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About FOREVER & Episode Guide

About FOREVER & Episode Guide

Who says you only live once?

Forever Premiered September 22, 2014 On ABC

About Forever
Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd) is a New York City medical examiner who studies the dead for criminal cases, and to solve the mystery of his own immortality. Since his first death 200 years ago while working as a doctor in the African slave trade, Morgan disappears almost immediately each time he dies, and returns to life naked in a nearby body of water. Having also stopped aging, Morgan's long life has given him broad knowledge and remarkable observation skills which impress most people he encounters, including NYPD Detective Jo Martinez (Alana de la Garza). Flashbacks depict events from Morgan's life, during which he has fought in wars and been married, dissected, and hanged for heresy; when he has been exposed, Morgan has fled to somewhere else in the world. Only antiquarian Abe (Judd Hirsch), whom Morgan and former wife Abigail found as a newborn in a German concentration camp during World War II, knows that he is immortal. Morgan is stalked by a murderer, "Adam", who has learned his secret, and claims to have had the same "curse" for 2,000 years.

Real NameCharacter Name
Ioan GruffuddHenry Morgan
Alana De La GarzaJo Martinez
Joel David MooreLucas Wahl
Donnie KeshawarzDetective Hanson
Judd HirschAbe
Lorraine ToussaintLt. Joanna Reece

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1x01: Pilot (Sep/22/2014)
A deadly subway collision is investigated as a New York City medical examiner attempts to discover the truth behind his inexplicable immortality.

Episode 1x02: Look Before You Leap (Sep/23/2014)
After the police decide that a death Henry believes to be a homicide a suicide, he and Jo investigate.

Episode 1x03: Fountain of Youth (Sep/30/2014)
Some multiple deaths are caused by a product called Aterna that says that it can help to reverse the aging process.

Episode 1x04: The Art of Murder (Oct/07/2014)
After the matriarch of one of New York's wealthiest families passes away, the family demands some answers.

Episode 1x05: The Pugilist Break (Oct/14/2014)
After a former junkie, who is now a community activist, shows up dead from an apparent overdose, Henry and Jo look for his murderer.

Episode 1x06: The Frustrating Thing About Psychopaths (Oct/21/2014)
Henry and Jo investigate a string of homicides that mimic Jack the Ripper and the Black Dahlia's murder.

Episode 1x07: New York Kids (Oct/28/2014)
The founder of a free medical clinic shows up dead just after having received an award.

Episode 1x08: The Ecstasy of Agony (Nov/11/2014)
A ritualized punishment is carried out when a successful businessman is murdered.

Episode 1x09: 6 A.M (Nov/18/2014)
Henry and Jo take a look into the death of a jazz saxophonist's son. Henry and Abe take part in a keyboard face-off as Abe attempts to get Henry to broaden his musical horizons.

Episode 1x10: The Man in the Killer Suit (Dec/02/2014)
A British aristocrat is discovered dead. Abe runs into a woman who he shared his first kiss with.

Episode 1x11: Skinny Dipper (Dec/09/2014)
After the anonymous caller attempts to frame Henry for murder, he thinks about revealing the truth.

Episode 1x12: The Wolves of Deep Brooklyn (Jan/06/2015)
Returning to work, Henry investigates the murder of a young investor, but the discovery that the victim is the son of an old friend of Abe's prompts Abe and his friends to turn detective themselves.

Episode 1x13: Diamonds Are Forever (Jan/13/2015)
Jo and Henry pursue the killer of a jewelry store burglar who has a connection with Jo's dead husband.

Episode 1x14: Hitler on the Half Shell (Feb/03/2015)
The death of Karl Haas leaves Henry and Jo looking for a killer and attempting to solve an art crime.

Episode 1x15: The King of Columbus Circle (Feb/10/2015)
Henry and Jo take a look into the murder of an exiled king whilst Abe finds out something about his bloodline.

Episode 1x16: Memories of Murder (Feb/24/2015)
A college student who is obsessed with the 1970s is found dead and sparks fly between Henry and a professor.

Episode 1x17: Social Engineering (Mar/03/2015)
A member of a secret "hack-tivist" group is murdered; Abe remembers his days as an activist.

Episode 1x18: Dead Men Tell Long Tales (Mar/24/2015)
The owner of a treasure hunting salvage company is murdered. A wealthy entrepreneur makes a play for Jo.

Episode 1x19: Punk is Dead (Mar/31/2015)
A woman's mummified body is discovered behind a wall in a famous punk club, where it has been since the 1980s. Meanwhile Jo begins to date the club's owner, though their budding relationship is complicated by the discovery of the body.

Episode 1x20: Best Foot Forward (Apr/07/2015)
A ballerina's foot is discovered, and they discover that this murder case is not actually a murder. Henry and Jo begin to become closer just as Abe discovers a lead on Abigail.

Episode 1x21: The Night In Question (Apr/21/2015)
Henry attempts to discover what really happened to Abigail after she walked out on him.

Episode 1x22: The Last Death of Henry Morgan (May/05/2015)
Jo is all that stands in the way of the Henry and Adam's impending clash.

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