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About DEATH IN PARADISE & Episode Guides

About DEATH IN PARADISE & Episode Guides

Death in Paradise Premiered on BBC One on October 25, 2011

About the Show:
Death in Paradise is a crime drama series starring Ben Miller. DI Charlie Hulme who is loved and respected by all, including his team on the paradise island of Saint-Marie. After Charlie is discovered to have been murdered in a locked panic room during a party at a local mansion, everyone is upset. Commissioner Selwyn Patterson reveals that as Charlie was a British policeman, a British cop must lead the investigation into his murder. English man DI Richard Poole is seen as the perfect man to try and solve the murder case.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Ben MillerDI Richard Poole
Sara MartinsDS Camille Bordey
Gary CarrOfficer Fidel Best
Danny John-JulesOfficer Dwayne Myers
Don WarringtonCommissioner Selwyn Patterson
Kris MarshallDI Humphrey Goodman

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Season 1

Episode 1: (Oct/25/2011)
DI Richard Poole travels to the the small paradise island of Saint-Marie following the murder of DI Charlie Hulme to investigate the case. With the help of Dwayne, Fidel and Lily, Richard takes a look at the evidence of Hulme's murder and is puzzled how the murder could have taken place in a locked steel room. Richard is determined to crack the case, escape the heat of the island and return back home.

Episode 2: (Nov/01/2011)
Lisa Moore is discovered murdered on her wedding day having been hot through the heart with a spear gun. Camille and Richard are shown around the fifth-floor murder scene by butler William. All of the dead girl's different family members are questioned. Evidence shows that nobody else came or left the fifth floor, so one of them must be the killer. Richard and his team have to find out why Lisa was murdered and identity her killer.

Episode 3: (Nov/08/2011)
Dwayne thinks he has seen a ghost after the team goes to a local school to deal with the murder of Angelique Morel. The previous night Angelique had predicted her own murder by a scarred man. Angelique was a local voodoo priestess, but Richard finds it hard to understand his team's belief that her prediction must have become a reality. Richard believes that it has nothing to do with voodoo and that cyanide poisoning is responsible.

Episode 4: (Nov/15/2011)
Megan Talbot admits to murdering her husband, Lucas, but after Richard and the team go to find the body it has vanished.
Later, when Lucas's body is found by a local boat crew and brought back to the harbour – with two gunshot wounds to his head, just as Megan said in her statement – Richard reluctantly arrests Megan for murder.
However, even with a full confession and a body, something still doesn't sit right with Richard.

Episode 5: (Nov/22/2011)
The transportation of a prisoner back to Saint-Marie on the local ferry ends in disaster after the prisoner, Leon Hamilton, is murdered on the way. Things wouldn't have been so bad for Richard if he wasn't handcuffed to the man in question on the way. Selwyn Patterson finds it hard to believe that neither Richard nor the prison guard Vincent Carter saw what happened. The team are told by Richard to discover who exactly Leon Hamilton was. The soon find out that he had many enemies as he ripped off many people out of money when he sold them bits of Paradise Beach.

Episode 6: (Nov/29/2011)
Richard has been struck down with a tropical disease and with Camille in Paris, Dwayne and Fidel are left to solve the case of murder of a local diver called Benjamin Lightfoot. Benjamin was last seen by his boss Phil Owen and Dwayne going diving following a night of heavy drinking. Benjamin's dead body in discovered in shallow waters amd Dwayne notices some odd marks on Benjamin's chest. After testing Benjamin's air gauge, Dwayne finds out that the tank is still full of air and that he has been murdered.

Episode 7: (Dec/06/2011)
Richard witnesses the darker side of show business after a comeback concert ends in a very public murder. He is forced to conquer his fear of snakes to find the killer.

Episode 8: (Dec/13/2011)
Dwayne meets a girl called Nadia Selim following a night out at Catherine’s bar and they end up sharing coffee at her house. Dwayne’s good mood the following morning after Richard reveals that his police warrant card was found at the scene of a murder crime and that Nadia has been murdered.



Season 2

Episode 1: (Jan/08/2013)
DI Poole is beginning to cope with the tropical climate of Sainte-Marie. After the owner of a former sugar plantation, Roger Seymour, is found with a machete in his back, Poole and the team have an impossible case to try and solve.

Episode 2: (Jan/15/2013)
After a young nun is discovered dead in her smoke-filled bedroom, DI Richard Poole and his team are soon called in to investigate. What looks like a tragic accident caused by a lit cigarette soon turns into a murder investigation after Richard works out that the nun didn’t smoke the cigarette that killed her.

Episode 3: (Jan/22/2013)
A body is discovered floating in the pool of a luxury cosmetic clinic and manages to present a complex case for DI Poole’s team to try and crack.

Episode 4: (Jan/29/2013)
DI Poole and his team find themselves becoming involved in a mysterious plot of pirates and ancient myths after a treasure hunter is found murdered in the jungle.

Episode 5: (Feb/05/2013)
Camille is upset when her best friend, Aimee, a singer on a Caribbean party boat, collapses while on stage after a night of music and cocktails. Aimee shockingly then dies in Camille’s arms and it looks like that she has been poisoned.

Episode 6: (Feb/12/2013)
After a British tourist is discovered dead in her luxury villa, strangled by her own scarf, it initially looks like that a robbery has gone wrong. Richard notices though that the situation is similar to a case he heard about back in London.

Episode 7: (Feb/19/2013)
As Hurricane Irma comes close to hitting Saint Marie, the islanders are battening down the hatches. The team are needed at a murder scene of a young meteorologist called Leo Downs.

Episode 8: (Feb/26/2013)
After a shot is fired at a charity fundraiser, Malcolm Powell is discovered dead in his study. Malcolm’s PA, Vicky believes that she knows who the culprit is, a mystery man named Jack Roberts who had an appointment with Malcolm and was seen arriving and then fleeing the scene of the crime. After Richard and his team attempt to locate the suspect, they discover his abandoned car nearby with no clues as to his whereabouts or motive for wanting to kill Malcolm.



Season 3

Episode 1: (Jan/14/2014)
Richard is joined on the island by a few of his old university friends who are there for a reunion, but things turn sour after one of the group is brutally murdered with an ice pick.

Episode 2: (Jan/21/2014)
After a stand-in working on the set of a zombie movie dies on set, Humphrey and the team are called to investigate.

Episode 3: (Jan/28/2014)
DI Goodman and the team investigate after an old school friend of Fidel’s, Carlton Parish, is discovered shot dead at his home.

Episode 4: (Feb/04/2014)
DI Goodman and the team investigate the death of air stewardess Natasha Thiebert at a local hotel, who looks to have been poisoned whilst the crew had an overnight stay on the island.

Episode 5: (Feb/11/2014)
The team find themselves being drawn into the world of political scandal after Saint Marie’s Commerce Minister, Jacob Doran, is discovered shot dead in his home.

Episode 6: (Feb/18/2014)
A group of birdwatchers find one of their crew murdered so DI Banks and the team are called in to investigate. They soon discover that all of the witnesses were looking at each other when the crime was committed. Dwayne soon realises the only thing they can do to crack the case is go undercover.

Episode 7: (Feb/25/2014)
Alexander Jackson a owner of a neighbouring island is shot dead at a party. DI Goodman and his team are called into investigate. With only one property on the island and a one way access via a jetty the suspects could only be those at the party. But only one of the suspects has an alibi.

Episode 8: (Mar/04/2014)
DI Goodman and the team are called in to investigate the suicide of retired surgeon, Emma Redding. The case seems straightforward with an empty packet of sleeping tablets and the door found bolted from the inside, however it soon becomes apparent that the case isn't perhaps as open and shut as was first believed. Emma's friends soon become witnesses as the team believe she was in fact poisoned.

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Season 4

Episode 1: (Jan/08/2015)
When the owner of a rum distillery is murdered during a seance, all the clues point to the prime suspect being a ghost as Commissioner Selwyn steps in to help them.

Episode 2: (Jan/15/2015)
Jake Peters is discovered shot dead in his workshop and with his chain and watch missing it looks like a robbery gone wrong. With the door locked from the inside though and no other way in, Humphrey thinks that there is more to the case than it first looked.

Episode 3: (Jan/22/2015)
When the President of The Saint Marie Heritage Society, dies whilst re-enacting the French invasion of the island with other members of the society, it initially seems that he has experienced an extreme reaction, but when the lab reports prove that there was poison in the stew, the case becomes a murder investigation.

Episode 4: (Jan/29/2015)
After a would be bride is killed on the last night of her hen party, DI Goodman attempts to unravel a murder case that looks impossible.

Episode 5: (Feb/05/2015)
The lead singer of rock band The Flowers Of Progress, is found electrocuted in the band’s swimming pool. The group were on the island to record their reunion album and with a major sponsorship deal hanging in the balance, tensions within the group increase.

Episode 6: (Feb/12/2015)
As the island celebrates making it through to the finals of the Inter-Island Volleyball Championships, DI Goodman and the rest of the team are under pressure to discover who killed one of the players taking part.

Episode 7: (Feb/19/2015)
Annette Burgess, the owner of a boutique travel website, is discovered dead in her hotel room while on an outdoor team-building getaway with her team. Humphrey and the team find it hard to find a motive.

Episode 8: (Feb/26/2015)
Jack Harmer is discovered shot dead whilst in police custody. With security tight including three locked doors and Dwayne and JP on the scene, how did a killer manage to commit the crime.