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About SWITCH (UK) & Episode Guides

About SWITCH (UK) & Episode Guides

Switch (UK) Aired From October 15, 2012 - November 19, 2012 On ITV Two

About the Show:
Switch is a comedy drama series featuring the fortunes of a small coven of witches who live in Camden. Stella (Lacey Turner), Grace (Phoebe Fox), Jude (Nina Toussaint-White) and Hannah (Hannah Tointon) are best friends who are attempting to forge new friendships, negotiating love lives and following career paths.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Hannah TointonHannah Bright
Lacey TurnerStella Munroe
Nina Toussaint-WhiteJude Thomas
Phoebe FoxGrace

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Season 1

Episode 1: Witches of Camden (Oct/15/2012)
Stella is in big trouble and summons the other girls home with a “Switch” text. She wants cast a spell to help her save her skin. Hannah returns home from India, Jude abandons customers in work while Grace’s romantic encounter is ruined. The girls powers are rusty though after months apart and it ends up in a magical race against time to undo their own mistakes.

Episode 2: Hexed (Oct/22/2012)
The Witches of Camden have been hexed. Confronting their arch nemeses, the posh Witches of Kensington, isn’t easy but a few champagne cocktails later the two covens seem the best of friends. However, when Hannah tries to get a job at Stella’s workplace it seems that bygones are far from bygones. Grace needs some help getting ready for her date with Joel, but will he give her that magic feeling? Jude’s wishes for a new boss are answered when Gerry turns up, but is he too hedonistic even for Jude? And when the girls try to get retribution on the Witches of Kensington there are disastrous consequences to their actions.

Episode 3: Love is in the Air (Oct/29/2012)
Stella hasn’t had a date in years. In fact, she’s not fancied anyone in years. The girls are forced to confess that they cast a spell years ago to help her forget an ex-girlfriend. But not getting over Lucy has stopped Stella from moving on. Stella must be re-introduced to nightmarish Lucy and find peace with their past relationship. Unfortunately, Stella falls in love with Lucy again. The girls must watch as the destructive relationship threatens to destroy not only everything Stella has worked so hard for, but also their precious coven. Meanwhile, Hannah gets into a spot of bother with a new career choice, Jude encounters problems when she takes a short cut to the top of her career ladder, and is Grace in love with Jude’s boyfriend?

Episode 4: The Anniversary (Nov/05/2012)
The anniversary of the coven is approaching, and preparations for celebrations are in place, but when Grace gets mugged, she wants to leave London for good. The girls do the only thing they think will help... they cast a confidence spell to help Grace cope with city life. Stella, meanwhile, has problems of her own when India, one of their nemeses from the Witches of Kensington, turns up to work at the PR Agency. Intent on destroying Stella’s career and the company with it, India casts a charm on the whole office. Hannah enjoys being market holder on a stall of Jude’s designs, until all the stock is stolen. All in all, things don’t look good for a happy celebration, but there are darker forces at work and things soon get out of hand.

Episode 5: Help! (Nov/12/2012)
Grace and Gerry’s relationship seems to be blooming nicely. Having just split up with Gerry herself, Jude is feeling weird about this. When she calls Mike over, she’s looking for some no-strings comfort sex, but she gains so much more. Hannah takes up tutoring with a little magical twist and gains Tuppence, a privileged, precocious and pretty lonely pupil. Grace’s anxiety levels reach fever pitch when she becomes convinced that Gerry doesn’t like her as much as she likes him. Stella is set on finding her one true love through efficient means. When things inevitably go disastrously wrong, it’s time to reach for that spell book!

Episode 6: Summer Solstice Showdown (Nov/19/2012)
It’s the Summer Solstice and the girls go to Grace and Hannah’s hometown of Lower Sooth to celebrate. Hannah is disappointed when her mum, Esme, is nowhere to be found, Grace is shocked when Gerry turns up despite them casting a spell so that he wouldn’t and Jude is looking forward to a bit of excitement in the forest with her first love, Jack. But these are the least of their concerns when the Witches of Kensington arrive with Alexa’s mother in tow. This super-coven is set on bringing the Witches of Camden down. Before the longest night of the year is out, there is a scandalous showdown to survive and some shocking home truths to be shared.