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About LUCAN (UK) & Episode Guides

About LUCAN (UK) & Episode Guides

Lucan (UK) Premiered on ITV on December 11, 2013

About the Show:
Lucan is a drama series based on the life of flamboyant aristocrat, Lord Lucan, written by Jeff Pope. The series stars Rory Kinnear as Lucan with Christopher Eccleston playing John Aspinall.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Catherine McCormackCountess of Lucan
Christopher EcclestonJohn Aspinall
Gemma JonesDowager Countess
Jane LapotaireSusie Maxwell Scott
Leanne BestSandra Rivett
Michael GambonBurke
Paul FreemanJohn Pearson
Rory KinnearLord Lucan
Rupert EvansDominic Elwes

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Season 1

Episode 1: (Dec/11/2013)
Lucan’s exploits as a member of the infamous Clermont set are followed as is his marriage collapse to Veronica, the Countess of Lucan. He becomes obsessed with regaining custody of his children.

Episode 2: (Dec/18/2013)
After Lucan hears his wife, Veronica, coming down the stairs he attacks her. With the body of Sandra Rivett in the kitchen, he attempts to persuade his wife to commit suicide but she makes a run for it and informs the police. Lucan goes on the run and hides out with Susie Maxwell-Scott in Sussex. He lies to her about what has happened and writes two letters. The following morning he leaves and is never seen again. Aspinall attempts to establish what has happened to Lucan and despatches Dominic Elwes to visit Veronica in hospital and make sure that she does not say anything against her husband to the police. A national manhunt ends up being launched by the police. Lucan is found guilty in absentia for Sandra's murder. John Pearson’s enquiries hit a dead end but fate intervenes after Susie contacts him. She is dying and has decided it is time to tell the truth about what she thinks happened.