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About LIFE OF CRIME & Episode Guides

About LIFE OF CRIME & Episode Guides

Life of Crime Premiered on ITV on May 10, 2013

About the Show:
A rookie cop is obsessed with tracking down the killer of a 15-year-old girl, who she hunts over the course of 28 years.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Hayley AtwellDenise Woods
Richard CoyleRay Deans
Amanda DrewBeverley Reid
Julian Lewis JonesMike Holland
Ray PanthakiKothari
Joel BeckettGainham
Alex HassellGary Nash
Ruth McCabeRose
Stephen McDadeBusiness Man
Con O'NeillDI Ferguson
Lara RossiJay Tomlin

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Season 1

Episode 1: (May/10/2013)
The year is 1985 and Denise who is in her early twenties, begins a new life as an WPC for the Met Police, fighting sexism along the way. She is assigned to work with plain clothes Detective Sergeant Ray Deans and, while they attempt to apprehend a suspect, she suffers a knock to the head that sees her in hospital. Whilst there she meets Amy Reid, a fifteen year old girl who’s recently come from a club in Brixton called Subotica. Amy has been violently dragged out of the club by her father but made a run for it. After Amy is later found murdered, Denise is determined to see the culprit brought to justice.

Episode 2: (May/17/2013)
The year is 1997 and Denise Woods is now a successful Detective Inspector at Brixton. She is finding i hard to find time to spend with husband Ray Deansand their young daughter. She is investigating another rape-murder, featuring a young girl called Lauren Hinds, whose body is found on a local estate.

Episode 3: (May/24/2013)
The year is now 2013 and DCI Denise Woods has managed to turn her life around and is now interviewing for the Superintendent of Lambeth job. Her ex?husband Ray and his new wife invite her to a ‘family’ dinner with news that Denise’s nineteen year old daughter, Charlotte is going to have a baby. Denise does not take the news well though. At work, she investigates the case of a murdered girl called Joanna Andrews, whose body was discovered the morning after an outdoor concert.