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About MUTANT X & Episode Guides

About MUTANT X & Episode Guides

Mutant X Aired From October 06, 2001 – May 17, 2004

About Mutant X:
"MUTANT X" chronicles the adventures of MUTANT-X, a team of human mutants possessing extraordinary powers as a result of genetic engineering. Like hundreds of other unsuspecting subjects, these new mutants were altered in secret experiments conducted in a covert government project.

Realizing that events have spun out of control, the organization that created them is now hunting them down in an urgent "product recall." MUTANT-X's mission is to seek out their fellow new mutants to help them come to terms with their astonishing abilities and protect them from their creators.

Real NameCharacter Name
John SheaAdam Kane
Victoria PrattShalimar Fox
Forbes MarchJesse Kilmartin
Victor WebsterBrennan Mulwray
Lauren Lee SmithEmma deLauro
Karen ClicheLexa Pierce

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1: The Shock of the New (1)
A mutant empath on the run from mysterious government agents is rescued by a team of fellow "New Mutants" the group known as Mutant X.

Episode 2: I Scream the Body Electric (2)
Brennan is captured and falls under Eckhart's control, and forced to work against the New Mutants.

Episode 3: Russian Roulette
Mutant X comes to the aid of a teenager New Mutant pursued by Russians - she holds the secret to a new weapon that targets mutants

Episode 4: Fool for Love
Shalimar becomes close to another feral when it's "lust at first sight," but matters become complicated when her new boyfriend tries to find a cure for his condition.

Episode 5: Kilohertz
A mutant terrorist, Kilohertz, threatens to throw the world into chaos.

Episode 6: The Meaning of Death
A mysterious plague targeting New Mutants only threatens to wipe out the underground community, and Mutant X and the GSA must join forces to eliminate it before it's too late.

Episode 7: Lit Fuse
Eckhart seeks a mutant who can absorb energy, one who Brennan becomes romantically involved with.

Episode 8: In the Presence of Mine Enemies
Jesse falls in love with a computer hacker, who Eckhart wants to "procure" to use to corrupt the public computer news channels against New Mutants and to the GSA's benefit.

Episode 9: Crime of the New Century
A New Mutant is kidnapped from his family and Mutant X set out to recover him and find out what Eckhart's interest in him is

Episode 10: Dark Star Rising
Members of an international anti-terrorist unit, Dark Star, are striking against the GSA and Mutant X discovers that they are previouisly undiscovered New Mutants.

Episode 11: Whiter Shade of Pale
A New Mutant with the power of invisibility is working against both Eckhart and Adam, despite the fact she was involved with Adam in the past.

Episode 12: Double Vision
An old friend of Brennan's lures him and Emma into a trap - Emma ends up split into two separate entities, one good and one evil.

Episode 13: Blood Ties
Jesse is roped into a deadly undercover mission by his estranged father, who is working against Eckhart.

Episode 14: Altered Ego
A young New Mutant from Adam's past shows up, seeking revenge for her father's death.

Episode 15: Lazarus Syndrome
Emma falls prey to a modern-day vampire who must feed on the life force of New Mutants in order to survive.

Episode 16: Interface
Emma reunites with an old friend who possesses telecyber powers. The reunion turns dangerous, however, when Michelle tries to turn Emma over to the GSA.

Episode 17: Presumed Guilty
Adam is framed for murder by a New Mutant with the ability to steal people's memories.

Episode 18: Ex Marks the Spot
Shalimar's former boyfriend shows up and is trying to recover a Faberge Egg that holds a microchip of extraordinary power

Episode 19: Nothing to Fear
Eckhart employs the services of a New Mutant mercenary with the power to control dreams, and sends him against Mutant X.

Episode 20: Deadly Desire
Brennan falls under the sway of a New Mutant who can emit seductive pheromones while attempting to recover a computer virus.

Episode 21: A Breed Apart
Mutant X encounters a new faction of New Mutants - the Strand, led by the powerful first mutant, Gabriel Ashlocke.

Episode 22: Dancing on the Razor
Mutant X and Genomex are both captured on film using their powers, and they both have to deal with the reporter who plans to go public with the information.


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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Past as Prologue
Ashlocke revives an ancient Egyptian alchemist in an attempt to preserve his own life.  

Episode 2: Power Play
A military officer lures in Mutant X in a complicated scheme to get at a vital element stored in the core of a power plant.

Episode 3: Time Squared
Ashlocke gains access to a mutant who can travel through time, and he uses her to go back and alter his own history and cure himself.

Episode 4: Whose Woods These Are
Mutant X investigates a series of deaths in the wilderness that may or may not involve a feral mutant.

Episode 5: The Future Revealed
Gabriel gains access to Sanctuary and attempts to force Adam into providing a cure for his fatal condition.

Episode 6: No Man Left Behind
A U.S. military plane is shot down and the team must go in to recover the pilot.

Episode 7: Crossroads of the Soul
Brennan is trapped in a strange town without his powers that is sealed off from the outside world, and must deal with the paranoid townspeople who desire to hide their secret.

Episode 8: Sign from Above
Aliens are targeting New Mutants to capture samples to take back with them.

Episode 9: Body and Soul
A body-jumping New Mutant uses his abilities to gain revenge on Genomex and the three scientists who "cursed" him with his powers.

Episode 10: Understudy
With Shalimar in sickbay, the team recruits a new feral to temporarily take her place, but the feral plans to become a full-time member of the team...any way she can.

Episode 11: The Grift
A former flame of Brennan's shows up asking for his help...and revealing that her son is Brennan's child.

Episode 12: At Destiny's End
Emma must go undercover to join a group of eco-terrorists run by another empath.

Episode 13: Within These Walls
A psychotic New Mutant escapes from prison and goes after Adam, seeking revenge.

Episode 14: Hard Time
Jesse and Brennan go undercover to investigate a prison gladiatorial scheme.

Episode 15: Under the Cloak of War
Adam is the target of an assassination league. After their first failure, he sends Shalimar to infiltrate the group but the situation quickly becomes dangerous for her.

Episode 16: Once Around
The team must protect a defense witness against a New Mutant who can project his senses through others.

Episode 17: Final Judgment
Adam is put on trail by a mysterious Tribunal for crimes against humanity.

Episode 18: Inferno
The team tracks down a pyromaniac mutant but matters are complicated when Emma is "possessed" by the spirit of his most recent victim.

Episode 19: One Step Closer
The team must protect a Senator's daughter but Brennan's powers grow out of control, endangering the mission.

Episode 20: Reality Check
A New Mutant with the ability to manipulate the minds and perceptions of others sets out to locate Sanctuary, and captures Shalimar to do so.

Episode 21: Reawakening
The team travel to an oil rig to fight a protocanth, a prehistoric reanimated humanoid that endangers all humanity.

Episode 22: Lest He Become
Shalimar's father is involved in secretive genetic research. The team investigates and finds out that the person backing him has plans of their own.



Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Into the Moonless Night
In the aftermath of disaster, the Mutant X team must deal with the death of one of their teammates, the disappearance of another, the return of Mason Eckhart, and the arrival of a mysterious mutant with an agenda of her own.

Episode 2: Wages of Sin
The Mutant X team must stop the auction of a highly lethal substance that a number of notorious international terrorists are vying to acquire.

Episode 3: The Breed
The Mutant X team is brought in to help a military base that has become infected with a deadly disease.

Episode 4: Where Evil Dwells
The Mutant X team must stop a serial killer who leaves clues to his next victims in the form of puzzles.

Episode 5: The Taking of Crows
When Lexa is unknowingly drugged with a lethal substance, the team must race to find the antidote before it's too late.

Episode 6: Shadows of Darkness
The Mutant X team is called in to investigate bizarre activities occurring at a local hospital.

Episode 7: The Hand of God
The Mutant X team embarks on a mission to locate and capture a powerful super-mutant who possesses god-like powers.

Episode 8: Wasteland
Jesse is forced to reconnect with his former fiancée when the Mutant X team learns that her company is involved in the genetic manipulation of crops.

Episode 9: No Exit
A revenge-seeking cybernetic mutant uses his powers to overtake Sanctuary's security system in a plot to destroy Mutant X.

Episode 10: Brother's Keeper
The Mutant X team learns about Lexa's estranged twin brother when he becomes the main target of an underground operation harvesting mutant organs.

Episode 11: Possibilities
Brennan and the Mutant X team join forces with a time traveling mutant to defuse a bomb threatening devastating consequences.  

Episode 12: Conspiracy Theory
While Brennan and Shalimar investigate a mysterious plane crash, Lexa contemplates her future with the Mutant X team.

Episode 13: Art of Attraction
As the Mutant X team fights to retrieve a formula hidden in a collection of artwork, Shalimar is given vital information from a mysterious source

Episode 14: A Normal Life
Mutant X tracks down a rogue scientist while Shalimar breaks away from the team to help Adam save the scientist and uncover the real bad guy.

Episode 15: Divided Loyalties
Brennan is forced to return to his criminal past when Mutant X discovers that his old partner is involved in stealing secrets from the Dominion.

Episode 16: Age of Innocence
Mutant X unearths an old military experiment involving an age-reversal serum and is surprised to discover that Jesse's grandfather is one of the test subjects. .

Episode 17: She's Come Undone
Discovering that their teammate Lexa is the subject of a covert experiment that is controlling her, the Mutant X team hunts for the doctor responsible.

Episode 18: In Between
When Jesse's life hangs in the balance, Brennan must connect to him and lead him through past memories they've shared in order to save his life.

Episode 19: Dream Lover
Mutant X must stop a scientist from cloning women for use as slaves in his ultra-exclusive men's club.

Episode 20: The Prophecy
Brennan battles with a Guardian of the Prophecy to stop the late mutant Ashlocke's plan from beyond the grave of world domination.

Episode 21: Cirque des Merveilles
Lexa's suspicions lead Mutant X to unveil a traveling death camp, which is posed as a circus for mutant refugees and Mutant X's enemy within the Dominion.

Episode 22: The Assault
The team uncovers many of the mysteries surrounding Mutant X after the Dominion captures Lexa and Jesse.