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About STATE OF GEORGIA & Episode Guides

About STATE OF GEORGIA & Episode Guides

State of Georgia Aired From June 29, 2011 - August 17, 2011 On ABC Family

About the Show:
State of Georgia, an ABC Studios' Production, is a half-hour multi-cam comedy series starring Raven-Symoné as Georgia, an aspiring actress with a larger than life personality and her science geek best friend who try to make headway in New York City. State of Georgia will be executive produced by Kirk J. Rudell and Jennifer Weiner (author of the best-selling novels "Good in Bed", and "In Her Shoes" (Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette starred in the feature film version by the same name). Majandra Delfino (Roswell) also stars as Jo and Loretta Devine as Aunt Honey.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Raven-SymoneGeorgia Chamberlin
Majandra DelfinoJo
Loretta DevineAunt Honey


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Season 1

Episode 1: Pilot (Jun/29/2011)
Georgia Chamberlain and her best friend Jo -- having just moved to New York City from Atlanta -- work together at the perfume counter at an upscale department store in the city. Georgia is desperate to leave her shift early in order to audition for the lead in a revival of the musical Damn Yankees. Always one to help a friend, Jo fakes a medical emergency as their way out of their work shift. While at the casting office, Georgia sings a phenomenal rendition of "Lola," but the casting director (Trent) informs Georgia she can never pass as a seductress due to her size. After a pep talk from her eccentric Aunt Honey, Georgia appears at Trent's apartment with an irresistible basket of food -- and proves to him that she is every bit the seductress. Later, back at work, Jo has a run-in with her professor, who happens to be making a return at the store. With a push from Georgia, Jo works up the nerve to ask the professor for a second interview for the Physics graduate program.

Episode 2: Flavor of the Week (Jul/06/2011)
Georgia and Jo discover a yogurt shop with yogurt they describe as being sent from heaven. Georgia has a crush on Brad, the server, but Jo begs Georgia not to date him in fear of losing the yogurt shop. Georgia points out Jo’s  past with dating guys and then leaving them without properly ending the relationship. Georgia ends up dating Brad, despite her promise to Jo, and when Brad starts fist bumping incessantly, Georgia wants out. Georgia pretends to like Brad long enough for Jo and her physics buddies to recreate the yogurt recipe.

Episode 3: Best Friends For-Never (Jul/13/2011)
Aunt Honey tells Georgia a quick story of how she and her former best friend Patrice drifted apart and are no longer in touch.  When Georgia & Jo end up at different movie theatres by mistake, Georgia is convinced the two are not in sync and drifting apart like Aunt Honey and Patrice.  Georgia shows up at Columbia to soak up Jo’s world, but she is a complete annoyance to Jo’s classmates. Jo returns the surprise with a visit to Georgia’s improv class where the two act out their frustration with each other in scenes. Georgia finds Patrice and invites her to Aunt Honey’s house but Aunt Honey isn’t too happy to see Patrice.

Episode 4: The Mole (Jul/20/2011)
Georgia discovers that a guy who asks her out on a date is missing an online identity and  Jo is convinced he is a spy. Jo tutors a high school student boy in math, and Aunt Honey thinks he has a crush on Jo.

Episode 5: Know When to Fold 'Em (Jul/27/2011)
When Georgia snags a mattress commercial audition, she has to decide between losing her job and following her dream. Jo falls in love with a boy who's not quite up to her level of intelligence at work. Meanwhile, the girls try to get Aunt Honey to stop wearing fur.

Episode 6: R-E-S-P-E-C-T (Aug/03/2011)
Georgia tries get the attention of the media by performing a showcase, but Aunt Honey confronts her with a bit of a put-down. Meanwhile, Jo finally straightens her hair and her whole world gets turned upside down!

Episode 7: Mo' Honey, Mo' Problems (Aug/03/2011)
When Georgia and Jo sort through Aunt Honey's moving boxes, they discover she only has 42 cents in her bank account! The girls become upset about how much Aunt Honey seems to be spending when she has so little money, so they try to cut costs and sell some of her pricey possessions. Eventually, Georgia finds Aunt Honey transferred all of her money to a bank in Barbados so to avoid taxes.

Episode 8: There's a Place for Us (Aug/03/2011)
Georgia and Jo try to get into an exclusive nightclub that has a secret location. After finally locating it, the bouncer tells them they have to steal a painting from their favorite bar.

Episode 9: Foot in the Door (Aug/03/2011)
Georgia gets a big break on a major TV show thanks to Aunt Honey. But when Georgia shows up on set expecting a role, she's sent to stand in the background. Making the best of the situation, she shows the other extras how to be a true actress.

Episode 10: The Popular Chicks (Aug/10/2011)
When Georgia's mean girl frenemy from home visits her in New York, Georgia lies about knowing Jason Derülo. Georgia and Joe try to find a way to win tickets to his concert while handing out flyers in chicken outfits! Guest starring music star Jason Derülo!

Episode 11: It's Not Easy Being Green (Aug/17/2011)
After meeting some boys in a local garden, Georgia and Jo decide to go on a double date. The girls try to appeal to their guys' interests, so they tell them they grow their own produce and invite them over. The date goes well, so Georgia and Jo must continue decorating their house with produce as things spiral out of control!

Episode 12: Locked Up, A Broad (Aug/17/2011)
Georgia asks Aunt Honey to borrow one of her vintage designer dresses for her audition video. When Honey forbids Georgia from wearing it, Georgia disobeys her and finds the dress in Honey's storage room. Unfortunately, Georgia gets the sleeves caught in a spinning desk chair.