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About KYLE XY & Episode Guides

About KYLE XY & Episode Guides

Who is Kyle XY?

Kyle XY Aired From June 26, 2006 – March 16, 2009 On ABC Family.

the story:
The show centers around a sixteen-year-old boy named Kyle, who wakes up in the forest outside of Seattle, Washington with no memory of his life up until that point. Kyle tries to understand the mysteries of who he is or why he has no memory of being a child. When he is first found he is like a newborn baby in his lack of knowledge of human social life: He doesn't know the simplest things, like how to eat or drink, and cannot communicate easily with others.

As they cannot find his records, he is taken to a juvenile detention facility, where it is discovered that he is also lacking a belly button. Nicole Trager, a psychologist, is interested in Kyle because of his gift for art and his innocence. She realizes Kyle doesn't belong behind bars and brings him to her home while the police look for his family. The series follows Kyle and the Trager family as Kyle develops socially and searches for answers to his past.

the main cast:
Matt Dallas Kyle Trager
Bruce Thomas Stephen Trager
Marguerite MacIntyre Nicole Trager
Jean-Luc Bilodeau Josh Trager
April MatsonLori Trager
Chris OliveroDeclan McDonough
Kirsten ProutAmanda Bloom
Nicholas LeaTom Foss
Jaimie Alexander   Jessi

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Kyle XY Characters


Kyle, a mysterious teenager who wandered out of the Seattle woods with no past, no belly button and no idea who he was. With the help of the Tragers, a loving family who opened their home to him, Kyle began piecing together who he was and where he came from. But the more he uncovered the more his past began to seem more mysterious and more dangerous than his present. In season two Kyle finds answers to many of his questions, answers that force him to lead a double life that could tear apart the only family he has ever known

Lori Trager,

Lori Trager, the teenage daughter of Stephen and Nicole. Lori has done a lot of growing up since Kyle first came into the Trager household, and she is finally starting to come into her own. That doesn't mean the rest of high school will be easy for Lori. In fact, being her own person might make life a lot harder, especially when it comes to her on again / off again boyfriend Declan.

Josh Trager

Josh Trager, the youngest and orneriest member of the Trager family. Josh is always looking for an angle, whether it's getting Kyle to do his homework or making a quick buck. And yet, Josh always seems surprised when he finds himself in trouble. But when getting his first car turns out to be a lesson in growing up, it looks like Josh's days of constant boy-hood mischief may be over. Add to that a new relationship with a girl who can outsmart Josh at his own game, and you've got a recipe for a very interesting year.

Nicole Trager

Nicole Trager, the kind-hearted psychologist who took Kyle into her home and dedicated herself to helping him uncover his past. Kyle's departure at the end of season one shook Nicole so badly that she stopped practicing psychology. In season two, Nicole seems to be recovering. She's able to open up and give Josh and Lori the love and support they need. She even re-opens her practice. But when Nicole takes on a mysterious new client, she faces a challenge that is more that she ever imagined.


When Nicole brought Kyle home, Stephen wasn't sure he wanted one of his wife's patients living with his kids, let alone a boy straight out of lock-up. But Kyle's knack for fixing anything electronic impressed the tinkerer in Stephen, and Kyle's innocent, loving nature soon had Stephen feeling like he had another son. But when Kyle left the Tragers at the end of season two, Stephen was powerless to stop him. Stephen knows his family is just beginning to recover from the pain Kyle left behind, and he'll do anything to keep them from re-opening old wounds.

Amanda Bloom,

Amanda Bloom, the sweet, innocent girl next door who becomes the girl of Kyle's dreams. Amanda believes there is good in everyone and felt an instant connection when she met Kyle. If Kyle hadn't left at the end of last season, Amanda might have found out what fairy-tale love is all about. But the way things are, she'll have to settle for a lesson in reality, courtesy of her boyfriend Charlie.

Declan McDonough,

Declan McDonough, Lori's boyfriend and Kyle's confidant. But being Kyle's secret-keeper comes with a price. It drives a wedge between him and Kyle, and nearly destroys his relationship with Lori. And when Nicole Trager's mysterious new patient catches Declan's eye, things can only get worse.

Season 2 Addition


Just like Kyle, Jessi appears in the woods, covered in the pink goo, with no belly button. But there's no nice family waiting for Jessi. Jessi is quickly re-captured by her creators and programmed to acquire and destroy her target: Kyle. Until she locks eyes with Declan, and her killer instincts take a back seat to an even stronger desire.

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 : Pilot  
KYLE XY follows the story of Kyle, who is found disoriented in the middle of traffic and then taken to a detention facility. Later, Nicole Trager, a psychologist, comes to examine him, and then takes him home. He gets on the bad side of both Trager kids, Josh and Lori, and annoys Stephen, Nicole's husband. But one by one, Kyle influences them to accept him.

Episode 2:  Sleepless in Seattle
Kyle encounters the concept of time and wonders why those around him focus on it. In an attempt to tire out Kyle, his family subjects him to running, sleeping pills and other activities. Josh suspects that Kyle may be an alien.

Episode 3:  The Lies That Bind
Nicole has things to attend to, so other members of the family have to babysit Kyle, who's having trouble processing the little white lies that his family tell. First, Steven takes Kyle to work, where Kyle's computer intelligence comes in handy; then he gets pawned off on Lori -- who promptly ditches him. Meanwhile, Steven learns that he'll have to lay off employees; Lori hides the fact that she was fired; Kyle takes a test for Josh; Amanda freaks out over a fender bender; and Kyle is linked to a murder investigation

Episode 4:  Diving In
Kyle attempts to figure his emotions and sudden attraction to next door neighbor Amanda, while Lori and Josh are also experiencing love pains of their own.

Episode 5: This Is Not a Test   
Kyle, Lori and Josh experience difficulties on the first day of school while Nicole and Stephen receive a visit from Tom Foss.

Episode 6:  Blame It on the Rain  
Kyle becomes frustrated when he experiences his first brief flashes of memory, and he ultimately finds comfort from Amanda. It's the day of Lori's birthday, but she's not excited about it while Kyle on the other hand, wishes he even knew the date of his birthday.

Episode 7:  Kyle Got Game  
Kyle links his memory to a missing professor, but finds a welcome distraction when he joins the basketball team. Meanwhile, Nicole gains a better understanding of Kyle's unique situation.

Episode 8:  Memory Serves   
After an unusual hypnosis session, Kyle is determined to unlock his memory, so he accompanies Lori and Declan to the University of Washington to search for clues about the missing Professor Kern and how his relationship ties in with Kyle.

Episode 9: Overheard  
Kyle discovers that he has the ability to read lips and listen to distant conversations, so he recruits Declan and uses the newfound abilities to investigate Tom Foss. Meanwhile, Josh stresses over his grades. Amanda's boyfriend has a terrible secret.

Episode 10:  Endgame [SEASON FINALE]
The Petersons, Kyle's real parents, arrive to take him home, but Kyle is skeptical about his biological ties, so he turns to Tom Foss for answers. Meanwhile, Steven has trouble accepting that Kyle may be leaving.

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Season 2 Episode Guide

1. The Prophet
With Adam Baylin's help, Kyle begins to realise the truth behind his existence but soon finds himself back at the Trager's house under the training of Tom Foss.

2. The Homecoming
Kyle wonders if he made the right decision about returning to the Trager household, especially when he realizes how much he can't tell them. Meanwhile, life outside of Zzyzx begins for XX.

3. The List is Life
Kyle's attempts to return to a normal life at the Tragerâ's house is complicated by Tom Foss' training. Meanwhile, Jessi (XX) begins her mission - to get close to Kyle.

4. Balancing Act
Foss is alarmed by a murder in the forest, which pushes Kyle to his breaking point. Declan's probe of what he believes in Kyle's secret could have major consequences.

5. Come to Your Senses
Coming back to work, Nicole has a startling new patient: Jessi. Jessi was recommended by her sister, Emily, because Jessi supposedly had a rough childhood. In truth, Jessi has been sent on a mission: get closer to Kyle. Meanwhile, Kyle's mission is to find Amanda's stolen bracelet.

6. Does Kyle Dream of Electric Fish
Kyle believes he can predict the future after having multiple visions, which all come true. Kyle delves deeper into Baylin's research hoping to find an answer.

7. Free To Be You and Me
Kyle and Amanda are preparing for their first date. Meanwhile, Kyle receives a cryptic warning that makes him wonder who he can actually trust.

8. What's the Frequency, Kyle?
Kyle's visions offer the Tragers solace after Stephen's father suffers a stroke and falls into a coma. Meanwhile, Jessi's lack of progress at therapy dismays Emily.

9. Ghost in the Mays Emily.
Lori, Kyle, Jessi, Declan and Amanda stumble upon the ruins of Zzyzx while on a camping trip in stumboods. Andy shares a life-changing secret with Josh.

10. House of Cards
Kyle, Declan and Foss plot to retrieve Kyle's Latnok ring. Meanwhile, Lori bes ploto question Stephen's time at Madacorp.

11. Hands on a Hybrid
After finding a photo of Baylin and somebody looking just like Jessi locked in Baylin’s box, Kyle and Declan realize that the best way to crack the mystery of Jessi is to get close to her at the high school charity event. Once there, Kyle uses the opportunity to talk to the already vulnerable Jessi. Meanwhile, other secrets are revealed during the event as Lori finds out the identity of her attacker. Josh and Andy share a kiss.

12. Lockdown
With Jessi having escaped her house, Nicole puts the Trager family on lockdown. The fate of Tom Foss is revealed while Nicole and Stephen both uncover secrets about Kyle. Kyle attempts to escape the house with the help of an old friend, hoping to find Jessi as well as protect his family.

13. Leap of Faith
Kyle and Jessi try to find out more about their past, while the Tragers sift through what they know about Kyle to find out who he really is. Kyle and Jessi explore an old, washed out road, previously known as Route 12. They stumble upon an abandoned cabin, and to get in a secret room, Kyle calls Amanda and asks her to play a melody. With it, Kyle and Jessi are able to enter the secret room. Inside, they find a comatose Adam Baylin. Kyle tries to communicate with him, but is unable to do so, and asks Jessi to help him. After some prodding, she helps him long enough for Baylin to say, "Stop Kyle, she's betrayed you." Scared, Jessi runs away. Kyle runs after her and they argue, but in the end, Jessi jumps off the side of a dam.

14. To the side of Love
Jessi survives the fall. Tom Foss finds Kyle stunned after Jessi took her leap, and tells Kyle to go home. Kyle returns to the Tragers to tell them tyle to h about his existence. He also hatches a plan to defeat Madacorp. Kyle's plan is threatened by the fact that Jessi had survived the leap and is aching to give up the stolen information. Kyle and Jessi link telepathically and block the C.I.R., which forces them to put Kyle on the machine, allowing him to destroy the Madacorp network. The episode concludes with Brian Taylor telling a hospitalized Jessi he is her father.

15. The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades
Kyle and Jessi's secret is jeopardized as Jessi struggles with what the future holds for her. She decides to show the public her tricks by jumping off a roof and lurking across the pool. While Amanda's mother witnesses Kyle mastering levitation. Problems escalate as Jessi offers to show live cameras her tricks.

16. Great Expectations
Amanda unexpectedly returns home, which causes Kyle to re-evaluate his relationship with her. But Amanda has a secret that is keeping Kyle on the edge of heartbreak. She can't see him because she used her mom's birthday surprise as an excuse to tell her mom she dropped out. Carol Bloom blames Kyle and grounds Amanda until she goes back to the music academy in New York.   

17. Grounded
After receiving an anonymous complaint about Kyle, a social worker makes a surprise visit to the Trager home. What should be uneventful becomes tricky with Kyle harboring Amanda in his room and Lori hiding a closet full of beer. Plus, they haven't figured out how to explain a reason for Kyle sleeping in a tub. Despite everything, the Tragers have to convince the social worker that they are a happy, normal, family.

18. Between The Rack and a Hard Place
Amanda gets a job at The Rack, but her first day does not go well. Meanwhile, Jessi's presence in Kyle's life continues to irk Amanda, and Josh is placed in a difficult situation when $120 goes missing from The Rack's cash register.

19. First Cut Is the Deepest
Kyle takes Jessi on a trip to University of Washington to learn more about Sarah, while she continues to try proving that she is better than Kyle. Meanwhile, Hillary, Lori, and Amanda attempt to book a cool DJ for prom. Declan and Kyle get involved in a bloody fistfight when a college boy tries to punch Kyle. Kyle finds Jessi to be continuing to push herself. Amanda tells Kyle that she accepts the fact that she has to share her boyfriend with other people. Andy and Josh receive couple's counseling from Nicole.

20. Primary Colors
Kyle starts to experience brain farts when he is pulled in too many directions. Nicole asks Kyle to take it easy but Kyle wants to help Josh, Declan and Hillary with their placement exams, Steven with the dinner and Lori with lyrics for her prom song. Andy comes back with the news that her cancer tests are negative and Jessi suspects that Kyle is responsible for it. Meanwhile, Declan seems to be getting somewhat jealous about Lori once she starts hanging out and talking to Mark. Amanda is worried that Kyle is sick and plays Kyle's song on the piano thinking it will help him. Amanda's mom agrees to Kyle's request to take Amanda to the prom because she is pleased that Amanda has started playing the piano again. Kyle's hiccups heal after Adam Baylin and Kyle decode a message saying that Sarah is alive.

21. Grey Matters
The grey lines between right and wrong are tested for several students when a school wide cheating scandal rocks the high school. After studying hard, Josh is devastated to learn that he is one of the accused while Kyle is shocked to find out he is suspected of being the ringleader. After the principal threatens to cancel the prom, Kyle and Josh have to find a way to clear their names and somehow keep everyone involved safe. Meanwhile, Taylor continues to push Jessi in her training. Meanwhile, Taylor continues to push Jessi in her training for a Latnok presentation. The episode ends with Kyle meeting Sarah.

22. Hello...
After Kyle is able to track Sarah down, she implores him to get Jessi away from Taylor. However, this task is easier said than done as Kyle must deal with Jessi's stubbornness and Sarah's adamant request to remain hidden. Meanwhile, the other kids are over their heads with the upcoming prom festivities. Amanda is stuck in prom planning hell; Andy informs Josh that they are going even though they are underage and have no cash; and Lori bemoans the whole ridiculousness of the prom situation, while still curious as to whom Declan is going to ask.  

23. I've Had The Time of My Life
After extensive research Kyle is still trying to figure out how to make prom night perfect for Amanda, but all of the teen movies in the world can’t help him. Kyle isn’t the only one who is trying to make it a night to remember -- Declan is also pulling out all the stops to show Lori how he really feels and let her decide on future actions. Meanwhile, Andy hints at a special ending to prom; and amidst the drama, Jessi makes a surprising announcement about her future with Sarah. In the end of the episode, Amanda is taken by someone while standing outside of the school waiting for Kyle to come back.

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Season 3 Episode Guide

1. It Happened One Night
Following Amanda's abduction in "I've Had the Time of My Life", Kyle plots to rescue her from Latnok's clutches with Jessi's assistance.

2. Psychic Friend
Kyle fears for Amanda's life after a psychic gives him a stark warning.

3. Electric Kiss
Jessi begins to settle into the Trager's house. Meanwhile, Kyle tries to figure out what Latnok did to Amanda with the help of Jessi, which ultimately leads to some unwanted conflict in Kyle and Amanda's relationship.

4. In the Company of Men
Kyle hits the bar with Josh and Declan to drown his sorrows after breaking up with Amanda. Lori and Jessi bond over boys as Lori uses Jessi's apartment as a bolthole.

5. Life Support
A car accident seriously injures Nicole, leaving her, Kyle and Josh stranded. The two then aid a woman named Gretchen, who is in labor, to give birth. After Nicole is hospitalized, Kyle must make a life-changing decision on how to save her, by going to Latnok for help. Meanwhile, Stephen plays referee when Jessi and Lori begin a new spat.

6. Welcome to Latnok
Kyle honors his promise to Cassidy, and is surprised at what he finds as Latnok, but his vow of a brief visit is tested when he discovers the Trager's financial difficulties.

7. Chemistry 101
Kyle deals with Jessi's announcement and jealousy over Nate, and Josh reels from Andy's news. Meanwhile, Kyle – still suspicous of Cassidy – makes a plan to expose him.

8. Tell-Tale Heart
What Jessi and Kyle find in Cassidy's safe sends them searching for the truth about Sarah Emerson, but Jessi's unrelenting method may endanger her life. At home, Declan finally puts his foot down, and Josh already misses Andy.

9. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Kyle risks losing Cassidy's trust when he begins a deception aimed at discovering Latnok's true purpose, and Jessi, devastated by their discovery, has a hard time putting aside her emotions. Elsewhere, Josh plans a perfect farewell for Andy.

10. Bringing Down the House
After discovering Latnok's true purpose, Kyle enlists everyone to stop it at all costs, but keeping all his cover lies intact and protecting Jessi may endanger the operation.

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