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Travel Poll - Where would you go?

So, someone in Ireland (Dublin) just won €88 million on the Euromillions and it got me wondering where I would travel if I had money to burn!!!

These are the top 10 cities that are the most travelled to (source: forbes). Which one would you like to visit and why? Or is there another city you would travel to?

My favourite city is New York but I go there a lot. So, from the above list, I would probably choose Singapore. I flew through it once on the way to Australia and I would love to have been able to spend some time there, besides the airport (which was fab by the way!)

Poll options ( single choice ) Voter Count 5  

1.  New York City
2.  Singapore
3.  Paris
4.  Bangkok
5.  London
6.  Barcelona
7.  Kuala Lumpur
8.  Hong Kong
9.  Dubai
10.  Istanbul