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About SAF3 & Episode Guides

About SAF3 & Episode Guides

SAF3 Premiered on Syndicated on September 23, 2013

About the Show:
SAF3 ((pronounced SAFE) is the number one new first-run syndicated action-hour on television.

SAF3 is an elite division of the Malibu Fire Department, consisting of the best of the best in the fields of sea, air and fire. They are the heroes who answer the most challenging calls. Specialists who collaborate, coordinate, and initiate daring rescues in the most dangerous venues to save human life.

Each episode centers on big-action rescues, as well as camaraderie and friendship. They are a team that serve and who have each other’s back.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Danielle AndersonKacie West
Dolph LundgrenJohn Eriksson
J.R. MartinezAlfonso Rivera
Jocelyn OsorioGraciela Vega
Katie MeehanCharley Frazer
Lydia HullLily Maddox
Texas BattleTexas Parker
Travis BurnsChase Robertson

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Season 1

Episode 1: Hero's Last Mission (Sep/21/2013)
Specialists in sea, air and fire-rescue operations come together to form an elite task force based in Southern California in premiere of this action-adventure series from the creator of "Baywatch."

Episode 2: In Remembrance (Sep/28/2013)
The SAF3 team lose their leader, however a reluctant hero steps in to take the reins of command.

Episode 3: Texas in a Bottle (Oct/05/2013)
The team is in peril after a daring underwater rescue goes awry.

Episode 4: Under Pressure (Oct/12/2013)
A trauma nurse joins the SAF3 team.

Episode 5: Faces (Oct/19/2013)
A member of the team copes with the aftermath of a serious burn injury with support from his coworkers.

Episode 6: I Can't Pretend (Oct/26/2013)
A member of the team is forced to face up to her greatest fear during a dangerous cliff rescue

Episode 7: Unknown Soldier (Nov/02/2013)
A team member is forced to confront her troubled past when she and a coworker are trapped by a desperate and potentially dangerous man.

Episode 8: Vigilance (Nov/09/2013)
Poison gas poses a deadly risk to the team.

Episode 9: Training Day (Nov/16/2013)
The team learn how to overcome their fears

Episode 10: Second Chances (Jan/18/2014)
The team fire Texas for reckless behavior; Charley feels responsible for losing a life and resigns as a lifeguard.

Episode 11: Sacrifices (Jan/25/2014)
Time is of the essence during a rescue operation involving human-trafficking victims trapped in a shipping container on the ocean floor.

Episode 12: Adrift (Feb/01/2014)
Time is of the essence during a rescue operation involving human-trafficking victims trapped in a shipping container on the ocean floor.

Episode 13: Barriers (Feb/08/2014)
Two members of the team end up trapped in a collapsed bomb shelter.

Episode 14: Let It Burn (Feb/15/2014)
The team are called upon to help firefighters battling a dangerous chemical blaze.

Episode 15: Finding Home (Feb/22/2014)
Eriksson travels to Cape Town, South Africa, to help Kacie search for her father, and ends up fighting a fire in a local township.

Episode 16: Father's Day (Mar/01/2014)
A member of the team is haunted by memories of the fire that took her father's life.

Episode 17: Who I Am (Apr/26/2014)
Texas, Graciela and Jared return to the scene of their near-fatal crash and investigate the helicopter wreckage.

Episode 18: Triumph Over Tragedy (May/03/2014)
The team mark the five-year anniversary of the fire that brought them together and changed their lives forever by sharing their recollections of the tragic event.

Episode 19: Smoke Pipe (May/10/2014)
The team risk their lives to save a diver trapped in an underwater intake pipe.

Episode 20: Independence Day (May/17/2014)
A busy July 4th pushes the team to the limit.