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Subject: Battlestar Galactica Season 1-3 General Discussion Thread (Spoilers) [Print This Page]

Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 7-9-2007 13:15     Subject: Battlestar Galactica Season 1-3 General Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Discuss Anything About Battlestar Galactica Season 1-3 Here

OK, I just finished watching season 3...and while some things I suspected, others were a complete shocker!  
Now I have another show that I have to wait for the new's getting more frustrating all the time!  How will I stand it?

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Author: bala    Time: 7-10-2007 05:47     Subject: i gave up

i watch the first few episodes on tv than i kind forgot about it because it clashed NCIS so i gave up and now i only 3 more episodes of csi miami to watch i need another show to watch so i'm going give it another chance on here. i'm left at point where last 4 episode of season 1. i will continue from there
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 7-10-2007 20:39     Subject: Reply #2 bala's post

I think you'll enjoy it.  I don't have the sci-fi channel, so was previously waiting for DVD's.  I'm so glad to be able to watch it here, along with other sci-fi shows I enjoy.  I also like being able to arrange my programs so they suit my time schedule rather than the networks.
Author: bala    Time: 7-11-2007 09:39

The problem with this show is more adult sci-fi-amount of time we balter and blonde making out tormenting him-I'm surprised he hasn't put a bullet in his head-that woman isn't well. That has pscyo woman of sci-fi.
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 7-11-2007 11:12     Subject: Reply #4 bala's post

As the show continues, the other characters get more screen time, and thus you don't have to endure Baltar & Number 6 as often.
Author: Apollo    Time: 8-25-2007 19:54     Subject: Broken Links?

I can't seem to watch any of the BsG epsiodes featured on TV Video, the links seem broken. I've had to go to Veoh, is anyone else having this problem?
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 9-26-2007 18:44     Subject: Not Exactly Related, but...

I just watched the premiere of the Bionic Woman and not only did we see Katee Sackhoff in a different, though familiar kick butt role, we also had a peek at Aaron Douglas, aka Chief Petty Officer Galen Tyrol, in a small role.  It's not BG, but it will hold me over for a while.

Reply #6 Apollo's post

Are you still having this problem?  I just checked it out and I couldn't get it past...Read  I'll post it in the Error Report thread.
Author: gabsimom    Time: 11-6-2007 11:41

Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 1-2-2008 15:43     Subject: Reply 9#9 bnewman8629's post

The song used was Bob Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower", and according to the album info it was performed by Brendan “Bt4″ McCreary [vocals], Paul Cartwright [electric violin], Steve Bartek [sitar and electric guitars].
Author: silver1978    Time: 4-5-2008 17:28     Subject: Season 4 Discussion Thread ((((!!SPOILERS!!))))

Ok so I got to watch the episode and the battle scene at the beginning was just, well, awesome! I must say it just left me with more and more questions.

Still want to know who the final Cylon model is. Is it Kara? I think that would be a huge cop-out. Judging from Caprica spin-off leaks, I am right now putting some coin on the elder Adama, bu I am probably totally wrong! Oh, I wonder if we had some foreshadowing in this episode about Lee's brother. What if he is the final Cylon model? How crazy would that be?!?!

Baltar and his happy tribe- argh what can we say?? I just have this feeling they are going to martyr him in some way in order to parallel him (in a preverse way really if you look at the things he has done) with Jesus.

So will Kara shoot our lovely president? Are Saul and Anders going to snap and start shooting too?


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Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 4-5-2008 19:57     Subject: Reply 1#1 silver1978's post

I definitely don't think Starbuck is the final Cylon.  In Razor (if I remember correctly) it mentioned that Kara would lead them to destruction, or something along that line.  I've been thinking it might be the old man too, or maybe Roslin...but I have steered clear of EVERY spoiler page about the show, since I like to be surprised.

The thing with Baltar was perverse.  I thought the same if his head wasn't big enough to begin with, they go and turn him into some pseudo-Messiah for those people. BLECH!  I wouldn't be surprised if he winds up being martyred.

As for Zach making an appearance, it would be cool, but I got the impression it was mentioned to make the point that even if Kara was a Cylon, the fact that she returned from the dead (so they thought) reminded both of the Adama men of how much a part of their family she really was.

I don't think the president will be killed, though she may get shot.  And I have a feeling that these "final 5" are different from the other Cylons in a way that hasn't been revealed yet.  I can't wait until next week's episode.  This one just left me wanting more.

Author: desertdarlene    Time: 4-6-2008 10:21

I don't know if anyone saw the episodes in the original series where I think it was Apollo and Starbuck found an Earthlike planet called "Terra".  They were actually intercepted in space by these god-like beings and when they were there, their uniforms and vipers turned white similar to what Kara's viper did in this first episode.  I know that they like to build on the old series, so I am wondering if this is what they are doing.  Perhaps a similar thing happened to Kara that happened to Apollo and Starbuck in the original series.  

Kara mentioned something about a yellow moon, but I don't consider our moon yellow, though the photo she had looked like our moon.  And, she remembered passing thorough a triple star system or a triple binary star system, but I don't think there are any of those near us, too.  The thing that throws me off is that she said the stars were aligned correctly, but perhaps that could be wrong, too because I think the temple of Athena was built thousands of years ago and the alignment could have changed.

I think it's possible that the President is going the right way, but there are some divine beings trying to draw Kara and everyone else to another planet.
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 4-6-2008 14:39     Subject: Reply 3#3 desertdarlene's post

Great observations Darlene!  I saw the original series, but haven't seen it since it first aired, so I don't remember the incident to which you are referring, but it sounds highly plausible to me.  I was curious too when Kara mentioned the triple binary star system, as I don't think (though I'm no astronomer) that we have one in our solar system.  I agree, it's also likely that with thousands of years the stars would have moved, so the alignment wouldn't be perfect.

Maybe this was what the warning in Razor was referring to...that Kara would lead them in the wrong direction.  Roslin is probably right, and whatever happened to Kara out there, is trying to steer them off course.

I really can't wait until the next episode!

Author: desertdarlene    Time: 4-6-2008 17:28     Subject: Reply 4#4 waterlilybarb's post

I think the classic episode was called  "Experiment in Terra"  and it's available on the net.  It was one of the last episodes on the main part of the classic series.  There were a few episodes in the last half of that series that referred to Terra.
Author: desertdarlene    Time: 4-11-2008 08:53     Subject:

I just wanted to let anyone know that if you want to watch the episodes really early, is airing them on Fridays at 12PM noon, EDT.   But, it's live, only plays once, you can't rewind or pause it, and it plays on a tiny screen.   I just watched the latest one, but I won't comment on it for a couple of days so people here can watch it on the VIP channel.  It was pretty good.
Author: anorocle    Time: 4-12-2008 10:46     Subject: Love It

I started watching this show right here on vip about this time last year.  I love this show and I am glad its back.  Kara plays a deeper character with emotional baggage and a good heart.  I am real curious to see if she indeed turns out to be a cylon or some variety thereof.
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 4-13-2008 04:11     Subject: Reply 6#6 desertdarlene's post

Is it only available for those in the US?  I couldn't tell when I checked it out, as I looked on Saturday.

Anyway, I just finished watching the new episode and it was great!  I'm too tired to really comment on it, but it's up on the site now, so I think it's safe to post your thoughts on the episode.  I'll post mine after I get some sleep.

Re: anorocle's post - I don't think Kara is going to turn out to be a Cylon of any sort.  Though I still haven't seen the episode from the original series, I have an inkling Darlene might be on to something since it would go along with Starbuck's being a harbinger of doom...or whatever she was called in Razor.

Just another thought before I drift off - does anyone else think that Baltar might be the 5th Cylon?  The way he was talking about music and the cacophony of the sound is awfully familiar.  Also, it could explain his connection to 6, and his new vision of himself.  OK, now I'm really going to try and catch some zzz's.

Author: desertdarlene    Time: 4-13-2008 12:33     Subject: Reply 8#8 waterlilybarb's post

The episode should be available to everyone in the world, but it only plays at 12 Noon EDT in the United States (I just realized that there is a EDT for Australia, too) and it only plays once and then it's gone.  I don't know what time that is in your part of the world, but try it at that time next Friday.  I think has a world clock to use.  

I hope it's playing next Friday, it said it was when I watched it.

I think it was funny that the Six that Baltar sees is of himself now.  I am wondering, again, if Baltar is a Cylon and that by them reconfiguring certain things, it has changed the way they interact with him.  But, it's hilarious because he's so sarcastic even to himself.

This "in-fighting" is kinda interesting.  I know that the one guy (Dean Stockwell's Character) seems to indicate that the final five have "evolved".  I am wondering if the final five were able to become completely organic.  That is, they are fully alive with no programming and can pro-create just like regular humans.  Didn't Cally have a baby with Tyrol?

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Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 4-13-2008 12:59     Subject: Reply 9#9 desertdarlene's post

Yes, Cally and Tyrol have a son, but so did Boomer & Helo, so I don't think the difference is that.  Remember Hera was a hybrid, and it was her blood that "cured" Roslin's cancer.  I'm wondering if Tyrol's baby has some special significance.

That's interesting - that the reconfiguring of the Raiders as the cause of his new visions of himself.  Very plausible.

The in-fighting amongst the "human" Cylons is definitely interesting.  I especially found it strange that Boomer would vote against the other 8s.  I think rather than the final 5 being completely organic, they are programed differently.  Even knowing they are Cylons, so far none of them has shown the disdain or hatred towards humans that the other Cylons have.  I imagine their mission is to get them to Earth and maybe be the leaders for the next generation of Cylons, or human/Cylon hybrids.  Either way, it will be interesting to find out.

I actually live in EDT (in Canada), so if I'm home, I'll have to check out to see if I am able to watch the episode there.

Author: silver1978    Time: 4-14-2008 11:35     Subject: Reply 10#10 waterlilybarb's post

I think Boomer's voting has to do with her connections with the human fleet. The number ones wanted the raiders reprogrammed so they would have no qualms about destroying the humans. The ability for the raiders to make decisions was what prevented them from destroying the fleet when they were in place to do so. Is this a demonstration of Boomer's apathy to those she used to live amongst?

The whole thing with the raiders brings back an important theme from Battlestar (IMHO). The final five appear completely human (supposedly), have led human lives, defend the human fleet, etc. - What makes them not human? Are they not physiologically the same as humans? We know they can feel emotions like humans (even Gina after her imprisonment and abuse reacted like a human). Of course, not all of the Cylons are that close to humanity, but we now see a further evolution in the 2's, 6's, and 8's with their empathy for the raiders. If the final five are completely organic like Darlene suggests, then are they truly still Cylons?
Author: anorocle    Time: 4-14-2008 12:33

Good Point
Author: desertdarlene    Time: 4-17-2008 05:07     Subject: Live Streaming Episodes

I just got an e-mail in my box that says that they will stream the next Battlestar Galactica episode (4/18/2008) on between 9AM and 4PM ET this Friday.  It will start  every hour on the hour.  So, that should give everyone a chance to see it early who wants to.  I can start watching it at 6AM in my time zone.  

But, I'll have to do my exercise first.  
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 4-19-2008 09:52     Subject: Reply 13#13 desertdarlene's post

I missed your post until now, so I didn't get to check if I can view it from Canada.  I just finished watching it on VIP.

Well I guess we now REALLY know why Boomer voted the way she did.  ICK!  But I don't think she'll go along with the annihilation of the other "human" Cylons.  Their "civil war" is getting mighty interesting.

That Tory is a piece of work...and VERY much like the "skinjobs" we've come to know in the past.  I do NOT like her.  Tyrol and Anders seem to be the main ones trying to maintain their humanity.  ON that note, discovering who the 5th Cylon is, is getting even more difficult.  From what Kara said to Sam, it looks like they're trying to hint it may be her, but I think that's a red herring.  I'm still not sure who it is, but after everything she's been through it would seem too obvious to make it Starbuck.

And what about Lee's new position?  He just started and he's already stirring the pot between the President & the press.  That could be a dangerous line to walk if he wants to truly be effective.  I'll be interested to see how that all plays out.

The ending was a definite OMGoodness moment.  I'm not surprised at Tory, but feel bad for Tyrol and especially Cally.  Definitely not how I expected it to end.

Author: silver1978    Time: 4-19-2008 15:16

This episode, at first I was pretty bored, seemed so slow. But YOWSER!

I agree, don't think its Kara.

Tory: NASTY. Fully embracing the Cylon lifestyle isn't she. That was really intense. I thought for sure that they would catch her snooping and be forced to kill her to keep the secret, but I thought it would be a joint decision there.

I feel bad for Anders. Between dealing with the Cylon revelation and Kara coming back from the dead /changing, to still wanting to maintain his humanity is something.

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Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 4-19-2008 15:26     Subject: Reply 15#15 silver1978's post

I agree.  Sam's such a decent guy, and Kara treats him like crap.  He really loves her.  It's a different take on a somewhat abusive relationship.  She uses him when it suits her, and he puts up with her treating him so rotten.  Kinda sad, really.
Author: desertdarlene    Time: 4-19-2008 18:58

You know, the one thing I noticed was that the four said that they knew they were Cylons when they were in (or near) the nebula.  And, I remember they were hearing the music at that time.  I am beginning to get more convinced that there is some sort of sub-space phenomena there, perhaps a wormhole leading to Earth.  But, it could also be a spiritual realm that is a barrier that the Cylons can't cross.  It's a far-out theory, but it's got me thinking.

What do you think about them killing all those other Cylons?  It seems like they have a war with each other,now, and it'll distract them from pursuing the humans.  Perhaps this is all in (their) God's plan.  I wonder if God is now trying to destroy them to let the humans find their way to Earth.  

Again, this is a crazy theory and I may be way off.  But, one thing I like about this show is it's spiritual component.  It's something the old episodes failed to flesh out.
Author: desertdarlene    Time: 4-25-2008 08:30

Oh, man!  I was watching the streaming video on when it stopped half way through.  It said the episode had ended.  Well, I'm glad that I can get it on this site.
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 4-27-2008 14:17     Subject: Reply 18#18 desertdarlene's post

I checked out the scifi site, and it said that a sneak preview was available to view - maybe that's why it stopped halfway.  Sneaky.

Escape Velocity 4x04

I just watched the new episode and everyone seems to be losing their mind!  Gaius is becoming evermore the cult figure, Tyrol & Tigh are seeing visions, though of very different sorts, and Lee seems to be on a quest for civil liberties - which is great in itself, but in context may prove disastrous for the fleet.  Tory seems to have come very much to terms with being a Cylon and has hopped on the Baltar bandwagon.  But the men are struggling with their new identities, and the deaths of their wives.

Will Tigh's, shall we say, tête-à-tête with Number 6 cause him to embrace his Cylon self?  Is Tyrol really so disgusted with his life, or was he just trying to get demoted before he actually killed someone?

What about Roslin?  Do you think she's going to die before reaching Earth, or will another "miracle" save her?

I don't mind the religious themes in the show, and am glad they aren't shying away from them, but I just don't want it to turn into some sort of "holy war".  It's enough that the Cylons are now pretty much having a civil war of their own, without adding a religious war to the fleet.  They have a hard enough time getting along - even before religion gets into the mix.

Author: silver1978    Time: 4-27-2008 15:29

The bar scene with Tyrol. He seemed to not have known what he was doing. Is this part of their "activation?" Or is the stress of the secret getting to them? Tory, I think, is definitely embracing her Cylon self and will probably be the downfall of the crew Cylons.

You are right about Lee though. His intentions are good, but he does seem rather short sighted as to the possible consequences of his actions. I almost wonder if his actions (which seemingly mesh with Cylon intentions) might be a result of him being a Cylon as well- another part of me says no way.

Overall, I felt this episode was really lacking. We got no more answers and just more questions. Being the last seasons, the episodes have got to step it up some if we are going to get some closure on all the questions.
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 4-27-2008 16:01     Subject: Reply 20#20 silver1978's post

Funny you should say that about Lee.  I was leaning in that direction too (him being the final Cylon) but apparently, according to Ronald D. Moore - executive producer of BSG - the final Cylon will NOT be one of the primary humans on the show.  I suppose that makes it any body's guess.

You're right about the need to step it up in revealing more answers.  There isn't enough time for them to meander through everyone's psyche and still come up with a satisfying conclusion.  I wished we had seen more of either Kara & her crew, or what was happening with the Cylons.

Author: desertdarlene    Time: 4-29-2008 17:59

I remember there was something in an earlier episode that said something about the person or prophetess or whatever who leads them to Earth will have a "wasting disease" and won't make it there.  I think I remember it being in the first or second season that it was implied that Roslyn is the person the book of Pythia might be talking about.  But, when Roslyn got better, I kinda forgot about it.
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 5-3-2008 17:43     Subject: Reply 22#22 desertdarlene's post

Good memory Darlene.  I had forgotten about that, but it makes sense now that Roslin has relapsed.

Episode 4x05 - The Road Less Travelled

I finally got through watching the new episode - the site was running slow today.  I have to say I was happy to have a more in depth glimpse of what's happening on the Demetrius.  

Back with the fleet Tory is continuing to make the most of her new Cylon self.  Tyrol is so racked with feelings of guilt that he's even shaved his head.

Sorry - this is pretty lame.  It took me a couple hours to get through it, and now I'm too tired to think clearly enough to get my thoughts out.  I'll be back to chat more about the new episode.   I definitely enjoyed it, but think I'll have to give it another viewing to fully figure out what I think.

Author: desertdarlene    Time: 5-5-2008 19:14

I am finding myself a little dissatisfied at the pace at which these latest episodes are going.  This was the first episode where I wasn't totally glued to the screen the whole time and actually had to come back and watch the second half later.  The next episode looks interesting because it seems that Starbuck talks to the Hybrid who tells her what the other Hybrid said about her in Razor.  I wonder how things are going to sort out when she knows that.
Author: silver1978    Time: 5-6-2008 07:31     Subject: Reply 24#24 desertdarlene's post

Yes, it is most definitely failing to keep up the pace for me. It's the last season, I just expect so much more. What did we really learn this episode? It seemed like such a filler except for the mutiny.
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 5-7-2008 11:32     Subject: Reply 25#25 silver1978's post

We learned that some of the human Cylons survived the attempted massacre by their brethren.

I'm really curious as to what the hybrid will tell Kara.  I have a feeling Darlene is right, and she'll find out what was said in Razor.  

The interesting thing about this episode was Leoban.  He has some strange hold over Kara.  I would have expected her to have him killed after interrogation, but even after holding her hostage all those months on New Caprica, she still wants him around.  It's like she has Stockholm Syndrome.  It must really irk Sam, since she said if he was a Cylon she'd have no problem putting a bullet in his head, to see her listening to what Leoban has to say.

Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 5-10-2008 07:23     Subject: Episode 4x06 - Faith

Just watched the new episode and must say it's an improvement over last week.

Kara finally got to hear the hybrid's message, we found out what it means - though still have to wait for #5 to be revealed, and also found out that the 6s & 8s survived the attempted massacre.

Back with the fleet, we see Roslin getting treatment, and meeting another patient (none other than Nana Visitor, aka Kira Narys of Deep Space Nine) in the infirmary.  They discuss Baltar and his pirate radio broadcasts re: the afterlife.  Interesting stuff, but I liked how Roslin told Adama that THEY were going to find Earth together.  She still has faith in the book of Pythia (as Darlene mentioned earlier), and I think she recognizes that she is the one prophesied about.  She did know this before, but now that her cancer has relapsed, I think it has reaffirmed her belief.

I also think Anders is getting ever more nervous that he will be revealed as a Cylon, while wanting to know exactly what that means for him at the same time.  Tory is getting scarier, being so close to the President, and no longer being afraid of the responsibilities her job entails now that Roslin is sick.

Good stuff!

Author: desertdarlene    Time: 5-11-2008 18:13

I also think this was an improved episode over the last episode.  So, did the message say that the final five are from the 13th tribe and from Earth?  That's very fascinating.  Perhaps the final five Cylons are humans after all.   I don't know, that could be a stretch.  And, I guess Deanna can finger out who those final five are, so I wonder if she will recognize the four we've seen so far.

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Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 5-11-2008 19:22     Subject: Reply 28#28 desertdarlene's post

I think the hybrid said something like, "The dying leader will discover the truth about the Opera House, the missing 'Three' will be used to find the five, who come from the home of the Thirteenth Tribe."  So Roslin (the dying leader) will learn what D'Anna (3) saw at the Opera House (the faces of the final 5) who are from Earth, which is the Cylon's (13th tribe) home.  

It's possible that the final 5 ARE human after all, since the hybrid didn't say the five were Cylons, just from their home.  I definitely think D'Anna will be able to ID our 4 known members of the 5, which is great because I love Lucy Lawless as that character.  It just gets better and better.

Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 5-17-2008 08:46     Subject: 4x07 - Guess What's Coming to Dinner

Finally!  We're getting into some good stuff now.  This episode really opened the door for what's to come.  Definitely my favourite of the season so far.

The ending left me highly frustrated, which is OK.  I just wasn't watching the time, and didn't expect it to be over when it was.  Roslin & Baltar are now on the base ship which has jumped away.  I REALLY want to know what the hybrid will tell her.  Will it tell Roslin that Kara is the "harbinger of death to them all"?  And what does that mean, and what will it mean for Starbuck and the fleet as a whole?

I've suspected Gaeta as the final Cylon, since I found out it wouldn't be one of the main characters.  I know he wasn't singing the lyrics to "All Along the Watchtower", but was that the tune?  Anders seemed to find his singing important, so I'm thinking it was.  If so, he'll definitely want a new body, and if he figures it out will kill himself when they get close enough to the resurrection ship.  

So much to digest.  Athena, Caprica 6, Roslin and Hera (and was there someone else? - Baltar? - I don't think so, but can't remember) having the same dream.  Killing the Six won't make a difference, since she isn't Caprica Six.  Sharon should have recognized the difference, since all Hera's pictures were of a woman with very yellow hair.  I suppose any mother wouldn't care, and would take down whoever she thought was a threat to the safety of her child, but it's a shame that THAT Six is now dead.  She was reasonable - the MOST reasonable of all the Cylons.

That's all I have for now, but thank heavens the show is back on track.  With so few episodes left, they really have to get to the heart of the story and tell it in a way that does it justice, and satisfies us fans.

Author: silver1978    Time: 5-18-2008 15:02

Gaeta as the final Cylon? /yawn. If it's true, I'm bored. I would think it would be much more explosive. Even though he has been in the background and important in some ways, I am just not interested in him or his character to be honest.

I was wondering if the Hybrid meant Kara would bring death to the humans or to the Cylons. With the speech about mortality, it seems like a reasonable explanation that she is bringing true death to the Cylons. As such, if the Cylons experience true death, there would be a fundamental change in their experiences- that is one of the last barriers to them being truly human. It is our mortality that makes us strive to create, invent, have children, emphasize with others, and many more things. We want to leave something of ourselves to be remembered once we are gone.

I was happier with this episode then the rest of this season, but truly still feel unfulfilled. The jump at the end was good though, left me wanting to see the next episode.
Author: desertdarlene    Time: 5-19-2008 17:41

I haven't seen the episode as it hasn't been posted, yet, anywhere on the internet.  I will let you know when I've seen it.  I think it's going to be available after the 24th.
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 5-23-2008 10:45     Subject: Reply 32#32 desertdarlene's post

Hey Darlene, we do have BsG on the free site - tv-video BsG.  The video quality isn't as good as VIP, but since the server was moved, the buffering isn't as bad...just find the time of day that works best for you.  It will do in a pinch, and allow you to see the show sooner.
Author: desertdarlene    Time: 5-24-2008 18:58     Subject: Reply 33#33 waterlilybarb's post

Thanks.  I have VIP, but that episode hadn't been loaded yet.  I did get to see it today, though.  I think Shannon had a great idea with Kara being the harbinger of the Cylon's death and not the humans' death.  It think it didn't say who Kara was leading into destruction, just "them".  

What I can't wait to see is where the base ship jumped to and what's going to happen to Roslyn, Six, and Baltar.
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 5-28-2008 15:50     Subject: Reply 34#34 desertdarlene's post

True, I was thinking that the "them" meant all of them, humans and Cylons, but it could only mean one of them.  It will be interesting to see how that pans out.

4x08 Sine Qua Non

I just finished watching the new episode (nice treat to have it early) and it was a good one, though not enough action for my liking.  One thing I was thinking is the 5th Cylon should be a woman because of the 12 there are only 4 so far.  I don't know who it would be, but that's what I was thinking.

I'm not surprised about the Presidency, but I was surprised about the "old man" staying behind.  I really want to know what's happened to all those that were on the ship when the hybrid caused the jump.  I forgot that so many of the pilots were over there - besides Roslyn and Baltar.  The debris where the base ship was seemed like a lot, and we know some of the pilots are dead.  I wonder what exactly happened there?  And now the Six is pregnant!  That's a surprising turn of events, though as soon as the doc said he had examined her, I knew.

Only a week and a half until episode 9, but only one more new episode after that until the hiatus.   That's NOT enough story!  I wish I had more patience, because if I did, I would have waited to start watching this season just before the second half was going to be aired. I really hope the next 2 episodes are crammed with sci-fi goodness.

Author: silver1978    Time: 5-30-2008 10:28     Subject: Reply 35#35 waterlilybarb's post

If Six is a Cylon and Tigh is a Cylon then would their baby be a new Cylon model?

Got more to talk about but working on that darn term paper....must stop reading and posting!
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 5-30-2008 11:47     Subject: Reply 36#36 silver1978's post

I was wondering the same thing.

Now get to work on your term paper!

Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 6-7-2008 13:00     Subject: 4x09 - Hub

Good episode.  Is anyone else wondering which child the Hybrid was talking about?  I know Hera seems obvious, but now that Caprica 6 is pregnant, could it be the Hybrid is telling them to protect THAT child?  

BTW, I forgot to mention that last week's episode made me LOL when Lee was sworn in as President.  I didn't know - or I forgot - that his name is Leeland!   Just thought I'd share.

Author: gaiusx    Time: 6-7-2008 19:14

BSG is always good but after every 3/4 episodes there is a great one.

BSG is such a dark show that when ever you get some light amongst all that darkness it really does get to you. I never cry at TV or Flims but I was welling Up  when Roslin and Adama reunited. It would be nice to hope that one day there will be dramas as good as this, but they never will be.
Author: silver1978    Time: 6-8-2008 04:39

I really liked this episode. I am still digesting it but will come back with more discussion.

One thing off the top of my head though is the "close the door" comment from the hybrid? What was that?
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 6-15-2008 12:34     Subject: 4x10 - Revelations (mid-season finale)

I went searching for quotes from the hybrids - the one on this baseship, and the one from Razor.

Here is what the hybrid said in Razor to Kendra Shaw (the old man hybrid):

    * At last, they've come for me. I feel their lives, their destinies spilling out before me. The denial of the one true path, played out on a world not their own, will end soon enough. Soon there will be four, glorious in awakening, struggling with the knowledge of their true selves. The pain of revelation bringing new clarity and in the midst of confusion, he will find her. Enemies brought together by impossible longing. Enemies now joined as one. The way forward at once unthinkable, yet inevitable. And the fifth, still in shadow, will claw toward the light, hungering for redemption that will only come in the howl of terrible suffering. I can see them all. The seven, now six, self-described machines who believe themselves without sin. But in time, it is sin that will consume them. They will know enmity, bitterness, the wrenching agony of one splintering into many. And then, they will join the promised land, gathered on the wings of an angel. Not an end, but a beginning.
    * Kara Thrace will lead the human race to its end. She is the herald of the apocalypse, the harbinger of death. They must not follow her.
    * As my own existence comes to a close, only to begin anew, in ways uncertain.
    * All this has happened before, and it will happen again...again...again...again...again...again...again...

OK, I've wanted to find that for a while (since seeing Razor, actually), but especially after watching this episode.  I definitely think the 5th Cylon of the final 5 is the unborn child of Tigh & Caprica 6.

Earth looks to be a radioactive wasteland.  Not quite what they were hoping for.  Is this the what the hybrid meant about Thrace leading the human race to it's end?  I still don't understand if that means literally or if it's referring to an end of what they have known, now that they are in an alliance with the Cylons, and there are already 2 human/Cylon children (Hera & Nicky) and a child of 2 Cylons yet to be born.  

Does the fact that all of these things have happened before and will supposedly happen again mean that the rubble they found on Earth indicate their ancestors did live there?  

Another hybrid quote is:

The children of the one reborn shall find their own country.
I assume that's referring to D'Anna and their search for a home.

I noticed Starbuck went to the Memorial wall where all the photos are and they zoomed in on the pic of Kendra Shaw, which was a nice nod to her character and a little payoff for Razor.

I'm now left with a bunch of questions and have to wait ages for the answers.  Highly irritating, especially when there are only 10 more episodes until the series is finished.  Why do I watch these shows that drive me crazy?

Author: gaiusx    Time: 6-15-2008 18:25     Subject: Reply 41#41 waterlilybarb's post

Weel firstly I will start with the obligatory what? WHAT!?!?!

BSG never ceases to pull suprises on you. The child of six and tigh is a good idea but knowing BSG it will be another curb ball.

What's going to happen with the next ten is beyond me after the mid-series looked all destroyed. So does this mean it is our future or our past. that is the big question (our future seems more likely). could this higher power be the final cylon? although thinking about it. the head six (not in this series nearly enough) seems to be the higher power.

The mysteries that still need answers.
Final Cylon
What/who the hell is the head six?
What does the Opera house mean?
What really happened to Starbuck?
What about the other Cylons?
PLUS COUNTLESS OTHERS!!!!!!! It's almost as mysterious as lost.
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 6-15-2008 19:24

Reply  42#42 gaiusx's post
the fifth, still in shadow, will claw toward the light, hungering for redemption that will only come in the howl of terrible suffering.
This is the part of the quote, along with the fact D'Anna said there were only 4 (for now), that makes me think the 5th of the final 5 is the unborn child.  The fact that the hybrid says "The seven, now six, self-described machines who believe themselves without sin", makes me think another Cylon will die before the series ends.  

My is also due to the fact that it's much like Lost, in that it makes you think and leaves you with so many more questions than answers.  I hope there's a really good ending.  This show deserves one.

Author: silver1978    Time: 6-16-2008 07:47

D'Anna saying their were only 4 of the 5 in the fleet makes me curious.
I am very curious about the unborn child as well. If it will be a new model?

My candidates at this point for the last of the five are:
Baltar (big thing to be forgiven for) but I feel unlikely because it would be very obvious. Although he WAS on the baseship and not with the fleet when D'Anna made her statement.
Zach Adama (for shock value), it would also fit with the time that the Leoben model said that Adama was a Cylon. Possible Spoiler here: Plus, one of the first Cylons created was a copy of with the personality Bill Adama's sister so Joseph Adama (Bills father, Lee's grandfather) could also be a candidate feeling guilt over what he helped create /End Spoiler
Ellen Tigh (another one with forgiveness issues), plus would put the Cylon count at 6 male 6 female

As for Earth- my husband watched this episode with me and I told him before they reached Earth that the place was going to be totally nuked and that the original colonies were like a Noah's Ark for the human race after the war. If the Final model is one that is "dead" in the fleet, I expect they will encounter that model on Earth.

GRRR I can't wait so long for the last episodes!!
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 6-16-2008 11:09     Subject: Reply 44#44 silver1978's post

I thought of Ellen Tigh too.  But since the resurrection hub was destroyed, how would that model be alive (same thing for Zach)?  Of course, if you're correct and the final Cylon is already on Earth, that point would be moot.  And if that's the case, the final Cylon could be any of the characters who have already died.  I think if it had been anyone with the fleet when they went through the nebula, they would have been activated along with the other 4.
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 6-17-2008 11:16     Subject: Interesting theory:

This is something I had been trying to figure out too.  I did a search and there has never been a reference to model #7.  

Here's a theory I thought interesting enough to pass along:
Battlestar Galactica: Why Boomer is the Final Cylon
Tuesday, June 17, 2008
After all this time, a switch went off, just like that. For more than a year now, Battlestar Galactica fans have been pondering the identity of the final Cylon. I've had plenty of theories. At first I was leaning towards Zak Adama, Lee's dead brother. Then, as season 4 wore on, I set my sights on Tom Zarek. After the truly spectacular mid-season finale, I started to think about it even more, obsessing over the identity of the final Cylon. Then I read a comment made by Ronald D. Moore, and just like that, the switch went off.

Boomer is the final Cylon. Not Athena, the mother of Hera, but Boomer, the Sharon who shot Adama, got Jack Ruby-ed by Cally and tried to end the Cylon aggression against humanity. Crazy as it sounds, it all makes perfect sense.

If you're wondering what triggered this revelation, it was Moore's statement at the Battlestar Galactica mid-season finale screening on Wednesday that the final five Cylons don't have model numbers. It seems innocuous enough, but it was the final piece I needed to understand.

One of my biggest questions about Battlestar Galactica has always been the numbering of the Cylons. The seven original models all have numbers. Cavil, Leoben, D'Anna, Simon and Doral are 1-5, respectively. Number Six is, of course, 6. Then there's Sharon Valeri, aka Sharon Agathon, aka Boomer, aka Athena. She's number 8.

Either Ronald D. Moore doesn't know what comes after six, or this has been a huge clue slapping us in the face for years. I had just assumed that, for some reason, one of the final five was the missing 7. Then came this revelation that the final five don't have model numbers, which either means there is no 7 or Moore is playing mind games with his fans.

This prompted my mind to go into overdrive: why would the Cylons, or God, or whoever created the skinjobs, skip over 7? Or did they? What if the Cylon creators were experimenting with a new breed of Cylon and came up with a new model after 6? Perhaps it looked like Sharon, but the Cylon creators discovered the difference and quickly created a new, more traditional Sharon that followed the same schematics as 1-6. Hence, in the original creation, the 7 slot would be left open.

Perhaps I'm reading too much into this number game, but until I hear a better explanation for why Sharon is Number 8, I'm standing by it. In addition, the other clues we've received fit. D'Anna said there were only four of the final five on the fleet in “Revelations,” and at that time, Boomer was aboard the basestar. There was also the very first sighting of the final five, when D'Anna said. “You. Forgive me, I had no idea.” It's never been clear who she was talking about. Maybe Tigh for ripping out his eye. Or maybe she was asking forgiveness of Boomer, whom she opposed in the season 2 episode “Downloaded” because Boomer and Caprica Six wanted to try to co-exist with humans.

Finally, the most powerful piece of evidence came early in season 4 when Boomer sided with Cavil on the issue of lobotomizing the Raiders, going against the entire line of 8s. It was said to be the first time that a Cylon ever broken rank with what the other models of that number were doing. It seemed incredibly unusual that these machines would be capable of doing this, but not if you consider my theory that Boomer is not an 8, but rather the final Cylon. That would explain perfectly how and why she was able to go against her model.

In some ways, I feel like the pieces fit so nicely that Boomer has to be the final Cylon. Much like a diagnosis by Gregory House, it explains everything. Of course, whenever he says that, it's usually not the right diagnosis.
I'm not saying I agree with this at all, but it's interesting, nonetheless.  I wonder who model #7 is/was?  I always thought it was one of the other men, but I hadn't done the research.  With all this focus on the final 5, I've been doing a lot of counting in my head, especially since the Cylon civil war began, as to how many and which models were left.  There are only 4 original models left, and with 4 of the final 5 now revealed, that makes a total of 8.  Apparently, from what we know so far, numbers 1, 4 & 5 are gone.  For some reason I always thought there were supposed to be 12 models - isn't that what we were told?  

Just another thing that will have me confused for months to come.

Author: gaiusx    Time: 6-17-2008 17:19

1,4,5 are still out there i'm sure.  the HUB got destroyed yes but the cylon flett is massive there will be more elsewhere. the rebel basestar couldn't have destroyed the hub if the entire fleet where there.
Author: desertdarlene    Time: 6-26-2008 17:14

I'm thinking that when the Hybrid said that Kara Thrace was the harbinger of death and they must not follow her, I am thinking that "they" might be the Cylons.  Or, it could be the final five.  I also wondered if all of this is actually taking place in Earth's future as well and the thought of them coming back in a kind of Noah's ark type thing is pretty interesting.

Also, anyone notice that De'anna said she was already in contact with the four that have already been revealed?  I don't think I've ever seen her talking or communicating with those four that we believe to be Cylons.  Maybe I'm wrong.
Author: bala    Time: 7-11-2008 08:10     Subject: Reply 1#1 silver1978's post

Well you right the battle was brillant-i can't wait find out who final one is if it Roslyn than so be it but it will be interesting to see if they will reveal it or not in season 4.

this does raise the question about chief baby-is that baby half cylone oh wait could callie be a cylon?. your right it does lead to a lot of question doesn't it?.

must be nice to have someone worship balter-it really made me laugh.

wow excuation of some copies by that woman was brutal
Author: bala    Time: 7-11-2008 09:37     Subject: Reply 1#1 waterlilybarb's post

i just finished it and moving on season 4 but your right this show has taken a different direction Tory-OMG see her with Balter shocked me but killing Callie was shocking but her character has change so quiet to being a major character in season 4. i can't wait see final one next year.

i can't wait to see roslyn reaction when she finds out about Troy her trusted friend
Author: Tigernach    Time: 7-11-2008 09:46

I am banking on Rosilone, Look at it, the 40 people ahead of her to suceed the president are elminated. Not to mention that the cylon infiltration probably had tabs on all the important government officals, so i think it would have been easy for them to put on of their own on top.
Author: bala    Time: 7-11-2008 09:57     Subject: Reply 50#50 Tigernach's post

but she dying of cancer in season 4 so who knows?-i highly doubt it's her

i was thinking it was  Adama but i'm not sure now

Boomer-i don't think so
Author: bala    Time: 7-12-2008 01:57

i watched all of the season 4 episode i have few thing i want to discuss first thing is the hub?-ain't there more 1? it seem a bit stupid only one?

Anyway last episode was intense i mean when 3 final cylone were in airlock you didn't know what was going happen than suddenly we are all in agreement to work together-it just seem go around in circles i mean first peace than war than alliance and than back cylone war against each other and now working together. i just want it over and done with but we have wait until next year to find out what happens next? good clif-hanger through  .

Second thing how long are we going wait to find out who the final one is?

Lee has president-was i the only one that saw that coming

Balter and Roslyn-there was moment when i thought he was declare his love for her when lying on the table in the other ship but I'm glad she didn't kill him both of them are important character for the show.

this is the last season-got to see how wrap up this story-line up

Author: desertdarlene    Time: 7-15-2008 14:05

I'm wondering if they really found Earth or not.  If they are following the original series as a guideline, then it's possible that they haven't found Earth, yet.  In the original series, they found another planet that had been at war and were on the verge of nuclear annihilation.   Maybe this is an Earth-like planet.  Well, if there is more to this season, I'm sure we'll find all the answers.

Also, didn't the prophecies say that Roslin will never see Earth or something.  I also noticed that they were careful not to show any details about the planet like continents and everything.  Usually, when a TV show or movie wants to definitely tell you that it's Earth, they show a familiar hemisphere.

[ Last edited by desertdarlene at 7-15-2008 14:08 ]
Author: mrisa    Time: 7-17-2008 07:00

Surely the final cylon being boomer is flawed because Boomer has re-incarnated twice I think.  If it is actually a different model from the 8s rather than simply a different set of memories/programs then the 7 would realise, because they would have 8 different models in the resurrection ships rather than 7. I think we can be fairly sure that the 7 and the 5 have had nothing to do with each other up until now.

I reckon it will be Zak Adama.  The Zak legacy kind of died by the end of the first series, with no more talk of kara being the last link between the surviving Adama's and their dead brother.  If not then I don't know, it could still be Kara, or one of the children isn't a bad idea.  Why not Ellen?  Balthar would know though, because he did the test on Ellen and claimed she was human, but then said that no one would ever find out the truth.  If Balthar knows then he's not acting like it.

I still have a problem with the fact that the XO is a cylon.  It means that 10 years after the first Cylon war they had already evolved into skin jobs - or that the last 5 skin jobs come from somewhere else (like earth?).  And it means that Tai's military record from fighting in the first cylon war must be entirely fabricated - because he was "re-instated" by Adama when he had become a major.  

And what about the virus on the earth satellite thing that infected all those cylons?  Could that virus be wondering around earth?  Perhaps the radiation has killed it.

I don't quite know what they were hoping to find on Earth anyway?  A fully working colony, which would then be drawn into the cylon battles themselves and likely be wiped out along with the colonials?  An empty planet, to hide on until the bad cylons caught up with them?  I get the impression it is all too radioactive to be a good place to settle - why not just go back to Kobol, that seemed lush enough, with trees and heritage and stuff.  Perhaps they need to find the Opera House on earth and discover their destiny - which must have something to do with the cylon/human hybrid babies (of which there is one male and one female, who'd have guessed).  

As someone has already pointed out, why is Roslin still alive?  It isn't as if she is still cured (why doesn't she just used the miracle babies blood again?), she is actually nearly dead and yet she is standing on earth.  I don't get it.
Author: kwargalla    Time: 8-21-2008 07:30     Subject: quick question

  i was continplating starting to watch BSG, so i clicked on episode 1 of season 1 and it starts with a last time preview - did this series start with a made for tv movie?
Author: bala    Time: 8-21-2008 09:43     Subject: Reply 13#13 kwargalla's post

yes it was a 2 90 minutes movie in 2 parts.

it was mini-series before it became a full tv show.
Author: bala    Time: 1-17-2009 08:47     Subject: Battlestar Galactica 4x11

So dee blow her head off which makes me think she's final cyclone than at end we find out who it is i'm like WHAT-it can't be her it makes no sense   
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 1-17-2009 09:54     Subject: Reply 55#55 bala's post

From the episode, I thought it was pretty clear that it was Ellen, Tigh's wife.

It was a good episode.  Kara finding her own charred remains was interesting.  On the Space channel, the evening was all BSG stuff, and one of the guys proposed that maybe they're all cylons in some way.  I found that an interesting theory.  I don't think that's it, but can't wait to see how they wrap everything up.

Dee's suicide was rather shocking, but at the same time not, because of her reaction to what they found on the planet, and how overly happy she was acting with Lee.  Very sad.

Author: silver1978    Time: 1-17-2009 11:00     Subject: Reply 56#56 waterlilybarb's post

Yea Ellen was the final Cylon (If the 13th colony was all cylons and Ellen was on Earth with Saul during that time- 1+1=2, plus she said they would be reborn together). Frankly I find that extremely disappointing. I was hoping for something much more dramatic like Zak Adama or something. but if Ellen is the final cylon then what is up with Kara?

The thing with Dee. That was certainly shocking.

It's odd, because I do find that there are a lot of deeper themes in this show- like what makes a human human. It's sad that being a SciFi show, it is so often overlooked for awards and such.

I will be putting up a quiz about this episode soon, possibly Monday. i want to re-watch the episode before I do.
Author: bala    Time: 1-17-2009 12:53     Subject: Reply 57#57 silver1978's post

am i correct to think there are only 4 more episode until series ends right?
Author: silver1978    Time: 1-17-2009 15:11     Subject: Reply 58#58 bala's post

There are 9 more after this one that just aired.
Author: desertdarlene    Time: 1-17-2009 18:32

If Ellen is the final Cylon, then what is Kara?  Is it possible that there are more than 12 Cylons?  Perhaps this whole planet is "Cylon".  Maybe it's not Earth at all.  Or, maybe it's Earth in the future and they figured out a way to reincarnate into cloned bodies.

Lots of questions to be answered.
Author: bala    Time: 1-22-2009 07:47

Battlestar Galactica showrunner Ronald D. Moore has explained his decision to make Ellen Tigh the Final Cylon.

The mysterious character's identity was finally revealed when the acclaimed series recently resumed its fourth season.

Moore told the Chicago Tribune: "There's a certain logic to it. I figured out early on that I liked the pairing of her and [Saul] Tigh. [I liked] that there was something deeper to their marriage and deeper to their relationship, that it was literally a relationship that had transcended time and space. ... And he had killed her for collaborating with the Cylons!"

Moore also explained his reasons for not drawing out the Final Cylon mystery for longer: "We wanted to shock, and we wanted to change the game plan. I knew that I didn't want to reveal the final Cylon at the end.

"I just felt like that was too much [pressure] on the end of the show, and I didn't want to have to answer this question [then]. And I didn't want the show to devolve into, 'Who's the fifth Cylon?'"

Author: desertdarlene    Time: 1-27-2009 11:45

What I don't get is that didn't Ellen Tigh die within range of a resurrection ship?  She was on New Caprica at the time and I believe all the other Cylons were able to resurrect during that time.  So, why didn't Ellen resurrect again.

Someone else said something interesting on another site.   They said that the no. 6 Cylon is a lot like a younger Ellen.  Perhaps they age and Ellen was once a 6 and Starbuck is really the last of the final 5..  

But, for me, I don't know.  I wonder, though, if Ellen died when the Cylons blew up Caprica and was resurrected.  Remember when Tigh was looking up and down for her and Adama actually found her?
Author: bala    Time: 1-27-2009 11:46     Subject: Reply 62#62 desertdarlene's post

last week episode was intense you really putting you thinking cap on try explain politics in this episode i don't get it
Author: bala    Time: 1-31-2009 10:17     Subject: Battlestar Galactica 4x13

Wow this episode was amazing
Author: desertdarlene    Time: 1-31-2009 18:05

Yeah, I am wondering who will survive to the end.  Do you think it's possible that all the main characters will die?

I used to like Gaeta, but now I really dislike him.
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 2-5-2009 14:08     Subject: Reply 65#65 desertdarlene's post

I finally got to watch it...actually had to catch up...and WOW what an episode.  I'm glad I waited to watch ths one since it's "to be continued" because I don't know if I could have stood the suspense for an entire week.  It will be interesting to see who's left standing at the end of the series.
Author: desertdarlene    Time: 2-8-2009 14:01

I'm glad that Adama got his ship back.  Next week looks interesting.  Ellen Tigh will be resurrected with all the memories of everything that went on.  It should be interesting.
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 2-8-2009 15:18     Subject: Reply 67#67 desertdarlene's post

I am too.  It certainly was a nail-biter.  This show is definitely going out with a bang.

I missed that Ellen would be resurrected in the promos for next week, but that should be really be interesting - especially if she's bringing all her memories with her.

Author: bala    Time: 2-14-2009 06:33     Subject: Battlestar Galactica 4x15

Well this was interesting episode wow i can't believe he would agree to cyclon biological material to repair the ship and Ellen is alive and on the run. i love how we are two different side of cyclon those again human population and those wanting protect it. it's hard to stop discrimination.

So we lot more information than we did before still pieces are missing.
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 2-14-2009 11:59     Subject: Reply 69#69 bala's post

It sure was a revealing episode.  The fact that the "final 5" were actually the creators of the other 8 - yes 8, not 7 - models is fascinating.  Re: the #7 - Daniel - I wonder if that will somehow be Sol & 6's child?  It is the only full cylon baby to be born through procreation rather than resurrection. Just a thought.  Or, another possibility - that the Daniel is somehow connected to Starbuck - he was an artist - she had all those pictures she drew/painted all over her place.  I find it intriguing.

Cavil/John - this episode explained a lot as to why he is the way he is.  

I also found it interesting that Ellen said they learned of the "one true God" from the Centurions.  I guess I had thought that was a skinjob creation.

So much revealed - yet still so many questions.  This season is living up to the hype.

Author: bala    Time: 2-14-2009 12:09     Subject: Reply 70#70 waterlilybarb's post

The thing i liked about the episode Ellen is kind more interesting that she creator of cyclone model-i mean before she was boring but are they going be able create another resurrection ship now that it was destroyed .

The thing i don't understand is how skin-jobs can reproduce since it's not in their programming? Sol & 6's child?-how it that possible?
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 2-28-2009 19:00     Subject: 4x17 - Someone to Watch Over Me

I'm wondering if the piano player, who is obviously Kara's father, is Daniel, the defunct #8?  The music ties them together, along with Hera & the final 5 - so it's possible...especially since we don't exactly know what Kara is yet.

From interviews, I guess Boomer's whole reason for getting to Galactica (besides helping Ellen get away from Cavil) was to kidnap Hera.  The thing I don't know is why.  Is it to bring her to Cavil or does she have another agenda?  Questions, questions - and we're SO near the end.  I want answers.

Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 3-6-2009 21:17     Subject: SO NEAR THE END

There are only 3 hours left (2 or 3 episodes, depending on how it's aired) of BSG!  Tonight's episode "Islanded In a Stream of Stars" was good, but there are still so many questions I want answers to.  I know the writers respect the fanbase and the story, so I'm sure the last episodes will bring closure, but I'm still left wondering - how are they going to tie all the loose ends up?  

The ship is dying - and now Adama plans to "abandon ship".  I read somewhere, that maybe the ship was the "dying leader" that "will lead the remnants of humanity to the promised land of Earth."  I'm curious to see if that's true.  Roslin and the ship are dying, so it's hard to tell.

I wonder what Cavil is going to do with Hera?  And, WHAT is Kara?  Like I said, there is still so much I want to know that it's frustrating to know there's so little of this story left.  

Author: bala    Time: 3-7-2009 06:52     Subject: Reply 73#73 waterlilybarb's post

i can't wait i see final episode
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 3-14-2009 16:16     Subject: Reply 74#74 bala's post

Part 1 of the finale was good - but I'm waiting until next week for my final verdict.  I was glad to see that Hera was still intact though.  I wonder if Baltar will volunteer at the last minute?  I was kind of expecting him to - especially after his confrontation with Lee.  I liked seeing some of "before the war" scenes.  Kara was quite a bit different but the others characters were pretty much the same, even though they were n very different situations.
Author: bala    Time: 3-15-2009 00:26     Subject: Reply 75#75 waterlilybarb's post

next week the final episode?
Author: bala    Time: 3-17-2009 05:19

Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 3-17-2009 13:00     Subject: Reply 76#76 bala's post

Yep - it's 2 hours.  They are having a BSG marathon on the Space channel here, showing all of the 2nd half of this season & then the finale.  I doubt I'll be able to watch it all day long, but I know I'll watch parts of it.  I can't wait to see how it ends, and I'm doing my best to avoid ALL spoilers so I can enjoy it.  I just hope it's good and I'm not disappointed.
Author: bala    Time: 3-17-2009 13:04     Subject: Reply 78#78 waterlilybarb's post

will this site put 2 episodes or together?
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 3-17-2009 13:29     Subject: Reply 79#79 bala's post

I'm not sure.  I think it's 2 episodes, but they are airing them back to back, so I imagine they will be posted as 2 separate episodes.
Author: bala    Time: 3-17-2009 23:11     Subject: Reply 80#80 waterlilybarb's post

did you watch Battlestar Galactica The Last Frakkin Special ?
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 3-18-2009 11:55     Subject: Reply 81#81 bala's post

No, when was it on?  Maybe it will air along with all the episodes on Friday here.  Was it any good?
Author: bala    Time: 3-18-2009 12:04     Subject: Reply 82#82 waterlilybarb's post

Monday that past

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Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 3-18-2009 12:49     Subject: Reply 83#83 bala's post

I'm intrigued.  Apparently it did air here on Monday, but I didn't know.  I just checked though, and they ARE re-airing the special on Friday evening before the final episodes.  YAY!  I know what I'll be doing Friday night - geeking out in front of the TV.
Author: bala    Time: 3-18-2009 12:53     Subject: Reply 84#84 waterlilybarb's post

I'm not even in your country i knew about it-note i wasn't fan of this at first but during one summer i caught up 3 season it hooked me
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 3-18-2009 13:33     Subject: Reply 85#85 bala's post

I've had migraines most of this week & last weekend, so haven't watched much TV, which would be why I didn't see the special advertised.  It's kind of sucky, but I just tape the stuff I'm not able to watch and watch then when my head isn't thumping.  I've also been distracted with dealing with the garage about my car and trying to find a place to live back in my old city.  Life has been quite hectic - even when I'm laid out with the migraines.   I'll be glad when I get my car back and it's working again AND especially when my move is done.  Things will be a lot quieter then.  I still have most of the last season of SG: Atlantis to watch, and I'm saving it for after my move because I know I'll want to collapse by then.
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 3-20-2009 19:34     Subject: Finale

OMGoodness!  The finale was awesome!  Even though I'm left with a couple questions, it was a totally satisfying end to such a great series.  I won't spill the beans, since it won't be on the site until tomorrow.
Author: bala    Time: 3-21-2009 07:14     Subject: Reply 87#87 waterlilybarb's post

Well it was interesting the ending was a bit strange to think society would get like that . Still not sure how i feel about it. All in all they gone they never resurrection full download so it's something that it can't repeat itself

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