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About CRIMINAL MINDS & Episode Guides

About CRIMINAL MINDS & Episode Guides

To catch a criminal, you have to think like one.

Criminal Minds is a crime drama that follows the adventures of a team of profilers from the FBI's Behaviorial Analysis Unit at Quantico, Virginia.

The Behaviorial Analysis Unit is composed of an elite team of FBI profilers who analyze the country's most twisted criminal minds and anticipate their next moves before they strike again.

In this crime series, a crack team of FBI profilers flies from Quantico to the focal point of the criminal activity of various serial killers, to investigate the evidence on the crime scenes, compose a profile and try to prevent the next fatal strike. Top brain is the academic Jason Gideon, his more by-the-book operational right hand Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner; the still juvenile Dr. Spencer Reid is an erudite on everything except real life, Penelope Garcia a brilliant computer whiz who gets access to any database etc. As they are mobile, cooperation with local police and FBI agents is important but often poses jurisdictional and other problems, as do some witnesses and suspects.

Main Cast:
Real NameCharacter Name
Thomas GibsonAaron Hotchner
Joe MantegnaDavid Rossi (Season 3-)
Shemar MooreDerek Morgan
Matthew Gray GublerDr. Spencer Reid
A.J. CookJennifer 'JJ' Jareau
Kirsten VangsnessPenelope Garcia
Jeanne TripplehornAlex Blake (Season 8-)
Paget BrewsterEmily Prentiss (Season 2-7)
Mandy PatinkinJason Gideon (Season 1-2)
Lola GlaudiniElle Greenaway (Season 1-2)
Esai MoralesMatt Cruz (Season 9-)

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Criminal Minds Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Extreme Aggressor (Sep/22/2005)
After a fourth woman goes missing in Seattle in a period of four months, the BAU is brought in to track down the abductor before he kidnaps again. Meanwhile, SSA Aaron Hotchner is asked to evaluate SSA Jason Gideon secretly to determine if he is really ready to work full-time again after returning from a six-month leave of absence.

Episode 2: Compulsion (Sep/28/2005)
The team of investigators tries to capture a serial arsonist who has been terrorizing a college campus. Most of the evidence from the fires had been burned beyond recognition, so Gideon and the BAU must rely on psychological analysis to identify the firestarter.

Episode 3: Won't Get Fooled Again (Oct/05/2005)
Gideon and the BAU track down a copycat bomber who has been terrorizing a quiet community. They determine the bomber is mimicking Gideon's nemesis, Adrian Bale, the man responsible for murdering Gideon's team in Boston several years earlier.

Episode 4: Plain Sight (Oct/12/2005)
The BAU travels to San Diego to stop a rapist and murderer who commits his crimes in the middle of the day. The suspect appears to blend into the neighborhood so well the local authorities have been unable to capture him

Episode 5: Broken Mirror (Oct/19/2005)
The BAU investigates the kidnapping of a U.S. District Attorney's daughter and determines the kidnapper isn't seeking money - he is after her twin sister. The case becomes complicated because the kidnapper is always one step ahead of them.

Episode 6: L.D.S.K. (Nov/02/2005)
The BAU is asked to identify a killer who is shooting at victims in broad daylight, and the team works with local law enforcement officers to recreate one of the shootings.

Episode 7: The Fox (Nov/09/2005)
The BAU profiles a serial killer who takes families hostage and lives with them as a father figure during what is supposed to be their family vacations.

Episode 8: Natural Born Killer (Nov/16/2005)
When an undercover cop involved in a mob investigation goes missing, the BAU believes a serial killer rather than the mob has something to do with his disappearance. The probe leads to several unsolved missing persons cases.

Episode 9: Derailed (Nov/23/2005)
Elle, along with many others, is held hostage on a train in Texas by a paranoid schizophrenic who is convinced that the U.S. government is monitoring him. Hotchner and Gideon are forced to play into the man's fantasy to save the people he has taken hostage.

Episode 10: The Popular Kids (Nov/30/2005)
The BAU is called to investigate the murder of two small-town high school students who may have been victims of a cult killing. Based on the crime scene evidence, the team begins to believe it is possible that someone other than a cult member may be responsible.

Episode 11: Blood Hungry (Dec/14/2005)
While Gideon is sidelined on crutches at FBI headquarters, Hotchner and the BAU go to Tennessee in an attempt to get inside the mind of a psychotic killer whose disorganized and erratic fantasies lead him to murder.

Episode 12: What Fresh Hell? (Jan/11/2006)
When a young girl is abducted in broad daylight from a playground in a seemingly safe neighborhood, the BAU initially believes her father is responsible. When he is able to provide an alibi, the team is forced to look for clues near where the girl lives to determine who is really responsible.

Episode 13: Poison (Jan/18/2006)
The team travels to New Jersey where several people have been poisoned, one fatally, with LSD 10 times more potent than the street version.

Episode 14: Riding the Lightning (Jan/25/2006)
After interviewing a married couple sitting on death row for serial murder, Gideon suspects the woman is actually innocent. But since she's set to be executed in two days, it's a race against time to prove it.

Episode 15: Unfinished Business (Mar/01/2006)
A serial killer reappears after 20 years of silence and contacts the BAU through Gideon's retired mentor, who had made his life's work tracking the killer, with the promise he will kill another victim in the next five days.

Episode 16: The Tribe (Mar/08/2006)
When college students in New Mexico are found tortured and murdered in an unoccupied house, the BAU suspects a group of killers with a knowledge of Native American rituals is responsible.

Episode 17: A Real Rain (Mar/22/2006)
The BAU travels to New York City to investigate a series of murders that appear to have been committed by a vigilante who is exacting revenge on other criminals who have been released by the justice system.

Episode 18: Somebody's Watching (Mar/29/2006)
Reid finds himself in danger when he falls for a starlet whose stalker has turned into a killer.

Episode 19: Machismo (Apr/12/2006)
The BAU travels to Mexico to aid in the capture of a serial killer who has targeted elderly women.

Episode 20: Charm and Harm (Apr/19/2006)
The BAU works to capture a serial killer who has evaded capture by altering his appearance.

Episode 21: Secrets and Lies (May/03/2006)
The BAU works with the CIA to identify a mole within that organization whose leaks are putting operatives at risk.

Episode 22: The Fisher King (1) (May/10/2006)
While on their separate vacations, each member of the BAU receives a clue from a psychopathic killer who challenges them to save his next victim.



Criminal Minds Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1: The Fisher King (2) (Sep/20/2006)
The team continues to decipher the clues given to each of them by a psychopath in order to save his most recent victim. Gideon decides not to focus on the personal aspects of the case. Rather, he tells the team to profile the killer as they would in any other BAU investigation. Reid stays behind to work on a personal connection that could solve the case as one member of the team fights for life.

Episode 2: P911 (Sep/27/2006)
A young boy who had disappeared a year ago turns up for sale by a child pornographer on an online auction. A former profiler who now heads the FBI's Innocent Images Unit asks Gideon and the BAU to help her save the boy's life.

Episode 3: The Perfect Storm (Oct/04/2006)
The BAU has reason to believe a series of murders might have been committed by two people working as a team after the victims' families receive DVDs after each crime that includes psychological attacks.

Episode 4: Psychodrama (Oct/11/2006)
The BAU is called to investigate a series of bank robberies after it becomes evident the crimes are not based on money because the robber abuses his victims by forcing them to undress before he leaves the crime scene.

Episode 5: Aftermath (Oct/18/2006)
The BAU investigates a serial rapist who had been attacking young women at religious schools and stopped for six weeks. He has resumed his attacks, but is now targeting a different demographic of women. Elle makes a decision that could end her career with the BAU.

Episode 6: The Boogeyman (Oct/25/2006)
The BAU travels to Ozona, a small Texas community, to investigate the murders of children. Meanwhile, Elle is having readjustment issues after being shot, and Hotchner becomes worried about her when she misses a mandatory psych evaluation and isn't answering her cell phone.

Episode 7: North Mammon (Nov/01/2006)
After a man kidnaps three teenaged girls and locks them in a cellar, he tells them only two of them will live and they must choose which one will die. The BAU takes the case when the mother of one of the girls travels to Quantico to ask JJ to intercede with the FBI on the girls' behalf.

Episode 8: Empty Planet (Nov/08/2006)
The BAU travels to Seattle to identify and catch a serial bomber who has been terrorizing the city and targeting centers of automated techology. Working with the author of a science fiction novel that has become a guide for the bomber, the team attempts to determine why certain sites have been chosen as targets.

Episode 9: The Last Word (Nov/15/2006)
The daughter of high-powered diplomats, Special Agent Emily Prentiss joins the team, and she must convince Gideon and Hotchner she deserves the job based on merit and not on her family connections. The BAU is then called to St. Louis to investigate two serial killers who appear to be competing with each other. By setting a trap based on one killer's profile, the team creates a media event by which to capture the second killer.

Episode 10: Lessons Learned (Nov/22/2006)
Gideon, Reid and Prentiss travel to Guantanamo Bay to interrogate the leader of a terror sleeper cell being detained there after a chemical weapons dispersal device is discovered during a raid at a suspicious house. Working with Reid, Emily's fluency in Arabic proves to be useful as they scrutinize the suspect.

Episode 11: Sex, Birth, Death (Nov/29/2006)
The BAU is called to investigate the serial murders of prostitutes in Washington, D.C., and suspect a teenager is guilty of the crimes. The case becomes complicated when a congresswoman about to make a speech to praise the city's lower crime rate threatens to take away the case if Hotch calls a press conference to discuss it.

Episode 12: Profiler, Profiled (Dec/13/2006)
Morgan is arrested as a serial killer after he goes home to Chicago to visit his family. Because the detective making the arrest had used a profile provided by Gideon, the team travels to Chicago to help the local authorities find the real killer and exonerate Morgan.

Episode 13: No Way Out (1) (Jan/17/2007)
Gideon is pitted against the scariest and most evil murderer in his entire career. When the BAU confronts the sadistic killer in a remote diner in the Nevada desert, the local authorities want to move quickly and make an arrest. But Gideon bides his time as he attempts to persuade the man, who has sworn not be captured, to reveal the whereabouts of a woman he is holding hostage.

Episode 14: The Big Game (Feb/04/2007)
In this special two-part episode, the BAU is called to investigate after a wealthy couple is murdered in their home following a Super Bowl party. The team pursues what they believe might be multiple killers who use webcams to record murders and upload the tapes on the internet. Hotchner, Morgan and Prentiss soon discover the unsub is actually one man with multiple personalities. As they close in on the killer, Reid faces a life-threatening situation.

Episode 15: Revelations (Feb/07/2007)
In this conclusion of a special two-part episode, finding the serial killer becomes critical to the BAU when the team realizes Reid is being held captive and a live feed of him being tortured is shown on the internet. Meanwhile, Reid's troubled childhood is revealed in flashback sequences as he drifts in and out of consciousness.

Episode 16: Fear and Loathing (Feb/14/2007)
The BAU becomes involved to prevent a possible race riot when the murder of four young black women in a mostly white New York suburb appear to be hate crimes.

Episode 17: Distress (Feb/21/2007)
The BAU travels to Houston to investigate a series of murders that have occurred near construction sites and abandoned buildings. Because the murders appear to be random, the team believes the killer could be a homeless person. Meanwhile, everyone is noticing an apparent change in Reid's behaviour.

Episode 18: Jones (Feb/28/2007)
A case involving a serial killer believed to be copying Jack the Ripper takes Gideon to New Orleans after three victims are found with their throats cut. Once thought to have been killed in Hurricane Katrina, the discovery of a fourth victim in the French Quarter confirms the murderer is still alive. All the evidence and files had been lost in the flood, so the only clue the team has is the word "Jones" that the lead detective wrote on the wall just before he drowned. Meanwhile, Reid meets up with an old rival as he continues to struggle with the aftermath of being held hostage.

Episode 19: Ashes and Dust (Mar/21/2007)
A serial arsonist who targets the homes of upper-middle-class families as they sleep is investigated. The BAU determines the arson victims are linked together through corporate development companies that have been accused of building on contaminated land.

Episode 20: Honor Among Thieves (Apr/11/2007)
Elizabeth Prentiss, a foreign ambassador and SSA Emily Prentiss' mother, seeks the aid of the BAU when a Russian immigrant is kidnapped and held for ransom.

Episode 21: Open Season (May/02/2007)
The BAU is called to investigate after the bodies of missing people are discovered in a remote region of the Idaho wilderness. The gruesome find also leads the team to determine the unsubs have been hunting humans for sport.

Episode 22: Legacy (May/09/2007)
When homeless persons begin going missing mysteriously from the streets in Kansas City, a local detective calls the BAU to investigate the disappearances.

Episode 23: No Way Out (2): The Evilution of Frank (May/16/2007)
When the prolific serial killer Frank returns and murders Gideon's girlfriend, Gideon takes off to find him without telling the team where he is going. The BAU must then profile Gideon as well as Frank to find both of them.



Criminal Minds Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Doubt (Sep/26/2007)
The team investigates a serial killer who is targeting women at a small college in Flagstaff, Arizona. The BAU shuts down the campus, creates a detailed profile of the unsub, and arrests a suspect. However, the team members begin to have doubts about themselves when another woman is killed while the suspect is in custody.

Episode 2: In Birth and Death (Oct/03/2007)
With Gideon missing, and Hotch and Prentiss off the team, the BAU investigates one of its most difficult cases yet as the remaining agents track a serial killer in Milwaukee who abducts women in public places by using his son as bait.

Episode 3: Scared to Death (Oct/10/2007)
The BAU travels to Portland to assist local authorities in investigating the disappearances of people who are new to the city and have no strong social ties. All the clues lead to a psychiatrist who may be using his patients' worst fears to murder them.

Episode 4: Children of the Dark (Oct/17/2007)
When home invasions involve the murder of entire families, the BAU is called to Denver to identify the killers who possibly have been abused while in foster care.

Episode 5: Seven Seconds (Oct/24/2007)
The investigation turns to the family as the BAU and local authorities race against time to locate a young girl who has disappeared from a shopping mall in Potomac Mills, Virginia

Episode 6: About Face (Oct/31/2007)
The BAU travels to Dallas to assist in the search for a murderer who scares his victims with "missing" flyers that display the soon-to-be victims' photos. Also, SSA David Rossi returns to the BAU from retirement.

Episode 7: Identity (Nov/07/2007)
The BAU is called to Montana to investigate the case of three kidnapped and murdered women. When another woman disappears, the search leads to a man who has apparently assumed the identity of his partner who committed suicide.

Episode 8: Lucky (Nov/14/2007)
In the first of a two-part story, the BAU pursues a cannibalistic serial killer in Bridgewater, Florida, that leads Morgan to a crisis in his faith. Garcia believes she has met her dream man, but her first date with him doesn't go exactly as she had expected.

Episode 9: Penelope (Nov/21/2007)
As Garcia fights for her life in this conclusion of a two-part episode, the BAU's search for her attacker leads the unit to believe the assailant could be someone close to the investigation.

Episode 10: True Night (Nov/28/2007)
The BAU and local authorities in Los Angeles investigate gang-related serial killings that might possibly involve a famous comic book artist.

Episode 11: Birthright (Dec/12/2007)
The new sheriff in Fredericksburg, Virginia, requests the BAU's assistance in the investigation of a series of mutilation murders that appear to mimic similar crimes that had occurred over two decades earlier.

Episode 12: 3rd Life (Jan/09/2008)
When one teenager is found murdered and her best friend is abducted in Chula Vista, California, the BAU must profile the killer and find him before he kills the other teen.

Episode 13: Limelight (Jan/23/2008)
After the contents of a self-storage unit purchased at an auction take the BAU to Philadelphia to investigate a series of murders, the local agent becomes the center of the case. To catch the killer, the team must profile the items inside the unit.

Episode 14: Damaged (Apr/02/2008)
Rossi goes to Indianapolis to continue his investigation into the two unsolved murders that have plagued him for 20 years, and he is joined by Prentiss, JJ, and Morgan when they learn about the case. Meanwhile, Hotchner and Reid interview a death-row inmate in a Connecticut prison.

Episode 15: A Higher Power (Apr/09/2008)
The BAU is called to Pittsburgh after an unusually high suicide rate appears to be the work of an Angel of Death.

Episode 16: Elephant's Memory (Apr/16/2008)
The BAU is called to West Bune, a small town in Texas, to investigate what appears to be spree killings that involve a teenage boy and his girlfriend.

Episode 17: In Heat (Apr/30/2008)
The BAU is called to Miami to investigate a serial killer who appears to have a conflicted sexual identity. Meanwhile, JJ's secret is revealed.

Episode 18: The Crossing (May/07/2008)
The team members try to identify a stalker before he can attack a woman who is being stalked in Silver Spring, Maryland. Meanwhile, Hotch and Rossi are called as consultants on a possible battered woman syndrome murder case in Boston.

Episode 19: Tabula Rasa (May/14/2008)
After a suspected serial killer wakes up from a coma, the BAU reopens the case and uses brain fingerprinting to determine if he really doesn't remember the crimes that had been committed four years earlier in Roanoke, Virginia.

Episode 20:  Lo-Fi (May/21/2008)
The BAU faces one of its toughest cases when the team is called to New York City to determine if a series of random shootings is the work of one serial killer or a team of killers working together.



Criminal Minds Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Mayhem (Sep/24/2008)
Summary:After a bomb explodes an SUV that is carrying BAU members, the rest of the team fights to save their colleagues and to apprehend the terrorists responsible for the mayhem

Episode 2: The Angel Maker (Oct/01/2008)
Summary:After a series of murders is connected to a serial killer who had been executed a year ago, the BAU must find the link to the current crimes

Episode 3: Minimal Loss (Oct/08/2008)
After Prentiss and Reid go undercover to investigate alleged child abuse at the compound of an underground cult, they are taken hostage when a federal raid on the fortress goes bad.

Episode 4: Paradise (Oct/22/2008)
The BAU joins the manhunt to catch a serial killer who conceals the manner of his crimes by staging car accidents.

Episode 5: Catching Out (Oct/29/2008)
The BAU investigates a series of murders that appear to be connected to a killer who jumps trains and chooses his victims based on their proximity to the railway.

Episode 6: The Instincts (Nov/05/2008)
When a young boy is kidnapped in Las Vegas, Reid begins to have dreams that force him recall forgotten memories from his childhood as he investigates the case

Episode 7: Memorian (Nov/12/2008)
As Reid's investigation of a young boy's murder in Las Vegas continues, he discovers possible connections to his own past.

Episode 8: Masterpiece (Nov/19/2008)
When a narcissistic psychopath confesses he has killed seven people and more will die, the team must locate his latest victims before it is too late

Episode 9: 52 Pickup (Nov/26/2008)
Emily Prentiss and Jordan Todd go undercover in Atlanta to profile a serial killer who has perfected his skill as a pick-up artist and uses his masculine prowess to lure his next victims.

Episode 10: Brothers in Arms (Dec/10/2008)
As a former uniform cop, Morgan takes it personally when a serial killer specifically targets officers on the police force in Phoenix, Arizona.

Episode 11: Normal (Dec/17/2008)
The BAU is called to assist local law enforcement in catching a serial killer, dubbed the "Road Warrior" by the media, who is shooting blonde women as they drive along freeways in Orange County, California. The case is complicated because the heinous acts appear to be at random and the shooter is described as looking normal. Meanwhile, JJ brings her new baby to the BAU headquarters to introduce him to the team.

Episode 12: Soul Mates (Jan/14/2009)
When a young woman in an affluent community in Sarasota, Florida, disappears, the BAU suspects she may have been taken hostage by the partner of a pair of serial killers.

Episode 13: Bloodline (Jan/21/2009)
The BAU is called to Alabama when young women are being abducted by what appears to be a family working together.

Episode 14: Cold Comfort (Feb/11/2009)
The mother of an abducted child works with the BAU in Seattle to identify a serial killer who kidnaps, murders, and embalms his victims.

Episode 15: Zoe's Reprise (Feb/18/2009)
The local authorities in Cleveland enlist the help of the BAU to assist in the pursuit of a serial killer who appears to be copying the methods used by famous murderers from the past.

Episode 16: Pleasure Is My Business (Feb/25/2009)
The BAU is called to Dallas to investigate when a serial killer lures and kills high-powered executives by posing as a high-class call girl.

Episode 17: Demonology (Mar/11/2009)
The BAU investigates a series of deaths involving possible exorcisms in the Washington area that appear to be sanctioned by the Vatican, and SSA Emily Prentiss finds herself personally involved in the case.

Episode 18: Omnivore (Mar/18/2009)
The BAU travels to Boston when the serial killer from one of Agent Hotchner's first cases, which involved one of the most notorious murderers in the history of New England, returns after 10 years.

Episode 19: House on Fire (Mar/25/2009)
The BAU is summoned to Indiana by local authorities when a serial arsonist threatens the residents of Royal by setting fire to community meeting places that kills many people.

Episode 20: Conflicted (Apr/08/2009)
The BAU is called to Texas to investigate a serial killer who is targeting vacationing students on spring break on South Padre Island.

Episode 21: A Shade of Gray (Apr/22/2009)
During an investigation of a series of child abductions and murders in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, the BAU concludes the possibility that the last murder may not be the work of the suspect who had been apprehended.

Episode 22: The Big Wheel (Apr/29/2009)
When a serial killer in Buffalo sends a videotape of one of his crimes to the BAU, the team discovers a message from the murderer that begs for help in stopping the killing.

Episode 23: Roadkill (May/06/2009)
Local authorities summon the assistance of the BAU after a series of homicides occur that appear to have been caused by a serial killer's car near Bend, Oregon.

Episode 24: Amplification (May/13/2009)
The BAU responds quickly after a serial killer releases a new strain of a deadly anthrax virus in Annapolis that threatens the public and puts a member of the team at risk.

Episode 25: To Hell...And Back (1) (May/20/2009)
In one of its most difficult cases, the BAU is called to Detroit to help track down a serial killer who forces the team into Canada to catch him.

Episode 26: To Hell...And Back (2) (May/20/2009)
The BAU continues its search for a serial killer who has forced the team into Canada to catch him. Meanwhile, a team member may have become the target of a killer from the past.



Criminal Minds Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Faceless, Nameless (Sep/23/2009)
As Rossi, Morgan and JJ profile a killer who is targeting an emergency room doctor, Prentiss realizes that Hotch is missing.

Episode 2: Haunted (Sep/30/2009)
The BAU is called to Louisville to help local authorities determine what caused a disturbed man to have a psychotic break at a pharmacy and murder several customers before fleeing the scene. The team must catch him before he kills anyone else.

Episode 3: Reckoner (Oct/07/2009)
SSA David Rossi's personal and professional life is brought to the forefront when the BAU is called to investigate a case in Commack, Long Island, Agent Rossi's hometown.

Episode 4: Hopeless (Oct/14/2009)
The BAU investigates a group of suspects with a pack mentality who are randomly selecting their victims in the nation's capital and murdering them for the thrill of it.

Episode 5: Cradle to Grave (Oct/21/2009)
The BAU travels to Albuquerque to investigate the case of a serial killer who impregnates young women and murders them after they have given birth.

Episode 6: The Eyes Have It (Nov/04/2009)
The BAU is called to Oklahoma City to help local authorities track a serial killer who removes the eyes of his murder victims and keeps the eyes as souvenirs.

Episode 7: The Performer (Nov/11/2009)
The BAU is called to Los Angeles to investigate a series of killings that lead to a Goth rock star who appears to have become lost in the creepy alter-ego he portrays when he is on stage.

Episode 8: Outfoxed (Nov/18/2009)
While investigating a series of murders of entire families in Hampton, Virginia, the BAU is forced to visit Red Onion Supermax Prison to seek advice from one of the most atrocious killers from the team's past, nicknamed "The Fox," who delivers a portentous message to Agent Hotchner.

Episode 9: 100 (Nov/25/2009)
When The Reaper returns to Washington for a final showdown, the team works frantically to catch him before he reaches SSA Hotchner's family.

Episode 10: The Slave of Duty (Dec/09/2009)
While Agent Hotchner takes a leave of absence to contemplate his future with the BAU, the team is called to investigate a home invasion case in Nashville without him.  

Episode 11: Retaliation (Dec/16/2009)
After an ex-convict makes a daring escape from the BAU's custody and embarks on a killing spree in Lockport, New York, the team must profile the criminal's past in order to catch him again.

Episode 12: The Uncanny Valley (Jan/13/2010)
The BAU is called to Atlantic City to profile a suspect with an unusual personal obsession who is abducting and killing certain a certain type of woman.

Episode 13: Risky Business (Jan/20/2010)
The BAU is called to assist local authorities in rural Wyoming when teens are found dead from apparent suicide that are linked to a game on the Internet.

Episode 14: Parasite (Feb/03/2010)
An FBI agent from the San Diego White Collar Crime division seeks assistance from the BAU when the con artist he's been tracking for years has begun to murder his victims.

Episode 15: Public Enemy (Feb/10/2010)
The BAU is summoned to Rhode Island to investigate a serial killer in Providence who is murdering random victims in highly visible places just to generate public fear.

Episode 16: Mosley Lane (Mar/03/2010)
The BAU is called by local authorities in Ashburn, Virginia, to profile a predator who may have been abducting children for at least eight years.

Episode 17: Solitary Man (Mar/10/2010)
The team travels to New Mexico to investigate a truck driver in Edgewood who is kidnapping women and disposing of them in random locations as he tries to find a mother for his daughter.

Episode 18: The Fight (Apr/07/2010)
SSA Aaron Hotchner and his team investigate the murders of several homeless men in San Francisco and coordinate their efforts with another team of BAU agents who are working on a case that appears to be connected.

Episode 19: A Rite of Passage (Apr/14/2010)
The BAU travels to Texas to capture a serial killer who is targeting illegal immigrants trying to cross the U.S. border at Terlingua.

Episode 20: ... A Thousand Words (May/05/2010)
The BAU travels to Tallahassee to profile a tattooed serial killer after he commits suicide, but left clues to the location of one remaining victim who is possibly still alive.

Episode 21: Exit Wounds (May/12/2010)
Garcia plays a crucial role in the case when she travels to Alaska with the BAU to investigate the murders of several residents of a small town.

Episode 22: The Internet Is Forever (May/19/2010)
The BAU travels to Boise, Idaho, to profile a serial killer who is using the internet to find his victims on social networking sites.

Episode 23: Our Darkest Hour (May/26/2010)
The BAU faces one of its most difficult cases when a serial killer is lured out of hiding after a series of rolling blackouts in Los Angeles gives him the opportunity to pursue his victims in the darkness.



Criminal Minds Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1: The Longest Night (Sep/22/2010)
In the conclusion of last season's cliffhanger, the BAU pursues Billy Flynn, who has kidnapped Det. Spicer's daughter and continues his murder spree throughout the city of Los Angeles.

Episode 2: JJ (Sep/29/2010)
The BAU prepares to lose a member of the team. SSA Jennifer "JJ" Jareau attempts to reunite a family in Maryland whose daughter has disappeared mysteriously as she contemplates a job offer she cannot ignore.

Episode 3: Remembrance of Things Past (Oct/06/2010)
When several women in Virginia are found murdered in a similar manner, SSA David Rossi reopens an unsolved cold case in Bristol that has haunted him for a quarter of a century because he believes the original killer, who is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease, might have returned.

Episode 4: Compromising Positions (Oct/13/2010)
The BAU travels to Ohio to identify a serial killer who is murdering married couples in Akron. Meanwhile, Agent Hotchner looks within the team to fill a recent vacancy.

Episode 5: Safe Haven (Oct/20/2010)
The BAU travels to the Midwest to track a serial killer who is targeting families in Nebraska and Iowa. Meanwhile, a troubled Ellie Spicer runs away from her foster family to visit Agent Derek Morgan, which creates concern.

Episode 6: Devil's Night (Oct/27/2010)
The BAU is called to apprehend a killer who has struck Detroit for the past three years during Devil's Night, the notorious pre-Halloween celebration.

Episode 7: Middle Man (Nov/03/2010)
The BAU must catch a group of serial killers that is killing exotic dancers and leaving their bodies in the cornfields of Indiana.

Episode 8: Reflection of Desire (Nov/10/2010)
The BAU becomes involved in the search for a kidnapped woman in the nation's capital after the body of a second kidnap victim is found in a Georgetown alley.

Episode 9: Into the Woods (Nov/17/2010)
The BAU is called to search for a man who is targeting children when an eight-year-old is found murdered on the Appalachian Trail.

Episode 10: What Happens At Home (Dec/08/2010)
The BAU travels to New Mexico to assist local authorities in apprehending a serial killer who is garroting women in a gated community. Agent Ashley Seaver, an FBI cadet with a troubled past, assists with the case.

Episode 11: 25 to Life (Dec/15/2010)
Morgan believes a man has been rehabilitated and aids in his parole, but subsequently regrets his decision when the man commits murder days after being released from prison.

Episode 12: Corazon (Jan/19/2011)
When the BAU travels to Miami to investigate a series of ritualistic murders, Reid experiences hallucinations and blinding headaches that cause him to worry about his health.

Episode 13: The Thirteenth Step (Jan/26/2011)
As the BAU goes on the road to track down two young lovers who are on an interstate murder spree, Prentiss receives alarming news from her former boss at Interpol.

Episode 14: Sense Memory (Feb/09/2011)
When series of unusual murders occurs in Los Angeles, the BAU travels there to investigate. Meanwhile, more of Prentiss' mysterious past is revealed.

Episode 15: Today I Do (Feb/16/2011)
The BAU is called to upstate New York to investigate mysterious disappearances. Meanwhile, Prentiss receives some disturbing news about one of her former colleagues at Interpol.

Episode 16: Coda (Feb/23/2011)
Prentiss enlists two former friends from Interpol to track down an old enemy, as Reid discovers clues that could help the BAU locate the parents of an autistic boy.

Episode 17: Valhalla (Mar/02/2011)
After a series of suspicious murders, Prentiss suspects her old Interpol archenemy may be involved, which makes her fear for the team's safety as he closes in on her.

Episode 18: Lauren (Mar/16/2011)
When Emily Prentiss confronts her nemesis, Ian Doyle, and goes missing, Jennifer "JJ" Jareau is asked by the BAU to help find Prentiss and capture Doyle before it is too late.

Episode 19: With Friends Like These... (Mar/30/2011)
The BAU is called to Portland to investigate a suspected gang of murderers that is targeting a new victim each night.

Episode 20: Hanley Waters (Apr/06/2011)
The BAU members investigate targeted killings in Tampa as they cope with their feelings about losing Emily Prentiss.

Episode 21: The Stranger (Apr/13/2011)
The BAU hunts a stalker in San Diego who is targeting college students. Meanwhile, the team comes under the scrutiny of Section Chief Erin Strauss in the wake of losing of Emily Prentiss.

Episode 22: Out of the Light (May/04/2011)
The BAU is called to a North Carolina resort town after a woman is found badly injured and another woman is missing. On arrival, the team discovers these two women are not the only victims.

Episode 23: Big Sea (May/11/2011)
When BAU is called to Florida when bodies are discovered buried in the ocean floor off the Jacksonville coast, the case hits home for Morgan when his aunt fears her missing daughter could be one of the victims.

Episode 24: Supply & Demand (May/18/2011)
As the BAU searches for a suspected human trafficking ring when the bodies of two missing persons are found in the trunk of a car, Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner intimates there could be changes within the team due to budget cuts as Jennifer "JJ" Jareau returns to the FBI. The team is also assisted by SSA Andi Swan, the head of the Domestic Trafficking Task Force.



Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode Guide

Episode 1: It Takes a Village (Sep/21/2011)
In the seventh season premier, the members of the BAU are questioned by a Senate Committee for their retaliatory actions after the assumed death and disappearance of Emily Prentiss, but a familiar face could help them win their case and keep the team together.

Episode 2: Proof (Sep/28/2011)
The BAU is called to rural Oklahoma when women are being murdered after being robbed of one of their five senses. Meanwhile, Reid treats JJ and Prentiss with deliberate disregard as he tries to deal with their deception regarding Prentiss' fake death.

Episode 3: Dorado Falls (Oct/05/2011)
Investigation into a mass murder at an internet security company in Charlottesville, Virginia, reveals the butchery is not the work of a typical serial killer. Meanwhile, Morgan overseas Prentiss's requisite recertification training.

Episode 4: Painless (Oct/12/2011)
When survivors of a Boise high school massacre return to remember the event 10 years later, the BAU is called when a new killer with a similar style targets the survivors. Meanwhile, Hotch is worried that his son, Jack, might be a victim of school bullying.

Episode 5: From Childhood's Hour (Oct/19/2011)
The BAU travels to St. Louis to investigate the disappearances of young children who have troubled mothers as Rossi reconnects with his first wife, Carolyn, who brings him disturbing news.

Episode 6: Epilogue (Nov/02/2011)
The BAU is called to the Angeles National Forest in California after bodies mysteriously turn up in the mountain lakes there. Meanwhile, Rossi must make a difficult decision regarding his ex-wife, Carolyn.

Episode 7: There's No Place Like Home (Nov/09/2011)
After a series of tornadoes strike Kansas, the BAU is called to investigate when bodies of young boys are discovered in the aftermath of the storms in Wichita. Meanwhile, JJ faces pressure at home as well as at work.

Episode 8: Hope (Nov/16/2011)
Garcia asks the team for help after a woman in her survivors' support group disappears on the seventh anniversary of her daughter's disappearance

Episode 9: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy (Dec/07/2011)
The BAU investigates the real reasons behind an apparent mass suicide of a small group of young men at a military academy. Meanwhile, Hotchner and Morgan are at odds with other when a team member could be in jeopardy.

Episode 10: The Bittersweet Science (Dec/14/2011)
The BAU is called to Philadelphia to investigate a series of brutal murders and is led to the city's boxing scene in search of the killer. Meanwhile, Hotch meets an attractive runner as they both train for a triathlon.

Episode 11: True Genius (Jan/18/2012)
The BAU travels to San Francisco when a series of murders leads the team to believe the elusive "Zodiac Killer" might have returned as Reid contemplates his own genius capabilities. Meanwhile, Prentiss and Reid attend a seminar on violent crime seminar hosted by the crime novelist Patricia Cornwell.

Episode 12: Unknown Subject (Jan/25/2012)
The team is called to Texas to search for a serial rapist in Houston known as "The Piano Man" who has returned and is attacking his past victims. Meanwhile, Prentiss begins to deal with the traumatic experience caused by Ian Doyle after returning to the BAU.

Episode 13: Snake Eyes (Feb/08/2012)
The BAU is called to Atlantic City to investigate a series of ritualistic casino-related murders. Meanwhile, tensions flare when Kevin Lynch believes Garcia and Morgan have become too friendly with each other.

Episode 14: Closing Time (Feb/15/2012)
The BAU investigates the discovery of a series of bodies hidden in lifeguard towers along the beaches of the Southern California coastline.

Episode 15: A Thin Line (Feb/22/2012)
When the BAU investigates a series of brutal home invasions and murders in the Inland Empire of Southern California that appear to be related to gangs, the investigation uncovers a more nefarious motive for the crimes.

Episode 16: A Family Affair (Feb/29/2012)
The BAU travels to Atlanta to investigate the murders of women and determines there could be more than one suspect involved in the case.

Episode 17: I Love You, Tommy Brown (Mar/14/2012)
When married couples that are fostering young children are being killed in Seattle, the BAU investigates the possibility they are being murdered by someone with a maternal instinct. Meanwhile, Garcia believes Kevin is about to ask her to marry him.

Episode 18: Foundation (Mar/21/2012)
The BAU searches for a kidnapper when a scared and emaciated young boy is found in the Arizona desert and another boy goes missing. Meanwhile, Morgan revisits his own past and tries to bond with the boy who has been found.

Episode 19: Heathridge Murders (Apr/04/2012)
The BAU travels to Oregon when a series of murders appear to be ritualistic.

Episode 20: The Company (Apr/11/2012)
The BAU reopens the case of Morgan's cousin's disappearance after his sister sees a woman in Chicago who resembles Cindi. Morgan is forced to admit that he had lied to his family about Cindi's body being found in Florida, and the search begins to find her alive.

Episode 21: Divining Rod (May/02/2012)
A copycat begins murdering women in the same Oklahoma town and in the same fashion after an infamous serial killer is executed, and the BAU team must move quickly before more people are killed. Meanwhile, Prentiss considers purchasing real estate.

Episode 22: Profiling 101 (May/09/2012)
In a class that teaches college students about criminal profiling, SSA Rossi and the team present one of the FBI's longest open serial killer cases, which takes the class through the Bureau's pursuit for a murderer that lasted nearly 20 years.

Episode 23: Hit (May/16/2012)
In the first part of a two-part season finale, the BAU encounters a gang of bank-robbing serial killers in the nation's capital. As the team tries to negotiate the situation that is unfolding inside the bank, one of the team is taken hostage.

Episode 24: Run (May/16/2012)
In the conclusion of a two-part season finale, as the BAU continues to pursue the bank-robbing serial killers, the team determines the suspects have a bigger target. Due to the hostage situation, the team must work quickly to diffuse an explosive situation. Meanwhile, Prentiss ponders her future as a team member is married.



Criminal Minds Season 8 Episode Guide

Episode 1: The Silencer (Sep/26/2012)
In the eighth season premiere, the BAU acquaints itself with a new team member, and reacquaints itself with an old unsub. After a Texas inmate known as the "Silencer" escapes custody during a prisoner transfer, the team tracks his activity by his new victims " all found with their mouths sewn shut. Also, Alex Blake joins the team, adding her linguistics skills to the unit's skill set

Episode 2: The Pact (Oct/10/2012)
The BAU is called to two crime scenes in Los Angeles and San Diego. Although the murders appear unrelated, the team's profile posits two unsubs working together in a deadly pact.

Episode 3: Though The Looking Glass (Oct/17/2012)
The team investigates one family's murder and another's disappearance in Kansas, where they have trouble establishing connections between the families. Elsewhere, Hotchner is not prepared for Beth's announcement.

Episode 4: God Complex (Oct/24/2012)
The team searches in New Mexico for someone who has been amputating limbs from random victims, and Spencer's secret phone calls to a mystery woman leave the team interested in who it might be.

Episode 5: The Good Earth (Oct/31/2012)
Four men go missing in rural Oregon, so the BAU searches for a common link among them in order to track them down and find out what happened. Also, JJ gets upset when Henry doesn't want to celebrate Halloween

Episode 6: The Apprenticeship (Nov/07/2012)
Prostitutes are being discovered murdered in a similar way to animals in Miami, making the BAU work fast to find an UNSUB whose confidence is escalating really fast; and Morgan tries to increase Spencer's athletic skills by convincing him to join the Bureau's softball team.

Episode 7: The Fallen (Nov/14/2012)
The BAU travels to Santa Monica when burned bodies of homeless people begin showing up by the famous pier. Also, Rossi reconnects with his former Marine sergeant from Vietnam.

Episode 8: The Wheels On The Bus (Nov/21/2012)
Whem a school bus full of children goes missing the BAU team is called in to help locate them

Episode 9: Magnificent Light (Nov/28/2012)
When a recent attendee at a popular motivational speaker's conference in Seattle is murdered, the BAU looks at the speaker as the main suspect, but they have to refocus their investigation when the speaker himself goes missing. Also, Garcia is puzzled when Morgan declines to attend a dinner honoring an old family friend.

Episode 10: The Lesson (Dec/05/2012)
The BAU investigates a series of male bodies that have been oddly disposed of, finding themselves in search of a killer with ritualistic tendencies. Also, Reid gets anxious when faced with the possibility of meeting his mystery woman.

Episode 11: Perrenials (Dec/12/2012)
The BAU heads south to investigate a fast-moving UnSub whose signature matches that of a serial killer from 30 years ago. Also, the team learns that someone is tracking their cases and replicating crimes the BAU is solving

Episode 12: Zugzwang (Jan/16/2013)
When Reid discovers that his girlfriend has been kidnapped by her stalker, he and the BAU team band together to find her before it's too late.

Episode 13: Magnum Opus (Jan/23/2013)
While Reid copes with a loss in his personal life, the rest of the BAU travels to San Francisco to investigate victims discovered in the Mission District.

Episode 14: All That Remains (Feb/06/2013)
When the daughters of Bruce Morrison, a writer whose wife mysteriously vanished a year ago, go missing on the anniversary of their mother's disappearance, the BAU is brought in to study Morrison as a possible suspect.

Episode 15: Broken (Feb/20/2013)
The BAU heads to Austin to investigate victims found there with their watches set inaccurately, a clue which may connect the crimes. Meanwhile, the UnSub stalking the BAU inches closer in his pursuit of the team.

Episode 16: Carbon Copy (Feb/27/2013)
When victims are found in Philadelphia in a similar style to victims of The Replicator, the stalker who has been tracking the BAU's every move, the team thinks this could be the break they need to try and apprehend him.

Episode 17: The Gathering (Mar/20/2013)
The Un-sub in this episode runs a fantasy murder writing class and acts out the murders that his class write about.

Episode 18: Restoration (Apr/03/2013)
The BAU goes to Morgan's old neighborhood in urban Chicago in search of an UnSub targeting middle-aged men, and a clue leads Morgan to believe that they are after someone connected to the man who molested him as a child

Episode 19: Pay It Forward (Apr/10/2013)
A Colorado town celebrates the quarter-century anniversary of its time capsule by opening it. The macabre contents, however, occasion a call to the BAU, rather than a pleasant trip down memory lane.

Episode 20: Alchemy (May/01/2013)
The murder of two men in Rapid City, South Dakota, means a trip to the Black Hills for the team. Their profile is confounded by the ritualistic manner of the kills, though, and difficulty narrowing down a trigger from different environmental causes in the area. Meanwhile, Reid presses on with his duties while still coping with Maeve's death.

Episode 21: Nanny Dearest (May/08/2013)
A kidnapper who target nannies and the children they mind annually sends the team to Los Angeles to profile the unsub.

Episode 22: #6 (May/15/2013)
The team must stay fluid with an unsub who changes his pattern with each strike made in Detroit. Elsewhere, Blake faces a big decision when her husband returns to her life with a major career plan for her.

Episode 23: Brothers Hotchner (May/22/2013)
When a number of ecstasy overdoses in Manhattan show a pattern, the team travels to the city for the profile. Hotchner is surprised, however, when the investigation reveals his long estranged brother is somehow involved.

Episode 24: The Replicator (May/22/2013)
The Replicator reveals himself when he targets someone at the FBI, and the race is on to catch him before he can strike again.



Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode Guide

Episode 1: The Inspiration (Sep/25/2013)
The team heads to Arizona to help local authorities locate a methodical killer. They also believe Hotch is a candidate to become the new BAU unit chief.

Episode 2: The Inspired (Oct/02/2013)
As the BAU zeroes in on the suspect of the ritualistic killings they've been investigating in Arizona, a bizarre connection within the UnSub's family could lead them to finally nab the suspect

Episode 3: Final Shot (Oct/09/2013)
The anniversary of The Kennedy Assassination might be a motivator for an UnSub who is striking Dallas.

Episode 4: To Bear Witness (Oct/16/2013)
The BAU meets their new section chief, Mateo Cruz, who, unbeknownst to them, shares a long work history with JJ. Cruz joins the team as they comb the streets of Baltimore for an UnSub who leaves victims unable to communicate

Episode 5: Route 66 (Oct/23/2013)
As Hotch fights for his life due to complications from his stabbing at the hands of George Foyet, a.k.a. "The Reaper," he experiences visions of his late wife, Haley, and his nemesis, Foyet. Meanwhile, the BAU searches for a missing teenager and investigate her estranged father as a suspect in her disappearance

Episode 6: In The Blood (Oct/30/2013)
When the BAU investigates victims of possible ritualistic murders in Utah, clues lead them to believe that the UnSub they are looking for might have a fascination with the Salem Witch Trials. Also, Garcia prepares for a "Day of the Dead" celebration at her apartment

Episode 7: Gatekeeper (Nov/06/2013)
After a series of strangulations in Boston, the BAU looks for an UnSub who likes to keep mementos of the victims, and the team wonders if a common link to the casualties could lead them to the culprit. Meanwhile, the BAU rallies around Rossi when his favorite bar is on the verge of closing

Episode 8: The Return (Nov/13/2013)
When teenagers who were reported missing are suspected of a series of mass murders in Chicago, the BAU investigates their whereabouts to find a motive for the crimes. Also, Morgan has conflicting feelings when his girlfriend takes her job at a hospital as seriously as he takes his

Episode 9: Strange Fruit (Nov/20/2013)
When skeletons are found in the backyard of a Virginia home, the BAU centers its investigation on the family living there, unearthing family secrets rooted in the past racial divisions in the South

Episode 10: The Caller (Nov/27/2013)
When a young boy goes missing from his home in St. Louis, the BAU reinvestigates a similar cold case to search for the UnSub

Episode 11: Bully (Dec/11/2013)
When the BAU is called to Kansas City to investigate a series of murders, a tense reunion ensues between Blake and her father, a retired police captain, and her brother, a detective, who must work together to help solve the crime

Episode 12: The Black Queen (Jan/15/2014)
When the BAU goes to San Jose to investigate a string of murders, Garcia delves into her hacker past and reconnects with her old flame to help the team with the case

Episode 13: The Road Home (Jan/22/2014)
While the BAU looks for a vigilante killer on the loose in Cleveland, Rossi is concerned when his former Marine sergeant goes missing and heads to Los Angeles to find him. Also, the secret JJ has been keeping from the team may be catching up

Episode 14: 200 (Feb/05/2014)
When JJ is kidnapped, the BAU delves into her time at the State Department to find clues to her disappearance and uncover a secret mission that now puts her life in danger. To help with their search for JJ, the team calls upon Prentiss to help in the crisis

Episode 15: Mr. and Mrs. Anderson (Feb/19/2014)
Garcia and Morgan share Valentine's Day plans with their significant others. The BAU investigates several murders occuring in the Pittsburgh area and are soon looking for a pair of UnSubs who are working as a team.

Episode 16: Gabby (Feb/26/2014)
In Mississippi a 4 year old girl staying with relatives goes missing. The BAU makes a shocking discovery whilst trying to find the missing child and races to bring her back to safety again.

Episode 17: Persuasion (Mar/05/2014)
Mysterious drowning deaths discovered in the Las Vegas desert have the BAU trying to figure out the true cause and motive for the murders

Episode 18: Rabid (Mar/12/2014)
When three bodies are found with animal and human bite marks in a shallow grave near Milwaukee, the BAU has puzzling questions to answer. Meanwhile, Reid and Garcia work out for a company fitness test, but try to hide their preparation from Morgan

Episode 19: The Edge of Winter (Mar/19/2014)
As the BAU wraps up an investigation into unusual stabbings in Upstate New York, Morgan's visit with one of the crime's survivors could uncover more questions left for the team to answer

Episode 20: Blood Relations (Apr/02/2014)
When two murder victims are found in a backwoods community in West Virginia, the BAU uncovers a long-simmering feud between two families and must investigate which side could be responsible for the deaths

Episode 21: What Happens In Mecklinburg… (Apr/09/2014)
A series of targeted kidnappings near Memphis have the BAU searching for a commonality between the missing persons and a motive to lead to the UnSub. Meanwhile, Savannah vents her frustration to Morgan about the amount of traveling he does for his job

Episode 22: Fatal (Apr/30/2014)
The team suspect someone has a bizarre attachment to Greek mythology when they investigate a spate of deaths caused by arsenic poisoning. Hotch is concerned about taking part in Jack's career day.

Episode 23: Angels (Part I) (May/07/2014)
When the BAU is called to Texas to consult on the murders of prostitutes, evidence points to killings with religious overtones. But as they delve further into the investigation, the team could put their lives at risk

Episode 24: Demons (Part II) (May/14/2014)
The BAU continues its murder investigation in Texas, and clues uncover a deep web of corruption that could be the motive for the killings. Meanwhile, as one team member's life hangs in the balance, another concerned BAU member must face a sad secret from the past, and Garcia is thrust into action to save a colleague

Source: TVRage


Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode Guide

Episode 1: X (Oct/01/2014)
The BAU team investigate a list of murders in Bakersfield, California. The victims have been left unidentifiable by their murderer(s). Elsewhere the team welcome new agent Kate Callahan into the BAU family.

Episode 2: Burn (Oct/08/2014)
Following a series of abductions and murders in Seattle, the BAU look for an UnSub who was abused in the past and is after revenge.

Episode 3: A Thousand Suns (Oct/15/2014)
A passenger jet crashes in Colorado, leaving the BAU team to build a profile around the suspicious events. Kate is reminded of a family tragedy.

Episode 4: The Itch (Oct/22/2014)
After a body is found in Atlanta covered in scratches, the BAU learn that this death and other subsequent murders could all be linked to an UnSub with an obsessive skin disorder.

Episode 5: Boxed In (Oct/29/2014)
After a young boy who went missing in San Diego on Halloween reappears a year later, the BAU are called out into action after another trick-or-treater disappears in similar circumstances.

Episode 6: If the Shoe Fits (Nov/05/2014)
It is a difficult time for the team when finding a common denominator among several victims in Montana. After the death of her sister, J.J. is struggling with her feelings.

Episode 7: Hashtag (Nov/12/2014)
After victims with massive social media followings are discovered dead in Maryland, the BAU looks for an UnSub taking on the persona of an Internet urban legend.

Episode 8: The Boys of Sudworth Place (Nov/19/2014)
After a prominent attorney vanishes in Boston, the BAU discover secrets from his past which could give a clue to his sudden disappearance.

Episode 9: Fate (Nov/26/2014)
The BAU follow a conflicted killer in the state of Virginia who feels remorseful having committing crimes.

Episode 10: Amelia Porter (Dec/10/2014)
The BAU are in Salt Lake City to investigate a triple homicide.

Episode 11: The Forever People (Jan/14/2015)
After some frozen bodies are discovered in Nevada, the team think that the victims were members of a cult.

Episode 12: Anonymous (Jan/21/2015)
The team looks for a killer who calls the authorities before committing the crimes he is about to carry out.

Episode 13: Nelson’s Sparrow (Jan/28/2015)
The BAU goes back to its origins as they look at one of Rossi and Gideon’s old cases to try and locate a killer that managed to get away.

Episode 14: Hero Worship (Feb/04/2015)
When an Indianapolis coffee shop is blown up and a hero emerges from the wreckage, the BAU tries to protect that person and his family while searching for the UnSub before more incidents occur.

Episode 15: Scream (Feb/11/2015)
Victims in California have the BAU searching for an UnSub who may have witnessed abuse as a child. Meanwhile, Kate shows parental concern when her niece, Meg, makes a date with a friend to meet a boy they met online.

Episode 16: Lockdown (Mar/04/2015)
When two guards at a privatized maximum security prison in Texas are murdered, the BAU suspects that more than one UnSub within the prison could be at work.

Episode 17: Breath Play (Mar/11/2015)
The BAU is called to Wisconsin in search of a serial killer, and the team looks for a connection among the victims for clues to the UnSub. Also, Kate has trouble dealing with her niece, Meg, when she begins acting out.

Episode 18: Rock Creek Park (Mar/25/2015)
When the wife of an up-and-coming congressman disappears, the BAU investigates his political enemies as possible suspects.

Episode 19: Beyond Borders (Apr/08/2015)
When a family of four is abducted while on vacation in Barbados, the BAU is called to assist Unit Chief Jack Garrett and his International Unit on their investigation. Garrett and his unit, the FBI's top division for handling cases involving Americans abroad, work jointly with Hotch and his team when they discover that this case matches one the BAU investigated last year in Florida.

Episode 20: A Place at the Table (Apr/15/2015)
When a Maryland family is found murdered at their dining room table, the team tracks down other family members and friends to uncover secrets that may have led to it. Also, Hotch must try to make peace with his father-in-law, Roy, after discovering he’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Episode 21: Mr. Scratch (Apr/22/2015)
When three people implicated in murders claim they were attacked by a “clawed shadow monster” at the moment each crime occurred, the BAU searches for an UnSub who is controlling their minds. Also, the search for the culprit puts one of the team in jeopardy.

Episode 22: Protection (Apr/29/2015)
When shooting victims are found in the Los Angeles area with possible links to criminal activity, the BAU searches for a vigilante UnSub.

Episode 23: The Hunt (May/06/2015)
When Kate’s niece, Meg, and her best friend, Markayla, are kidnapped, the BAU suspects an online predator engaged in sex trafficking who poses as a teenage boy.

Source: TVRage

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