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Prison Break Season 2-4 General Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

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What the hell are you talking about season 3 has finished airing two weeks ago.

check prison break episode you will notice episode 6-13


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I think he's talking about either more new episodes for the season or the next season.. They only called the last episode the "winter finale".. Who knows maybe since the strike is over they're going to shoot more episodes that will air during the summer or fall or something... There's just a huge cliffhanger at the end of the final episode that I think a new season is inevitable.


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ok-he posted in this topic so i thought they didn't know more than 5 episodes


oh my bad....i did mean after the last episode, i posted it on the wrong thread


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can you understand that season has finished which mean new season will air in September or October?



yeeeeees good


Prison Break Season 4 General Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

It's been a while since we heard anything about Prison Break, hasn't it?

Well, with the premiere now a little over a month away, details of season four are beginning to emerge.

As the third season finale suggested, Michael becomes hellbent on taking revenge against the Company - and Gretchen in particular.

Joining Lincoln in Los Angeles, Michael is shocked to discover that Sara is actually alive. The pair then strike a deal with the US Government to guarantee their immunity, teaming up with Homeland Security agent Don Self to find Sara and bring down the Company. Also on their team are Mahone, Sucre and Bellick, all of whom come together to break into a maximum security facility housing the Company.

And what about T-Bag? Well, rumour has it that he possesses a "vital clue" that Michael needs for his latest challenge. Whistler's bird book, maybe?




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I love Prison Break! Can´t wait to see Michael meet Sarah again!!! Yay! At the same time I really hope it´s the last season, it would be a shame for PB to be one of those shows to stretch forever without a decent content.


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i completely agree


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I guess we have to know when to let go of something good too, right?


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Either that actor get another jobs


Great Sara's alive, but how do you fake a dead head with enough detail to fool Lichon. Also I can see Michael joining a law enforcement agency, he is a structural engineering and a mastermind, but Lichon. Don't get me wrong, I like dominic purcel, he has a very interseting look with that cool strong build for an action here, but the character is a convicted criminal and i am not talking about the vp's brother murder.
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NOOOOO are you kidding me they could go on and on with wentworth miller I love this show and hope the writers keep thinking of stories season after season


Bala you are amazing getting these promos for us, keep them coming
Can't wait until the Fall


more promos


At least one major character will reportedly be killed off during the fourth season premiere of Prison Break, with two new cast members joining the show.

E! Online states that a Fox representative has confirmed that "at least one actor will be leaving the series for good" and that their identity will be a "genuine surprise" to viewers.

Executive producer Zack Estrin has also confirmed details of two new characters and how they relate to former fugitives Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows on the show.

Cress Williams will play Wyatt, who Estrin describes as a "Company guy who is... hot on our guys' tail. When the season begins, there is a cover story that our guys are placed into a SuperMax prison, and slowly but surely clues are coming out that they aren't in there - that they're up to something else maybe. This guy's job is to find out what they're really up to."

Meanwhile, James Hiroyuki Liao will play a hacker called Roland - "a new guy they're forced to work with, and they're not sure how they feel about him, but they need his expertise in the technological stuff that our guys don't necessarily do".


PB Season 4 Speculation and disscussion thread *SPOILERS

So season 4 is coming and we already know Sara is alive from promo's and cast announcements. How are they going to explain this? Has she actually been with company? Are they holding her hostage to get Micheal to do something else?


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Well i don't know but this is the final chapter to the show or will they be a 5th season?

from promo it look like government hires them help them take down the company in exchange for their freedom.

10 days until the episode depending on when it get updated


which character do you think will be killed off in the new season opener, as i heard it will be a regular.


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i rather wait and see that way i can post an opinion on it rather than be disappointed if i guessed it right