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About WATSON & OLIVER & Episode Guides

About WATSON & OLIVER & Episode Guides

Watson & Oliver Premiered on BBC Two on February 20, 2012

About the Show:
Watson & Oliver is a comedy sketch series featuring the talents of Lorna Watson and Ingrid Oliver.


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Season 1

Episode 1: (Feb/20/2012)
Lorna has a slight issue with timekeeping. Wills and Kate relax at home and visit a typical East End café. John Barrowman performs with Ingrid.

Episode 2: (Feb/27/2012)
The ladies with Absolutely No Sense & Sensibility perform at the pianoforte. The offices of the Bad Men are paid a visit.

Episode 3: (Mar/05/2012)
The Georgian ladies have Absolutely No Sense or Sensibility whilst enjoying a picnic. A couple of schoolgirls go clothes shopping. Lorna and Ingrid receive some news from James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli.

Episode 4: (Mar/12/2012)
Sketches this week include the Teenage Girls' efforts to catch a bus home, and Mrs Busy's attempts to set up an answerphone.

Episode 5: (Mar/19/2012)
Miss Steepes and Miss Rutherford attempt to gatecrash and take part in a photoshoot on a golf course. Romeo and Juliet ends up being analysed by the Teenage Girls during an English class.

Episode 6: (Mar/26/2012)
Superhero AlloyMan has some problems with his new outfit. Fi and Bea are off on a trip to Spain. Sir Thomas and Mr Bridgewater are thinking about marriage. Lorna and Ingrid attempt to create their own Olympic Opening ceremony.



Season 2

Episode 1: (Apr/25/2013)
A cookery programme shows you how to bin your burnt dinner and order a take-away while a couple of policewomen get a bit too musical.

Episode 2: (May/02/2013)
This week the series features a forgetful spy; two very competitive old ladies; supermarket shopping with a Brazilian carnival dancer; and how to get hold of a proper cup of tea. Claire Balding makes a special appearance.

Episode 3: (May/09/2013)
The week the series sees Prime Minister Frances inventing a war, Susan having a bit of a problem with a wasp and Bea and Fi having a bit of a problem with a Take That calendar.

Episode 4: (May/16/2013)
The show features the agony of a teenage date, the mysterious power of an unfashionable brown dress and a great new way to stay fit and lose weight.

Episode 5: (May/23/2013)
The show features a few flirty Europeans, the psychology of biscuit eating and a hen night that goes not to plan.

Episode 6: (May/30/2013)
The show features three ways to escape a boring conversation. an actress learning how to cry on cue and an author finds out how her new erotic novel is too embarrassing to read out loud.

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