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About CONSTANTINE & Episode Guide

About CONSTANTINE & Episode Guide

Giving Hell... hell.

Constantine Aired From October 24, 2014 - February 13, 2015 On NBC

About The Constantine
Constantine features the supernatural adventures of John Constantine, a shady exorcist and self-proclaimed master of the mystic arts. After retiring to an insane asylum after getting a young girl banished to Hell, Constantine emerges to help the daughter of an old friend. He soon becomes involved in the machinations of Heaven and Hell and tries to stop the rising of the Great Darkness.

Real NameCharacter Name
Matt RyanJohn Constantine
Harold PerrineauManny
Angélica CelayaZed Martin
Charles HalfordChas Chandler

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Episode Guide

Episode 1x01: Non Est Asylum (Oct/24/2014)
A message from a deceased friend sends exorcist John Constantine to Atlanta to help the man's daughter, Liv. A demon is trying to kill her, and Constantine must face the powers of darkness to save her life. Meanwhile, the forces of Heaven try to recruit Constantine to their cause... whether he wants to join them or not.

Episode 1x02: The Darkness Beneath (Oct/31/2014)
Using Liv's map, Constantine learns of a series of strange deaths in the Pennsylvania mining town of Heddwich. There he finds a woman, Zed Martin, who is drawn to him by visions that she can't explain.

Episode 1x03: The Devil's Vinyl (Nov/07/2014)
Constantine investigates the death of an old friend and discovers that he was involved in the hunt for the Devil's Vinyl: a 45 LP that has recorded the Devil's voice and brings doom to anyone who touches it

Episode 1x04: A Feast of Friends (Nov/14/2014)
A survivor from the Newcastle exorcism comes to Atlanta, seeking atonement but leaving death and destruction in his path. John soon discovers the reason why and must decide what he is willing to sacrifice to put an end to the demonic events.

Episode 1x05: Danse Vaudou (Nov/21/2014)
The blood map leads Constantine, Chas, and Zed to New Orleans to investigate the bizarre death of a woman at the hands of a masked ghost. Constantine soon discovers other victims and a common denominator: Papa Midnite.

Episode 1x06: Rage of Caliban (Nov/28/2014)
A series of brutal murders leads Constantine to a spirit that jumps from child to child, killing the parents... and the spirit now occupies a new host and is preparing to murder again.

Episode 1x07: Blessed Are the Damned (Dec/05/2014)
The scry map and Zed's visions lead her and Constantine to a preacher who has gained the power to grant healing miracles... at a terrible cost.

Episode 1x08: The Saint of Last Resorts (Dec/12/2014)
A Newcastle survivor calls Constantine to a convent in Mexico City to investigate the supernatural abduction of a baby and the murder of his mother. Meanwhile, Zed goes out and meets Eddie again.

Episode 1x09: The Saint of Last Resorts: Part 2 (Jan/16/2015)
To help free Constantine from the demon that has possessed him, Chas, Zed, and Anne Marie have to break into a Mexican prison and help him escape.

Episode 1x10: Quid Pro Quo (Jan/23/2015)
A mystical force steals the souls from thousands of New Yorkers... including Chas' daughter. He turns to Constantine for help, but when his friend fails, Chas makes a deal with the sorcerer responsible.

Episode 1x11: A Whole World Out There (Jan/30/2015)
Manny sends Constantine to help Ritchie, one of the Newcastle crew, when four students inadvertently make themselves the target of a vicious killer who can pull them into his world.

Episode 1x12: Angels and Ministers of Grace (Feb/06/2015)
Manny is forced to learn humanity when Constantine traps him in a host body to force his cooperation in investigating a murder. Meanwhile, Zed learns that her visions have a physiological cause... which may be killing her.

Episode 1x13: Waiting For The Man (Feb/13/2015)
Constance and Zed return to New Orleans to help Jim Corrigan investigate the case of a missing girl... and the police officer who died trying to find her. Meanwhile, Papa Midnite sets out to collect a bounty on Constantine's head, and Manny contacts Zed.

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