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About JEEVES And WOOSTER & Episode Guide

About JEEVES And WOOSTER & Episode Guide

Wooster A Young Gentleman & His Valet Jeeves

Jeeves & Wooster Aired From April 22, 1990 - Jun, 20 1993 On ITV

About Jeeves & Wooster
Bertie Wooster is a upper-class gentleman; he has his Club, he has his friends (all of whom have strange nicknames), he has his female friends with whom he tries to avoid romantic entanglements, and most of all, he has his Aunts, who are to be feared. Bertie often gets into tight situations either with his friends, or trying to avoid the females, or avoid the Aunts. Unfortunately, while Bertie is blessed with an upper-class life style, he was set off in life with an average sized helping of brain power... or maybe even less-than-average sized.

This is where Jeeves comes into things; Jeeves is a gentleman's gentleman, the ultimate man-servant. He knows which shoes go with which suit; what to wear to to every event; and what to say in every situation. And while Bertie might be lacking in the brains department, Jeeves is overflowing with them. His keen mental powers are called upon time and again by Bertie to help him out of the current scrape, which Jeeves does with understated aplomb.

Real NameCharacter Name
Hugh LaurieBertie Wooster
Stephen FryReginald Jeeves

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Jeeves Takes Charge (Apr/22/1990)
Bertie Wooster's Aunt Agatha sends him off to visit the Glossops, whose daughter she intends Bertie to marry, whether he likes it or not. Fortunately, Bertie has just acquired a new valet, a man of infinite resource and sagacity. His name is Jeeves.

Episode 2: Tuppy and the Terrier (Apr/29/1990)
Aunt Agatha is off on an inspection tour of the Continent and has left her terrier McIntosh in Bertie's care. Meanwhile, Bertie and Jeeves are off to the country, where Bertie intends (to Jeeves's disapproval) to propose marriage to Bobbie Wickham. Also, Bertie's friend Tuppy Glossop has broken off his engagement with Bertie's cousin Angela and is now infatuated with opera singer Cora Bellinger. Bertie's Aunt Dahlia demands that Bertie (or rather, Jeeves) bend all his intellect toward nobbling the Glossop-Bellinger romance.

Episode 3: The Purity of the Turf (May/06/1990)
Bertie's Uncle George, Lord Yaxley, is engaged to be a waitress. A very young waitress. Aunt Agatha insists that Bertie must extricate her brother from this entanglement. Later, Bertie and Jeeves visit Lord and Lady Wickhammersley at their country home in Twing, where Bertie is distressed to find that gambling has been forbidden.

Episode 4: The Hunger Strike (May/13/1990)
Bertie's friend, Gussie Fink-Nottle, is in love with Madeline Bassett. Meanwhile, the romance between Tuppy Glossop and Cousin Angela is once again on the rocks. Worst of all, Aunt Dahlia demands that Bertie present the end-of-term prizes at Market Snodsbury Grammar School, a frightful ordeal which involves giving a speech.

Episode 5: Brinkley Manor  (May/20/1990)
A continuation of the previous episode. Tuppy and Angela are still estranged, while somehow, Bertie has ended up engaged to Madeline, who is the sort of soppy girl who thinks that the stars are God's daisy chain. Meanwhile, one of Bertie's schemes has caused the incomparable chef Anatole to give notice. Jeeves has his work cut out for him.

Source: British Comedy Guide


Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Jeeves Saves The Cow Creamer (Apr/14/1991)
The appalling Sir Watkyn Bassett has snaffled a cow-creamer which rightly belonged to Bertie's Uncle Tom. Aunt Dahlia dispatches Bertie and Jeeves to rescue the object. Unfortunately Sir Watkyn is the magistrate who once fined Bertie five pounds for stealing a policeman's helmet, and insists on watching him closely, as does aspiring fascist dictator Roderick Spode.

Episode 2: A Plan For Gussie (Apr/21/1991)
To work up his nerve to give a speech at his wedding breakfast, Gussie Fink-Nottle fills a notebook with the shortcomings of his prospective father-in-law and other guests. This notebook finds its way into the hands of young Stiffy Byng, who uses it to blackmail Bertie into taking part in her latest appalling scheme.

Episode 3: Pearls Mean Tears (Apr/28/1991)
Aunt Agatha wants to marry Bertie off to the horrifying Aline Hemmingway, whose curate brother immediately touches Bertie for a hundred-pound loan, leaving a string of valuable pearls as security. Meanwhile, Bertie's scatterbrained friend Biffy Biffen has lost the only girl he ever loved - no, she didn't leave him; he just forgot where he left her. When this situation is brought to Jeeves's attention, he seems strangely unmoved.

Episode 4: Jeeves In The Country (May/05/1991)
When Bertie is requested to vacate his London flat (over the matter of his trombone-playing) and takes a small cottage in the country to continue his instrumental practice, Jeeves reluctantly hands in his notice. Meanwhile, Bertie's friend, the impoverished aristocrat Chuffy Chuffnell, is trying to sell his ancestral home so he can afford to marry American heiress Pauline Stoker, who was once engaged to Bertie.

Episode 5: Kidnapped (May/12/1991)
Pauline Stoker's father is convinced that his daughter still loves Bertie, so naturally, he imprisons Bertie on his yacht with thoughts of forcing him to marry her. Meanwhile, Sir Roderick Glossop attempts to ingratiate himself to Stoker's young son Dwight in order to facilitate a business deal with Stoker

Episode 6: Jeeves The Matchmaker (May/19/1991)
Bertie's thoughts are turning to marriage and a family, and he has his sights set once again on Bobbie Wickham as a suitable bride. Meanwhile, Tuppy Glossop has once again broken up with Bertie's cousin Angela (this time to chase after a dog-loving country girl), and Bingo Little wishes to marry a waitress. To convince his uncle, Lord Bittlesham, to approve the marriage, Bertie poses as the novelist Rosie M. Banks, author of Only a Factory Girl and various other soppy novels about upper-class men marrying poor-but-honest girls.

Source: British Comedy Guide


Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Bertie Sets Sail (Mar/29/1992)
Fleeing once again from Honoria Glossop, Bertie and Jeeves cross the Atlantic and set up house in New York, where Aunt Agatha's friend Lady Malvern tracks Bertie down and asks him to look after her son, Wilmot, Lord Pershore (known to his friends as "Motty"), a dumb brick of the first water. But once out of his mother's eye, Motty yields to the temptations of the big city in a big way. Meanwhile, Tuppy Glossop has an ill-thought-out scheme for importing American autos to Britain.

Episode 2: The Full House (Apr/05/1992)
Bertie's poet friend Rocky Todd is fortunate enough to have an allowance from his aunt which permits him to live in the country where he can write in peace. When his aunt insists that Rocky go and live in Manhattan and report to her on the city's social life, Rocky calls for help. Meanwhile, Bertie's friend Bicky Bickersteth wants to live in the city, but the uncle who supports him expects him to go and work on a ranch in Colorado. Bertie and Jeeves step in to help both young men deceive their aged relatives, but all plans go awry when the aunt and the uncle both arrive in New York, each thinking that the apartment belongs to his (or her) nephew. After that, it gets a little complicated.

Episode 3: Introduction on Broadway (Apr/12/1992)
Aunt Agatha's friend Lady Bassington-Bassington sends her son Cyril off to New York with strict instructions that he is to avoid theatrical circles. Naturally, his first act is to get cast in an off-Broadway musical directed by a friend of Bertie's. Meanwhile, Bertie and Jeeves agree to help Bertie's artist friend Corky get his uncle's permission to marry.

Episode 4: Right Ho! Jeeves (Apr/19/1992)
Bertie and Jeeves are back in England, where Gussie Fink-Nottle is supposed to go to Deverill Hall to meet his fiancée Madeline's godmother, the formidable Dame Daphne Winkworth. Unfortunately, Gussie is currently serving a short stretch in prison. Bertie, fearing that if Madeline finds out, she will give Gussie the bum's rush and sign up with him instead, goes to Deverill Hall posing as Gussie. Meanwhile, Bertie is also supposed to go to Deverill Hall (at Aunt Agatha's orders) to court young Gertrude Winkworth, so when Gussie is released early, he also goes to Deverill Hall...posing as Bertie.

Episode 5: Hot Off the Press (Apr/26/1992)
Sir Watkyn Bassett intend to publish his memoirs. This plan does not meet with approbation from Sir Watkyn's friends and family, who fear that Sir Watkyn's stories will embarrass all and sundry. Bertie's new fiancée, Lady Florence Craye, orders him to steal and destroy the manuscript. Meanwhile, Stiffy Byng is producing the Totleigh-on-the-Wold village entertainment and trying to extricate her dog from the police station where it has been imprisoned for biting a policeman.

Episode 6: Comrade Bingo (May/03/1992)
Bingo Little is in love...again. This time, the object of his affection is Charlotte Corday Rowbotham, the daughter of a Communist agitator. Naturally, Bingo (who has taken to skulking around London in a false beard to avoid recognition when he speaks at left-wing rallies) ropes Bertie in to help him push the budding romance along. Later, Aunt Dahlia wants Bertie to do a little job for her--a job which could net him several years in prison.

Source: British Comedy Guide


Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Return to New York (May/16/1993)
Once again, Bertie and Jeeves are off to America, and once again, Bertie meets Tuppy Glossop, this time trying to sell a recipe to an American soup company. Meanwhile, Bertie has commissioned a painting of Aunt Agatha from his fiancée, Gwladys (sic) Pendlebury; Gwladys has run over advertising executive Lucius Pym in her car; Pym is now recuperating in Bertie's bedroom; and Aunt Agatha arrives with cousins Claude and Eustace, who have been expelled from Oxford and are shipping out to South Africa, until which time Bertie is expected to keep them out of trouble. Of course, nothing could possibly go wrong.

Episode 2: The Once and Future Ex (May/23/1993)
Bertie's former fiancée Lady Florence Craye arrives in Manhattan, her new fiancé D'Arcy "Stilton" Cheesewright in tow. When Florence throws Stilton over and announces that she will marry Bertie, Bertie is faced with two most unpleasant alternatives: either Stilton will kick his spine up through the top of his head, or--worse--he might actually have to marry Florence. Meanwhile, Lady Florence's father, Lord Worplesdon, is trying to put together a secret deal with prominent businessman J. Chichester Clam, while Worplesdon's niece Zenobia Hopwood wants (against his wishes) to marry Bertie's friend, the playwright George Caffyn.

Episode 3: Bridgeroom Wanted (May/30/1993)
Once again, Bingo is in love with a waitress, and once again, he asks Bertie to impersonate Rosie M. Banks to soften up his uncle, Lord Bittlesham; this time, though, things don't go quite so well. Meanwhile, Honoria Glossop turns up and Bertie through no fault of his own ends up engaged to her again.

Episode 4: The Delayed Arrival (Jun/06/1993)
Back in England, Bertie once again finds the Florence Craye-Stilton Cheesewright romance on the verge of destruction, a circumstance for which Stilton blames Bertie's new moustache. Though Stilton very much wants to break Bertie's spine in four places (or five, or perhaps six), he is restrained by the fact that he has drawn Bertie in the Drones Club Darts Sweep, and stands to scoop in a matter of 60 pounds if Bertie wins. Meanwhile, Aunt Dahlia is trying to sell her women's magazine to businessman L.G. Trotter, while Trotter's stepson Percy Gorringe has written a play based on Florence's novel and is trying to get financial backing.

Episode 5: Trouble at Totleigh Towers (Jun/13/1993)
Sir Watkyn Bassett has recently acquired an African tribal totem which Stiffy Byng believes is cursed. Naturally, she turns to Bertie to steal the object and return it to its rightful owner. Meanwhile, the romance between Gussie Fink-Nottle and Madeline Bassett is on the rocks over Madeline's insistence that Gussie become a vegetarian, leaving Bertie in grave danger of having to marry a girl who would begin every morning by putting her hands over his eyes and saying, "Guess Who?"

Episode 6: The Ties that Bind (Jun/20/1993)
Bertie's nightmare has come true: the Ganymede Club book has been stolen. This book, the property of a butlers' and valets' club to which Jeeves belongs, contains information on the foibles of the members' employers--including Bertie. Worse, Bertie learns that this book is to be used to dish the political candidacy of Bertie's friend Kipper Herring, who is now engaged to Lady Florence Craye (but who won't be for long if he loses the election). Worse yet, if Roderick Spode (now the Earl of Sidcup) gives up his title to stand for election, Madeline Bassett (now Spode's fiancée) might conclude that she doesn't want to be Mrs. Spode instead of the Countess of Sidcup. With Florence and Madeline both on the loose, can any man--especially Bertie--be safe?

Source: British Comedy Guide