman named Jenny Rogers, who lives with her son Kevin and daughter-in-law Carol. The young woman finally identifies Carol Rogers as the person who solds her the drugs, but when detectives go to confront Carol they find her body, and are left trying to uncover who really killed Carol. Stabler uses his influence as a police officer when his daughter, Kathleen, is arrested for drunk driving.

Episode 22: Parts (May/17/2005)
After a woman's head is found in a car junkyard, the detectives track it down to the black market.

Episode 23: Goliath (May/24/2005)
When two Police officers from separate precincts attack their wives and demonstrate suicidal behavior, Detectives Benson and Stabler investigate, and connect the incidents to both men serving in the same Reserve unit in Afghanistan. Linking this behavior to a similar trail of attacks in 2002 by officers, Benson and Stabler connect this to a drug called Quinium, which the Army prescribes to fight malaria. When they discover that the Army is aware of its side affects, Novak goes after the government for administering the drug. Meanwhile, Detective Stabler faces some tough personal issues at home with his wife.

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Season 7 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Demons (Sep/20/2005)
Twenty years after being convicted of the rape of a teenage girl, Ray Schenkel is released, much to the dismay of retired detective William Dorsey. When a teenage girl is raped on the route Schenkel would have taken home, Stabler goes undercover as a recently paroled sex offender so that he can get into the same therapy group as Schenkel, and the same halfway house. Cragen worries that Stabler may be getting in over his head.

Episode 2: Design (Sep/27/2005)
Benson saves April Troost from committing suicide, but feels responsible when Troost dies during the trial of the man she accuses of raping her and getting her pregnant. It isn't long before detectives learn that Barclay Pallister wasn't the only man April picked up in a bar who has no recollection of sleeping with her, and the squad realizes that Troost was no victim. Their search takes them from prospective parents looking to adopt her child to the men she drugged and accosted to the sperm center she used to work at, which ends up at the center of the case.

Episode 3: 911 (Oct/04/2005)
Benson is on her way out for the evening when a call comes in from a little girl named Maria, who says she's all alone in a locked room. While trying to draw the girl out, Benson is drawn deeper into the little girl's life, and although the other officers begin to suspect the whole thing may be some sick joke, Benson is convinced that the little girl is the real deal. By talking to Maria, Benson is able to ferret enough information from her so that they have a place to start, but Maria's captor has an affinity for electronics and has done everything he can to make sure that no one can find the little girl he bought and paid for.

Episode 4: Ripped (Oct/11/2005)
When the teenage son of Stabler's old partner comes under suspicion for attacking a classmate, Stabler's inability to treat this like any other case gets him suspended.

Episode 5: Strain (Oct/18/2005)
The discovery of the bodies of two young gay men who were both meth addicts as well as victims of a new strain of HIV that can kill its victims in less than a year leads to an investigation. Tutuola learns that his son, Ken, is gay, and has difficulty accepting it, even though he and Benson end up going to Ken for help with infiltrating an anti-meth group. The group's leader, Gabriel, soon becomes their top suspect when the squad realizes that the two men died because they passed the disease on.

Episode 6: Raw (Nov/01/2005)
After a six-year-old boy dies in a school shooting, detectives trace the gun used back to a white supremacist's gun shop. Munch and Tutuola both face hatred and prejudice from the major suspects in the case, but their investigation soon takes them from the man who pulled the trigger back to the gun shop owner, who makes no bones about his hatred of anyone who isn't white. One of the few SVU episodes to contain a parental advisory warning.

Episode 7: Name (Nov/08/2005)
After the bones of a boy who disappeared in 1978 are found at a playground, a recovering Stabler teams up with Vizcarrando to determine the boy's identity, which leads them to a cold case involving four missing Puerto Rican boys whom were never found.

Episode 8: Starved (Nov/15/2005)
After a dating service is linked to three rapes, Olivia goes undercover to ferret out the rapist and meets Mike Jergens, a surgeon who enjoys controlling the women in his life. The detectives are soon led to his girlfriend, Cora Kennison, but shortly after testifying in the grand jury hearing Cora marries Mike. After Cora attempts suicide, Mike fights her mother, Virginia, to unplug her feeding tube.

Episode 9: Rockabye (Nov/22/2005)
After sixteen-year-old Lauren Westley loses her unborn child due to a severe abdominal beating, her father's insistence that Lauren was raped leads detectives to the baby's father, but it isn't long before the detectives realise that Lauren was an active party in her own beating, and the two teens had found it necessary to take the steps they did because the abortion clinic kept putting off Lauren's request for an appointment. Novak faces a tough opponent in her own office when she and Branch disagree over the appropriate action to be taken against Wayne Mortens, the young girl's boyfriend. This episode is 'ripped from the headlines' episode. The original case occurred in Michigan. Since there was no statute that specifically covered this incident, the teens were convicted on lesser charges.

Episode 10: Storm (Nov/29/2005)
When a teenager and her younger sister end up in the hospital after a day at the park, detectives learn that both girls were abducted from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina along with a third sister who is still missing. Despite the interference of a local reporter, Jackson Zane, detectives are able to catch the kidnapper, a known pedophile, and recover the girl. But when Alvin Dutch dies and the autopsy determines the cause was anthrax smuggled out of a New Orleans laboratory during the hurricane by a rogue scientist, Benson puts everything on the line so that she can get the truth out there.

Episode 11: Alien (Dec/06/2005)
An investigation into the serious stabbing of a grade-school boy uncovers a suspect whose trial becomes about the rights of same-sex parents.

Episode 12: Infected (Jan/03/2006)
When a boy shoots the man he believes killed his mother, it leads to a legal battle over gun control.

Episode 13: Blast (Jan/10/2006)
The abduction of a little girl turns even more desperate when it's found she's suffering from an undiagnosed leukemia.

Episode 14: Taboo (Jan/17/2006)
A college student's tale of rape and an unknown pregnancy becomes suspicious to the detectives when they learn that she has been linked to not one but two abandoned newborns.

Episode 15: Manipulated (Feb/07/2006)
A successful lawyer's secret life as an exotic dancer is revealed to her boss and her fiancé after she and a stripper friend are found murdered.

Episode 16: Gone (Feb/28/2006)
A female student from Montreal goes missing during a class trip to New York City after she spends a night partying with three cocky prep school boys.

Episode 17: Class (Mar/21/2006)
A Hudson University co-ed dependent on financial aid is found murdered with an unexplained influx of cash. Her wealthy roommate is found with one of her rings, making her a suspect as the two were not friends. Benson, Fin, and Stabler have several theories about her murderer and their motive and investigate the various suspects; the roommate, her childhood friend, and someone connected to a heavily trafficked website where the victim was selling term papers for cash.

Episode 18: Venom (Mar/28/2006)
Detecitve Tutuola is torn between his work and family when his son, Ken, is implicated in a crime. While investigating, Detectives Benson and Stabler find themselves with a much bigger crime

Episode 19: Fault (Apr/04/2006)
A manhunt ensues when Victor Paul Gitano, a recently released sex offender, kidnaps two children after killing the rest of their family. Benson and Stabler pursue Gitano only to find their own relationship challenged as both experience opportunities where they put their personal relationship ahead of their job. After having her throat slashed, Benson requests for a new partner when she hears what Stabler has to say about their relationship and their job.

Episode 20: Fat (May/02/2006)
A band of teenage siblings attack and sodomize a teenage girl, who is a gifted piano student at a prestigious high school in Harlem. When Warner identifies the attackers as overweight, Detective Stabler and his new partner, Detective Lucius Blaine, track down the siblings -- who claim they attacked the victim to avenge an attack on their morbidly obese brother.

Episode 21: Web (May/09/2006)
After a young boy claim molestation, the investigation turns from his paedophile father to another family member.

Episode 22: Influence (May/16/2006)
In seventh season finale, rock star Derek Lord goes on a national talk show and lectures about the abuse of psychiatric drugs. Meanwhile, an unstable young woman loses her virginity, goes off her prescribed medication, gets behind the wheel of a car, and mows down 10 people. As these events are played out in a highly charged way, the argument about prescribed "meds" is challenged.

Source: Wikipedia


Season 8 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Informed (Sep/19/2006)
When a particularly brutalized rape victim resists all efforts to help her, Olivia takes her as a cause and turns up an old acquaintance during the investigation.

Episode 2: Clock (Sep/26/2006)
Stabler and Tutuola team up to investigate when a teenage boy and girl go missing on a field trip to a museum. The case takes a different turn however, when they realize the girl has Turner's syndrome so she looks twelve even though she's seventeen. When the missing boy is found the team wonders if they were even missing in the first place. Connie Nielsen is introduced at the end of this episode as Stabler's new partner, Det. Dani Beck.

Episode 3: Recall (Oct/03/2006)
Stabler and Cragen have concerns about Beck's reputation as an overzealous investigator. She works with Stabler on a vexing rape case in which they are unable to make the charges stick until a surprise witness (played by Leslie Caron) comes forward.

Episode 4: Uncle (Oct/10/2006)
When a mother and daughter are found raped and murdered, Stabler and Beck take in a homeless man who turns out to be Munch's uncle, Andrew. Initially he's their main suspect until they find their way to a new suspect. Unfortunately, when their only evidence, a bite mark on one of the victims linked to a suspect in a prior rape case, is thrown out of court the suspect walks. Stabler and Beck follow the suspect in a last ditch scramble to catch him in the act of committing his next rape, but Munch's uncle takes the law in his own hands.

Episode 5: Confrontation (Oct/17/2006)
Stabler and Beck disagree on how to handle a case in which the attacker seems to be coming back to rape his victims again and again. They soon discover the rapist has a much more deviant plan that anybody thought and Beck gets in over her head when she attacks the man she believes to be responsible for the crimes.

Episode 6: Infiltrated (Oct/31/2006)
The environmental group Olivia is infiltrating for the FBI is accused of murdering the CEO of a pharmaceutical company. But when she discovers that the crime may be sexual in nature, she conducts her own independent investigation.

Episode 7: Underbelly (Nov/14/2006)
After a third young teen is found dead, a paw print tattoo on her lower back, Stabler and Beck investigate the tattoo, which leads them to Broder House, a foster home for young girls. They learn that Chantal was one of a number of girls who had ended up working the streets for a man named Victor. Stabler warns Beck that she can't get emotionally involved in every case, but the two work together to bring down Victor, relying on one of his girls to get the evidence that they need.

Episode 8: Cage (Nov/21/2006)
Detectives Stabler and Beck investigate a car accident involving two foster children. The accident leads the detectives to the foster parents and some questionable medical practices involving controversial "rebirthing" therapy. As the detectives dig deeper into the case, they discover other gruesome secrets involving the children, and after one of the foster children, Eden sets the drapes in Beck's living room on fire, attempting to murder Beck and commit suicide, Beck says goodbye to Stabler and Special Victims Unit.

Episode 9: Choreographed (Nov/28/2006)
A woman is found dead in Central Park, and when medical examiner Warner can find no apparent reason for her death, Det. Stabler begins the investigation by talking to the victim's husband, Wesley Masoner, who owns a dance troupe, as his friends Glenn and Naomi Cheales pay a condolence visit. Stabler's investigation unravels a case of drugs, infidelity and an elaborate plot that impacts everyone involved in the troupe. Stella Danquiss defends Wesley. Stabler also discovers Detective Benson is back in town, as she is reassigned to be his partner (or, as she points out, 'handler') once again.

Episode 10: Scheherezade (Jan/02/2007)
Stabler agrees to hear the dying confession of a cancer patient named Judson Tierney, but first he and Benson do some digging into what possible crime Tierney could be guilty of and come up with an unsolved case that goes back 47 years. Tierney is later found responsible for 21 armed bank robberies, murder, and kidnapping. Tierney's daughter, Shelia refuses to see him in his last days, but as he lays dying she goes to his bedside.

Episode 11: Burned (Jan/09/2007)
Stabler and Benson are at odds over whom to believe in a “he said, she said” rape case involving a husband and wife in the middle of an extremely bitter child-custody dispute.

Episode 12: Outsider (Jan/16/2007)
Fin looks into an alleged rape at the college where his son, Ken, attends. Fin is joined in his investigation by a Brooklyn SVU detective named Chester Lake, who is working a strikingly similar case.

Episode 13: Loophole (Feb/06/2007)
An anonymous letter leads to an apparent child-pornography case and the testing of pesticides on unwitting apartment tenants. Olivia is also exposed to the pesticide and develops medical symptoms similar to those exhibited by the victim and his mother. The latter part of the episode explains a controversial United States Environmental Protection Agency rule that allows intentional dosing of human beings in pesticide experiments.

Episode 14: Dependent (Feb/13/2007)
After a mob lawyer is attacked and his wife brutally murdered, Benson and Stabler question their daughter. But her wild night of drunken partying leaves her unable to recall her actions, even though her father insists she was at the scene of the crime. Stabler is charged with excessive force when the daughter's boyfriend dies in his custody.

Episode 15: Haystack (Feb/20/2007)
In a "ripped-from-the-headlines" episode, overzealous reporter Cindy Marino accuses new mother Laura Kozowloski on television of kidnapping and trying to kill her baby. That's the last straw for the despondent woman, who promptly commits suicide. Although everyone is under suspicion, including the mother and her ex-husband, Mike the case takes an unusual emotional toll on Detective Stabler who is drawn in on the mother and her past.

Episode 16: Philadelphia (Feb/27/2007)
Benson investigates a rape case outside her jurisdiction and must meet with Dr. Rebecca Hendrix to discuss her recent actions which have compromised her performance. Also, Benson finally unravels a part of her past when she finds her brother Simon Marsden who may be a rapist.

Episode 17: Sin (Mar/27/2007)
A successful preacher is the prime suspect in a murder case, until his wife provides detectives with a taped conversation.

Episode 18: Responsible (Apr/03/2007)
Stabler and Benson are forced to dive in to the world of underage drinking when a death leads to high school binge parties and a mother who not only supplies booze to her daughter's friends but sleeps with those friends as well.

Episode 19: Florida (May/01/2007)
When Detective Benson gets into the middle of an investigation of her brother Simon Marsden, the case begins to threaten her career. As Simon makes a run for it, Benson investigates further into his family life, and begins to question whether or not she was the product of a rape in the first place. She digs deeper to discover that Simon was the victim of a frame-job by Capt. Julia Milfield.

Episode 20: Annihilated (May/08/2007)
A woman's murder appears to be the result of a professional hit, when her fiancé receives death threats, apparently resulting from his CIA career. Elliot, investigating this, finds that the man may not be all that he seems; the case takes a shocking turn when the man's original family are all found dead. Meanwhile, Elliot continues to rebuild his relationship with his family.

Episode 21: Pretend (May/15/2007)
The investigation into an extreme fighting death leads to the discovery of a 28-year-old woman posing as a 16-year-old high school student.

Episode 22: Screwed (May/22/2007)
In the season 8 finale, Darius Parker, goes on trial for the rape and murder of a woman and her 14-month old child. The case brings Fin under fire from the media and even has Munch and Stabler at odds. Novak prosecutes the trial that brings Stabler and Tutuola, among others, to the stand. Many previous stories are brought into the trial, such as Stabler's daughter Kathleen's DUI, and Benson's illegal money-wiring to her half-brother, Simon Marsden. It is also revealed that Kathy Stabler, Elliot's wife, is pregnant.

Source: Wikipedia


Season 9 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Alternate (Sep/25/2007)
Benson and Stabler investigate a suspected child abuse case only to learn that the woman who reported it is the real case.

Episode 2: Avatar (Oct/02/2007)
Rachel McGarrett, a participant in virtual reality video games, goes missing. Her boyfriend, Dan Friedich, is a suspect in the case and is discovered to suffer from sexsomnia which caused him to accidentally rape her sister, Kristi McGarrett. In an effort to locate Rachel, Detectives Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler use her avatar to track her kidnapper down.

Episode 3:  Impulsive (Oct/09/2007)
Sarah Trent, a high school teacher, is suspected of statutorily raping her student, Shane Mills, after he is diagnosed with gonorrhea. Sarah claims that Shane actually raped her. The team finds that Shane has a brain disorder making him obsessed with sex (he hires prostitutes, photoshops scantily-clad women, and masturbates with high frequency) and he confesses to raping his teacher. Shane is given another chance and is sent to a rehabilitation clinic, but the situation quickly changes gears when Shane himself is raped. When a guard is identified as the culprit he uses the same defense as Shane.

Episode 4: Savant (Oct/16/2007)
Ben Nicholson discovers that his mentally challenged daughter, Katie, is the only witness to the savage beating of his wife, which placed her in a coma. Detectives Benson and Stabler and ADA Novak work with Katie to reconstruct the night the beating took place.

Episode 5: Harm (Oct/23/2007)
The detectives investigate the fatal stabbing of a private school teacher, who had volunteered at a victim's rehabilitation center. The teacher had been working with an Iraqi man whose story helped uncover some military secrets, which may have led to her murder.

Episode 6: Svengali (Nov/06/2007)
A college student is found murdered in an attack that bears the hallmarks of infamous serial killer Robert Morton. Detectives Benson and Stabler investigate Morton and discover his loyal following, which includes a man whose comic books glorify Morton's murders. When Cecilia, the last person to have seen the victim alive, goes missing, the detectives are pressed to save her life. Benson also finds herself in danger when the investigation angers Morton's followers.

Episode 7: Blinded (Nov/13/2007)
The discovery of a kidnapped girl leads Detectives Benson and Stabler to her abductor, Saul Picard, who is a violent, schizophrenic artist. As Detective Stabler prepares to take Saul into custody, he head butts Stabler, slamming his head into a car window which then shatters on impact. As Stabler wakes up in the hospital room he is unable to see anybody around him. A.D.A. Casey Novak must face her own dark past while attempting to convict Picard.

Episode 8: Fight (Nov/20/2007)
A brutal murder leads the detectives into the dangerous world of ultimate fighting. The investigation then leads to two brothers who confessed that they had to rape the victim to enter a gang. The case gets harder when the leader of the gang and prime suspect is accidentally crushed in a trash compactor and one of the brother lies to protect the brother.

Episode 9: Paternity (Nov/27/2007)
The murder of a young boy's nanny leads Detectives Benson and Stabler to suspect her Internet love interest, "Casanova". However, the nanny's employers soon become suspects in the case. Stabler's family suffers a tragedy leaving his unborn child in serious danger after Benson and Kathy are hurt in a car accident.

Episode 10: Snitch (Dec/04/2007)
Detectives Benson and Stabler investigate when a Nigerian polygamist's wife is killed, and the husband fears that his testifying in a crime may have led to his wife's demise. Benson and Stabler suspect that the man's cultural tradition may have been the cause of his wife's murder when they find a website that exposes potential witnesses to the crime that he was testifying for. Method Man plays the antagonist who threatens the man's family

Episode 11: Streetwise (Jan/01/2008)
The SVU squad are called in when a wealthy teenager is found murdered in Central Park. The case soon develops into an investigation of a community of homeless children.

Episode 12: Signature (Jan/08/2008)
Detectives Benson and Lake investigate the murder of a female alongside a man with a bullet inside his head; they soon team up with Special Agent Cooper, who's tracking a serial killer by the name of "The Woodsman", but things turn weird when the male victim is identified as the serial killer and Special Agent Cooper seems to be hiding something of her own.

Episode 13: Unorthodox (Jan/15/2008)
The sexual assault of a Jewish boy prompts the attention of Benson and Stabler. Initially an orthodox Jewish rabbi is suspected to be the one responsible for the raping of the kid, but the case turns into a media circus as a flood of young victims are revealed, with all the clues pointing to one of their classmates. It's discovered that a 14 year old boy is the rapist, but he doesn't go to prison because (thanks to a psychological examination) he is declared mentally ill, as a result of daily exposure to pornography.

Episode 14: Inconceivable (Jan/22/2008)
When fertilized embryos disappear from a sperm bank, examination of a security tape points the detectives to two publicity-hungry extremists. Meanwhile, Benson ponders her own decisions about fertility and motherhood.

Episode 15: Undercover (Apr/15/2008)
After a young girl is found raped in a community garden, Benson and Stabler realize the girl has a mother who is in a female correction facility. After the rape kit on the girl goes missing, the detectives realize one of the corrections officers at the facility is raping and brutalizing women. Without the rape kit, however, Benson and Stabler have no proof, so Benson goes in undercover at the same facility to catch the officer, but is almost raped herself in the basement of the facility.

Episode 16: Closet (Apr/22/2008)
When investment banker Jeremy Haynes is found murdered, suspicion turns to his boyfriend Lincoln Haver, a professional football player who could lose everything if the truth about his sexuality came to light. When information about Haver's sexual orientation is leaked to the media, Benson comes under fire for her relationship with a reporter. Bill Pullman guest stars as Benson's boyfriend.

Episode 17: Authority (Apr/29/2008)
The 200th episode of the show features an engineer, Merritt Rook who has been posing as a cop to make people do abnormal things all in the act of trying to convince people to oppose authority. He turns his trial into a media circus and the case gets more complicated when Rook abducts Benson. He tries to make Elliot inflict pain on her by way of a Milgram experiment, but he refuses.

Episode 18: Trade (May/06/2008)
When a pregnant woman's body is found raped and murdered inside her burnt loft the team investigates a family of coffee importers. The suspects are numerous ranging from the woman's fiance to his father. Further investigation reveals a twisted love rectangle between the woman, her fiance, the father, and the son's lawyer, who is ultimately revealed to tbe the killer and who kills herself and the son in dramatic fashion.

Episode 19: Cold (May/13/2008)
Detective Lake is accused of killing a police officer, and SVU soon discovers that he has been investigating a 10-year-old cold rape case without anyone's knowledge.

Source: Wikipedia


Season 10 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Trials (Sep/23/2008)
Olivia discovers that a case involving a troubled foster child is tied to a cold rape case from her past, and it could be the missing link that could help catch a serial rapist. Meanwhile, Olivia is haunted by her sexual assault in prison.

Episode 2: Confession (Sep/30/2008)
Detectives Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson investigate when Eric Byers admits to the squad about his sexual advances towards his stepbrother. Eric admits to also looking at a website to try to curb his pedophilic urge. With no crime committed, the detectives decide to investigate the website for pedophiles leading them to the creator, Jake Berlin. When Stabler discovers his daughter's picture on the website he confronts Jake and beats him up and is suspended. When Eric goes missing his whole family is under investigation.

Episode 3: Swing (Oct/14/2008)
Detective Elliot Stabler is called to the scene of a breaking and entering at a home. The trespasser’s wallet leads Stabler to his daughter, Kathleen Stabler. Detective Stabler is shocked to find his daughter is abusing drugs and behaving promiscuously. It is determined that Kathleen has bipolar disorder, but she refuses to admit it. Elliott must turn to his estranged mother Bernadette Stabler, as she is also bipolar to testify in court that bipolar runs in the family. In order to help Kathleen, Detective Olivia Benson must step in to save both of them before things get out of control.

Episode 4: Lunacy (Oct/21/2008)
Detectives Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson investigate when a famous astronaut, Marga Janssen is found dead, and Detective Stabler's old mentor, Dick Finley, helps investigate the case. They first believe the rape is linked to a string of serial rapes, but they are soon lead to look for a suspect in the group of people Marga worked with. An obsessed fan is questioned, but is released and gets into a gun battle with Dick. Stabler becomes suspicious of Dick after he keeps pointing them away from him, but it's revealed that Dick killed Marga because she was stealing his spotlight.

Episode 5: Retro (Oct/28/2008)
When a baby is found with advanced AIDS, Detectives Benson and Stabler are called in to investigate why someone would let a baby go untreated for HIV. They are lead to a highly unethical doctor, Gideon Hutton who believes and teaches that HIV doesn't cause AIDS and offers alternative treatments to cure HIV. They search for more families that have been influenced by Gideon and are lead to a particular family whose younger daughter died of AIDS and the mom and son are called into court along with Gideon.

Episode 6: Babes (Nov/11/2008)
The investigation into the burning death of a homeless teeenager leads the detectives to an elite high school where they meet high school students Max Matarazzo and senior Alec Bernardi, who confesses to the killing of the homeless teenager. Alec admits to the murder because he thought his sister was raped by the man, but in truth his sister and her friends willingly had sex with him in order to become pregnant. However, the case takes a strange twist when the ringleader of the pregnancy pact apparently commits suicide, after being harased online by parties unknown.

Episode 7: Wildlife (Nov/18/2008)
His marriage once again on the rocks, Detective Stabler goes undercover to expose an animal smuggling ring when a women turns up dead mauled to death by a tiger and she has a rare species of bird in her purse. They are lead to Hip Hop artist, Gots Money who helps Stabler infiltrate the smuggling ring, but when Detective Benson poses as a prostitute to help out her partner undercover, Detective Stabler finds himself wounded after his identity is uncovered, forcing Benson to take drastic action to avenge her partner.

Episode 8: Persona (Nov/25/2008)
Mia claims to have been raped in an alley to hide being abused and raped by her husband. Benson gets her to admit the abuse, but Mia recants which ends in her murder at the hands of her husband. While solving this crime, Benson stumbles upon another case of spousal abuse and murder which involves Mia's elderly neighbor Linnie who is revealed to have been involved in an abusive relationship, which ended when she killed her former husband, and escaped custody under the supervision of Judge Donnely.

Episode 9: PTSD (Dec/02/2008)
SVU clashes with the Marines over jurisdiction in a case involving the murder in New York of a pregnant soldier who claims she was raped in Iraq. During the investigation, Benson has traumatic flashbacks of her sexual assault.

Episode 10: Smut (Dec/09/2008)
A beaten and raped woman who has no memory of what happened to her puts Benson and Stabler on the trail of a serial rapist, but when women refuse to testify Olivia will have to face how her assault has affected her job performance.

Episode 11: Stranger (Jan/06/2009)
A girl who vanished at age 14, four years ago, reappears with a tale of imprisonment and sexual slavery, but Benson and Stabler find themselves on an odd fact-finding journey as they try to piece together her story and resolve the discrepancies.

Episode 12: Hothouse (Jan/13/2009)
A teenager's body is found in the Hudson, triggering a search for her identity, and an undercover assignment for Benson as a madam. But once the girl's name is known, even more mysteries unfold leaving Fin to find the missing piece.

Episode 13: Snatched (Feb/03/2009)
The clues to a kidnapped girl's location are locked inside an Alzheimer's victim's brain, and Dr. Huang will need all his skill to give the detectives any hope of finding her before it's too late.

Episode 14: Transitions (Feb/17/2009)
A man is brutally beaten outside a strip club because of his lack of support for his trans-gender teenage son's desire for gender reassignment, but the guilty party may be hiding a secret.

Episode 15: Lead (Mar/10/2009)
A pediatrician convicted of molesting his patients is found murdered after threatening a countersuit against his medical practice and the police department, and while investigating his claims along with motives for his killing Stabler and Benson run into former ADA Cabot who has her own reason for involving herself in the case.

Episode 16: Ballerina (Mar/17/2009)
A single murder suddenly turns into a scene with three bodies, leaving Benson and Stabler to work with a strip club owner to find a murderer whose motive may be more about righteousness than perversity.

Episode 17: Hell (Mar/31/2009)
Sergeant Munch investigates the brutal rape and beating of a young mute girl, but things become tricky when her drawing of the devil who attacked her resembles a local priest who may not be practicing his beliefs according to canon.

Episode 18: Baggage (Apr/07/2009)
A turf war ensues when Stabler and Tutuola link an artist's murder to a serial killer, and the detective assigned to that case focuses more on their involvement in an investigation he believes belongs solely to him than on identifying the killer.

Episode 19: Selfish (Apr/28/2009)
A woman reports her granddaughter missing, starting a frustrating investigation that leaves Benson and Stabler suspecting the girl's flighty mother.

Episode 20: Crush (May/05/2009)
Elliot's daughter, Kathleen, pitches in on a case that has stalled while tracking the source of nude photos that resulted in a student's near death from a beating. Unfortunately, Kathleen's involvement may have far-reaching consequences when charges are filed against the victim.

Episode 21: Liberties (May/19/2009)
A favor for a judge who is hearing a harassment case sends Stabler and Benson to interview a death-row serial killer in order to determine the fate of his son.

Episode 22: Zebras (Jun/02/2009)
A murder in Central Park that involves a tourist puts the SVU on high alert, but when the suspect they've brought in for questioning escapes, Munch has to reach out to an ex-wife in an effort to prevent another killing that's closer to home.

Source: Wikipedia


Season 11 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Unstable (Sep/23/2009)
A victim who bonds with the officer who rescues her forces Benson and Stabler to work with the volatile officer to close the case. Unfortunately, the case becomes more complicated, and extends the unhappy team, when the Executive ADA brings evidence that their case may have been committed by a serial rapist.

Episode 2: Sugar (Sep/30/2009)
A suitcase with the body of a young woman in it causes Benson and Stabler to investigate her sugar-daddy.

Episode 3: Solitary (Oct/07/2009)
In a case full of twists and surprises, Stabler and Benson investigate the disappearance of a young woman and the alibi of her neighbor, a bank robber who's done hard time in prison.

Episode 4: Hammered (Oct/14/2009)
Benson and Stabler investigate when called to a scene where an alcoholic man has awakened to find a woman's body beside him. Since the man claims not to recognize the woman, the detectives find themselves retracing the night's events and the possibility of a dangerous love triangle.

Episode 5: Hardwired (Oct/21/2009)
Benson and Stabler investigate a pedophilia organization that claims the condition is "predestined" when a mother claims her son has been victimized by one of its members.

Episode 6: Spooked (Oct/28/2009)
Benson finds a familiar face at a deserted drug house while she and Stabler are investigating the deaths of a couple with a drug cartel connection. All civility is lost when Agent Porter attempts to use jurisdiction to get rid of them, and the detectives determine to continue with their case which turns out to involve much more than drugs and the people who run them.

Episode 7: Users (Nov/04/2009)
The team investigates the father of a murdered teenager whose crime scene photo has gone viral on the web, but they believe they've found a more likely suspect when they speak with the girl's therapist. The case becomes more frustrating as alibis exclude suspects and a strange occurrence in the morgue sends them in a different direction.

Episode 8: Turmoil (Nov/11/2009)
Stabler is torn between a troubling rape case which victim has had pictures posted on the net and his son, whose friend's actions may endanger a life and both of their futures.

Episode 9: Perverted (Nov/18/2009)
DNA links Olivia to the murder of a biker in Central Park whose gang specialized in hits and prostitution. With Munch and Fin assigned to the investigation and evidence continuing to mount against Benson, Elliot begins his own inquiry – determined to prove her innocence and save her career.

Episode 10: Anchor (Dec/09/2009)
Fin's investigation into three little girl's deaths takes him into the world of immigration, anchor babies, a grassroots opposition movement, a radio talk show host who fans the hatred, and an immigration rights attorney who is somehow tied up in everything.

Episode 11: Quickie (Jan/06/2010)
One case becomes two as a murder leads to a serial rapist who is busy spreading disease along with his assaults, and the detectives' only clue is a website set up for casual and anonymous encounters.

Episode 12: Shadow (Jan/13/2010)
Benson and Stabler investigate the death of a rich couple found murdered in their bed and find themselves teaming up with a detective from the fraud division who is convinced their daughter committed the crime. Unfortunately, the time it takes unraveling all the financial and psychological twists may put the detectives' lives in jeopardy.

Episode 13: P.C. (Mar/03/2010)
The detectives investigate a case of rape-turned-murder, impeded by a prominent lesbian with her own agenda.

Episode 14: Savior (Mar/03/2010)
Stabler and Benson hunt the killer of a prostitute who believes he has a divine calling.

Episode 15: Confidential (Mar/10/2010)
Benson and Stabler investigate the abduction of a woman in a building owned by a high-powered and highly protected investment banker, but when Munch's memory of an eerily similar crime proves true the focus turns toward potentially freeing an innocent man, and it may take the DA himself to shake loose the truth.

Episode 16: Witness (Mar/17/2010)
A young girl claims to have been raped in her apartment building's stairwell. The detectives investigate the possibility that she fabricated the rape only to get attention, but later find themselves desperately tracking an eyewitness who saw the attack then disappeared because she fears being deported to her home country of Congo, and the almost certain rape and violence that await her there.

Episode 17: Disabled (Mar/24/2010)
A former opera star struck by a debilitating disease is found raped and beaten. As it becomes clear that the woman is a victim of chronic abuse, the team widens their investigation to include caregivers who've been entrusted with her health and safety.

Episode 18: Bedtime (Mar/31/2010)
When a journalist is found raped and murdered in her own bed, Cragen is able to connect this particular case to another five murders that happened thirty years ago, committed by the "Bedtime Butcher". To uncover the truth behind the crimes, Benson goes undercover in order to find the real killer.

Episode 19: Conned (Apr/07/2010)
A case of mistaken identity complicates the investigation into the murder of whom most believe was an uninvited wedding guest at a hotel in which the body was found.

Episode 20: Beef (Apr/21/2010)
A young woman is raped and murdered and the detectives suspect that her death was a consequence of her protests to expose the bad side of the meat-packing industry. Detective Benson goes undercover herself at a beef company and uncovers a dark secret.

Episode 21: Torch (Apr/28/2010)
After two young girls die in a fire, Stabler finds a familiar face in the prosecutor assigned to the case.

Episode 22: Ace (May/05/2010)
A rape victim's disappearance is connected to an illegal adoption operation, forcing detectives Stabler and Benson to pose as a married couple to expose the truth.

Episode 23: Wannabe (May/12/2010)
The investigation into the rape of three young girls reveals some secrets about a rookie cop who made the rapist's arrest.

Episode 24: Shatterd (May/19/2010)
Benson and Stabler are called to investigate when an eight-year-old boy is kidnapped. His parents become the main suspects, but complications ensue because of the parental tug-of-war, which endangers the SVU detectives and reveals shocking truths about the past of someone close to them.



Season 12 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Locum (Sep/22/2010)
Benson and Stabler are pulled between suspects when they are called to the home of a missing 10-year-old girl by her adoptive, but controlling, parents. Believing she ran away to meet a man with whom she was friends on the internet, suspicion turns towards Erik Weber whose expressed interest in Benson surprisingly strikes a spark. Then a mystery from the parents' past is revealed, and a girl's life hangs in the balance.

Episode 2: Bullseye (Sep/22/2010)
The rape of a 10-year-old girl is so brutal it leaves her unable to recall her own name. Unfortunately, once Fin assists with the ID, the detectives find she's not the only one with memory impairment, and Dr. Huang is brought in to assess her home situation. The case becomes more complicated when Erik Weber reappears and inserts himself where he does not belong, although he may be their only lead, with potentially explosive consequences.

Episode 3: Behave  (Sep/29/2010)
Detectives Benson and Stabler find their hands tied when a victim of multiple rapes refuses the rape kit because of the terror of her circumstances. Benson is determined to help, and sets out to find another way, but her research reveals that there are thousands of untested rape kits across the nation. Appalled, she still presses forward with the investigation, finally unearthing a lead in Los Angeles that might see some peace for her victim.

Episode 4: Merchandise (Oct/06/2010)
Detectives Benson and Stabler investigate the death of a teenaged girl involved in a hit-and-run accident after Dr. Warner rules her death was a homicide based on signs of malnutrition and a recent delivery. When the evidence leads them to a human trafficking operation, however, they contact an old colleague whose promotion has given her some influence. Elsewhere, Captain Cragen becomes increasingly frustrated with the deteriorating condition at his precinct.

Episode 5: Wet (Oct/13/2010)
When a strait-laced woman is found dead in a fountain after a night on the town, Detectives Benson and Stabler have a hard time putting together a clear picture of the victim. After the tox results are returned, suspicion falls on a professor at a local college with radical politics and equally radical ways to make his points. The question is, how much danger will the detectives put themselves in as long as they make their case against him?

Episode 6: Branded (Oct/20/2010)
The detectives investigate a case where two men have been raped and forever marked by a depraved lunatic, but as they search for a connection between the victims and the perpetrator it becomes clear there's also a link between the victims as well.

Episode 7: Trophy (Nov/03/2010)
Benson and Stabler investigate the rape and murder of a woman whose body is found at an industrial laundry facility. The detectives quickly catch up with the prime suspect, but the case ends up to be much more complicated than they thought when a bigger mystery is revealed and more victims are found.

Episode 8: Penetration (Nov/10/2010)
Benson and Stabler are investigating the rape of Agent Dana Lewis when suddenly she no longer cooperates and cites her undercover assignment as the reason. Frustration leads to the detectives joining her operation, which is protesting the plans to build a mosque at Ground Zero – at least that is what is supposed to be happening.  

Episode 9: Gray (Nov/17/2010)
Stabler's participation in a Take Back the Night rally at Kathleen's campus results in an extra case for him and Benson when a student claims she was raped. Unfortunately, the case turns out to be a "he said-she said" type with little evidence. Enter Sonya Paxton, and it can only get more complicated.

Episode 10: Rescue (Dec/01/2010)
A rape case happens to turn up Vivian Arliss' name, and Benson, who has not given up trying to find Calvin's mother, wants on the investigation. When Cragen gives it to Tutuola and Munch instead, she will risk her job, defying his orders, because of the bond forming between her and Calvin.  

Episode 11: Pop (Jan/05/2011)
Benson and Stabler investigate the beating death of a young boy whose body was abandoned on a carousel. Initially suspecting a school bully, their leads eventually send them to a gambling ring and a shocking twist to the case.

Episode 12: Possessed (Jan/05/2011)
A young woman's assault leaves clues to a hidden past that might help solve her case. Benson and Stabler find an elderly man who might assist, but in the end it will come down to who holds the evidence.

Episode: 13 Mask (Jan/12/2011)
When a woman is raped by a masked man with her domestic partner tied on the bed beside them, Benson and Stabler try to identify the man. Ann Jackson is left in critical condition, but her partner remembers details that strike a chord in Ann's father's memory. Unfortunately, Captain Jackson is a psychiatrist who invokes privilege, which leaves Benson and Stabler to investigate the doctor and what turns out to be quite a colorful and dissolute history.

Episode 14: Dirty (Jan/19/2011)
Detective Saliyah "Sunny" Qadri goes in search of Brooklyn District Attorney Page Ferguson, who she fears may be in danger. Qadri finds Ferguson just in time to witness her fall from the top of a parking garage. When Benson arrives, she discovers that the crime scene has been tampered with. Benson turns to an old friend, Assistant U.S. Attorney Christine Danielson for help. As the investigation progresses, Benson begins to question Ferguson’s suspicious past and Qadri’s involvement in the case.

Episode 15: Flight (Feb/02/2011)
Detectives Benson and Stabler are frustrated by the justice system when it seems their prime suspect in the case of sexually abused teenager with PTSD may be able to buy his way out of a conviction with his high-priced lawyer and his manipulations.

Episode 16: Spectacle (Feb/09/2011)
Detectives Stabler and Tutuola investigate when a rapist videotapes his attack and uses his university's dedicated web feed to broadcast it to every user, exposing his victim to the public.

Episode 17: Pursuit (Feb/16/2011)
Benson and Tutuola are called in to investigate when crusading TV host Alicia Harding's quest to find her sister's abductor becomes dangerous. ADA Paxton gets involved, but she may not be entirely objective. And as Harding nears closure, she will put someone's life at risk.

Episode 18: Bully (Feb/23/2011)
When an art patron, Cindi, discovers a gruesome work of art, it leads gallery visitors to find a woman dead in her apartment above. Detectives Benson and Stabler look into the victim’s personal contacts in search of suspects, including the victim’s close friend Annette Cole. The detectives soon discover a work environment that leads them to question if bullying does go beyond the playground.

Episode 19: Bombshell (Mar/23/2011)
Detectives Benson and Stabler go undercover as a married couple looking to spice up their love life in a swingers' club in order to locate suspects in the death of a man found brutally stabbed.

Episode 20: Totem (Mar/30/2011)
Detectives Benson and Stabler investigate a child's sexual abuse and murder, finally realizing that to find their suspect will require the special consultation of Dr. Cap Jackson.

Episode 21: Reparations (Apr/06/2011)
Two high-powered attorneys face each other across the aisle when Casey Novak returns to the team, and Joe Dekker takes a leave of absence from his Los Angeles duties after his cousin is charged with rape. Dekker's unwavering belief in his cousin's innocence and a court disturbance, however, make Novak and Stabler take another look at the evidence, which leads them to someone playing a very long game in the name of hatred.

Episode 22: Bang (May/04/2011)
When Benson and Stabler find an abandoned baby, their investigation leads them to a nanny with a boyfriend who has something to hide.  

Episode 23: Delinquent (May/11/2011)
A naked teenage boy found asleep in a woman's bed puts Detectives Benson and Stabler on the hunt for what turns out to be a possessive mother who has a "reasonable" excuse for his every misbehavior. As they attempt to ferret the truth out of the manipulative teenager, a bigger truth may await them.

Episode 24: Smoked (May/18/2011)
When the key witness in a high-profile rape case is murdered while shopping with her daughter, Detectives Benson and Stabler are brought in to investigate because it is their case that is now in jeopardy. Unfortunately, as their investigation gets closer to the truth, it will put everyone at the precinct in jeopardy.



Season 13 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Scorched Earth (Sep/21/2011)
A powerful Italian is investigated after his illegitimate son is claimed as the results of rape.

Episode 2: Personal Fouls (Sep/28/2011)
A local coach's induction into a city basketball hall of fame is disrupted by accusations of sexual abuse by one of his former players, and another addition to the squad arrives.

Episode 3: Blood Brothers (Oct/05/2011)
Detective Benson's investigation into a 13-year-old girl's pregnancy exposes the secrets of a political family, potentially endangering a member of that family.

Episode 4: Double Strands (Oct/12/2011)
Detective Rollins believes she has picked up a thread on a cold case from back home when she investigates the rape of a dancer by a tattooed man. Although the suspect maintains his innocence, Rollins is sure he is her serial rapist. Detectives Benson and Amaro know the evidence is damning, but deeper investigation may reveal a surprising twist.

Episode 5: Missing Pieces (Oct/19/2011)
The detectives investigate the disappearance of a baby who has apparently been abducted on Halloween. But when the parents' stories don't match the evidence, a deeper investigation reveals a surprising truth.

Episode 6: True Believers (Nov/02/2011)
The detectives go up against a defense attorney whose skilled decimation of their watertight rape case brings the bureau chief to the prosecution table.

Episode 7: Russian Brides (Nov/09/2011)
The murder of a mail-order bride on the night of her engagement party leads the detectives to a blackmail scheme by the Russian mafia, and an opportunity for Captain Cragen to flex his undercover muscle

Episode 8: Educated Guess (Nov/16/2011)
A patient in a hospital psych ward claims that he witnessed a girl being raped. The SVU team investigates and discovers that the victim has claimed to be raped before.

Episode 9: Lost Traveler (Nov/30/2011)
The team battles mistrust and prejudice from all sides when it investigates the abduction of a Romani boy who was last seen on his way home from school.

Episode 10: Spiraling Down (Dec/07/2011)
When the daughter of one of Detective Amaro's friends is found working as an underage prostitute, the unit sets up a sting operation. Unfortunately, the operation's high-profile collar marks the return of Bayard Ellis and his notion of rape excused by mental defect.

Episode 11: Theatre Tricks (Jan/11/2012)
After an onstage rape turns out not to be performance art, the detectives are left with few clues and only voluntary witnesses, since everyone was wearing masks. Their investigation leads to a stalker and a judge, but only a deep probe into the inner workings of New York theater will unmask this Iago.

Episode 12: Official Story (Jan/18/2012)
When the CEO of a government military contractor is found sexually assaulted and drugged in a park after he was confronted by protestors, it seems there will be no lack of suspects. But when the detectives' investigation takes them to Iraq, they realize their case may not be a typical sex crime.

Episode 13: Father's Shadow (Feb/08/2012)
The team investigates a producer and his use of the casting couch after a woman who auditioned for a reality show is found in Central Park drugged and with evidence of a sexual assault. Once the case is resolved, however, no one is prepared when a family member of the accused decides subvert justice by breaking the law himself.

Episode 14: Home Invasions (Feb/15/2012)
The investigation into a home invasion that leaves only the daughter alive has many repercussions. Evidence sends detectives in the wrong direction, Detective Rollin's job is threatened when someone from her past appears, and one man makes a sacrifice for the good.

Episode 15: Hunting Ground (Feb/22/2012)
Crime interferes in Benson and Haden's romantic getaway and causes them to question the relationship after an investigation into a missing prostitute leads the detectives towards a repeat offender and a ticking clock if the current victim is to be saved.

Episode 16: Child's Welfare (Feb/29/2012)
Detectives Tutuola and Rollins investigate when a homeless couple report the discovery of an abandoned baby close to a hospital. Elsewhere, Detective Benson prevails on Bayard Ellis to assist her half-brother when he tells her Children's Services is going to take away his children.

Episode 17: Justice Denied (Apr/11/2012)
When a rape victim is brought to the E.R. after a brutal and lengthy assault, Detective Benson recognizes the signature of a rapist on whom she believed the book had been closed eight years ago. The team must reopen the case to rule out whether there was a wrongful conviction back then, or they are dealing with a copycat now. Things only get worse when ADA Haden and Bayard Ellis square off against each other and Benson while she agonizes over how the case was handled and if she played a part in destroying a man's life.

Episode 18: Valentines Day (Apr/18/2012)
A rape and kidnapping is reported by the husband who watched it unfold via videochat while traveling home from a business trip. When the ransom demand is met, detectives intercept the wife when she arrives to get the money. Her debriefing, however, raises Benson's suspicions and a full investigation is launched.

Episode 19: Learning Curve (Apr/25/2012)
Fin's son's fianc is beaten by a gang targeting gays just as Ken is ready to announce the marriage to his father. As the investigation begins, a teacher from a private school becomes the next victim. The cases' similarities soon end, however, when the detectives discover he was accused of abusing one of his students.

Episode 20: Street Revenge (May/02/2012)
A West Soho neighborhood vigilante group that not only targets a rapist but also the police puts the squad on high alert. However, Detective Amaro is distracted from the investigation when he suspects his wife of having an affair.

Episode 21: Learning Curve (May/09/2012)
Fin's son's fianc is beaten by a gang targeting gays just as Ken is ready to announce the marriage to his father. As the investigation begins, a teacher from a private school becomes the next victim. The cases' similarities soon end, however, when the detectives discover he was accused of abusing one of his students.

Episode 22: Strange Beauty (May/16/2012)
Detective Rollins' chance encounter with a desperate teen in a cab means a new case for the team. The investigation introduces them to the city's underground culture of self-mutilation and the trail of two brothers with ties to more than this abduction.

Episode 23: Rhodium Nights (May/23/2012)
The team investigates the death of an underage escort who died during a raucous bachelor party with VIP guests. The trail uncovers publicity-shy attendees, a fight for supremacy between two escort services and an old friend of the squad.



Season 14 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Lost Reputation (Sep/26/2012)
The team attempts to rally behind Captain Cragen after he comes under investigation for the death of the escort beside whose body he awoke. Unfortunately, they are hampered by an aggressive district attorney and a replacement captain whose management style differs greatly from Cragen's.

Episode 2: Above Suspicion (Sep/26/2012)
Cragen's fate lies in the hands of a DA with an agenda and the outcome of Cassidy's undercover work.

Episode 3: Twenty-Five Acts (Oct/10/2012)
After a talk show host rapes his latest guest, the author of the latest BDSM novel, Benson and Rollins must convince her to come forward and press charges against the celebrity. Once Amaro starts digging into her background for the new DA, however, a secret from her past threatens the trial.

Episode 4: Acceptable Loss (Oct/17/2012)
The team, reinvigorated by Cragen's return, almost has a sex trafficking ring in their sights. But their evidence crosses over into Lieutenant Eame's terrorism investigation, and Benson must find another way to the perps when SVU's case is halted.

Episode 5: Manhattan Vigil (Oct/24/2012)
In the series' landmark 300th episode, a young boy from Morningside Heights is kidnapped while in the care of his father, and the investigation reminds Captain Cragen, Sergeant Munch and Detective Benson of an unsolved kidnapping that occurred in the same neighborhood thirteen years ago. While the entire squad races against the clock to find the missing boy, Benson vows to learn from past mistakes to set both cases right.

Episode 6: Friending Emily (Oct/31/2012)
An underage girl disappears after following her older sister to a college party in Manhattan. The SVU detectives mobilize to recover the missing girl but find themselves thwarted by a high-tech kidnapper using the internet to cover his tracks. As the case hits a dead end, Assistant D.A. Barba returns with some unlikely help. Meanwhile, Rollins is distracted by the sudden appearance of her very troubled sister.

Episode 7: Vanity's Bonfire (Nov/14/2012)
The abduction of a baby from a city playground quickly turns into a custody dispute when the kidnapper swears she is the child's biological mother. She also claims the father is a high-powered legal expert, sending Detectives Benson and Amaro on an investigation that forever changes the lives of two unsuspecting families.

Episode 8: Lesson's Learned (Nov/21/2012)
A professor's unusual encounter with Detective Amaro sends the SVU on an investigation into reports of sexual abuse at a prestigious private school. Stonewalled by the school board, Detective Benson enlists ADA Barba and a retired teacher to help reveal a massive cover-up as more and more victims emerge.

Episode 9: Dream's Deferred (Dec/05/2012)
An armed and dangerous man goes on a killing spree with Jeannie -- a prostitute with whom he has a long-standing relationship -- representing the last person he calls. When Jeannie goes missing, the SVU is tasked with convincing their NYPD cohorts that her life is worth saving. Jeannie's mother, Irene, worries for her daughter's health and safety.

Episode 10: Presumed Guilty (Jan/02/2013)
Enrique Rodriquez, a working-class Catholic man is determined to seek justice for his sister when he finds out that she's part of a church cover-up. The scandal is made public when Father Shea, a priest, is pulled from his car and brutally beaten. When the police arrive, they arrest Fin's ex-wife's brother, Sam Randall. Despite Sam's former criminal record and various stints behind bars, Fin doesn't think Sam is their man and asks his SVU partners for help getting to the bottom of the case.

Episode 11: Beautiful Frame (Jan/09/2013)
Pam James, the Suffolk County district attorney, lands the same murder case as DA Barba. However, while James arrests an SVU rape victim for the crime, Barba and the SVU team like a different suspect for the murder. The trials start simultaneously and both prosecutors must fight for a conviction before the other can destroy their case.

Episode 12: Criminal Hatred (Jan/30/2013)
The SVU detectives go undercover to arrest a man who targets and brutally attacks other men. They gather enough evidence for ADA Barba to file charges, but the case begins to spiral as he contends with a deceptively tough defense attorney.

Episode 13: Monster's Legacy (Feb/06/2013)
When a janitor brutally attacks an athletic coach, the SVU connects his violent behavior to a history of sexual abuse by someone he trusted. The detectives soon uncover more victims of the same predator, including a prisoner on death row. When the truth finally comes out, Detective Benson enlists Bayard Ellis to dig into the case before the looming execution date.

Episode 14: Secret's Exhumed (Feb/13/2013)
When FBI Agent Dana Lewis suspects that a 25 year-old rape-murder case in New York is connected to several unsolved cases across the country, she joins the SVU in investigating the crimes. As Lewis relentlessly pursues her prime suspect, Detectives Benson and Amaro have their doubts about his guilt.

Episode 15: Deadly Ambition (Feb/20/2013)
Detective Rollins comes home to find her sister Kim in her apartment, beaten up by her abusive boyfriend, and this time, pregnant. The SVU squad does all they can to keep her safe, but an unexpected visitor forces Rollins to take drastic action. Once again Internal Affairs must open an investigation into the SVU's unconventional methods, and the squad is in jeopardy of losing one of their own.

Episode 16: Funny Valentine (Feb/27/2013)
A promising singer is brutally attacked by her boyfriend, a popular hip hop star. ADA Barba works to build a case, but the victim refuses to aid the prosecution and, despite Detective Benson's best efforts, continues to put herself in danger. The case quickly spirals into a media circus, perpetrated by both the defendant and his uncompromising attorney.

Episode 17: Undercover Blue (Mar/20/2013)
As he prepares to testify against pimp Bart Ganzel, a woman comes forward claiming that Brian Cassidy raped her while he was an undercover detective. ADA Barba, Detective Benson and the SVU squad nervously await the outcome of the trial, concerned for Cassidy as well as the ongoing prosecution of Ganzel. When prosecutor Derek Strauss pushes hard for a win, Cassidy and his lawyer use some surprising methods of defense, with shocking consequences for Detective Amaro.

Episode 18: Legitimate Rape (Mar/27/2013)
A popular sports reporter seeks out Detective Benson to accuse a cameraman of rape and stalking. The SVU squad and ADA Barba begin their preparations for a difficult trial when the victim learns she is pregnant as result of the rape. As the case proceeds, the defense uses controversial tactics in its efforts to persuade the jury.

Episode 19: Born Psychopath (Apr/03/2013)
Despite his seemingly normal and supportive upbringing, and various diagnoses and prescriptions, Henry has become increasingly antisocial and his capacity for violence is escalating. The question for our detectives is, "Is Henry a born psychopath?" To help answer that question, Benson & Co. will turn to Dr. George Huang for his expert opinion.

Episode 20: Girl Dishonored (Apr/24/2013)
Olivia Benson and the detectives of the Special Victims Unit investigate the alleged rape of a sorority pledge on a college campus. Their attempts to piece together the events of the crime are thwarted by drunk students and conflicting accounts. As the detectives pursue the case, they unearth a widespread university culture of school administrators and students that look the other way instead of protecting their own.

Episode 21: Traumatic Wound (May/01/2013)
A suburban teen is brutally assaulted when a concert turns into a mob scene. Friends and eyewitnesses give mixed accounts of the event, and Detective Amaro finds himself trying to save the reputation of the prime suspect, a fellow military veteran whose fractured memory could hold the answer to why the girl was targeted.

Episode 22: Poisoned Motive (May/08/2013)
Two surprise sniper attacks on the NYPD leave the SVU squad scrambling for answers. When the link between the shootings appears to be Detective Tutuola, he reconnects with his former Narcotics partner in order to uncover a possible motive tied to their old cases. As the violence continues, Lieutenant Eames joins the investigation and the Special Victims Unit races to hunt down a killer no one saw coming.

Episode 23: Brief Interlude (May/15/2013)
Detectives Benson and Amaro are called to the scene when an unconscious woman with signs of physical trauma is found in a river near the Mayor's home. With the victim in a coma, the squad races to identify and account for her prior whereabouts. They uncover a wild side to an otherwise normal wife and mother, and the investigation reaches an unsettling conclusion.

Episode 24: Her Negotiation (May/22/2013)
After making a seemingly routine arrest of a man exposing himself in Central Park, Detective Rollins has a bad feeling about the suspect and calls upon the entire SVU squad and ADA Barba to help. With no way to discover the suspect's true identity, he masterfully outplays them at every turn. A shocking theory comes to light, and as Barba's trial comes to a close, the situation rapidly escalates and Detective Benson is put into mortal danger.



Season 15 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Surrender Benson (Sep/25/2013)
Hours turn into days, and with no word from Detective Benson, the SVU squad takes drastic measures to find her and her abductor. A trail of murders and rape victims leads them to fear it may be too late.

Episode 2: Imprisoned Lives (Sep/25/2013)
A young boy is abandoned in Times Square and leads the detectives to the house where his family lives. Inside they find a locked basement where more victims await rescue, and work to solve decades-old cold cases.

Episode 3: American Tragedy (Oct/02/2013)
A string of rapes on the Upper West Side raises concerns across the city, and while Detectives Tutuola and Rollins question everyone who fits the suspect's description, celebrity chef Jolene Castille fears she's the next victim when someone follows her home. The SVU arrests her for shooting and killing the unarmed teen, and her attorney faces off against ADA Barba in a trial that tests the limits of the jury's moral and legal responsibilities. Meanwhile, Detective Benson continues to struggle with the aftermath of her traumatic ordeal.

Episode 4: Internal Affairs (Oct/09/2013)
Officer Michael Groves ends up in a psych ward after turning on his old squad - he accuses the 12th precinct of cooking the books and making rape allegations disappear. Internal Affairs Lt. Tucker enlists the help of the SVU to investigate, and plants Brian Cassidy as an undercover. But one crooked cop goes to great lengths to keep things as they are, and the squad realizes too late that they put Cassidy in grave danger.

Episode 5: Wonderland Story (Oct/16/2013)
Sarah Walsh wakes up from a night of partying and believes she's been raped. In shock that it could happen again, she calls Detective Benson, who handled her previous rape case, for help. The search for Sarah’s attacker leads the cops to a smooth-talking cyber mogul who preys on vulnerable girls and bribes them for their silence. Meanwhile, the SVU comes together to say goodbye to the retiring Sergeant Munch.

Episode 6: October Surprise (Oct/23/2013)
When ADA Barba’s childhood friend, Eddie Garcia, is arrested for attempted rape, his connection to mayoral frontrunner Alex Muñoz puts the campaign in jeopardy. But when an undercover investigation uncovers further misconduct by Muñoz himself, Detective Amaro and the SVU team wonder if Barba can put aside personal feelings to prosecute the men he used to idolize.

Episode 7: Dissonant Voices (Nov/06/2013)
Singing coach Jackie Walker is at the height of his career, with a featured role on television's biggest reality show, "American Diva," and a steady position teaching music at a prestigious New York City school. When a four year-old student comes forward with claims of sexual abuse, Detective Rollins asks the squad to be mindful of Walker's reputation, but Benson's investigation uncovers evidence that condemns the popular personality. As the case becomes public, more and more victims come forward, but Walker refuses to come clean.

Episode 8: Military Justice (Nov/13/2013)
Junior officer Amelia Albers is arrested for DUI while on leave in New York City, but her ripped clothes and injuries lead the police to call Detective Benson for help. When a group of soldiers from her unit are named as suspects in her rape, Amelia refuses to cooperate with the SVU for fear of damage to her reputation in the military. When her commanding officer also hinders the investigation, Detective Amaro asks his ex-wife to dig up information on the case, and learns the grim reality that every female officer faces.

Episode 9: Rapist Anonymous (Nov/20/2013)
Detective Amanda Rollins helps her friend Lena Olson press charges against her lover when she accuses him of rape. But Lena's history with the suspect and her proclivity for rough sex makes the he-said she-said investigation too difficult to pursue. When the case escalates to murder, a dangerous love triangle is discovered and Rollins is forced to confess her private life on the stand.

Episode 10: Psycho/Therapist (Jan/08/2014)
‘The Beast’ returns when Detective Benson is forced to face Lewis in the courtroom, and the stress of reliving the attack causes setbacks in her recovery. With Lewis trying every trick in the book to continue his legal winning streak, Benson is forced to reveal some of the secrets she’s kept about the ordeal.

Episode 11: Amaro's One-Eighty (Jan/15/2014)
Detectives Amaro and Rollins leave a party and stumble upon Officer McKenna in pursuit of a suspected drug dealer. A standoff leads to gunfire and the teenaged suspect is gravely wounded. While Amaro struggles to reconcile his by-the-book actions with his conscience, the SVU fights to keep Internal Affairs from jumping to conclusions. The case becomes a public spectacle and Amaro must decide if fighting for his badge is the best decision for his family. Meanwhile, Captain Cragen makes a surprise announcement.

Episode 12: Jersey Breakdown (Jan/22/2014)
The SVU teams up with federal prosecutor Connie Rubirosa after an underage runaway is found raped and beaten under the Highline. The sex trafficking investigation leads to New Jersey strip club owner Perry Cannavaro, who does all he can to keep the victim out of the SVU’s jurisdiction. When ADA Barba fails to get the help he needs from Jersey law enforcement, he suspects a cover-up involving some high ranking court officials.

Episode 13: Betrayal’s Climax (Jan/29/2014)
When a 16 year old girl's parents report their daughter as a kidnap victim, her boyfriend Manny's possible involvement in a gang suggests he may know more about what's going on then he's letting on. Manny refuses to talk though and his family can't believe that he is been accused. Benson has a ceremony decreeing her the new SVU sergeant.

Episode 14: Wednesday's Child (Feb/05/2014)
A diabetic boy called Nicky isn't in bed when his father Tom Moore arrives home. With a troubled past, the police blame his behavioral problems and suggest he's just walked off. When his insulin pump runs out the search becomes more urgent and even more so when Nicky is seen with a criminal couple known for child endangerment and pornography. The cops try turning the witnesses against one another to get to the bottom of the case before it's too late. Sergeant Benson gets derailed with personal problems.

Episode 15: Comic Perversion (1) (Feb/26/2014)
Josh Galloway delivers a stand-up comedy routine at Tompkins Square University. He makes ill-minded jokes about rape and women. After he's delivered his set a student is assaulted by fans of the comedian. Although Barba has nothing to arrest him for, he gets the team to prove that Galloway's jokes have something to do with what's happened. The case has a break when student Carly Rydell accuses him of rape. Benson gives the go ahead on the arrest, but Barba comes across some conflicting evidence. Whilst Detective Lindsay from Chicago calls in for some help with a case.

Episode 16: Gridiron Soldier (Mar/05/2014)
Detective Rollins is contacted by a friend when his nephew, high school footballer Cedric Jones goes missing in New York. Cedric recently accepted an invitation to a recruiting weekend at Hudson University, even though he had already committed himself to attending Georgia Tech. The cops find Cedric in jail and soon discover a prank that's gone way out of control may be to blame. Benson soon uncovers that the football team has hidden cases of abuse and prejudice. Rolins issues lead to him turning to an old friend.

Episode 17: Gambler's Fallacy (Mar/12/2014)
Amanda finds herself at an illegal gambling club as her addiction continues to control her. Whilst there Clare Wilson, a waitress, recognizes her as a cop. She has to strike a deal with the club managers to somehow make their illegal transactions disappear in order to protect her job. But the managers aren't happy with the way the debt is paid and Alison ends up losing out big. Benson and Tutuola soon realize one of their own team may be involved

Episode 18: Criminal Stories (Mar/19/2014)
Renowned New York Ledger columnist Jimmy MacArthur is given full access to Sergeant Benson and the squad for an inside look at the city’s Special Victims Unit. When the rape case of a young Muslim woman escalates to a hate crime, Jimmy stays one step ahead of the investigation and declares the entire crime a hoax. With the victim under fierce public scrutiny, Benson struggles to keep the case on solid ground and fears a rapist will go free.

Episode 19: Downloaded Child (Apr/02/2014)
Single mom Jenny Aschler is arrested for child endangerment. Not trusting anyone to take care of her young daughter Maddie, she instead leaves her home alone for days. Jenny’s fierce motherly instincts and fear of men leads Sergeant Benson to suspect she may have been a victim of child abuse. With help from Dr. Lindstrom, Jenny recovers deeply repressed memories of violence, rape and neglect.

Episode 20: Beast's Obsession (Apr/09/2014)
The sadistic William Lewis escapes from prison, arbitrarily killing as he goes. Concerned for Benson’s safety, a security detail is assigned to her 24/7, but it doesn’t take long for Lewis to get her back where he left off. With time running out, Benson must decide how much she’s willing to sacrifice in order to save the life of a child.

Episode 21: Post-Mortem Blues (Apr/30/2014)
In the moments after William Lewis’ death, Sergeant Benson is rescued by the SVU squad, but her torment continues. The Internal Affairs investigation of her actions is deemed inconclusive, and with no evidence to corroborate her story, Prosecutor Derek Strauss convenes a grand jury and calls for Benson’s arrest. With increasing pressure from Lt. Tucker and Lt. Murphy to save herself any way she can, Benson must choose between her convictions and her badge.

Episode 22: Reasonable Doubt (May/07/2014)
Benson and Murphy question renowned television producer Frank Maddox when he's accused of molesting his 8 year-old daughter Chelsea. Maddox’s estranged wife, actress Catherine Summers, wants justice for her daughter but refuses to cooperate, leading the cops to suspect the accusation was a ploy to win the public's favor. With Catherine’s young sister Rose engaged to Maddox and accusations flying back and forth in the media, Benson strives to help a child by discovering the truth.

Episode 23: Thought Criminal (May/14/2014)
Under the guidance of Lieutenant Murphy, Sergeant Benson and the SVU take an active approach to catching sex offenders - they target Simon Wilkes, a well-regarded photographer with a secret life. An undercover investigation finds his graphic fantasies may have crossed the line into reality, at a child's expense. But the case becomes impossible when no evidence of a victim is found.

Episode 24: Spring Awakening (May/21/2014)
Amaro's recklessness once again makes him the target of Internal Affairs, and he has no choice but to face the consequences. With his professional and personal life at risk, he looks to his friend John Munch for advice. Meanwhile, an online ad for escorts leads to the rape and robbery of several male tourists, and one of the suspects has a surprising connection to Sergeant Benson that may change her life forever.

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Season 16 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Girls Disappeared (Sep/24/2014)
Sergeant Benson juggles work and her new role as foster mother to baby Noah Porter. Amaro, now working the traffic beat in Queens, arrests an underage prostitute with connections to Noah’s mother Ellie, who was "greenlit" by her pimp and brutally murdered. Amaro’s undercover work sets off a chain of events that puts everyone connected to the case - even baby Noah - in danger. Meanwhile, a new detective assigned to Manhattan SVU starts off on the wrong foot.

Episode 2: American Disgrace (Oct/01/2014)
Basketball superstar Shakir "The Shark" Wilkins announces his partnership with the Orion Bay clothing line, owned by billionaire Orion Bauer and his daughter Cordelia. But the SVU intervenes when Orion press rep Carla Cannon tells reporters she was raped by Wilkins. When more women come forward, Benson and Detective Carisi disagree on the authenticity of each woman’s story, and Barba takes a shaky case to court. Meanwhile, the case takes Rollins to her former precinct in Atlanta, where ex-colleagues bring up old memories.

Episode 3: Producer's Backend (Oct/08/2014)
Amaro reports to the scene of a car crash where Hollywood starlet Tensley Evans tries to flirt her way out of an arrest. Amaro's by-the-book handling of the situation gets him back on the SVU squad, just in time to investigate Tensley's latest offense - the statutory rape of a 15 year-old boy. But Benson suspects that underlying issues may have led to Tensley's downward spiral - is the victimizer also a victim?

Episode 4: Holden's Manifesto (Oct/15/2014)
New York City bike messenger Holden March creates a video diary of his troubles with women. Talk soon escalates to action, and the SVU scrambles to find his manifesto before he commits another violent act. When Rollins and Amaro come face to face with Holden, they find out just how dangerous a desperate man can be. Meanwhile, as Benson balances the responsibilities of motherhood and career, the new Deputy Chief of SVU calls her leadership into question.

Episode 5: Pornstar's Requiem (Oct/22/2014)
Evie Barnes answers a modeling ad hoping to make some cash for tuition, but the job quickly spirals into online pornography. When her classmates discover her double life, they cross the boundary between fiction and reality. Even though she’s not the one on trial, Evie is forced to prove her innocence in court.

Episode 6: Glasgowman's Wrath (Nov/05/2014)
Best friends Perry Gilbert and Mia Harris sneak into the woods with Mia’s young sister Zoe in tow. Their search for the mythical Glasgowman leads to a series of violent events, leaving Zoe gravely injured and the other girls missing. While Detectives Rollins and Carisi work to locate the suspect, Sgt. Benson digs through the stories to distinguish fantasy from reality.

Episode 7: Chicago Crossover (2) (Nov/12/2014)
Sergeant Hank Voight and Detectives Erin Lindsay and Jay Halstead track a child pornography victim to his last-known whereabouts in New York City, where Sergeant Benson and the SVU squad get a new lead - evidence of a livestreamed pornography "club" that caters to its subscriber’s shocking requests. When Lindsay discovers someone from her past is involved, she hopes it will help lead them to the site’s ringleader, but tensions between Voight and Benson could threaten the case.

Episode 8: Spousal Privilege (Nov/19/2014)
Detective Tutuola comes across leaked security footage of a violent domestic dispute in a parking garage, showing sportscaster A.J. Martin hit his girlfriend Paula. While Fin and Benson investigate the couple's lifestyle and history, Paula pushes back to keep her relationship and family intact. Benson turns to ADA Barba for help to convince Paula that her world doesn't have to revolve around A.J. Meanwhile, the case has an interesting effect on Rollins and Amaro's relationship.

Episode 9: Pattern Seventeen (Dec/10/2014)
When a series of young, petite girls are assaulted in the early morning hours, Detective Rollins matches the pattern to several rapes she worked in Atlanta. When she finds that the victims' rape kits were never tested, Atlanta SVU Chief Patton claims none of the cases were worth pursuing. Intense media scrutiny and the lack of a suspect brings the heat down on Sgt. Benson, who has to face Chief Dodds and their commanders in a CompStat briefing. Meanwhile, a family court judge threatens to remove baby Noah from Benson's care.

Episode 10: Forgiving Rollins (Jan/07/2015)
Atlanta's Deputy Chief Charles Patton and his newest detective, Reese Taymor visit New York for a law enforcement conference. When Reese is found unconscious in her hotel bathroom, she cries rape at the scene but changes her story when Sgt. Benson arrives. When Rollins uncovers a personal connection to the suspect, ADA Barba seeks her help in the courtroom and she’s forced to confront the demons of her past to stop a dangerous predator.

Episode 11: Agent Provacateur (Jan/14/2015)
Fifteen year-old Madison Baker sneaks out of her uncle's home to meet breakout movie star Scott Russo, who invited her to a party via social media. Later that night, a patrolman finds her in an alley, sexually assaulted and barely alive. Sgt. Benson suspects Russo and his manager, Lydia Lebasi, are covering up the crime when security footage from the party goes missing. When gossip site mogul Lenny Simmons airs the stolen footage, he refuses to give up the source material and ADA Barba takes him to court to find the truth.

Episode 12: Padre Sandunguera (Jan/21/2015)
Amaro's father, Nicolas, asks his estranged family to attend his marriage to 28-year-old Gabriella Nunez, and despite their volatile past, all but Amaro agree. When a fight breaks out at the wedding and Nicolas is put in handcuffs, Amaro becomes a witness in a case that could expose family secrets and tear his family apart.

Episode 13: Decaying Morality (Feb/04/2015)
Benson and Rollins find a teenaged girl crying in the street, her clothes torn. Jenna Davis says she was raped in a pizzeria bathroom by Jerome Jones. Jones has a criminal record as well as a pending lawsuit against the NYPD, but with little evidence to go on, the SVU releases him until an arrest can be made. With emotions running high, Jenna’s father takes the law into his own hands with a decision that will change their lives forever.

Episode 14: Intimidation Game (Feb/11/2015)
Video game developer Raina Punjabi solidifies the launch of her first game amid a stream of online insults, intimidation and death threats from the male-dominated gaming community. When a female employee is assaulted at a gamer convention, Detective Tutuola investigates the crime but Raina refuses to delay the launch, and the cops must "level up" to protect her.

Episode 15: Undercover Mother (Feb/18/2015)
Working undercover to bust a sex trafficking ring, Det. Carisi stumbles upon Martha Thornhill, a mother who has embedded herself as a Madame in the organization for three years in hopes of finding and saving her daughter, Ariel. Martha joins forces with the SVU and they work together to bust the pimp and his cohorts, but Ariel is still missing. Meanwhile, Sgt. Benson is confronted with a harsh revelation that will change her life forever.

Episode 16: December Solstice (Feb/25/2015)
Celebrity author Walter Briggs is the focus of a feud between his sixth wife, Charmaine, and his daughters from previous marriages. The fight over control for both his well-being and his estate becomes a criminal case when Charmaine is accused of abusing her husband. Meanwhile, Barba struggles with his own family drama when he goes against his grandmother's wishes.

Episode 17: Parole Violations (Mar/25/2015)
Detective Carisi's sister Bella prepares for her wedding to fiancé Tommy Sullivan and the upcoming birth of their child. But when Tommy falls back into bad habits and accuses his parole officer of rape, Carisi must investigate whether the claim is real or just another one of Tommy's excuses.

Episode 18: Devastating Story (Apr/01/2015)
Popular television host Skip Peterson airs an interview with college student Heather Manning, who claims she was gang raped in a fraternity house. While the tragic account of Heather's story brings national attention to the epidemic of rape on campus, the sensational details of the she-said, they-said case leaves Sgt. Benson and ADA Barba with several suspects and a rocky trial.

Episode 19: Granting Immunity (Apr/08/2015)
Pornographic photos from 15 year-old Savannah Biel's house party quickly circulate around her Tribeca high school and go viral. Barba's efforts to arrest the student responsible for posting the images is stalled when several suspects fall victim to a fast-moving measles outbreak. When Benson's foster son also catches the illness, she investigates a group of mothers who may have falsified their children's medical records. Meanwhile, Amaro receives some distressing news about his son.

Episode 20: Daydream Believer (3) (Apr/29/2015)
The teams will track a Ted Bundy-esque killer who hunted in New York and in Chicago. This crossover event will go back and forth between the two cities, integrating the story a lot more between the different teams in Chicago and New York.

Episode 21: Perverted Justice (May/06/2015)
Bayard Ellis takes on the case of a man incarcerated for incest and rape, whose daughter Michelle, the victim and star witness when she was a child, wants to recant her testimony and set her father free. When a judge refuses to reopen the 17 year old case, the SVU turns to retired Captain Cragen, who remembers the investigation and provides evidence that could change the convict's fate.

Episode 22: Parent's Nightmare (May/13/2015)
8 year-old Owen Farhidi disappears from school and his mother Dana receives a ransom request. When surveillance footage shows that Owen recognized his abductor, Detective Amaro works with Dana and her ex-husband Sam to find and arrest the suspect, but tensions between the estranged couple obstructs the investigation. Meanwhile, Sgt. Benson is asked to take the Lieutenant's exam to formally take the lead over her squad.

Episode 23: Surrendering Noah (May/20/2015)
Sgt. Benson and ADA Barba take Johnny D to trial for sex trafficking, rape, assault and kidnapping. But when Baby Noah's adoption becomes entangled in the case, Benson fears for Noah's future and his safety. In an intense courtroom showdown, the SVU will face a threat that could change the squad forever.

Source: TVRage

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