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About MURDER IN THE FIRST & Episode Guide

About MURDER IN THE FIRST & Episode Guide

Rich Kid The Prime Suspect

Murder In The First Premiered On June 09, 2014 On TNT

About Murder In The First
Murder in the First follows homicide detectives Terry English (Taye Diggs) and Hildy Mulligan (Kathleen Robertson) as they investigate two seemingly unrelated murders. The mystery deepens, however, when they find both murders have a common denominator in a Silicon Valley wunderkind (Tom Felton).

Real NameCharacter Name
Ian Anthony DaleJim Koto
Kathleen RobertsonHildy Mulligan
Nicole Ari ParkerDA Sonia Perez
Mimi KirklandLouise Mulligan
Raphael SbargeDavid Molk
Richard SchiffDavid Hertzberg
Steven WeberBill Wilkerson
Taye DiggsTerry English
Tom FeltonErich Blunt

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1x01: Pilot (Jun/09/2014)
A murder case is taken a close look at from the the crime being committed and then through the investigation, arrest and actual trial.

Episode 1x02: The City of Sisterly Love (Jun/16/2014)
Terry English and Hildy Mulligan investigate the death of Erich Blunt's flight attendant, Cindy Strauss. Terry also attempts to deal with the recent death of his wife and the sudden arrival of her sister.

Episode 1x03: Who's Your Daddy (Jun/23/2014)
The team investigate the case of Cindy Strauss. Hildy meets up with a young witness who is concerned for his mothers safety.

Episode 1x04: Burning Woman (Jun/30/2014)
Erich Blunt dos not listen to his lawyer's advice and leaves for a drug-fueled weekend. Terry and Hildy have to try and deal with the repercussions of Hildy's officer involved shooting.

Episode 1x05: Pants On Fire (Jul/07/2014)
Erich Blunt decides to take a lie-detector test in an effort to change the public's perception about him. Some problems surround a past suspect's alibi, which could ruin Hildy and Terry's case against Blunt.

Episode 1x06: Punch Drunk (Jul/14/2014)
Six months have now passed and Erich Blunt is on trial for the murder of Cindy Strauss. Terry comes to a decision to try and atone for his behavior.

Episode 1x07: Suck My Alibi (Jul/21/2014)
An important witness is found dead potentially ruining the prosecution's case. Erich Blunt's high-profile attorney attempts to prove his client's innocence.

Episode 1x08: Win Some, Lose Some (Jul/28/2014)
Erich Blunt's trial comes to a dramatic conclusion. Warren Daniels thinks about calling Blunt to the stand. Terry believes that a previous investigation had some significant holes in it.

Episode 1x09: Family Matters (Aug/04/2014)
The department looks into the death of a drug-addicted socialite and her husband. Terry and Hildy discover the witnesses in the Kevin Neyers case.

Episode 1x10: Blunt The Edge (Aug/11/2014)
Terry and Hildy investigate the Kevin Neyers murder and discover some shocking secrets.

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 2x01: Twenty-Fifteen (Jun/08/2015)
A couple of students open fire on a school bus in the center of the city.

Episode 2x02: Schizofrenzy (Jun/15/2015)
Tensions increase as the manhunt for the missing shooter continues.

Episode 2x03: Blue on Blue (Jun/22/2015)
A new district attorney promises to get justice for the victims of a school bus tragedy.

Episode 2x04: My Suger Walls (Jun/29/2015)
Raffi is concerned that Hildy's investigation of the grow house murder could have an impact on her case.

Episode 2x05: The McCormack Mulligan (Jul/06/2015)
Terry and Hildy are under pressure to find out who is behind the police killings.

Episode 2x06: Oh, Mexico (Jul/13/2015)
Terry and Hildy start to investigate people in their own department. Jamie attempts to find out more about Dustin's past.

Episode 2x07: State of the Union (Jul/20/2015)
The truth about Navarro sees Terry and Hildy making their way to Mexico. Suger gets ready for war.

Episode 2x08: Out of the Shadows (Jul/27/2015)
Junior offers some new details which could give Terry and Hildy the upper hand in the investigation.

Episode 2x09: Bruja Blanca (Aug/03/2015)
Terry and Hildy's investigation suffers a lethal setback. Raffi's loyalty is put to the test.

Episode 2x10: Nothing but the Truth (Aug/10/2015)
Witnesses are called in the case against Dustin. Jamie has to deal with the fallout from her tirade.

Episode 2x11: Down Time (Aug/17/2015)
A high-ranking officer is arrested by Terry and Hildy. An unexpected threat revolves around Sugar and Potrero.

Episode 2x12: Number Thirty Nine (Aug/24/2015)
Terry and Hildy close in on a murder suspect .Fatty B attempts to push Potrero in a new direction. The trial of Dustin Maker reaches its conclusion.

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