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About SIRENS & Episode Guides

About SIRENS & Episode Guides

Sirens Premiered on USA on March 06, 2014

About the Show:
From the distinct comedic point of view of Denis Leary (RESCUE ME) and Bob Fisher (WEDDING CRASHERS), SIRENS follows three of Chicago’s best EMTs whose sometimes silly, self-righteous and even self-destructive personalities make them unqualified for sustaining relationships, friendships and most occupations. They are, however, uniquely qualified for saving anyone who winds up in their ambulance. Johnny (Michael Mosley) is a good-looking, sports-loving, Chicago EMT working with his best friend Hank (Kevin Daniels). Brian (Kevin Bigley) is a wide-eyed and excitable new EMT who still lives with his parents. Jessica McNamee will play the female lead, Theresa, a smart female cop with the Chicago PD who still loves her ex Johnny, but ultimately had to move on when he wouldn’t commit.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Michael MosleyJohnny Farrell
Kevin DanielsHank St. Clare
Kevin BigleyBrian Czyk
Jessica McNameeTheresa Kelly

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Season 1

Episode 1: Pilot (Mar/06/2014)
Johnny and Hank are assigned newbie Brian, who they delight in torturing. Johnny decides to spy on Theresa, whom he cannot commit to andis taking a "break" from.

Episode 2: A Bitch Named Karma (Mar/06/2014)
Johnny and Hank decide to teach a CPR class to kids as a way of building up good karma. The plan seems to have immediate benefits as they receive prime football tickets as thanks from a victim, but things quickly go awry.

Episode 3: Rachel McAdams Topless (Mar/13/2014)
Trying to be good guys, the guys return to a patient's house to clear the history from his computer and end up seeing something that may scar them for life. The situation reminds Johnny that the iPad he loaned to Theresa has porn on it.

Episode 4: Famous Last Words (Mar/20/2014)
After losing a man that reminds Johnny of his estranged father, Johnny decides to reconnect. Meanwhile, Brian is touched by the dying man's last words and is determined to delivery them in person.

Episode 5: Alcohol Related Injury (Mar/27/2014)
Johnny and Theresa decide to be "friends with benefits", despite the other EMTs misgivings. Brian treats a victim impaled with a lawn jart, bringing him closer to completing his EMT bucket list.

Episode 6: The Finger (Apr/03/2014)
Johnny decides the time is right for Theresa to meet his father, but his dad has one more surprise for him. Brian looks to get closer to Voodoo despite Johnny and Hank's warnings. Hank asks Cash to be his wingman at dinner with his mother.

Episode 7: Till Jeff Do Us Part (Apr/10/2014)
Hank gets invited to the wedding of an ex and Johnny gives him his support. Theresa and Brian attend the wedding to get the scoop for Hank and end up in an unusual confrontation.

Episode 8: Itsy Bitsy Spider (Apr/17/2014)
Hank inadvertently reveals his fear of spiders, which starts a flurry of practical jokes taking advantage of everyone's personal fears.

Episode 9: There's No "I'' in Cream (Apr/24/2014)
The veteran EMTs lecture a class of prospective EMTs. Various stories are told which includes Johnny's tale of the missing last donut.

Episode 10: Shotgun Wedding (May/01/2014)
An injury while on patrol causes Theresa to consider her future and her long time plans to work for the FBI in Washington. Worried that he is losing her, Johnny proposes.



Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 2x01: Superdick (Jan/27/2015)
After saving a landlord with a nut allergy, Johnny finds the perfect apartment to share with Theresa; Brian tries to understand his relationship with Voodoo.

Episode 2x02: Johnny Nightingale (Jan/27/2015)
Johnny deals with an overly grateful patient, while Brian decides to take an injured young woman to her prom.

Episode 2x03: Briandipity (Feb/03/2015)
The guys think about ideas of fate and serendipity after random events happen.

Episode 2x04: Transcendual (Feb/03/2015)
The guys treat an overly-ambitious gym rat; Johnny and Hank get free passes at a health club; Voodoo tests Brian's limits.

Episode 2x05: All the Single Ladies (Feb/10/2015)
Johnny and Hank are forced to ride along on Brian's first night shift.

Episode 2x06: Screw the One Percent (Feb/24/2015)
Johnny must deal with his prejudice against rich, white men when Hank begins dating his landlord.

Episode 2x07: Let Pythons Be Pythons (Mar/03/2015)
A car crash at a firehouse sees an unusual passenger being released. Theresa and Maeve are accompanied by Billy.

Episode 2x08: Hypocritical Oath (Mar/10/2015)
After they save a local mobster, Brian tries to get the guys to makes some changes in the rig, Hank considers the worst person he's ever helped, and Billy goes looking for his old pony.

Episode 2x09: Charbroiled (Mar/17/2015)
A drunken fight between some sports fans reverberates at a family barbecue.

Episode 2x10: Balls (Mar/24/2015)
Things get mixed up when Johnny, Theresa, Billy, and Maeve start playing tennis together, Cash helps Hank shop for his mom's birthday, and Brian subs for Cash and rides along with Voodoo and Stats.

Episode 2x11: Six Feet Over/Under (Mar/31/2015)
After Johnny's father slips into a coma, his mother places bets on when he will pass away.

Episode 2x12: No Love (Apr/07/2015)
Johnny wants the team to revive an old program to earn some respect for EMTs.

Episode 2x13: Sub-Primal Fears (Apr/14/2015)
The guys treat a man who fears hospitals. In other events, Brian confronts his fear of moving out; and Johnny has a fear realized when Billy temporarily moves in with him and Theresa.

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