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About COPS L.A.C. & Episode Guides

About COPS L.A.C. & Episode Guides

Cops L.A.C. Aired From September 02, 2010 - November 11, 2010 On Nine

About the Show:
Cops: L.A.C., Channel Nine’s new Australian drama series about the fast-paced working life and complicated relationships of a diverse range of uniformed cops and plain clothes detectives, begins principal photography in May. These police officers working in a busy Local Area Command are the new frontline of law and order. The territory of Cops: L.A.C. covers the inner city, the harbourside and the eastern beaches of Sydney, from lowlifes to high society and everything in between. Their brief is to fight and control crime on their turf. From shoplifting to murder, small-time drug deals to major organised crime, these cops see it all every day.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Damien De MontemasMatt 'Matilda' Hilton
Denise RobertsInspector Diane Pappas
Gary SweetSuperintendent Jack Finch
Graeme SquiresProbationary Constable Daniel Vandermark
Kate RitchieDetective Senior Constable Samantha Cooper
Kelly PaternitiProbabtionary Constable Priscilla Smith
Martin Dingle-WallDetective Senior Constable Rhys Llewellyn
Ria VandervisSenior Constable Roxanne Perez
Roy BillingSergeant Graeme Sinclair
Tom O'sullivanSenior Constable Nathan Holt


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Season 1

Episode 1: The Learning Curve (Sep/02/2010)
The detectives and uniformed cops of a busy Local Area Command uncover a daring homicide while investigating a car accident. Detectives Sam and Rhys devise a radical sting operation to catch a killer. On her first day in uniform, Priscilla's police career has an explosive start. L.A.C. boss Jack Finch needs all his diplomatic skills when the son of a US navy Admiral is arrested for drink driving and Graeme's life is changed forever after his retirement announcement.

Episode 2: A Veil of Tears (Sep/09/2010)
A routine police call-out turns to tragedy when a male stripper is murdered the day after an out-of-control hens night, and Roxanne is forced to give Dan a crash course in police discipline after Dan is nearly killed during an arrest.

Episode 3: Running Scared (Sep/16/2010)
Roxanne's career is under threat when she is involved in the death of a suspect in an armed robbery, while Rhys and Sam investigate a violent robbery at a jewellery store and uncover a web of family intrigue and gang crime.

Episode 4: I'll See You (Sep/23/2010)
When a body is found in a luxury apartment, the detectives suspect an identity-thief of murder and fraud. Sam fears for her career when her ex-boyfriend is released from prison and moves into the local area.

Episode 5: The Killer Wore Sneakers (Sep/30/2010)
When the target of a police investigation is found murdered, Rhys and Sam uncover a web of diamond smuggling, infidelity and workplace corruption. Meanwhile, Priscilla is seduced into a dangerous relationship with an Iraq war veteran, and Finch demands results when a sting operation ends in disaster for the cops.

Episode 6: Lost Girls (Oct/07/2010)
Sam and Rhys discover a dead pimp and an underage prostitution racket while searching for a runaway teenager. Roxanne goes undercover on the streets of Kings Cross to locate a schoolgirl suspected of murder.

Episode 7: Killer Secret (Oct/14/2010)
Sam and Rhys suspect an armed robber of a revenge killing, but the investigation takes a surprise turn when the murder weapon is discovered. Priscilla fears for her career after an embarrassing mistake at a crime scene.

Episode 8: Blood Types (Oct/21/2010)
When a man is found with a stake through his heart, the detectives investigate the world of suburban vampires. It's assessment time for the probationary constables and Priscilla and Dan will do anything to pass. Tragedy strikes the L.A.C when one of the team is shot during a brawl in a local cemetery.

Episode 9: Old Love (Oct/28/2010)
When a local teacher is killed, the detectives are convinced a notorious standover man is responsible. Nathan questions his judgement as he struggles to deal with the impact of killing a homeless man.

Episode 10: Ghost House (Nov/04/2010)
Roxanne and Dan make a gruesome discovery at a derelict house used for ghost-spotting tours. Sam is forced to admit her true feelings for her jailbird ex, Zac Butler. Graeme's life changes forever when a hit-and-run victim dies.

Episode 11: Illegal Dumping (Nov/04/2010)
Sam and Rhys investigate the murder of a vet with an elaborate double-life as a swinger. Priscilla reunites a missing person with his brother, with surprising results. Sam's romantic plans with Zac are thrown into disarray by an unexpected proposal.

Episode 12: Ladies Night (Nov/11/2010)
Nathan and Priscilla are stuck in a house booby-trapped with elaborate home-made explosives. A dispute over a winning lottery ticket helps the detectives solve the murder of a cross-dresser.

Episode 13: Life is a Rodio (Nov/11/2010)
The cops investigate a gang of ram-raiders they suspect of planning a multi-million dollar heist. Rhys suspects Sam's boyfriend of being the mastermind behind a deadly criminal conspiracy.