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About CHAOS & Episode Guide

About CHAOS & Episode Guide

About The Show:
Threats to national security are investigated by a group of rogue CIA spies in the division of Clandestine Homeland Administration and Oversight Services (CHAOS), also trying to keep their jobs from being eliminated due to budget cuts. New agent Rick Martinez (Freddy Rodriguez) joins the team as an in-house mole for CIA National Clandestine Service Director H.J. Higgins (Kurtwood Smith). However, Martinez is quickly found out by the ODS (Office of Disruptive Services) team, who "turn" him for their own use.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Freddy RodriguezRick Martinez
Eric CloseMichael Dorset
Tim Blake NelsonCasey Malick
James MurrayBilly Collins
Carmen EjogoFay Carson
Christina ColeAdele Ferrer
Kurtwood SmithH.J. Higgins


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Season 1

1. Pilot
Amidst bureaucratic gridlock and rampant incompetence, a group of rogue CIA spies combat threats to national security as part of Clandestine Administration and Oversight Services (CHAOS).

2. Song of the North
In order to get a North Korean diplomat to defect, the Chaos agents must also smuggle his entire family out of the Communist country. Posing as anti-capitalism entrants, the agents use the Pyongyang Film Festival as cover to accomplish the mission.

3. Love and Rockets
Complications and distractions abound when the CHAOS agents infiltrate an arms dealer's Russian compound with the intent to capture him. Posing as lawyers, the agents must put their improv skills to work.

4. Two Percent
Casey's off his game when the team heads to China to extricate a compromised female spy who just happens to have been his former girlfriend. The team decides to finish her assignment and continue on the trail of a major terrorist.

5. Mole
The CIA offices go on lockdown when the director suspects a mole, putting a foreign operative in danger. The agents' must figure out how to get the operative the support needed for a drug cartel operation already in play.

6. Eaten by Wolves
The agents head to Russia pretending to be tourists looking for brides, but are really trying to find a scientist selling nuclear secrets. When Rick becomes entangled with one of the women, his cover story starts to unravel.

7. Remote Control
The CHAOS team, in Paris to capture a terrorist, is discovered by French intelligence and forced to shut down their operation. Now the team must find a way to continue the mission without creating an international incident.

8. Core Fortitude
The ODS's latest unauthorized activities puts Rick in a dilemma about whether to report their activities to the director.

9. Defending Sofia
The agents' latest job is to protect a European political leader after she fakes her death.

10. Glory Days
A legendary retired agent is called upon by the ODS to help them investigate a private security contractor. It seems the contractor is trying to infiltrate US embassies with "spies" of their own.

11. Deep Cover Band
While in Germany to take down a rogue spy, the agents find a very different scenario which requires their expertise.

12. Mincemeat
The CHAOS agents head to the Middle East to influence a dictator's choice in naming his successor. With the current dictator on his deathbed, their goal is to keep his violent son from assuming power.

13. Proof of Life
A former team member who was thought to be dead is actually being held hostage in Panama. Risking their careers and lives, the ODS head out, on another rogue mission, to bring him back.

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