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About THE SPOILS OF BABYLON & Episode Guides

About THE SPOILS OF BABYLON & Episode Guides

The Spoils of Babylon Premiered on IFC on January 09, 2014

About the Show:
The Spoils of Babylon is a television adaptation of a best-selling epic novel by fictional famous author Eric Jonrosh (played by Ferrell) and features an ensemble cast. The blowsy century-spanning saga chronicles the sexy and dramatic lives of a family who made their fortune in the oil business. IFC has ordered six, half-hour episodes to premiere in late 2013. "This is a crazy and maybe even a stupid idea," says Will Ferrell. "IFC is either really courageous or really stupid which makes them the perfect partner for us," he added. In the vein of The Thorn Birds and Winds of War, the epic story of The Spoils of Babylon spans three generations, taking viewers from the oil fields of Texas to boardrooms in New York City, through world war battlefields and velvet sheeted bedrooms. As the story unfolds, the booze, the passion and the heartache lead to illegal arms deals and international espionage with the Shah of Iran not to mention the creation of the doomed sub-prime market.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Kristen WiigCynthia Morehouse
Tobey MaguireDevon Morehouse
Tim RobbinsJonas Morehouse
Carey MulliganLady Anne York
Jessica AlbaDixie Mellonworth
Haley Joel OsmentWinston Morehouse
Molly ShannonMeredith Sennheiser
Michael SheenChet Halner
David SpadeTalc Munson
Val KilmerGeneral Cauliffe
Steve TomGeneral Maddoxton
Will FerrellEric Jonrosh

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Season 1

Episode 1: The Foundling (Jan/09/2014)
In this thrilling mini-series by Eric Jonrosh featuring oil, war, and incest, adopted foundling Devon is taken in by oilman Jonas Morehouse. While Jonas strikes it rich and builds his empire, Devon tastes the fruit of forbidden temptation with Jonas' daughter Cynthia.

Episode 2: The War Within (Jan/09/2014)
Devon returns from the war a changed man... and with a new wife, much to Cynthia's shock. Meanwhile, a dying Jonas shows his adopted son his legacy to the world.

Episode 3: Kicking the Habit (Jan/16/2014)
Cynthia murders the highly combustible Lady Anne, only to discover that grief has driven Devon further away from her than ever. She seeks out her adopted brother and helps him to break his drug habit, but Devon must face fresh tragedy when his father summons him for his dying message.

Episode 4: The Rise of the Empire (Jan/23/2014)
The success of the Morehouse Conglomeration impacts the business and romantic relationship between Devon and Cynthia and leads to a showdown.

Episode 5: The Age of the Bastard (Jan/30/2014)
Cynthia goes to Devon's oceanographic institute and encounters Dixie Melonworth, who has designs on Devon. Meanwhile, Cynthia's son Winston, now running the family conglomerate, sets in motion a dastardly scheme.

Episode 6: So Sweet the Bells (Feb/06/2014)
In the series finale, a vengeful Winston attempts to bring down the family and sees the annual Christmas party as his best chance.