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Subject: For all Mankind [Print This Page]

Author: nebthet    Time: 11-30-2019 06:42     Subject: For all Mankind

Most recent episode is in french, episode 7. A shame, was waiting a week for that one. Hope it gets fixed soon. Love VIP
Author: shinny    Time: 12-1-2019 13:07     Subject: Reply 1#1 nebthet's post

I've sent an email to lbjedward to ask them to upload the English version. I'll keep an eye on it and let you know so you don't waste anymore points.
Author: nebthet    Time: 12-2-2019 00:05

Author: shinny    Time: 12-2-2019 01:11     Subject: Reply 3#3 nebthet's post

This is fixed now. Enjoy

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