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Kyle XY Season 2 General Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Do we really have to wait till 2008 to watch the rest if so that's just friggin wrong.


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yep mid-season break


I am glad to hear that season 2 is not over yet and is only taking a mid season break.  I moved half-way around the world the day before the last episode aired and have only just recently watched it.  I have to say I was not expecting that ending at all!  I am looking forward to watching the rest of the season and curious to find out how it is possible that adam baylan is still alive.


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Personally I'm not really disappointed with Season 2, it's been different from the first. I've liked the last few episodes a lot. I think we are just beginning to see what this season has to offer and the next part will prove to be excellent.


KYLE XY Season 2 Episode 14-22 Discussion

i'm probably only one on here that use this fourm to discuss this show-just look how many topic i created still no many people dpn't want discuss how great this show is-what more can i do?

Jess survived and now she out there, so kyle told the Trager the truth and now they going to be in danger not bad for second part of season 2. Well let see what happens to jesse and what trouble she can make but i liked wireless connection between jesse and kyle that was so cool.

Ep 15-Kyle new skill lavate was cool but as he said manipulate the cell in his body to move,should he trust Jess

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I discuss as well, but I have some episodes to catch up on. After that I'll come back here and share my thoughts.


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take your time


As far as trusting Jessie goes, I think she is changing.  She is just struggling with a lot and doesn't really know how to handle it.  After all this is the first time she is free and is no longer being controlled by MadaCorp.  She has been through a lot and it will just take her some time to adjust.  I think Kyle will be good for her.  Someone for her to confide in because he is like her.  I just hope Jessie doesn't come in the way of Amanda.  

I wonder how long it is going to take for Baylen to come out of his coma.  I really would like to see him again and I would like to see his interaction with both Kyle and Jessie.

Oh and little Joshy Trager's choice to becoming a doctor to cure Andie of her cancer was so cute!  Of course he can't actually save her, but just the fact that he told her that was sweet.  Josh has changed a lot since he met Andie.


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i also think she is changing but the stunt she did last episode jumping off the school building shows she's still have some way to go.

i don't know when Baylen to come out of his coma maybe near to end of the season i think

do you honestly think Josh could become a doctor?


Episode 16

Well not much happend but saw promo for next week


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I don't think Josh will become a doctor.  From the way they have characterized him, he doesn't seem like the type of student who has the grades or the patients for medical school.  It was just cute of him to tell Andie he was going to find a cure for cancer for her.


episode 17

ok,hiding Amanda was funny than Amanda and Jessie in same room as Kyle even more interesting, that social-worker causes so much problem and the fact the episode became like hide-seek and she just had to get caught.

i think they make love-triangle more obvious with this episode but Amanda will never understand unless kyle tell her what he is and what Jessie is to him.


the feed of this episode on the VIP channel cuts off the last few seconds of the show.  It ends with the social worker video chatting with someone and she says something like "he is really attached to this family, it will be harder than we thought".  Can someone please tell me what came after that.  I can't find any other releases of this episode yet on other sites.

As far as the episode goes, I had a feeling from the beginning the social worker wasn't really a social worker.  I also have a feeling this episode was a preview for when Kyle tells Amanda everything, which will be soon.  She now has more questions about Kyle because of what she heard and saw and those questions aren't going to be settle easily or quietly.  I can't wait for when she finds out.  I just hope she hears from Kyle first before Jessie tries to do something stupid and break the two of them apart and spill their secret.  I really don't like this love triangle thing.  Jessie is getting annoying!


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yeah i know i found that last 5 seconds were cut off but it doesn't matter it would been more annoying if that bit wasn't shown at least we know who's she talking to.

do you think she will find out?


episode 18

I'm a little concerned about Jessie the way kyle is treating make me feel sorry for her and i understand Kyle was very busy but the problem is that kyle life has become more complicated and it look like Jessie going trust that guy.

Joss really surprised me in this episode i liked fact once in his life he was actually responsibly and it seem like they might be hope to.

Lori might found a boyfriend in this episode-witty remark between those two are really good.


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Lori and her dad's TA are perfect for each other!  I loved when they just back and forth insulted each other.  It was hilarious.

As with Josh, I agree it was nice to see him claim repsonsibilty.  When we first met Josh in season one, he was this immature little teenager only concerned with video games and annoying his older sister.  I have to say he really has grown up a lot in the short amount of time this show has been on air.

I like the way Kyle handed telling Amanda his secret.  Telling her all at once would be overwhelming and he had that experience with Declan when he went a little AWOL right after finding out.  Kyle is probably worried about freaking her out and her leaving him.  This way by telling her one thing at a time he can judge how she handles it and see exactly how much she can handle.

As far as Jessie goes, right now it's not her I'm concerned with, it's Brian Taylor.  He is the one putting the things in her head that Kyle sees her as a threat and doesn't want anything to do with.  He is the one with hidden camera planted in the Trager house.  He is the one that Kyle has always suspected.  If anyone is a good judge of character, it's Kyle!

Glad to see Baylin's back.  I'm interested to see what he has to say to and teach Kyle now.  I just hope with Baylin back now Kyle will be able to balance school, family, Amanda and Baylin's teachings.  He may be a super human, but even he has his limits.  I am looking forward to see what new things he will learn that he can do.


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do you really think it's really baylin? i suspect he's a clone?


I'm glad Baylin is back.  I like seeing the new things Kyle can do.  He may not have been able to heal himself, but I'm pretty sure that in the end of the episode when the lights flashed while he was hugging Andie, then his nose bled, he healed her cancer.  That's good because I really like her with Josh and the cancer thing was putting too much strain on their relationship considering they are what 16.

I have a feeling Jessie is going to end up like Sarah.  That was the whole point of the episode, but I see it coming anyway.  She can't control her impulses and Kyle can't do a thing to save her.  Maybe she will wake up and realize she is only hurting herself, but it is not in her character.

I would really like to see Lorie with that TA.  They have this chemistry that is cute.  And the way they keep on running into each other and him "saving" her.  They have this love-hate relationship they just don't realize the love part yet /color]


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Yes jessie need to learn to control her ablity it cause her death but it would be disappointment if she dies in season-finale they need to continue her story-line at best. i think you might be right about andie


Episode 20

Well this was a good episode, Kyle really breaking down-look like emotional trigger really mess up his wiring and he can't take it and i can't believe the record has a secret message. i was really worried that kyle is damaged.