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About HUNTED & Episode Guide

About HUNTED & Episode Guide

A Spy & A Hunter

Hunted Premiered October 04, 2012 On BBC One

About Hunted
Hunted delves into the world of espionage as Melissa George is cast as a operative that has to fight against her own team as they try to kill her. Not knowing where to turn, she must find out who she can trust and those she cannot. From the creators of The X Files comes a eight-episode drama that goes deeper into the secret world than few others have been before.

Real NameCharacter Name
Melissa GeorgeSam Hunter
Stephen DillaneRupert Keel
Adam RaynerAidan Marsh
Patrick MalahideJack Turner
Adewale Akinnuoye-AgbajeDeacon Crane
Morven ChristieZoe Walker
Stephen Campbell MooreStephan Turner
Oscar KennedyEdward Turner
Lex ShrapnelIan Fowkes
Indira VarmaNatalie Thorpe
Scott HandyBlack-Faced Man
Dhaffer L'AbidineBernard Faroux

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Mort (Oct/04/2012)
Sam Hunter is concluding a mission in Tangier when an attempt on her life leaves her badly injured. She then disappears to a remote location to recover, regroup and retrain. She returns to work unannounced nearly a year later and manages to surprise her co-workers, who are suspicious about her disappearance. The team comes up with a plan to have Sam infiltrate a family headed by powerful millionaire Jack Turner.

Episode 2: LB (Oct/11/2012)
Having been brought into the household by Turner’s son Stephen to tutor his son Edward, Sam and the team continue to secretly take a look at Jack Turner’s activities. Sam soon finds out that he is bidding on the contract to build a multi-billion dollar dam in Pakistan. Zoe Morgan and Ian Fowkes attempt to track a briefcase that was delivered to Turner.

Episode 3: Hourglass (Oct/18/2012)
The family make their way to a country estate, where Jack Turner and other interested parties bid on the dam contract. Sam attempts to to discover the amount of Turner’s offer and runs into a man from her past, whom she believes could have something to do with the attempt on her life.

Episode 4: Kismet (Oct/25/2012)
Jack Turner finds himself being forced to bid more than he can afford. Sam aims to find out how he will raise the money in a short time. It looks like Turner has hatched a diabolical plan with hedge fund manager Lewis Conroy and Sam looks for the connection. Aidan finds out some of Sam’s secrets and begins an investigation of his own.

Episode 5: Ambassadors (Nov/01/2012)
When Sam wakes up, she sees a familiar face in her hospital room, who promises to be an ally. He alludes to a connection from her past and refuses to give her all the information, but does tell her a secret that leads her to take action.

Episode 6: Polyhedrus (Nov/08/2012)
Sam believes that Jack Turner intends to assassinate Fatima Zahir, a Pakistani presidential candidate who is opposed to the sale of the dam that he’s attempting to buy. She and the team face a race to save Zahir’s life, only to learn that Turner has an even more important target.

Episode 7: Khyber (Nov/15/2012)
Jack Turner is insistent that he be awarded the dam contract and reveals that he has evidence which implicates Byzantium’s client in a dreadful crime. Aidan presses Sam to revisit some childhood memories of the murder of her mother and her own kidnapping, in an effort to understand why the Hourglass conspirators have targeted her.

Episode 8: Snow Maiden (Nov/22/2012)
Byzantium is instructed to eliminate Jack Turner, but after the attempted assassination fails, Sam becomes exposed as a spy, and is trapped and unable to escape from the house. Turner shows the evidence he has against Byzantium’s client. Sam is secretly being poisoned to death and finally starts to remember terrible memories that explain why the conspirators from Hourglass want her dead.

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