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About HUMANS & Episode Guides

About HUMANS & Episode Guides

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Humans Premiered June 14, 2015 On Channel 4

About Humans
HUMANS, a bold new eight-part drama series from AMC, Channel 4 and Kudos, is set in a parallel present where the latest must-have gadget for any busy family is a 'Synth' - a highly-developed robotic servant eerily similar to its live counterpart.

Written by British writing partnership Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley (Spooks, Spooks: The Greater Good), HUMANS is based on the award-winning Swedish sci-fi drama Real Humans.

"A lot of different types of jobs are automated now," says co-writer Sam Vincent. "Everything is automated with a kiosk now and there’s no guy at the counter. There's a real explosion of that happening and we wanted to reflect those social and economic trends...If we had something like the Synths we have on our show, that effect would be magnified a hundredfold, and that was quite interesting. We're really going quite deep into how society would change."

HUMANS, which stars William Hurt, Katherine Parkinson, Tom Goodman-Hill, Colin Morgan, Rebecca Front, Neil Maskell, and Gemma Chan, will return for a second season.

Real NameCharacter Name
Colin MorganLeo Elster
Katherine ParkinsonLaura Hawkins
Tom Goodman-HillJoseph "Joe" Hawkins
Theo StevensonToby Hawkins
Pixie DaviesSophie Hawkins
Lucy CarlessMatilda "Mattie" Hawkins
Manpreet BachuHarun Khan
Neil MaskellD.S. Pete Drummond
Jill HalfpennyJill Drummond
William HurtDr. George Millican
Danny WebbProf. Edwin Hobb
Ivanno JeremiahMax
Gemma ChanAnita/Mia
Emily BerringtonNiska
Sope DirisuFred
Ruth BradleyD.I. Karen Voss
Will TudorOdi
Rebecca FrontVera
Jack DergesSimon

Source: IMDB & TvRage

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Season 1

Episode 1x01: Episode One (Jun/14/2015)
The Hawkins family decide to buy a 'Synth' called Anita which can help with everything from washing dishes to homework. Joe is hoping that a Synth will take the pressure off their marriage, but with Laura hiding a secret from her family, could it cause more problems than she solves/ Laura soon starts to think that there might be something unusual about Anita. Leo is on the run with his Synth called Max and the two unlikely companions are desperately looking for somebody. Retired Synth engineer George thinks about the past with his rickety Synth Odi who is more like a son than a piece of machinery, but their relationship is threatened after Odi starts to malfunction.

Episode 1x02: Episode Two (Jun/21/2015)
Laura is feeling increasingly suspicious and also feels threatened by the presence of Synth Anita. Hobb holds Fred prisoner in his facility who voices his fears about what this means to humanity. Following a violent incident, Niska escapes her brothel prison, with Karen and Pete hot on her trail. Leo's desire for information takes him to some increasingly dangerous places.

Episode 1x03: Episode Three (Jun/28/2015)
Laura is at odds with her family after she attempts to return Anita to the shop. After Anita attempts saves Toby from a road accident though she is forced to keep her. Joe suggests that Laura is imagining Anita's strange behaviour, but he can't help noticing how human Anita looks. George has come up with a daring plan to escape with Odi.

Episode 1x04: Episode Four (Jul/05/2015)
Laura manages to feel vindicated after Mattie informs her that she has seen Anita acting oddly. Laura insists that they take Anita for testing and they're shocked to find out that she's 14 years old and they wonder who her previous owner was. Pete is feeling stir crazy, stuck in the house with Simon all of the time. Fed up with his selfish behaviour, Jill finally snaps and sleeps on Karen's sofa.

Episode 1x05: Episode Five (Jul/12/2015)
Killer Synth is the big news story and public panic is increasing. Karen is on Niska's tail, but her motives for finding Niska could be more personal than professional. The Hawkins family discuss whether to keep Anita after finding out about her past. Mattie takes a leap of faith and decides to trust in Leo.

Episode 1x06: Episode Six (Jul/19/2015)
The Hawkins family are at their lowest ebb ever. With Joe in exile and the children fed up with their parents' lies, Laura finally decides it's time to be honest. Her confession has some surprising consequences for Anita. Karen has finally found out Niska's whereabouts.

Episode 1x07: Episode Seven (Jul/26/2015)
Feeling ejected and alone, Karen makes her way to George's house looking for Niska. Pete is determined to discover who Karen really is, but his investigation reveals a truth stranger than he could ever have imagined. The hunted synths come together at the Hawkins and are grateful to Laura and family for providing refuge.

Episode 1x08: Episode Eight (Aug/02/2015)
With the Synths now in captivity, Hobb attempts to extract Elster's consciousness programming from their brains. There ends up being one final piece of the puzzle missing that nobody, including Leo could ever have imagined though. The devastated Hawkins family come to realise much Mia mean to them and their courage is put to the test as they take on Hobb and his forces in an effort to save the Synths from their imprisonment.

Source: TVRage