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About LINE OF DUTY & Episode Guides

About LINE OF DUTY & Episode Guides

Line of Duty Premiered on BBC Two on June 26, 2012

About the Show:
Line Of Duty is a drama series which takes a look at the world of police corruption. After a counterterrorism raid goes wrong, Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott refuses to take part in a cover-up. When he is ostracised by colleagues, he transfers to an anti-corruption unit, AC-12, which is led by Superintendent Ted Hastings.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Lennie JamesDCI Tony Gates
Martin CompstonDS Steve Arnott
Vicky McClureDC Kate Fleming
Gina McKeeJackie Laverty
Adrian DunbarSuperintendent Ted Hastings
Neil MorrisseyDC Nigel Morton

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Season 1

Episode 1: (Jun/26/2012)
Arnott finds himself in a cat-and-mouse kind of struggle as he begins to find out the truth about his superior's secrets.

Episode 2: (Jul/03/2012)
Having been conned into covering up Jackie’s crime, Gates attempts to hide any evidence of his involvement. Jackie goes to the police station to make sure that she’s in the clear, but Gates is determined to sever all ties with her. Fleming’s suspicions increase as he works secretly with Arnott as they attempt to find a connection between Gates to Jackie. Gates is forced to choose between his marriage and his career.

Episode 3: (Jul/10/2012)
After Gates shows up at Jackie’s house, he finds blood stains on the carpet but no sign of her and he is forced to act fast. Arnott is looking for him, convinced that he played a part in Jackie’s disappearance. With Fleming’s help the anticorruption team attempts to trap Gates into revealing his involvement in covering up Jackie’s crimes.

Episode 4: (Jul/17/2012)
With Arnott no longer the case, Fleming is determined to save the anticorruption operation on his own. Desperate for proof about Gates’s involvement in Jackie’s crimes, Fleming ends up pushing her relationship with him to the limit. Her behaviour though causes Morton to think that she has an ulterior motive.

Episode 5: (Jul/24/2012)
With Gates on the run the anticorruption team find themselves under pressure to close the case. There is tension between Arnott, Fleming and Hastings, as Arnott questions how intimate Fleming was prepared to become with Gates. Gates still thinks that he can save his career and marriage. Arnott is forced to decide where his loyalties lie.



Season 2

Episode 1: (Feb/12/2014)
The violent ambush of a police convoy takes place in which three officers are killed and a protected witness seriously hurt. After evidence suggests that a police source could have leaked the convoy’s whereabouts, the Force’s Deputy Chief Constable, Mike Dryden, takes charge of the investigation.

Episode 2: (Feb/19/2014)
AC-12 and the Major Violent Crime Unit clash over the tragedy at the hospital and the evidence surrounding the ambush. Kate is still working undercover with Lindsay in Missing Persons as they investigate the disappearance of Carly Kirk, a case Lindsay looks to be personally invested in.

Episode 3: (Feb/26/2014)
Lindsay is kept in prison awaiting trial, after an attack she has something to confide in Kate. The AC-12 are finally given access to the files on the deceased witness. However the investigation soon uncovers another victim.

Episode 4: (Mar/05/2014)
The unit is still under investigation but personal problems threaten to overshadow the whole thing. Lindsay insinuates Dyden is embroiled in a wider conspiracy. Steve finds a tracking device in an unexpected place which soon puts Lindsay in danger.

Episode 5: (Mar/12/2014)
Lindsay is left fighting for her life. Cottan is tasked with finding out who the officer going between the corrupt cops and the criminal underworld is. Steve finds out new details of Lindsay and Dryden's relationship. Hastings gets put under pressure.

Episode 6: (Mar/19/2014)
Cottan and DC Morton uncover the identity of the Caddy, who's been leading the criminal gang operating within the police. Dryden gets charged. Kate is unsettled by Steve's change of heart but is determined to prove that Lindsay was involved in the ambush.

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