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About THE SOUL MAN & Episode Guides

About THE SOUL MAN & Episode Guides

The Soul Man Premiered on TV Land on June 20, 2012

About the Show:
The Soul Man revolves around R&B superstar-turned-minister Reverend Boyce "The Voice" Ballentine who was living the high life in Las Vegas at the top of the music charts (see the video for his 80's hit, "Sex Wichoo" here) when he gets the calling to go from soul singer to soul saver. Relocating to St. Louis with his wife, Lolli and his daughter, Lyric to take over the preaching duties in his father's church, his family is not exactly eager to give up the fabulous superstar life for a humble one.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Cedric the EntertainerReverend Boyce Ballentine
Niecy NashLolli Ballentine
Jazz RaycoleLyric Ballentine
John BeasleyBarton Ballentine
Wesley JonathanStamps Ballentine

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Season 1

Episode 1: Lost in the Move (Jun/20/2012)
In the premiere of this comedy about Boyce " The Voice" Ballentine, a famous R&B singer who becomes a minister and moves his family to St. Louis to take over his father's church, the Ballentines notice that not all of their belongings made the trip.

Episode 2: Pastor Interference (Jun/27/2012)
Boyce hires his father to be a senior adviser at the church to give him something to do, but Lolli thinks he just needs a little romance in his life. Meanwhile, Lyric practices driving with Stamps.

Episode 3: The Ballentine Hands (Jul/04/2012)
Boyce wrestles with a moral dilemma when the choir director urges him to find ringers for a singing competition. Meanwhile, Lolli hires Stamps to wash hair at the salon, but she becomes suspicious of his shampooing methods.

Episode 4: I Wanna Spend Time Witchoo (Jul/11/2012)
Boyce's plans for a quiet birthday with Lolli are spoiled by a surprise visit from their former neighbors in Las Vegas.

Episode 5: My Old Flame (Jul/18/2012)
Barton draws up a will after attending a funeral, but his sons may not be pleased with his bequests; Boyce gets a visit from an old girlfriend who's looking for more than spiritual guidance.

Episode 6: Preacher's Block (Jul/25/2012)
When Boyce is at a loss for words, Lolli asks his old writing partner, Sweet Brown Taylor, to help him find his voice; Barton and Stamps install an alarm system in Boyce's office but manage to lock themselves inside.

Episode 7: The God-Fathers (Aug/01/2012)
Lolli hosts a tea party for the church's female parishioners that gets out of control when Boyce's cousin adds booze to the punch. Meanwhile, the future of Boyce's church is in the hands of a powerful clerical organization.

Episode 8: J.C. Carpenter's Gospel Show (Aug/08/2012)
A former backup singer of Boyce's who also became a preacher—but at a much bigger church—decides to give up the spotlight and wants Boyce to break the news to his congregation. Meanwhile, Barton asks Lolli for romantic advice.

Episode 9: How To Be a Church Lady (Aug/15/2012)
Gossip about a church member's wife inadvertently reaches its subject; Barton changes his mind about Stamps' girlfriend when he realizes she cooks a fantastic breakfast.

Episode 10: Loving Las Vegas (Aug/22/2012)
A family trip to Las Vegas for rest and relaxation turns into anything but when Barton is tempted by sin, Lolli clashes with the church ladies, and Stamps steals Boyce's spot in a round of celebrity golf.

Episode 11: To Leave or Not to Leave (Aug/29/2012)
Barton makes plans to move to Florida after visiting his brother. Meanwhile, the Ballentines prepare for a big storm—and Barton's estranged wife—headed straight for St. Louis.

Episode 12: Momma's Home (Sep/05/2012)
In the first-season finale, a storm causes a blackout that coincides with the arrival of Barton's estranged wife, and Boyce tries to play peacemaker between her and his father.



Season 2

Episode 1: Get Thee Behind Me (Jun/19/2013)
In the Season 2 premiere, a new church policy dictates that Boyce have a physical examination, and he's sure he's in terrific shape—until the results of one test say otherwise. Meanwhile, Lolli's sister moves to town.

Episode 2: My Brother's Keeper (Jun/26/2013)
As Boyce and Lolli begin to enjoy the perks of their newly empty nest, a fed up Barton decides it's time for Stamps to move out of his house... and into Boyce and Lolli's.

Episode 3: Daddy and Mommy Dearest (Jul/10/2013)
Boyce and Lolli's old friends Paul and Robyn come to visit, bringing along their brand new foster child. When Boyce and Lolli see their parenting skills in action, it's up to them to save the kid.

Episode 4: Love Thy Neighbor (Jul/17/2013)
Boyce and Lolli begin to miss their old Vegas days, especially when their neighbors leave them off the invite list to a wild party. So Boyce and Lolli throw a party of their own, but get more than they bargained for.

Episode 5: The Punching Preacher (Jul/24/2013)
After Boyce resorts to violence when defending Lolli's honor, his ego is tested when a video of the incident goes viral. Boyce's tough-guy attitude eventually finds its match.

Episode 6: Bride and Prejudice (Jul/31/2013)
A lesbian couple comes to Boyce to perform a wedding ceremony, causing a moral challenge between Boyce and the church elders. Boyce also examines his relationship with Lolli when he sees the couple have some familiar problems.

Episode 7: Save the Last Dance for Me (Aug/07/2013)
Boyce and Stamps learn their dad has a secret crush, so they try to coax him back in the dating game.

Episode 8: Boyce in the Hood (Aug/14/2013)
Boyce's good intentions yield mixed results when he hires three former gang members as assistants. Stamps asks Boyce for help with his new business venture. Lolli is annoyed when Boyce refers to her career as a hobby.

Episode 9: Music and Lyric (Aug/21/2013)
Boyce and Lolli question their parenting skills when Lyric samples one of Boyces songs with surprising results. They agree to manage her new music career as a way of controlling her.

Episode 10: Revelations (Aug/28/2013)
Boyce slips back into his old habits when he returns to the studio to record a new song. Lolli and Barton step in to keep things running smoothly at the church. Stamps and Kim are conflicted about revealing their relationship.

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Season 3

Episode 1: All The Way Live (LIVE) (Mar/26/2014)
In the third-season premiere, Boyce puts on a concert as a benefit for the church's summer camp after he learns that it might be shutting down.

Episode 2: Obama Drama (Apr/02/2014)
Lyric's new boyfriend (David Alan Grier) threatens to ruin Boyce and Lolli's night with the Obamas.

Episode 3: Brother, Can You Spare A Kidney? (Apr/09/2014)
Boyce and Lolli's old neighbors from Vegas return in need of a big favor. Kim and Stamps deal with their new living situation.

Episode 4: Oh My Goddy (Apr/16/2014)
Boyce finds out he has a award nomination. Lolli tries to distract him with her sex appeal.

Episode 5: Back In The Day (Apr/23/2014)
Stamps and Kim fall out. Boyce and Lolli remember the early days of their relationship.

Episode 6: Daddy Issues (Apr/30/2014)
Boyce and Stamps go with Barton on a road trip. Lolli offers Kim some child-rearing advice. Kim thinks that she could be pregnant.

Episode 7: My Sweet Lord (May/07/2014)
Boyce decides to cancels the annual bake sale after taking on a healthier lifestyle.

Episode 8: Moving On Up (May/14/2014)
In an effort to move into a new phase of their lives, Boyce and Lolli decide to sell their house and move into a luxury condo. After kicking their family out of the condo, they both question whether they did the right thing.


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