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About SPACED & Episode Guides

About SPACED & Episode Guides

Spaced Aired From September 24, 1999 - April, 2001 On Channel 4

About the Show:
Spaced: the anti-Friends, in that it examines the lives of common 20 somethings, but in a way that is more down to earth and realistic. Here we have Daisy and Tim; two 'young' adults with big dreams just trying to get by in this crazy world. They are thrown together in a common pursuit of tenancy, which they find by posing as a couple. The house has a landlady and an oddball artist living there. The series explores the ins and outs of London living.

The show is also marked with it's 'coolness' as director Edgar Wright employs big screen direction to the small screen, and a plethora of latest music. To make this appealing to most people, there are almost non-stop pop-cultural references that will keep you laughing and engaged.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Simon PeggTim Bisley
Jessica StevensonDaisy Steiner
Mark HeapBrian Topp
Nick FrostMike Watt
Julia DeakinMarsha Klein
Katy CarmichaelTwist Morgan


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Season 1

Episode 1: Beginnings (Sep/24/1999)
The plot for the entire series begins here: two late twenty somethings who are looking for a place to live. They find one, only it means posing as a couple, and so the two main characters, Tim and Daisy, set off to learn about each other. This way we are introduced to the various characters and their backgrounds.

Episode 2: Gatherings (Oct/01/1999)
We find Daisy and Tim settling in, only Daisy is finding it more than difficult to get any work done, and decides to throw a house-warming party that very night. Tim is not so keen on the idea, nor does he seem to have any trouble working, yet he obliges her all the same.

Episode 3: Art (Oct/08/1999)
Daisy has a job interview, which gets her frazzled and depressed. Brian is faced with his ex-artist collaborator, Vulva, who makes him [Brian] feel inadequate. Together, Brian, Tim and Daisy set off to see Vulva's latest show.

Episode 4: Battles (Oct/15/1999)
Daisy has been dumped by boyfriend Richard. When she goes to Marsha about it, Marsha believes she is talking about Tim, and so she tries to back peddle and save her flat by asking for permission to get a dog, which Tim opposes based on a phobia. Tim and Mike go paint-balling where Tim unexpectedly squares of against Duane, his nemesis, and the man who 'stole' his girlfriend.

Episode 5: Chaos (Oct/22/1999)
Tim is becoming increasingly disenchanted with Colin, the new dog, that when he goes missing, Daisy automatically assumes the worst: that Tim has conspired against him.

Episode 6: Epiphanies (Oct/29/1999)
In a word: clubbing. This episode sees Tyres, Tim's mood-swinging, clubbing, cycling friend. He manages to lure the gang out to go out. Mike, meanwhile, is having difficulty with one of the organizations he is a member of.

Episode 7: Ends (Nov/05/1999)
Tim has a chance to get what he's been waiting for as Sarah, his ex, has called him and would like to have a coffee. Daisy is worried he will just get hurt, but he can't seem to think of anything but Sarah. Mike is getting his chance to rejoin the TAs, and Brian & Twist go out on their first 'date'.



Season 2

Episode 1: Back (Feb/23/2001)
Daisy is back and so is the series after a two year hiatus. Daisy returns from a backpacking trip around Asia, but is a little disheartened to find that life has moved on without her quite smoothly. But life soon turns interesting when Daisy conspires to bring sensitive materials into the country.

Episode 2: Change (Mar/02/2001)
The struggles continue, this time unemployment and work. Tim gets into a conflict with Bilbo over The Phantom Menace, while Daisy needs to sign on for benefits after having missed three months while bumming around Asia. Brian is having creative block, which is compounded by the pressure to do a new installation at the drop of a hat.

Episode 3: Mettle (Mar/09/2001)
Daisy battles her inability to hold down a job, but the odds are against her as she enters a trippy 'One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest-ish restaurant. Tim and Mike have made it to Robot wars, but some jealousy from rivals might just cost them their chance.

Episode 4: Help (Mar/23/2001)
Tyres comes back, and this time he's bringing Tim's work to Darkstar Comics because he just might have a chance at being published. A mix-up occurs and he has to rely on Mike for a rescue mission. Daisy is feeling the pangs of having exercised, while Brian has to face his mother and the lie he's been living all these years.

Episode 5: Gone (Mar/30/2001)
Since Sophie is busy working late at night, and Tim suspects something else, Daisy suggests they go out. They have different ideas of a 'good time' and flip a coin to see whose they choose. Meanwhile Mike enlists Brian's help once he can't find Colin.

Episode 6: Dissolution (Apr/06/2001)
It's Daisy's birthday, but she isn't too pleased because of Tim's addiction to Sophie. Mike is also not enchanted by his [Tim's] devotion to his new flame with apathy of his friends' lives being the cost. Can all this tension possibly lead to a good birthday party for Daisy?

Episode 7: Leaves (Apr/13/2001)
The conclusion of a 'To Be Continued...' 'Gone', this one wraps up the episode and the series. Tim, Mike and Brian start working on getting things back to the way they were: the way they ought to be.