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About DIG & Episode Guide

About DIG & Episode Guide

The deeper you dig, the further you get from the truth.

Dig Aired From March 05, 2015 - May 07, 2015 On USA

About Dig
When an American archaeologist is murdered in Jerusalem, the FBI assigns the case to Agent Peter Connelly. His investigation leads him to discover an ancient prophecy, the outcome of which may very soon disrupt the course of civilization. Agent Connelly must race to piece together a host of far-flung clues and decipher what this mystery means for the world, but that won't be easy—the truth is shrouded by an international conspiracy as ancient as the prophecy itself.

Real NameCharacter Name
Jason IsaacsPeter Connelly
Anne HecheLynn Monahan
Ori PfefferGolan Cohen
Melinda Page HamiltonSandra
Alison SudolEmma Wilson
Regina TaylorRuth Ridell
David CostabileTad Billingham
Lauren AmbroseDebbie Morgan
Assi CohenShem

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Episode Guide

Episode 1x01: Pilot (Mar/05/2015)
Peter Connelly, an FBI agent stationed in Jerusalem, is on a mission to track down Yussef Khalid, a Palestinian American believed to have murdered the son of a senator on American soil. As Peter closes in on the suspect, he runs into Detective Golan Cohen of the Israeli Police, who is also after Khalid, but for a local robbery. This isn’t the first time these two have stepped on each other’s jurisdictional toes. After a pursuit through East Jerusalem, Detective Cohen apprehends Khalid. Peter, however, comes upon a young redheaded woman—-it’s like he is seeing a ghost. But she disappears before he can figure out if she’s real.

Episode 1x02: Catch You Later (Mar/12/2015)
Peter continues his personal quest to find the murderer of a young American while also pursuing Yussef Khalid. Peter and Detective Golan Cohen forge an uneasy partnership as Peter grapples with the most unexpected of revelations. Elsewhere, Avram begins his journey to Israel with the red heifer. Meanwhile, Tad Billingham and his disciplines prepare Josh for a new life and an event that could possibly change history.

Episode 1x03: Meet the Rosenbergs (Mar/19/2015)
When Peter's pursuit of Khalid hits a dead end, he and Cohen follow hidden clues from Emma's journal; Debbie takes Josh on an unauthorized outing; Avram continues his journey to Jerusalem.

Episode 1x04: Prayer of David (Mar/26/2015)
Peter's obsession with Emma's murder sees him finding an ancient coded secret.

Episode 1x05: Emma Wilson's Father (Apr/02/2015)
Peter delves further into Emma's mysterious past, which ultimately leads him to uncover an ancient symbol that has been hidden for centuries. At the compound in New Mexico, someone from Debbie's past attempts to rescue her. Lynn's life is put in jeopardy.

Episode 1x06: The Well of Souls (Apr/09/2015)
As Golan arrests Emma's suspected killer, Peter makes a startling discovery that changes everything. In Croatia, Avram and the red heifer are kidnapped by a stranger with a mysterious agenda. In New Mexico, Tad Billingham desperately tries to keep Debbie and Josh from exposing his secrets.

Episode 1x07: Trust No One (Apr/16/2015)
After a startling breakthrough on the case, Peter turns to Golan for new clues.

Episode 1x08: Sisters of Dinah (Apr/30/2015)
Lynn thinks that there is a possible mole at the consulate. Margrove and Peter pay a visit to a convent.

Episode 1x09: Jehoshaphat (Apr/30/2015)
Peter finds out about his mission from some unlikely allies.

Episode 1x10: Armageddon Protocol (May/07/2015)
Peter attempts to put a stop to the Order of Moriah's plans of destroying the Temple Mount.

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