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About MATADOR & Episode Guides

About MATADOR & Episode Guides

Matador Premiered on Elreynetwork on July 15, 2014

About the Show:
Matador stars Tony Bravo, a DEA agent from East LA who’s recruited by the CIA to investigate the LA Riot by going undercover as one of their players. Tony will need the espionage skills to impress his handlers and fast footwork on the pitch, or The Beautiful Game could end in sudden death. Robert Rodriguez directs the pilot.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Gabriel LunaAntonio “Matador” Bravo
Nicky WhelanAnnie Mason
Neil HopkinsNoah Peacott
Alfred MolinaAndres Galan
Tanc SadeAlec Holester
Louis Ozawa ChangchienSamuel
Jude CiccolellaCoach Ernest MacDonald
Peter GadiotCaesar
Elena SatineMargot Atkins
Elizabeth PeñaMaritza Sandoval
Isabella GomezCristina Sandoval
Jessalyn WanlimKilka Suratt
Jessica JeanLana
Kate BondIvy
Yvette MonrealSenna Galan

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Season 1

Episode 1: Quid Go Pro (Jul/15/2014)
Tony Bravo, a DEA agent from East LA, is recruited by a little-known branch of the CIA for a top-secret mission: investigate the LA Riot—a professional soccer team—by going undercover as one of their players. Tony will need the espionage skills to impress his handlers and some fast footwork to make the team, or The Beautiful Game could end in sudden death. Is Tony in for the win?

Episode 2: The Naked and the Dead (Jul/22/2014)
The codes stolen from Gideon Khan’s tablet allow the team to track a hired assassin known as “The Apothecary” via Andrès Galan's satellite network. Tony must find a way to protect the target,  while juggling his new teammates, his family, and most of all: the truth.

Episode 3: Idol Worship (Jul/29/2014)
After gaining new intel regarding Margot, Tony accompanies her to an auction where she’s set to go head-to-head with Galan in a bidding war, allowing him and Galan to reach a new level of understanding. Meanwhile, persistent reporter Reyna Flores is one step closer to unraveling the mystery that is Tony Bravo.

Episode 4: Code Red Card (Aug/05/2014)
A recurring dream from Tony’s past coincides with his debut on the LA Riot, which is quickly compromised when he needs to rescue Galan’s troublemaking daughter, Senna, from harm. As Tony races against time, both on the field and off, Annie and Noah realize something about Galan that could be a game changer.

Episode 5: Enter The Worm (Aug/12/2014)
Whisked away on Galan’s private jet, Tony, Holester, and Caesar touchdown in Nicaragua, a world run by a drug cartel leader known as “The Worm,” where the stakes are high and the death rate is higher. Aided by an old DEA friend, Tony finds himself in a brutal futsal game where the prize is more than just walking away with your life.

Episode 6: Misanthropology (Aug/19/2014)
Tony’s focus is shifted from soccer back to the mission when Galan entrusts him to deliver a package. But where Tony goes, Reyna follows. Elsewhere, the link between the auction and Nicaragua becomes clear when the CIA rescues an anthropology professor with insight into pre-Olmec civilizations.

Episode 7: Mano A Mano (Aug/26/2014)
Guess who’s coming to Cristina’s quinceañera? Andrés Galan, meet the Sandovals. The same can’t be said for Tony, who is forced to bail and put the mission over his family when a member of the team gets taken by Samuel. Not even a Riot tie can soften the fallout from this joyous occasion.

Episode 8: Everything Old is New Again (Sep/02/2014)
The data seized from the mysterious medi-spa sends Tony and Annie on a manhunt to find the parties responsible for a devastating turn of events. While Galan becomes privy to the larger plan, Samuel dives deeper into Tony’s backstory, which leads him to the “wurst” kind of informant.

Episode 9: The Anguish of Rosarito (Sep/09/2014)
Is there anything worse than horrible in-flight service? Just ask the passengers who landed in San Francisco. Samuel's uncovering of Tony's past leaves the Matador and Galan at odds. Meanwhile, the CIA attempts to pick up the pieces after a domestic event.

Episode 10: Night of the Whale (Sep/16/2014)
The elephant in the room between Tony and Galan is a body in the trunk. Luckily for our Matador, the common ground reached is accompanied by answers. With no other options, the CIA must find a way to reach out to Sayer in hopes of pre-empting the next phase of his deadly plan.

Episode 11: Riot 'Til I Die (Sep/23/2014)
Galan is tasked with escorting a personal package to Sayer during a rematch between the LA Riot and the Austin Terror. The plan may have fatal consequences for one when Reyna Flores enters the mix, forcing Tony to make a call that will send him down a dangerous path.

Episode 12: Dead Dreaming in Bagan (Sep/30/2014)
When Tony wakes up behind enemy lines, it'll take a little help from the locals to uncover the truth behind Sayer's past and future. Annie and her team work to find their missing agent's whereabouts, while Galan tries to bounce back from the brink of death.

Episode 13: Mala Sangre (Oct/07/2014)
As Sayer’s endgame is finally revealed, Tony’s relationships with the CIA and his family will change forever