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About Prison Break & Episode Guides

About Prison Break & Episode Guides

Escape is Just the Beginning

Prison Break Aired From August 29, 2005 – May 15, 2009 On FOX

Lincoln Burrows is on death row for the murder of the Vice President's brother.  He insists he's innocent, but no one other than his brother Michael Scofield believes him. An engineer who was hired to renovate the prison where Lincoln is being held, Michael takes drastic measures to help his brother. He robs a bank and is sent to the same prison, so that with his knowledge of the building the two of them can escape together.  However, the plan soon becomes more complicated than Michael intended as other prisoners find out about the plot and want to escape too.  Michael also discovers a massive governmental conspiracy that is determined to see Lincoln executed when two crooked federal agents try to silence Burrows' ex-wife and son. Breaking out will be more difficult than he thought, but he's still going to give it his all.

Main Cast:
Dominic PurcellLincoln Burrows
Wentworth MillerMichael Scofield
Sarah Wayne CalliesDr. Sara Tancredi
Amaury NolascoFernando Sucre

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Prison Break Season 1 Guide

Episode 1: Pilot
Michael gets himself imprisoned in Fox River State Penitentiary as part of an elaborate plan to break out his brother, Lincoln, who is facing execution for a crime he did not commit. Michael meets him roommate Surcre, who gives him a tour of the prison. Michael manages to join Prison Industries, run by Abruzzi, and meets Sara, whom he tries to charm. Fox River's warden, Henry Pope asks Michael if he can finish making a model of the Taj Mahal for his anniversary with his wife. Michael reunites with Lincoln, and reveals his mysterious body tattoo is the blueprint to Fox River, on which Michael will base his escape plans.

Episode 2: Allen
A race riot starts brewing amongst the black and white prisoners of Fox River. Michael attempts to stay neutral, but finds that impossible. Michael obtains an Allen bolt, and uses it to unscrew his cell's toilet. When the riot does break out, T-Bag thinks that Michael killed one of his friends. C-Note gives Michael medication so that he can see Sara on a regular basis. At the end of the episode, Michael is ambushed by Abruzzi and tortured for information on an informant. Meanwhile, Veronica sees evidence that seems to prove that Lincoln really did murder Terrence Steadman.

Episode 3: Cell Test
Michael tests whether his cellmate Sucre can keep the escape plan a secret. Sucre passes Michael's test, but wants nothing to do with the escape plan. T-Bag wants revenge on Michael for supposedly betraying the white inmates, and Abruzzi tries to get Fibonacci's location from Michael by assisting instead of assaulting him. Veronica is contacted by a woman who claims to have information about Steadman's murder, but the woman is murdered by Agent Kellerman on orders of Caroline Reynolds.

Episode 4: Cute Poison
Michael's new roommate, Haywire, starts to unravel the secret behind Michael's tattoos. When Sucre discovers that his cousin Hector is making a move on his fiancee, he decides he wants in on the escape. Michael manages to get Sucre back as his roommate, and they both, along with John Abruzzi start corroding the pipes behind Michael's cell. In the meantime, Veronica Donovan meets Nick Savrinn, who tells her that he will assist her in her investigation. Agent Kellerman learns of Michael's placement at Fox River and arranges a transfer to a different prison for the following day.

Episode 5: English, Fitz or Percy
Kellerman and Hale blackmail Warden Pope. Michael finds out he might get out of Fox River earlier than anticipated.  Veronica becomes uncertain of her allies.

Episode 6: Riots, Drills and the Devil Part 1
Michael creates a problem with the air conditioning to buy more time out of his cell, but it puts Sara---and his whole plan---in jeopardy; Kellerman gets help on the inside to deal with Lincoln

Episode 7: Riots, Drills and the Devil Part 2
Michael puts the escape plan at risk to rescue Sara from the rowdy prisoners in sick-bay, leaving Sucre and Abruzzi to continue the digging, while T-Bag joins the escape team. Lincoln must fight off an assassination attempt. Veronica and Nick follow a lead to Washington D.C..

Episode 8: The Old Head
Michael finds out a storeroom fundamental to his escape plans has been converted into a break room. Veronica and Nick are being threatened, so they go to Nick's place which is off the radar of the Secret Service.

Episode 9: Tweener
Abruzzi's demotion in the prison hierachy puts the entire escape plan at risk. Michael finds himself in the uneviable position of trying to protect T-Bag's new "fish" and facing the threat of T-Bag exposing the plan to the guards. The inmates dig themselves into a hole.

Episode 10: Sleight of Hand
Abruzzi struggles to get his crew back to PI. He tries to convince Michael to reveal Fibonacci's whereabouts to Falzone. Agents Kellerman and Hale receive some professional help for their search, as the Vice President isn't satisfied about their progress so far. An inmate becomes suspicious of the escapees' work in the break room.  Steadman's money trail leads Veronica and Nick to a surprising discovery.

Episode 11: And Then There Were 7
Michael gets a visit from his wife, much to everyone's surprise. She brings him what appears to be a credit card, but is in fact something entirely different. Bellick does some research after seeing Michael's wife, whom he thinks looks familiar. Michael learns that his watch has been stolen by a guard, and he must enlist the help of an inmate in order to get it back. In the woods, Veronica, LJ and Nick are threatened by Quinn, who is determined to find out who else knows about the conspiracy.

Episode 12: Odd Man Out
After learning all the escapees can't make it over the prison wall, the group decides to get rid of T-Bag. T-Bag has a plan of his own that doesn't involve him staying inside. His "insurance", however, is too obvious for Abruzzi, who takes action to undermine it. Sucre gets some news from Maricruz.

Episode 13: End of the Tunnel
On the eve of Lincoln's execution, Michael has to break him out of solitary to make the escape; Veronica goes public with what she knows; and Kellerman shows no boundaries in protecting the conspiracy.

Episode 14: The Rat
The night before Linc's scheduled execution, Michael's escape plan fails, and the would-be escapees must get back to their cells without being caught. It won't be easy. Nor will it be easy for Dr. Sara to persuade her father, Gov. “Frontier Justice Frank” Tancredi (John Heard), to grant clemency. But Veronica and Nick have a legal card left to play---and Michael has one more trick up his sleeve---to keep Linc out of the electric chair.

Episode 15: By the Skin and the Teeth
As Lincoln is about to be executed, he sees his father in the viewing room. A phone call from Judge Kessler delays the execution. After reviewing the newly surfaced evidence, the judge orders the exhumation of Steadman's body. Michael creates a new, more dangerous, break-out plan, involving going through the prison yard. An accident puts Michael's new plan in danger.

Episode 16: Brother's Keeper
A flashback episode reveals details about the crime that landed Linc on death row, explains Michael's motives for helping his brother, and looks at reasons why other characters wound up at Fox River. For Sara, the road began in a hospital's drug dispensary. Sucre needed a wedding ring for Maricruz (Camille Guaty). C-Note got a taste of military injustice. And T-Bag found love---for a while.

Episode 17: J-Cat
The work crew in the guardroom is being stymied by a new crew member---Tweener---and new carpeting, and that means the hole in the floor has to be fixed fast. Meanwhile, Sara tells Pope what she found on Michael's burned back; Brinker tells Kellerman the identity of the man who dropped off the evidence in the judge's chambers; and Linc gets a new execution date.

Episode 18: Bluff
In the psych ward, Michael must keep Haywire off his meds so he'll be able to replace the missing part of Michael's tattoo. Elsewhere, T-Bag and C-Note team up uneasily to raise money to keep Michael and Sucre's cell in friendly hands; LJ's charged with killing his mother and stepfather as well as attempting to kill Kellerman, who's told by Brinker to lay off Linc, which displeases the vice president. And Nick runs into a man in a trench coat

Episode 19: The Key
Kellerman is the first to arrive at the scene of Linc's accident, followed almost immediately by a Good Samaritan. This does not please Westmoreland. Back at Fox River, Tweener's situation with his cellmate is growing desperate; Abruzzi returns a new man, but T-Bag has an old score to settle; and Michael has figured out a new escape route, but needs an infirmary key to make it work.

Episode 20: Tonight
Westmoreland wants Michael to speed up the planned escape, and Bellick gets one step closer to unraveling it. Michael has to decide whether to involve Sara in the breakout plan. Tweener's devotion is put to a test. Veronica finds out that her ally has a connection to an inmate serving time at Fox River.

Episode 21: Go
Michael, shank in hand, confronts Pope in his office as the escape plan begins to unfold. And while Bellick remains bound and gagged, his truck is found in the parking lot. In Chicago, meanwhile, Nick tells Veronica about his double life while Sara struggles with her decision about whether to help Michael.

Episode 22: Flight
As the escape is in progress, Warden Pope and Captain Bellick begin a search to detain the escapees. Michael and company struggle to reach the airfield as the police is hot on their heels. Veronica discovers a major piece of evidence that could prove Lincoln's innocence. The Vice President is worried about losing her authority.


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Prison Break Season 2 Guide

Episode 1: Manhunt
Eight hours have passed since the escape. Michael, Lincoln, Sucre, C-Note and Abruzzi continue to evade their pursuers. Bellick is forced to relinquish command of the search party to FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone whose ingenious approach makes Michael's life as a fugitive harder. As a result from her overdose, Dr. Tancredi is in critical condition. A short-handed T-Bag faces the ultimate challenge.

Episode 2: Otis
Michael and Lincoln part ways with Sucre, C-Note and Abruzzi, and try to rescue L.J. from a prison sentence. Agent Mahone manages to thwart their plan, and Lincoln is shot in the leg while L.J. is sent to a detention center in Arizona. Bellick and Warden Pope face tribunal for their roles in the breakout; Pope is suspended and Bellick is discharged for unlawful dealing with prison convicts. Tweener is offered a ride by a college student driving to Utah, and T-Bag's left hand is reattached.

Episode 3: Scan
Michael and a wounded Lincoln try to outmaneuver Mahone, who is hot on their trail. Sara gets a surprise visit to her bedside. Following his termination, Bellick recruits a resolute partner to aid in his quest to get the escapees behind bars. Sucre and C-Note head out for their family reunions-regardless of being observed by the authorities.

Episode 4: First Down
Bellick sets out to find the money stolen by Westmoreland during the 1971 skyjacking. Kellerman targets Sara, who receives a long-awaited phone call. T-Bag gets a ride from an unsuspecting family. Abruzzi resumes the search for Fibonacci to settle the scores once and for all.

Episode 5: Map 1213
Mahone takes an interest in the five million dollars hidden by D.B. Cooper, information on which he discovers in Michael's hard drive. After having escaped from Bellick and Geary, Michael and Lincoln race to locate Westmoreland's ranch. The brothers encounter Tweener, who tells them that T-Bag has the map locating the money. T-Bag memorizes the map and eats it, and agrees to take Michael and Lincoln to the ranch in exchange for a share of the money. When they arrive at the designated location, they find that a subdivision has been built where the silo once was. Sucre is determined to stop Maricruz's wedding in Las Vegas, while Kellerman continues to befriend Sara.

Episode 6: Subdivision
Michael, Lincoln, T-Bag and Tweener search for Westmoreland's money and are unexpectedly joined by Sucre and C-Note. The group locates the house which was built on the silo, and convince the owner that they are sent by an electric company to conduct repairs. Mahone arrives in Utah and captures Tweener, while Haywire surfaces in Wisconsin. Governor Tancredi sees Kellerman at the United States Capitol, and warns Sara not to see him anymore. Sara rejects her father's demand and meets Kellerman at the supermarket.

Episode 7: Buried
Lincoln leaves Michael in order to go search for L.J. in Arizona. Michael, C-Note, and T-Bag succeed in locating Westmoreland's money, however Sucre comes and threatens to kill them if they leave. Mahone confesses to Tweener that he murdered Oscar Shales, and proceeds to kill him. Sara is informed that her father's nomination for Vice President was dropped by President Caroline Reynolds, and finds him dead by hanging. Haywire plans to build a raft and live in a windmill in Holland.

Episode 8: Dead Fall
The fugitives again split up as they scurry out of Tooele, but only one has the money. Later, Bellick and Geary arrive and question Jeanette Owens (Diana Scarwid). In Arizona, Linc watches (from a discreet distance) as LJ is freed from lockup. And in Chicago, a Reynolds thug barges in on Sara, while Mahone must answer for the deaths of Abruzzi and Tweener.

Episode 9: Unearthed
Sara deciphers Michael's coded message to meet him, and is followed by Kellerman and Mahone. T-Bag locks Westmoreland's money in a storage locker, and tries to find his ex-girlfriend Susan. He finds her house empty, but is ambushed by Bellick and Geary, who threaten to remove the stitching from his left hand if he does not reveal the location of the money. Michael discovers that Mahone had secretly killed Shales, and calls him to reveal what he knows. C-Note finds his family, and Lincoln and L.J. are arrested by the police.

Episode 10: Rendezvous
Bellick and Geary find Westmoreland's money, but Geary knocks Bellick unconscious and takes everything. Michael and Sara rendezvous, but Mahone arrives and disrupts their meeting. After they escape, Sara tries to leave, but is confronted by Kellerman. Lincoln and L.J. are rescued from the police by Lincoln's father Aldo. Aldo tells Lincoln that he can exonerate him with the evidence he has gathered, while an agent from The Company is ordered to kill them.

Episode 11: Bolshoi Booze
Michael tries to outsmart a coyote to secure a getaway plane, however his plan backfires. Sucre arrives and saves Micheal, and they let the coyote and his men leave. Aldo and Lincoln head to Bolshoi Booze to meet Michael, while L.J. leaves for safety with one of Aldo's crew. T-Bag escapes from Susan's house by severing his hand. He then kills Geary and takes the money with him when he leaves. Kellerman tortures Sara as Mahone figures out the location of Bolshoi Booze.

Episode 12: Disconnect
With Mahone on their trail, Michael, Lincoln, their father, and Sucre make a run for the getaway plane. Michael's reunion with his father sheds light on his difficult childhood. The women in Bellick and Kellerman's lives coerce their men to confess their sins. A medical emergency forces C-Note to risk it all.

Episode 13: The Killing Box
Bellick is anything but happy about his sudden homecoming-to Fox River. Elsewhere, Michael and Lincoln might face a homecoming of their own. Mahone and Kellerman use everything they have to make certain that Michael and Lincoln do not get through their road trip alive. Sucre's getaway plane encounters some difficulties. T-Bag closes in on Mrs. Hollander.

Episode 14: John Doe
Bellick gets a taste of the medicine he gave out when he was the captain at Fox River. Agent Mahone's ex-wife makes another appearance, as Mahone is forced to make a difficult decision. Kellerman reveals his motivation for aiding the escape. T-Bag rekindles an old romance.

Episode 15: The Message
Michael, Lincoln and Kellerman take the airwaves hostage as they attempt to evade the authorities and get a message to a missing Sara; Bellick gets a surprise visit in Fox River’s infirmary; Haywire resurfaces and lands in more trouble; Sucre takes his good Samaritan for a ride

Episode 16: Chicago
Another fugitive goes down, but first, Michael, Linc, Kellerman and Sara board a Chicago-bound train in Evansville, Ind., and Bellick has a most welcome visitor at Fox River. Meanwhile, T-Bag makes sure that the Hollanders keep up appearances.

Episode 17: Bad Blood
Michael and Sara realize that Warden Pope is the key to recovering information that will bring down The Company; Mahone corners another escapee; C-Note fears for his daughters life; Sucre learns the dangers of hitchhiking en route to reuniting with Maricruz; and T-Bag walks down memory lane when he takes the Hollander family to his childhood home.

Episode 18: Wash
Michael and Linc hear the tape on the memory stick that was in Gov. Tancredi's humidor. It could exonerate Linc, but getting the information is only half the battle. Now they must get it out. In Mexico, meanwhile, Sucre and Maricruz (Camille Guaty) find refuge with his aunt. In Birmingham, T-Bag visits a psychologist. And back in Chicago, C-Note begins to hold up his end of the bargain with Mahone, while Kellerman tends to personal business with the president. LJ: Marshall Allman.

Episode 19: Sweet Caroline
In Chicago, Michael has an encounter with President Reynolds (Patricia Wettig), and Sara has one with Mahone while C-Note performs his part of the bargain with Mahone. At the Mexico City airport, Bellick spots T-Bag while on his way to track down Sucre

Episode 20: Panama
Sara sacrifices herself for the safety of Michael so the brothers can get on with their final plan to attain freedom, but their plan gets 'shipwrecked'. Meanwhile, Bellick blackmails Sucre to partner up as T-Bag's streak of murder continues to the south of the border.

Episode 21: Fin Del Camino
The day has finally come for Sara's trial. Michael is determined to stop T-Bag's reign of terror. Bellick is money hungry and will do whatever it takes to hunt down T-Bag. Kellerman decides his fate while Lincoln and Mahone square off.

Episode 22: Sona
Michael tries to save his brother and himself from the unstoppable Mahone. Kellerman's testimony at Sara's trial proves different from what was expected. Sucre puts everything on the line to save Maricruz. Just like old times, T-Bag and Bellick are at it again.


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Prison Break Season 3 Guide

Episode 1: Orientación
Now locked up in a Panamanian prison known as Sona, Michael, T-Bag, Bellick, and Mahone try to find a way out. Much to their devastation, they soon find out that the prison has been abandoned by the authorities because of the immense threat from the vile inmates. Michael searches for an inmate named Whistler in the prison sewers. As Lincoln is puzzled by Sara's sudden disappearance, he learns that LJ has gotten into some trouble.

Episode 2: Fire/Water
After Michael gets bad news from Linc, he sets out to find a prisoner named Whistler (Chris Vance), who holds the key to his freedom. That's easier said than done: Whistler is hiding in Sona because there's a price on his head, and Lechero (Robert Wisdom) is not about to help Michael find him. In addition, both Mahone and Bellick want to get to Whistler too. Meanwhile, T-Bag won't allow a little humiliation stop him from insinuating himself into Lechero's good graces.

Episode 3: Call Waiting
Someone slides an envelope containing a photo of Sara and LJ under the door of Linc's hotel room. It might contain clues to their whereabouts. The Company Operative (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) in Panama City might help, too, but Linc must persuade her it's in her best interest to do so. And at Sona, Michael gets to know Whistler (Chris Vance); Lechero begins to lose confidence in his ability to shape events; and Mahone, who is in increasing need of his medications, meets the lawyer who'll defend him.

Episode 4: Good Fences
After failing to rescue LJ and Sara, Linc receives an ominous warning from the Company; Michael plans an electrifying escape from Sona; a face from the past haunts Mahone; T-Bag crawls up the ladder while Bellick lands in hot water with Lechero.

Episode 5: Interference
A new inmate enters Sona unnerving Whistler and raising Michael's suspicions; Lincoln plans an ocean getaway with Sofia as Susan moves up the escape timetable; T-Bag tempts his fate with his latest attraction; and Sucre attempts to get goods into Sona.

Episode 6: Photo Finish
Michael threatens to cancel the escape plan unless he sees proof that Sara is still alive. Whistler is accused of murdering an inmate and it is up to Michael to prove his innocence and save his life. Lincoln and Sofia help in monitoring the morning guards. Mahone may have another way to get out of Sona.

Episode 7: Vamonos
As Linc, Sofia and Sucre arrive at the rendezvous point, each with a personal agenda, Michael uses his grief and anger as a cover for the escape plan. Meanwhile, Lang and Sullins transport Mahone to Panama City for his court date, at which they tell him that he'll have to disclose everything he knows about the Company.

Episode 8: Bang & Burn
The Company has given Linc four days to get Whistler out of Sona, but Susan B. decides to act on her own, bypassing Michael, who finds a new ally in Sona. Meanwhile, Lechero faces a challenge from Sammy; Linc and Sucre try again to rescue LJ; Sofia learns some new things about Whistler; and Mahone, still strung out, testifies.

Episode 9: Boxed In
Michael finds himself in solitary confinement and must talk his way out. His interlocutor: Sona's new commanding officer. Meanwhile, Susan B. finds a way to keep Linc motivated; Lang has a parting gift for Mahone; Sucre makes another delivery to Sona and Susan B. makes him an offer; T-Bag makes Whistler an offer and Sofia confronts him; Bellick's refusal to mop up a mess puts him in a very messy situation; and a mysterious American woman travels to Panama to see Michael.

Episode 10: Dirt Nap
Michael heads back to shore up the escape tunnel, and T-Bag enlists Bellick to display his gladiatorial skills once again as the battle between Lechero and Sammy for control of Sona comes to a head. Meanwhile, in Panama City, Linc does a computer search on "Gary Miller," and Sucre has two meetings with Susan B.

Episode 11: Under & Out
Michael begins a new effort to tunnel out of Sona, joined by Lechero, Whistler, Mahone, Bellick and T-Bag. They are a team in name only. Then the weather causes a change in plans, requiring some last-minute assistance from Linc and Sucre. In Panama City, Susan B. threatens Sucre with the worst thing he can imagine. She also wants to see Sofia.

Episode 12: Hell or High Water
The escape attempt succeeds for some, if not all, of the escapees, and those who make it receive assistance on the outside from an unlikely source. But one escapee inadvertently leaves something behind.

Episode 13: The Art of the Deal
Michael and Linc make their way to Panama City and their date with Susan B., but Whistler isn't with them. Meanwhile, Mahone waits for an appointment at a Panama City cantina; and McGrady and his father run into a roadblock on their way out of the country. Back at Sona, Sucre pays the price for the escape, while T-Bag comes to Lechero's aid and also takes stock of the new landscape behind the walls.


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Prison Break Season 4 Guide

Episode 1: Scylla
Michael uncovers unbelievable news in Los Angeles when he seeks revenge against Whistler and Gretchen for Sara’s death. Michael and Lincoln are reunited with the gang and receive an offer from a Homeland Security Agent they cannot refuse. Mahone suffers a devastating loss, and T-Bag is deserted during his flight to freedom.

Episode 2: Breaking and Entering
Michael, Lincoln, Sara and the team work with Roland, a new team meber, to get a copy of the data card. Meanwhile, Wyatt continues his mission to track down the brothers while T-Bag makes his way north using the bird book as his guide.

Episode 3: Shut Down
Michael and the team have one day to find the next cardholder or they risk going back to prison. Mahone seeks revenge on Wyatt who is attempting to extract info on Sara’s whereabouts, while T-Bag finds the gateway to his new identity and future.

Episode 4: Eagles and Angels
Michael, Lincoln and Sucre must crash a police benefit to obtain the next card key. Reeling from another death, Sarah falls back into an old habit. T-Bag arouses suspicion and runs into some old “friends” his first day on the job.

Episode 5: Safe and Sound
Michael and Lincoln make their way to the Treasury Department in search of the next key card holder; an awkward alliance formed by T-Bag at his new job arouses the suspicions of Sucre and Bellick; Wyatt uses his magic touch on Gretchen.

Episode 6: Blow Out
After successfully transcribing the fourth card at an L.A. racetrack, Mahone is arrested---with the transcribing device on him---for being in a restricted area (and for punching a cop). Meanwhile, the Company hones in on Don Self; T-Bag's boss at GATE finds more "irregularities" in his sales reports; and Gretchen surfaces at her sister's tidy suburban home.

Episode 7: Five the Hard Way
Lincoln takes members of the team to Las Vegas where Sucre gets an indecent proposal. Sarah learns about Michael’s condition, and Roland pushes his luck too far. Gretchen teams up with T-Bag who makes an offer to Michael he cannot refuse.  Meanwhile, the secrets in Whistler’s bird book are finally revealed.

Episode 8: The Price
While Pad Man lays out the Company's next gambit to his underlings, Lincoln reaches into his past for a way to gain access to the final card, which is in Pad Man's possession, and Michael and Self have a meeting with their colleague-to-be: Gretchen. Meanwhile, Roland seethes at the treatment he has gotten from the gang since he lost the transcribing device in Las Vegas.

Episode 9: Greatness Achieved
While Michael, Linc, Bellick and Sucre navigate the GATE basement looking for a way to break into Company headquarters, a police detective upstairs questions T-Bag about Andrew Blauner's disappearance. Meanwhile, Gretchen has a meeting with Pad Man; Wyatt has a proposal for Sara (which Self records) and Mahone waits for his turn with the Company hit man.

Episode 10: The Legend
When Michael's condition begins to worsen, Sara has no choice but to take him to the emergency room. Later, Sara receives a shocking call about Michael's ailment. Meanwhile, Sucre and Lincoln find themselves in explosive territory; Agent Self makes a surprising ally; and Mahone is able to track down vital information about Scylla.

Episode 11: Quiet Riot
Michael and the team find themselves in a race against time, but Michael's deteriorating condition forces Sucre to take the lead in the break-in. Meanwhile, Gretchen tries to get the last key card from the General, and T-Bag is faced with a decision that could take him away from his criminal life for good.

Episode 12: Selfless
As the search for Scylla comes to a surprising end, Sarah takes a hostage, T-Bag and Gretchen have their last stand at Gate, and Michael and Lincoln are betrayed by one of their own as they finally get to go face-to-face with the General.

Episode 13: Deal or No Deal
As Michael, Linc, Sara, Sucre and Mahone regroup, Gen. Krantz reasserts his control of the Company in no uncertain terms as he scrambles to regain Scylla. Later, T-Bag gets a new partner in crime, and Michael and Linc have a critical meeting with Sen. Conrad Dallow (David Clennon).

Episode 14: Just Business
While the gang continues to match wits and blows with Self and Gretchen for control of Scylla (and with the Company in hot pursuit), Mahone enlists the aid of former FBI colleagues Lang and Wheeler (Barbara Eve Harris, Jason Davis). Meanwhile, Sara raises the dosage of the drug she's giving Michael to counter the effects of his brain tumor, and T-Bag continues to hold Gretchen's daughter and sister prisoner. But T-Bag tells Gretchen's sister: "I'm as much a prisoner as you."

Episode 15: Going Under
Following Linc's deal with the devil, Michael has his brain operation. Linc also extracts information from T-Bag, with whom he was recently reunited. Meanwhile, Wheeler and Lang transport Mahone to prison; and as Self and Gretchen await their prospective customer, Gretchen gets a phone call from her sister that's both reassuring and troubling. During surgery, Michael (who's conscious) gets unlikely help in unraveling the mystery of Scylla. Westmoreland: Muse Watson.

Episode 16: The Sunshine State
While Linc and his new colleagues are in hot pursuit of Scylla in Miami, Michael is at a remote mountain cabin in California, where he learns something new about the Company. He's also guided through childhood memories by a Company psychiatrist. Meanwhile, Sara is waiting for news of Michael in a luxury hotel, and she's not enjoying the luxury. Christina: Kathleen Quinlan.

Episode 17: The Mother Lode
Michael and Sara hitchhike to Miami, and Lincoln meets with Christina, who tells him of her plan to take over the Company and warns him not to meddle in it. Meanwhile, a new foe challenges Pad Man, and T-Bag and Self find something they weren't expecting when they search for Scylla.

Episode 18: Versus
It's Linc vs. Michael over Scylla as Christina sets her plan in motion and a sniper targets Linc. Meanwhile, Sara receives some news; T-Bag makes his presence known at the Indian embassy; and Pad Man's paranoia intensifies.

Episode 19: S.O.B.
Michael arranges to meet Christina. It isn't an easy reunion to begin with, then she says something surprising about Lincoln. Meanwhile, Pad Man arrives in Miami with a nonnegotiable demand for his new operatives; Linc races to abort Christina's plan; and T-Bag must prove his trustworthiness to the Company.

Episode 20: Cowboys and Indians
As Christina's plan is executed, Michael and Linc are stuck at the Miami hotel where the energy conference is being held. Later, Pad Man makes good on a threat, and Michael must choose between Lincoln or Sara.

Episode 21: Rate of Exchange
Familiar faces turn up as Michael tries to take down the Company.

Episode 22: Killing Your Number
Michael makes one final attempt to get Scylla and destroy the Company.


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