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About LONGMIRE & Episode Guides

About LONGMIRE & Episode Guides

Longmire Premiered on A&E on June 03, 2012

About the Show:
Longmire, a contemporary crime thriller set in Big Sky country, is based on the Walt Longmire Mystery novels by best-selling author Craig Johnson.

The series stars Australian actor Robert Taylor (The Matrix) as Walt Longmire, the charismatic, dedicated and unflappable sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming, along with Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Gallactica), Lou Diamond Phillips (Numb3rs), Bailey Chase (Damages), Cassidy Freeman (Smallville) and newcomer Adam Bartley.

Widowed only a year, Longmire is a man in psychic repair that buries his pain behind a brave face and dry wit. Struggling since his wife’s death and at the urging of his daughter, Cady (Freeman), Longmire knows that the time has come to turn his life around. With the help of Vic (Sackhoff), a female deputy new to the department, he becomes reinvigorated about his job and committed to running for re-election. When Branch (Chase), an ambitious, young deputy decides to run against him for sheriff, Longmire feels betrayed but remains steadfast in his dedication to the community. Longmire often turns to close friend and confidant Henry Standing Bear (Diamond Phillips) for support as he sets out to rebuild both his personal and professional life, one step at a time.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Robert TaylorSheriff Walt Longmire
Katee SackhoffDeputy Victoria " Vic" Moretti
Lou Diamond PhillipsHenry Standing Bear
Bailey ChaseBranch Connally
Cassidy FreemanCady Longmire
Adam BartleyDeputy " The Ferg" Ferguson

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Season 1

Episode 1: Pilot (Jun/03/2012)
Sheriff Walt Longmire runs for re-election against a young deputy in the opener of this series, which follows a Wyoming lawman who struggles to cope with his wife's death as he attempts to move on with his life and career.

Episode 2: The Dark Road (Jun/10/2012)
Sheriff Longmire search for the Murder of a Girl, who works as a Stripper.

Episode 3: A Damn Shame (Jun/17/2012)
Longmire suspects foul play when a barn burns to the ground, killing the owner and his beloved horses.

Episode 4: The Cancer (Jun/24/2012)
A fisherman discovers the bodies of two murder victims, including a teen from the Cheyenne reservation.

Episode 5: Dog Soldier (Jul/01/2012)
A search for missing Cheyenne foster children becomes increasingly urgent after a sex offender is reported to be on the loose.

Episode 6: The Worst Kind of Hunter (Jul/08/2012)
A suspicious bear attack is investigated as a murder, while a retired sheriff attempts to join the investigation.

Episode 7: 8 Seconds (Jul/15/2012)
Walt struggles to make sense of a brutal assault on a wealthy beer distributor; Vic's husband grows jealous of her relationship with Walt.

Episode 8: An Incredibly Beautiful Thing (Jul/22/2012)
Henry lends his tracking skills to a mazy murder investigation involving a dead gas-station owner, a missing woman and a dangerous cult.

Episode 9: Dogs, Horses, and Indians (Aug/05/2012)
When the president of the Tribal Council is found dead in his car on county land, it's clear to Walt that the body has been moved from the original crime scene - but why? He discovers that the victim had a gambling problem and delves into the seedy world of an underground poker game run out of a tattoo parlor. After tribal politics come into play, the suspect list grows tenfold. Meanwhile, Walt deals with feelings of betrayal when he uncovers Cady and Branch's affair.

Episode 10: Unfinished Business (Aug/12/2012)
In the first-season finale, a teen is murdered after being acquitted of raping a Cheyenne girl. Later, Walt is forced to finally confront his wife's death.



Season 2

Episode 1: Unquiet Mind (May/27/2013)
A botched prison transfer leads to a hostage situation in the Season 2 premiere.

Episode 2: Carcasses (Jun/03/2013)
When a body is found in a compost heap, the victim's history of abusive behavior leads to a varied list of suspects. Walt and the team must cross county lines to track down the killer. Branch looks into Cady's abrupt departure from Absaroka.

Episode 3: Death Came in Like Thunder (Jun/10/2013)
Walt and the team explore Absaroka's Basque community when a shepherd and his dog are found dead. Branch walks a thin line in his alliance with Jacob Nighthorse. Meanwhile, Cady looks to Detective Fales for answers about her mother's death.

Episode 4: The Road to Hell (Jun/17/2013)
A cattle heist sends the team on an urgent search for the missing livestock and driver as well as the thieves. Walt is concerned by Vic's fearful behavior when she receives a mysterious bouquet of flowers.

Episode 5: Party's Over (Jun/24/2013)
When a teenage girl is found dead, Walt and the team investigate ties to the illegal sale of prescription drugs. Meanwhile, Henry reconnects with an old flame and Cady returns home.

Episode 6: Tell It Slant (Jul/01/2013)
Walt is tipped off to the murder of a supposed psychic by the Contrary Warrior, a Cheyenne who does the opposite of what people expect. While deciphering his backwards clues, Walt must also deal with a public debate against Branch.

Episode 7: Sound and Fury (Jul/08/2013)
After Henry overhears a disgruntled husband try to order a hit on his wife, Walt and the team must use what little information they have to prevent her murder. Vic is wary when an ex-cop from Philly shows up in Durant.

Episode 8: The Great Spirit (Jul/15/2013)
When a wild horse is found dragging a dead body, Walt discovers evidence of an illegal rodeo at a local farm. Detective Fales comes to town to talk to Henry.

Episode 9: Tuscan Red (Jul/29/2013)
Following an explosion on the reservation and the discovery of a charred dead body, Walt is bombarded with public confrontation as the Cheyennes blame the blast on gas leaked from fracking by Newett Energy. Meanwhile, Branch reconnects with Cady and uncovers information that could help him in the election.

Episode 10: Election Day (Aug/05/2013)
On Election Day, a terrible accident puts things in perspective for Walt and Branch. Emotions run high as the team races to find the hit-and-run-driver.

Episode 11: Natural Order (Aug/12/2013)
Walt investigates the death of a game warden.

Episode 12: A Good Death is Hard to Find (Aug/19/2013)
After receiving a severed finger at the station that was unexpectedly willed to him, Walt connects this seemingly random act to a new murder, as well as an armed robbery twenty years ago. At the same time, Vic's paranoia peaks when she suspects she is being stalked, forcing her to confide in Walt.

Episode 13: Bad Medicine (Aug/26/2013)
Walt and Branch team up when an apparent suicide is connected to Cady's accident. Meanwhile, Detective Fales returns with warrants, forcing Walt and Henry to face what happened in Denver.

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Season 3

Episode 1: The White Warrior (Jun/02/2014)
Walt deals with the aftermath of Henry's arrest and Branch's shooting.The search for the shooter, however, is complicated by Branch's insistence that it was someone known to be already dead.

Episode 2: Of Children and Travelers (Jun/09/2014)
Walt takes a look at the murder of a Russian adoptee whilst Henry has to deal with some trouble in jail.

Episode 3: Miss Cheyenne (Jun/16/2014)
Walt has been requested to be a judge on a pageant during a murder investigation. Cady needs help from an old friend.

Episode 4: In the Pines (Jun/23/2014)
Walt and his team look for missing teenage campers.

Episode 5: Wanted Man (Jun/30/2014)
Walt tries to cut down the field of suspects in his wife's murder. Branch's behavior causes problems.

Episode 6: Reports of My Death (Jul/07/2014)
Walt contends with a media frenzy when a long-lost heir who went missing 30 years earlier is found dead; Henry makes a risky decision on his own.

Episode 7: Population 25 (Jul/14/2014)
Vic's vacation turns deadly after she and Sean are kidnapped following an accident; Walt is forced to make an unusual alliance to rescue the pair.

Episode 8: Harvest (Jul/21/2014)
A life insurance policy complicates the investigation into a farmer's apparent murder; Branch and Cady check out a lead in Denver; Vic receives an ultimatum from Sean.

Episode 9: Counting Coup (Jul/28/2014)
Walt is concerned by Branch's behavior. Henry has to deal with a setback during his trial.

Episode 10: Ashes to Ashes (Aug/04/2014)
Walt hopes to find closure in the murder of his wife and in Henry's case as well. Branch is suspended but continues his investigation.


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