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About DAMAGES & Episode Guides

About DAMAGES & Episode Guides


Damages Aired From July 24, 2007 - September 12, 2012 On FX & Direct TV

the plot:
Damages is a legal thriller set in the world of New York City high-stakes litigation.  The series, which provides a view into the true nature of power and success, follows the turbulent lives of Patty Hewes, the nation's most revered and reviled high-stakes litigator, and her bright, ambitious protégé Ellen Parsons. They become embroiled in a class action lawsuit targeting the allegedly corrupt Arthur Frobisher, one of the country’s wealthiest CEOs. As Patty battles with Frobisher and his attorney Ray Fiske, Ellen Parsons will be front and center witnessing just what it takes to win at all costs, as it quickly becomes clear that lives, as well as fortunes, may be at stake.

main cast:
Glenn ClosePatty Hewes
Rose ByrneEllen Parsons
Zeljko IvanekRay Fiske
Noah BeanDavid Connor
Tate DonovanTom Shayes
Ted DansonArthur Frobisher

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Season 1

Episode 1: Pilot
Glenn Close stars as Patty Hewes, a ruthless corporate litigator out to destroy Arthur Frobisher (Ted Danson), who sold his company's stocks out from under his employees. In the legal thriller's opener, Hewes hires law-school grad Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne) to work on the case against Frobisher, but it turns out that she has an unwitting tie to the corporate buccaneer: Her best friend (and soon to be sister-in-law) is a chef who is being bankrolled by him.

Episode 2: Jesus, Mary and Joe Cocker
Mounting pressures prompt Frobisher to contemplate extreme measures as Ellen delivers her friend Katie as a key witness. But Patty has suspicions about Katie's testimony.

Episode 3: And My Paralyzing Fear of Death
Patty's resolve is tested when a mysterious threat arrives at her office that puts the whole case in jeopardy. Elsewhere, Patty places new demands on Ellen, and Tom digs up some interesting information on Katie.

Episode 4: Tastes Like a Ho Ho
Patty's team prepares a fragile Katie for her impending deposition; Gregory Malina sits on information that could be vital to the trial; and an on-the-job incident involving David threatens to complicate his relationship with Ellen. Meanwhile, Ray is pressured by superiors at his law firm to “get it done”; and Tom asks a partner at another firm for a favor: to help get his daughter into a special music school.

Episode 5: A Regular Earl Anthony
Frobisher pushes Fiske to take a more aggressive approach on the case. “I want redemption,” he tells him. Meanwhile, Patty is on shaky ground with the clients, and Tom ponders his career options and seeks the advice of an outspoken friend (Donal Logue). In flash-forwards, Ellen is seen being attacked, and fighting back

Episode 6: She Spat at Me
Eager to learn Gregory's secrets before it's too late, Patty pursues him---cautiously; an emboldened Frobisher tries to salvage his legacy with an unconventional strategy; and Lila reappears in David's life, further testing his relationship with Ellen.  

Episode 7: We Are Not Animals
The Frobisher case now hinges on Gregory Malina's deposition, so Patty must keep him safe. Meanwhile, Ellen and Tom hide something from Patty, who they fear is manipulating them. In a flash-forward, Ellen is arrested for David's murder.  

Episode 8: Blame the Victim
With Gregory missing and the Frobisher camp taking extra measures to keep the momentum on their side, Patty must find a new strategy for the case. Meanwhile, Ellen's parents show up with troubling news. In a flash-forward, Ellen is charged with David's murder.

Episode 9: Do You Regret What We Did?
The deposition is looming and both sides continue to fight for the upper hand, with Frobisher hiring a coach (Donna Murphy) and Ellen working her newfound relationship with George Moore. Meanwhile, Gregory Malina surfaces and seeks out Katie, while Lila DiMaio visits Ellen at her office. In a flash-forward, Ellen and David get away for a weekend at Patty's beach house.  

Episode 10: Sort of Like a Family
Patty and Frobisher square off at his deposition while Ellen, who has been relegated to the sidelines, makes risky moves that could get her back in the action. In flash-forwards, Patty is still missing and Tom makes a discovery in her apartment.  

Episode 11: I Hate These People
Pressure from the trial is taking its toll on Patty and Frobisher, as both sides intensify their tactics despite potentially dire ramifications. Ellen's secret information could be a huge help to Patty, but divulging it would be very risky.

Episode 12: There’s No `We' Anymore
As the present converges with events that had been seen in flash-forwards, Katie reappears with a package for Ellen, and David's murder is tied to the Frobisher case.  

Episode 13: Because I Know Patty
In the season finale, Patty agrees to defend Ellen if she will provide her with the Gregory Malina's videotape. Meanwhile, flashbacks follow Frobisher to Florida in 2002; and Hollis Nye seeks out Ellen.

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Season 2

1. I lied, too - 01/07/2009
Fresh off her legal victory over billionaire CEO Arthur Frobisher, Patty is taking a break from the law and pouring her energies into her new charitable foundation. But when Patty receives a call from Daniel Purcell, a man from her past, she finds herself entangled in a case with personal and professional repercussions, the likes of which she could never have imagined

2.  Burn it, shred it, I don't care - 01/14/09
Patty decides to take Purcell's case, even though he refuses to tell her everything about it. She hands over the child-mortality suit over to Tom, frustrating Ellen and Agents Harrison and Werner. In a flash-forward, Ellen has a liaison with Wes Krulick.

3. I know your pig - 01/21/09
During the murder probe of Daniel Purcell's wife, Patty begins to suspect Purcell of withholding vital information in the case. Meanwhile, Ellen uncovers a decades-old secret about Patty and Purcell.

4. Hey Mr Pibb - 01/28/09
While Patty works to clear Daniel Purcell of any wrongdoing in his wife's murder, Ellen and Tom head down to West Virginia in hopes of gathering vital information in the case against Ultima National Resources.

5. I agree, it wasn't Funny 02/04/09
Patty begins to suspect Ellen's motives for returning to the firm. Meanwhile, Patty's on a mission to stop a corporate merger that she believes is connected to Christine Purcell's murder.

6. A Pretty Girl In A Leotard 02/11/09
Convinced that Walter Kendrick is responsible for Christine Purcell's murder, Patty uses the media to wage war. Meanwhile, Ellen gets one step closer in her attempt to link Frobisher to David's murder.

7. New York Sucks 02/18/09  
As new tension develops between Ellen and Patty over how to proceed in the case against Ultima National Resources, Ellen provides the FBI with a new lead to bring Patty down.

8. They Had To Tweeze That Out Of My Kidney 02/25/09
As she copes with mounting pressure, Patty begins to unravel Walter Kendrick's energy scheme. Meanwhile, Arthur Frobisher's past will come back to haunt him

9. You got your prom date pregnant 03/04/09
As Patty goes on the offensive against the FBI, Ellen discovers troubling news about the investigation. Meanwhile, Patty's husband gets an intriguing offer.

10. Uh oh! Out come the skeletons
As Patty increases the pressure in her case against UNR, the opposition finally starts to show its cracks. Meanwhile, Wes and Ellen's relationship heads in a new direction, and the FBI investigation into Patty takes a shocking turn.

11. London. Of Course.
While Claire Maddox risks everything to oust CEO Walter Kendrick, Ellen discovers a dark secret about Patty's personal life.

12. nLook what he dug up this time.
Ellen convinces the FBI to radically change their approach in the investigation. Meanwhile, Daniel Purcell re-enters Patty's life and becomes critical to her case against UNR.

13. Trust me
Patty goes to extremes to win her case against UNR, as Ellen's season long quest for revenge builds to an explosive conclusion.

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Season 3

1. Your Secrets are Safe
Patty Hewes has been appointed by the U.S. government to recover billions of dollars lost to the largest investment fraud in Wall Street history. The new case pits Patty against the powerful Tobin family, which includes Joe Tobin, his wife Marilyn Tobin, and the family's trusted attorney Leonard Winstone. Meanwhile, Ellen Parsons adjusts to the challenges of her new job, and life, away from Patty Hewes.

2.The Dog is Happier without Her
Patty Hewes digs deeper into the secrets of the Tobin family. Meanwhile, Ellen Parsons provides valuable assistance to Tom Shayes

3. Flight's at 11:08
Patty races to prevent a key witness in the Tobin case from fleeing the country; Ellen learns a dark family secret.

4. Don't Throw That at the Chicken
Patty grills Louis Tobin about his fraud; Joe Tobin is faced with a decision that will determine his family s fate forever.

5. It's Not My Birthday
Patty squares off against the D.A. over access to a key witness; a job candidate asks Ellen for insight about Patty.

6. Don't forget to thank Mr Zedeck
Under pressure to make progress in the Tobin case, Patty strikes a bargain with an unlikely source. Ellen uncovers new evidence about Louis Tobin's death. Meanwhile, Tom starts to crack from his financial woes.

7. You haven't Replaced Me
Patty sends Tom out of the country to follow the money trail of the Tobin fraud; Ellen must choose between Patty and her new boss. Leonard Winston leaves the city under mysterious circumstances.

8. I Look Like Frankenstein
When Carol Tobin vanishes, Patty and Ellen must track her down. Arthur Frobisher returns to launch his new Foundation.

9. Drive It Through Hardcore
Carol Tobin is forced to reveal the truth about Thanksgiving after Patty tracks her down. Ellen's family life becomes chaotic

10. Tell Me I'm not a Racist
Patty's clients want her thrown off the Tobin case. Tom Shayes makes a risky move that jeopardizes Ellen's job with the district attorney.

11. All that Crap about your Family
After her star witness is arrested, Patty strikes an unusual deal. Arthur reveals too much of his past.

12. You were his little Monkey
Patty and Ellen set out to tear the Tobin family apart. Tom Shayes strikes up a deadly alliance when his job and marriage unravel.

13. The Next one's gonna go in your Throat
Ellen and Tom take matters into their own hands in an attempt to win the Tobin case. Patty Hewes is haunted by the price of her success.

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Season 4

Episode 1: There's Only One Way to Try a Case
Two years have passed since Patty and Ellen last worked together. Ellen reconnects with her high school friend, Chris Sanchez, who has recently returned from a stint at High Star, a private contractor in the Middle East. Unable to get assistance from the corporation or the government, Ellen decides to look into his case. Both her new boss and Patty warn Ellen about building a case against High Star Security Corp.

Episode 2: I've Done Way Too Much for This Girl
Ellen presents the High Star case to senior partners at Nye, Everett and Polk. After the gas explosion, Chris's paranoia heightens as he believes he's being targeted. Patty counsels Ellen on her case. Erickson and Boorman scheme to make the lawsuit go away.

Episode 3: I'd Prefer My Old Office
After taking Chris' deposition, Ellen discovers Chris's secret: he used to hunt down terror suspects. Chris and Anthony, now back in Afghanistan, start interrogating and searching for the mullah who ordered the hit on him. Patty goes with Victor to Boston to look for Michael. She also meets with Erickson, who proposes a settlement.

Episode 4: Next One's on Me, Blondie
Ellen is visited by Nasim Marwat, the son of Chris Sanchez' Afghan contact, who gives her Chris's skull medallion. Patty reaches out to her former mentor, William Herndon, to help get government info on the "Double-Dees" inscription on the medallion. Herndon, now a raging alcoholic, warns Ellen about tangling with High Star.

Episode 5: We'll Just Have to Find Another Way to Cut the Balls Off of This Thing
Ellen and Patty move Nasim to a safer place as they gather evidence against High Star; Boorman frames Nasim for an attempted bombing to prevent his deposition; Erickson struggles to maintain his CIA contact.

Episode 6: Add That Little Hopper to Your Stew
Now that Nasim is labeled as a terrorist, he loses his credibility as a witness. Erickson buys land to build a private army. Ellen enlists journalist Dean Gulickson to track down Chris in Afghanistan. Michael comes to see Patty and demands to meet Catherine.

Episode 7: I'm Worried About My Dog
Patty uses her drug-company case to gain information on High Star; and a journalist tries to embed with High Star mercenaries in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Michael Hewes seeks out his daughter, Catherine.

Episode 8: The War Will Go On Forever
Patty and Ellen depose Erickson. Erickson confronts Boorman about the most recent mission.

Episode 9: There's A Whole Slew of Ladies
Boorman tries to align himself with Patty. Meanwhile, Chris' life remains in jeopardy and the case becomes personal for Erickson.

Episode 10: Failure Is Lonely
Ellen is furious with Patty for violating their agreement about the High Star case. And tempers come to a head between Erickson and Boorman—with Chris' life hanging in the balance.

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Season 5

McClaren Case
The founder of a controversial website devoted to government and corporate transparency gets sued after his most recent information leak does not go as planned. It's the perfect stage for the ultimate showdown between the mentor and her former protégée.

Episode 1: You Want to End This Once and For All?
When whistleblower Naomi Walling approaches Channing McClaren, founder of website, with details of insider trading at her company, it lays the foundation for the case that will pit Patty and Ellen against each other.

Episode 2: Have You Met the Eel Yet?
A mysterious hacker claims to have more details about the Princefield leak. A former colleague of Patty’s offers Ellen her services.

Episode 3: Failure is Failure
Ellen confronts McClaren about inconsistencies in his story, and faces mounting pressure from his team and financial backers. Ellen's mother seeks her help.

Episode 4: I Love You, Mommy
Patty and Ellen dig deeper into the source of the Princefield leak. Meanwhile, Patty uses the press to battle Ellen.

Episode 5: There's Something Wrong With Me
Patty pushes for access to internal documents at Princefield. Someone from McClaren's personal life sheds light on his past. Patty confronts an adversary.

Episode 6: I Need to win
The attack Ellen suffered years ago and the death of her fiance come back to haunt her. McClaren explains his side of the story and puts the case in jeopardy.

Episode 7: The Storm's Moving In
A snowstorm leaves Patty and Ellen stranded. Ellen confronts Patty about the circumstances surrounding the assault she suffered years ago. McClaren uncovers a key player in the trading scandal.

Episode 8: I'm Afraid of What I'll Find
Ellen begins to uncover the truth about her attacker. Chris Sanchez approaches McClaren with information. Patty considers her future.

Episode 9: I Like Your Chair
McClaren’s latest leak thrusts Ellen into the spotlight. Tensions between McClaren and Rutger Simon come to a head. A shadowy figure from Ellen’s past emerges.

Episode 10: But You Don't Do That Anymore
In the series finale, Patty and Ellen face off against each other in court, and the shocking results alter their lives forever.

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