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Forum Guide: Links & Descriptions to Boards & Threads

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Forum Guide: Links & Descriptions to Boards & Threads

This guide is a one stop thread, with links to all the major threads/boards on the forum and a brief description of what is contained in each of the thread/boards.

Example: Links & descriptions to; Newcomers, VIPTV, TV-video, Free Chatting & Game boards, plus links to (with descriptions), of all the major threads on these boards; Forum Rules, How to Become a Member, Error reporting, Welcome & Introduction, Flash Player troubleshooting, Real Player troubleshooting, Real Player Quick Fixes, etc.... Links to the tv show category boards (Drama, Action Adventure, Comedy, etc...).

All the Boards & Threads listed here are also links to those boards/threads.
Just click on the links below, to go to a board or thread! <img src=">

Newcomers Guidance Board:
This is a place where new members can come to introduce themselves, learn, get support and ask questions about the forum our sites or anything they are having difficulty understanding or working. If you are new to this forum, you should first go to the Welcome and Introduction Thread!: and say hello, so you can earn your first points. Then use this forum to learn as much as you can bout the ins & outs of FriendVista, VIPTV.NET (Flash Player), vip.tv-video.net (Real Player) & tv-video.net

Main Categories:

FORUM RULES!! Please read before posting This thread explains the rules of our forum (obviously)

Lost pts? Send a PM to lbjedward and got lost pts back Go here to get lost points returned to your account. [/url]Max clicking error, how to get compensation for lost points or time.

Error Report Thread!: Report errors you are having with either The VIP Channel or tv-video.net.

Welcome and Introduction Thread!:
Stop by and say hello, and earn your first VIP Points here, by introducing yourself to the other members.

Points Allocation Per Show - Some Help How to find out how your points are allocated per show.

Flash Player Troubleshooting This is where you would go if having issues with Flash Player.

How do I watch VIP on my Tablet, iPad, PS3, Smart TV, etc?: This guide is intended to help those who do not watch VIPtv via a laptop/PC:

VIP Help!!~ Real Player & Other Problems?? (Easy Tips & Fixes): This would be your first stop if you are having any problems playing shows on the VIP Channel, RP, Timing out, slow loading, losing points...etc.

How to Become a VIP Member (Donations, Points, & More): You would go here to answer all your questions about how to gain VIP membership, how to earn points, how to donate & all other questions pertaining to VIP membership.

Can someone explain the medals and status?: This will explain how you earn and how we award our Medals.

RealPlayer Troubleshooting Guide (Solutions & Tips): This has an extensive troubleshooting guide for Real Player, if you are having problems you can't fix, you should find your answers here.

MAC OS X RealPlayer Troubleshooting Guide (Solutions &Tips): This has an extensive troubleshooting guide for Real Player (for MAC ONLY), if you are having problems you can't fix, you should find your answers here.

How to Become a moderator on This Forum ? If you have interests in becoming a moderator, this thread is the place to go!! **NOTE: CURRENTLY NO NEW MODERATORS ARE NEEDED**

PM's (Private Messages) - All you need to know How to use Private messaging (PM's)

Suggestions That May Help Your Viewing Experience This is another useful thread to help improve your viewing experience, if you find yourself having difficulties.

VIP Channel Board:

This is for VIP members to discuss issues, offer suggestions and get help. If you are a VIP member you should get familiar with this board and all it's uses. If there is going to be anything going on (whether it be good or bad) with the VIP Channel, this is the place to come for info!!

Main Categories:

Members Live CS VIP Members can Chat LIVE with one of our administrators (about any difficulties), with our new Live Customer Service. When the Live CS bar is illuminated,you can chat live, when it's not, leave a message and an administrator will get back to you ASAP.

New Shows Suggestion & Discussion, Pls read guidelines Suggest your favorite shows to be added to the VIP Channel, and see what others have been suggesting too. Yours suggestion just might be the one to get the next show added!!

Q&A: Questions & Answers (Ask Here)
This is a place for our VIP members to ask general questions.

TV-video Board:

This board is dedicated to render services for questions pertaining to tv-video.net

Main Categories:

To Generous Donator's A thank you to our donators and a place for them to respond, they'd like.

OnlineGamesBar Board

Free Chatting
Talk and comment about whatever is on your mind......

Forum Games Board
Play forum games and earn VIP points. Once you have 10 points you can have them converted into a VIP Card, for use on our VIP Channel.

Site Management Admins & Mods only

TV Show Boards:

These categories are full of, individual boards for each show we have here on The VIP Channel & tv-video.net. You can learn about the shows, search the episode guides or just have fun discussing what's going on (or not going on) with all your favorite TV shows, characters and story lines. It's a great way to have fun, earn points and best of all, meet great people while doing whats great about this site, talking about your favorite TV Shows, that you've watched here!!
Please check them out and enjoy!!!


Action Adventure



Reality: Only latest two seasons.

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how do i become a VIP member


follow the link above that says "vip membership"!
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Originally posted by bluecadillac at 12-24-2007 04:06 Error Report Thread!: Does not work. Specified thread does not exist or has been deleted or is in audit, please return. [ Click here to go to previous page ] Doesn't work either . http://www.friendv ...
Episode 8 season 1 works. I've watched the entire episode and got no problems. When you get the invalid message, simply close the video and click on the episode again.




hello hello

i'm excited to join this group of enthusiastic tv viewers! thanks for having me!


ei ei

j u s t s t a r t i n g!


yes me too! just found this site... but i need points to watch! does it take long to get points?


Reply 8#8 peachpie's post

Check out the Game Board to see what current games are being held in the forum, whereby you can earn points towards VIP viewing. Any of the highlighted ones are open. Also, have a look around the forum. There are some threads that you will be rewarded points just for participating in a meaningful way. I see you already got your welcome points, which is a great start. You only have to earn 10 forum points to be able to convert them to VIP points.

For a complete explanation of how the points work, please see VIP Membership (Donations, Points & More). In the meantime feel free to watch any of the shows in Free Viewing on the VIP site, or check out www.tv-video.net which is our original free site.

Have Fun & Happy Viewing!

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I want to add an avatar from pics on my computer. I only saw 'Board Avatar List' when I registered, and it only took me to the 21 cartoon pics. What do I need to click on to add my own? Thanks in advance for the help- you guys seem really eager to help, more than some sites I go to.


Go to member cp link top right hand side Go to edit profile go customise info upload your picture (note less than 200KB)
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I see you have helped me again tonight! As you can see I did what you said and it worked- got my first avatar. I have many, and I do like to change them to show some cool pics and kinda add some fun to my posts. Thanking you again! Another question: am I able to give you points or somehow suggest you get points? If so how?
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thank you

thank you for trying to help me understand this , i think its cool.. oh and thanks for the time you have put into trying to help us watch these great shows.. im glad i found you ..


can you help me??

can you help me 2 see ugly betty season 2 episode 7?? i'm not a VIP but is it possible top watch it anyway?


Reply 16#16 hegstr1's post

You can watch Ugly Betty season 2 episode 7 on our free site www.tv-video.net. The quality isnt as good as the VIP site and it does sometimes take a very long time to load depending on traffic. Give it a try by using the link below. Ugly Betty season 2 Ep7
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You can play go to the Game Board and play games to earn points. Right now there is a quiz for the show Roswell, which is one of our free shows on the VIP. You can earn points and have them converted, and either watch 5 shows of Ugly Betty on the VIP. Or a couple of your points to play more episode quizzes, and earn more points. Also, look at the quizzes and see if they require you to watch an episode, they usually are title with a "2x08" # (season & episode). If they don't you can just take them, using the internet to help find you answers. *If a quiz looks like it's been out of date, leave a post asking if it's still running before you put your time into it. You can also make a donation, to learn more about that and about VIP points go HERE You can also watch on tv-video.net. All the shows are free here, but the quality isn't anywhere as good as it is on the VIP channel. I hope this helps answer your questions and you find your way to watching Ugly Betty and all our shows!!


vip points

what is the easyest way to get VIP points


Reply 17#17 gregoryhines's post

Do the quizzes on here


Reply 17#17 gregoryhines's post

As bala said, you can take part in the quizzes around the forum or you can make a donation. Check out the following thread - it explains all about VIP points VIP Membership, Donations Points & More
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well this help me a lil bit lol.


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