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About THE FIXER & Episode Guides

About THE FIXER & Episode Guides

The Fixer Aired From March 10, 2008 - October 06, 2009 On ITV 1

About the Show:
As crime ravages Britain with daily news of shootings, gangs out of control and rumours of corruption within the establishment and the police seemingly losing the battle, who can bring order?

John Mercer is a former member of the Special Forces serving a double life sentence. He is released from prison unexpectedly early and introduced to the shadowy Lenny Douglas, a police officer retired on grounds of ill health.

Mercer realises his newfound freedom comes at a price. Douglas pulls together an unofficial operation with a single brief -- to remove untouchable criminals from society.

Mercer must use the skills he learned in the Special Forces to execute a series of discreet hits.

To help him complete each mission, Mercer is introduced to his new colleagues who include Calum McKenzie, a petty thief whose main interests are girls, drugs and music.

Things are complicated by the final member of Douglas's group -- the sharp tongued but seductive Rose, an ex-copper forced out of the police by scandal, she has always used her sexuality as her primary weapon and is more than a match for Mercer.

The gang operates outside the parameters of the law and is at odds with the world but when it comes to fulfilling its mission it is lethally effective.

Andrew BuchanJohn Mercer
Tamzin OuthwaiteRose Chamberlain
Jody LathamCalum McKenzie
Peter MullanLenny Douglas
Elliot CowanMatthew Symmonds
Liz WhiteJess Mercer

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Season 1

1. Episode One
John Mercer is released from prison after serving only five years of his life sentence. It was a double homicide; revenge against his aunt and uncle for abusing his sister. Things change when he meets Lenny Douglas, a police officer retired for his "ill health." Lenny is an operative though, tasked with bringing down those who think they are above the law. Mercer discovers though that his freedom comes at a cost. Made a hitman for the state he is assigned to bring down Jacob Gould, an untouchable criminal response for a hit on a police officer.

2. Episode Two
When the ruthless head of a crime family dies, Lenny visits his successor; a police mole by the name of Jude Cassidy. Lenny wants to persuade Jude to go under police protection because he and an accomplice were recently acquitted of the murder of a young black man.

3. Episode Three
Lenny is determined to rid the City of a notorious Albanian gangster; not by killing him, but by destroying him and making him a broken man.

4. Episode Four
Lenny's next assignment for John is to kill a violent criminal who was acquitted of the murder of a young woman.

5. Episode Five
Lenny sends John to kill Patrick Finch, a man who has been committing vigilante killings. When John goes to kill him he discovers that Patrick was his predecessor in the unit.

6. Episode Six
Lenny's target is Richard Blakeney, the kingpin of a network of corrupt police officers and judges. In order to get to Blakeney, the team is focusing on exploiting Blakeney's own hitman thug - Georgie.

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Season 2

1. Episode One
Having overcome his unease at being a hitman, albeit an official one, Mercer goes after a drug dealer whose sideline is trafficking in children.

2.  Episode Two
It is determined that, to put a stop to the global child trafficking network they have uncovered, Mercer and McKenzie must take out the kingpin of the operation, which requires them to return to the prison where they first met.

3.Episode Three
Former soldier Mercer's latest assignment becomes personal, as he is to take down a drug dealer whose operation in Afghanistan has cost the lives of British servicemen. But a serious injury compromises his effectiveness.

4. Episode Four
Killer and rapist Richard Miller, the cause of the end of Rose's career as a police officer, comes back to visit Rose. Her plan is to date him and trap him to finally send him to jail. However, things get complicated when Miller abducts a chambermaid and the team impart their justice on him. Secrets are uncovered and Symmonds shows his superiority over the fixers.

5. Episode Five
John is given a new task involving killer Sean O'Driscoll and his son Connor, a cage fighter. Father and son are dating the same girl, Gemma. Connor kills her because he is afraid of his father but blames John. This forces John to fight against him. Will John be able to complete his task?

6. Episode 6  
A hitman arrives from India on a mission to kill a baby boy who is the heir to a huge fortune. His death would spark off a bloodbath in the Indian criminal underworld.

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