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About FRANKIE & Episode Guides

About FRANKIE & Episode Guides

Frankie Premiered on BBC One on May 14, 2013

About the Show:
Frankie is a drama series starring Eve Moyles as Frankie a district nurse whose work always appears to take priority over her personal life.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Eve MylesFrankie
Derek RiddellAndy
Dean Lennox KellyIan
Carla HenryKaren
Ben Owen-JonesMatt
Leila MimmackPaula
Noma DumezweniAngie
Julia FordMary
Jemma RedgraveZoe

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Season 1

Episode 1: (May/14/2013)
As Frankie approaches her 36th birthday, she guesses that as well as the surprise party he always plans, her boyfriend Ian has a bigger surprise in store for her. Frankie enjoys spending time with her entertaining elderly patient Mr Thomas but his daughter Jean is finding it hard to care for both him and her terminally ill husband. Mr Thomas’ condition is far more serious than either of them had imagined though. Frankie also attempts to help a young mum who has an eight-year-old daughter called Ruby and is heavily pregnant. Heather has high blood pressure and is concerned that she’ll go into labour before her husband returns from Afghanistan. As Ian plans his surprise, Frankie decides to stick with Heather, unaware of the impact this decision will have on her life.

Episode 2: (May/21/2013)
Frankie finds her world being shattered by Ian’s revelation of what he did on her birthday. She attempts to plough herself into her work and pays a visit to Liana, a terminally ill patient, who is dying of Motor Neurone Disease. Andy is called out to visit Max, an oil worker with an infected amputated leg. He refuses to attend dressing clinics or leave his flat and his girlfriend is fed of with having to look after him and they both feel trapped. Andy attempts to encourage Max to reconnect with life but his frustrations boil over and the police are called, which sees Frankie and Ian coming face to face.

Episode 3: (May/29/2013)
Frankie repaints her house, changing her locks and throwing out all of Ian’s stuff in an effort to try and take control of her life. Her professional life, though, is under strain as the circumstances about Liana Corden’s death are investigated. She also has a new patient, eight year-old Robbie, who is suffering with a cancerous tumour and is due to fly out to the United States for some proton therapy.

Episode 4: (Jun/04/2013)
Rachel and Toby have changed their lifestyles to try and have a child. Their previous efforts at IVF failed and this is their final chance. Their relationship is struggling under the pressure and Rachel has developed ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome which Frankie is monitoring. It makes Frankie think about taking Ian back and getting her life back on track but Paula shows up delivers some news that blows everything up all once again.

Episode 5: (Jun/11/2013)
One of Frankie's patients called Shane has stopped taking his medication, choosing instead a healthy regime that he thinks will have greater positive effects. His wife Orla is concerned about him and contacts Frankie to persuade him to get checked out. Mary attempts to help a surrogate mother who is suffering from what she believes is postpartum depression. Paula visits Dee who, despite suffering with terminal cancer, is determined to enjoy the year she has left.

Episode 6: (Jun/18/2013)
Frankie is left feeling frustrated aftern a patient of hers is deemed fit to work and has her benefits cut. Nicky has decided to appeal the decision, but in the meantime she’s working and making her condition worse. Frankie clashes with Dr Evans and persuades her to support Nicky in her appeal. Karen visits Tim, an attractive university student who has just been discharged from hospital following a knee operation. After they run into one another in a bar and hit it off, Karen abandons her professionalism and agrees to have a drink with him.