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About THE WRIGHT WAY & Episode Guides

About THE WRIGHT WAY & Episode Guides

The Wright Way Premiered on BBC One on April 23, 2013

About the Show:
The Wright Way is a new BBC One sitcom from one of Britain’s most renowned comedy writers, Ben Elton (Blackadder, The Young Ones). The show stars David Haig as exasperated everyman, Gerald Wright. Gerald runs the Baselricky Council Health & Safety Department with a team of misfits who, despite their best efforts, seem to cause as much chaos as humanly possible in their mission to make Britain safer.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

David HaigGerald Wright
Beattie EdmondsonVictoria
Brenda EdwardsMrs Johnson
Joanne MatthewsSusan Wright
Luke GellClive Beeches
Mina AnwarMalika Maha
Toby LongworthBernard Stanning

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Season 1

Episode 1: The Rogue Speed Bump (Apr/23/2013)
Gerald’s day begins badly. Having moved in with his daughter and her partner Victoria, she turns out to be a bathroom hogger and Gerald is forced to make use of the facilities at work. Gerald's colleague, Malika, announces her upcoming birthday by inviting gifts from the team with hints that are as subtle as a sledgehammer. Susan attempts to encourage her dad to get back on the dating scene.

Episode 2: Conkers Bonkers (Apr/30/2013)
Gerald and the Health and Safety team find themselves under pressure from the Mayor of Basselricky to prove that playing conkers is a dangerous enough game to require safety measures. Susan wants Gerald to invite his ex-wife Valerie and her new boyfriend over for some of his famous homemade quiche so that they can begin to repair the family rift.

Episode 3: Lethal Swing Back (May/07/2013)
A thief keeps stealing all the toilet paper from the gentleman's toilets. Susan discovers she is been taken to a tribunal by a ex-employer. Malika asks Gerald out.

Episode 4: Concealed Sharp Objects (May/14/2013)
Gerald is fed up that he has never had the chance to manage a renowned hazard warning of his very own. After he is stabbed in the chest by a pin from a new shirt, he sees this as the the opportunity, and with Malika’s help, sets himself on a mission to convince the mayor that all shirts sold in Baselricky should now carry a warning label.

Episode 5: Curbing the Kerb (May/21/2013)
Gerard and his team come to the decision that kerbs are a dangerous trip hazard. Sue sees a another side to her mum's Australian boyfriend Kyle.

Episode 6: The Deadly Receptacle (May/28/2013)
Tensions increase as the big ballroom night approaches. While investigating the size of takeaway coffee cups, Gerald and the health-and-safety team discover a surprising conspiracy.