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About OUTCAST & Episode Guide

About OUTCAST & Episode Guide

About The Show:
A group of courageous pioneers face a unique opportunity: the chance to build a new and better future on another planet.Created by one of the writers on Spooks, Outcasts is a new sci-fi drama set in 2040. With Earth doomed, a group of pioneers has settled on a new, life-sustaining planet. The settlers plan to create a better world, but bring their human frailties with them


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Langley KirkwoodRudi
Liam CunninghamRichard Tate
Hermione NorrisStella Isen
Amy MansonFleur Morgan
Daniel MaysCass Cromwel
Jamie BamberMitchell Hoban
Michael LeggeTipper Malone


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Season 1

Episode One
Ten years after the first Earth colonists arrived on Carpathia, they anxiously await the arrival of the last known transporter from the doomed home planet. The leader of the Expeditionaries, meanwhile, plans to break away from the regime at Forthaven.

Episode Two
An Expeditionary force sets out to look for survivors from the crashed transporter CT9. One survivor accuses another, Julius Berger, of murder. A group of Advanced Cultivars (ACs), led by Rudi, have kidnapped Stella's daughter Lily and will release her only if the people of Forthaven save a critically-ill AC baby.

Episode Three
Stella discovers that a scientist had predicted that planetary storms would continue to grow in strength, and that a super whiteout would one day threaten the settlement. She asks Tipper to help calculate when this might happen.

Episode Four
A rogue AC enters Forthaven and surrenders himself to the authorities. When he escapes from custody and injures a citizen, PAS launch a manhunt. Jack discovers a hominid fossil.

Episode Five
A man claiming to be one of the first Carpathian settlers arrives in Forthaven carrying a large number of diamonds. He leads Cass and Fleur to the coast, claiming to be able to show them bodies.

Episode Six
Three XPs, assigned a mission to assassinate Rudi, are reported missing. One of them returns to Forthaven, but she is not the woman she was. A couple of ACs sabotage Forthaven's power station, threatening the life of a woman in labour.

Episode Seven
Cass receives a note threatening to expose his true identity, then becomes implicated in a missing person investigation. Tate has become convinced that there is a host force on Carpathia and is determined to discover how to communicate with it.

Episode Eight
A new virus - C24 - hits Forthaven. Berger seizes his opportunity, blaming the virus on the ACs, and exposing Fleur's true origins in an attempt to undermine confidence in President Tate.

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